When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Where do you run to?

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard life becomes unbearable and can even result into death

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard where do you run to? We are aware of what substance abuse can do to you if it is not arrested in time. That is why we (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) have taken it upon ourselves to give back to the community by creating awareness about all forms of addiction and also offering the much need solution to both the victims and their loved ones. Drug addiction is no respecter of anybody, there is evidence that many high and mighty people have fallen to addiction in the same way as the poor and illiterate. And for that reason, we want to zero in to one drug called cocaine and see how this substance can be abused and what are the effects that are associated with its abuse. Doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to share with us some of the insight that will be very helpful for you to understand. Previously we discussed about this substance while focusing on cocaine addiction being hot in the street and we realized that the availability of this drug is not helping at all in the quest for addiction treatment and total recovery. Let us continue with the discussion even as we consider looking at when cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard what happens then?

Ideally cocaine may be easily available but obviously it is not cheap and therefore if such an individual user does not have enough money to make a purchase, he or she might engage in illegalities like prostitution, robbery etc. just to obtain that financial capability. This can only happen when cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard. Therefore, when it gets to this point then it is quite obvious that a disastrous end is just around the corner says doctor Akoury. This is what we must all pool together to fight off our communities and families. It therefore goes without mention that substance abuse can significantly affects an individual’s productivity at their places of work, neglect of families and relationships, collapsed marriages etc. since users will only be focusing on their new addiction habits.

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Solution approaches for dealing with cocaine addiction

Having had a very close working relationship with the cocaine addicts, doctor Akoury says that coke is a dangerous drug and its potential for utter destruction can simply not be taken for granted to say the least. It is therefore very important that once a dependency is detected, measures should be taken to combat it. Even though there are a lot of challenges in offering treatment for cocaine addicts, there still a lot more that can be done to correct this. We appreciate that there is the endless problem of denial and stigma but all the same treatment has to be done with or without these challenges. It is also true that most addicts are afraid of discussing their problems with their families and friends and what that means is that they will continue to suffer in silence. This can be solve through the use of certain addiction hotlines facilities where drug addicts will be free to call and pour out their heart for help without any fear of intimidation or shame from their loved ones. Such helplines are very helpful in the sense that an addict can ask all the questions that he or she might have in relation to drug abuse or addiction.

One of the reasons why most coke addicts would rather not approach close family members and friends for assistance is because they are afraid of disappointing them and being judged. Counselors on the other end of the helpline are not judgmental and neither are they pushy. They are professionals and their job is to help out addicts who feel like they have failed or just need to talk to someone. If you are jittering about the confidentiality, you need not to worry because as professionals confidentiality is within their ethical guidelines meaning that all the conversations made on phone will be very confidential the only people who will know about the call are the counselor and the addict; not even family members will be informed of the same.

Besides that drug addiction hotlines are very useful in laying the foundation and building confidence so that the addict can eventually be directed to the best rehab centers for further treatment. The counselors on the phone will be able to provide details of where best to go for detox and counseling since quite a number of addicts also have psychological issues like depression. It is important to take care of all these problems at the same time for effective recovery says doctor Akoury. And when at the rehabilitation center some of the cocaine health risk that the professional will be handling may include the following:

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Brain damage

There is clear evidence that a cocaine user will over a period of time is more likely to suffer damage to his brain due to his drug use even though this may not be known to him immediately not unless the condition deteriorates to becomes severe. Until that time, there can be changes in the brain that are “silent,” in other words, not showing symptoms while the problem advances.

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Narrowed Blood Vessels and Slow Blood Flow

Evidence from the scans of the brains of cocaine users compared with the brains of those who did not use cocaine show that arteries and veins in the brain become narrow after use of cocaine. This is because of the well-known vascular constriction associated with cocaine. It may only take a small amount of the drug to cause this change in occasional users.

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Headaches, Convulsions and Strokes

A review of the effects of cocaine revealed that 3% of cocaine users suffered severe headaches, sometimes requiring hospitalization. And 3% suffered convulsions. Cocaine may also make a person more prone to seizures.

Cocaine not only causes blood vessel to constrict, it also changes the blood so that it is stickier and more likely to form clots. If a blood clot forms in one of the arteries that was already narrowed by cocaine abuse, fatal problems can result. If the carotid artery (in the neck, supplying the brain with blood) or an artery in the brain is affected in this way, part of the brain may lose its supply of blood, resulting in a stroke. A stroke may be mild or fatal. It is important to note that many of those suffering from cocaine induced stroke had initially suffered from severe frontal headaches with other symptoms similar to migraines. Nonetheless we can have all these conditions and challenges addressed in a much more professional manner with doctor Dalal Akoury. You can schedule for an appointment with her today for the commencement of treatment.

When cocaine addiction pushes and strikes hard: Where do you run to?