Using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy: The possible dangers posed on both the mother and the baby

Using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy

Using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy is one of the most painful thing you can do to your unborn child

The problem of drug addiction in the current generation is one that is very merciless and cruel even to the unborn children. A lot of our young ladies are very much into drugs and when the time came for them to have the fruit of the womb, their body is full of toxic substances which are very unfriendly to the baby. It is not just the previous use of these substances but even the current usage. Over the years we have attended to pregnant women who are heavily addicted to drugs and the good news is that when there is willingness to recover, a lot of damage can be prevented and those that had already occurred could also be corrected. In view of the prevalence of miss use of drugs, we want to take time in this article to discuss certain points about using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy. To do this, we are going to relay on the expertise of professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and also the founder of the said facility.

In her care (doctor Akoury) many victims of substance abuse have regain their life back and narrowly escaped the hook of death all in the name of abusing drugs. For more than two decades now doctor Akoury and her team of experts have established a very strong network of creating awareness about drug addiction and alcohol abuse to contribute in the fight against the vice. It will interest you to note that doctor Akoury is offering her exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars. And the good news is that these services are available for all professionals and in fact any qualified professional can now be a part of this truly successful and fast addiction recovery treatment. At the moment doctor Akoury is organizing for a conference for all medical professionals especially those in the discipline of addiction this coming August to run between 23-25 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and you are invited to be part of this great transformation in the understanding of addiction treatment.

The conference (Integrative Addiction Conference 2015) mission is to provide prevention education, awareness, options and support to patients and physicians dealing with addiction. We intend to use this conference to empower physicians to be involved in determining their personal and “best answer for addiction” by promoting physician and patient awareness of a natural, yet profoundly effective, addiction treatment options that result in you thriving while surviving during treatment and recovery. This Integrative Addiction Conference 2015 will cover topics such as addiction as a holistic body ecosystem derangement, the interaction between stress, survivorship, pain and addiction, the role of hormonal imbalance in the disease of addiction, the genetic and epigenetic influences on the disease of addiction, psycho neuroendocrine immune restoration essential to reverse addiction as well as new and future therapies in the horizon for addiction treatment including stem therapy for psycho neuroendocrine immune restoration.

From the briefing you can see that we have a very rich menu to improve your career to greater levels. We can only encourage you not to let this golden opportunity and for more information about the conference you may log in via the event website or drop us a email using the following address There is some body from the other end who will respond to all your registration queries. And now back to using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy, if you are using illegal or street drugs, it can make you feel isolated. If this describes you, it is important to note that you are not alone. Illegal drugs are commonly used than you can imagine. It is estimated that about one in five young adults aged between 16 and 24 has used either of the drugs in the past year.

Therefore we are going to use this article to explain how different drugs can affect your pregnancy and your baby. Doctor Akoury in her spirit of creating awareness explains that the more facts you know the better for you since with such information, you will be in a better position to make well informed and positive choices going forward. And if stopping drugs is a problem for you, getting help is a big step towards giving your baby a healthy future. It will be very important for you if you are struggling with drugs to consult with your doctor or midwife to help you get treatment and other necessary support in good time. Like for instance you may need support from a health professional with extra experience in looking after pregnant women who use drugs. Such women may have certain concerns and difficult health questions that can only be addressed by professionals in that line. Some of the questions may include:

Using Illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy: Is it safe to take illegal drugs while I’m pregnant?

When one is pregnant and is abusing drugs, such a person is subjecting two people into great danger. Her own and the life of the unborn baby therefore it goes without saying that any illegal substance is not good for your health whether in pregnancy or not. It doesn’t matter the quantity used, no amount of illegal substance can be said to be safe. It therefore means that if a parent has drug problems it affects their child at every stage, from pregnancy onwards. With that piece of information, if you are pregnant and you are also on drugs, this is the time for you to make a conscious decision to change, quit and give your baby a good start in life. This is very important and as a good mother you are you will do the right thing which is scheduling for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for the commencement of treatment immediately.

Using illegal and addictive drugs in pregnancy: The possible dangers posed on both the mother and the baby