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Environmental toxic nature and obesity can be very cruel to children

Environmental toxic nature and obesity: Chemicals contaminants

Knowing what being obese can do to one’s life is reason enough to be careful in all that we do that might trigger weight gain. The life we live needs to demonstrate that despite the environmental toxic nature we live in, our actions doesn’t contribute to the cause of obesity and being overweight. It is true that many experts have described the many potentially obesogenic actions of a variety of chemicals that contaminate our environment like the so-called organotins which interfere with normal fat metabolism and can be found in marine paints, wood catalysts and plasticizers, slime-preventing chemicals in industrial water systems and fungicides in foods. It is believed that the major environmental sources of organotins are contaminated seafood, agricultural products, drinking water and leaching from plastics. Having said that doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center reiterates that we have a duty of cleaning up our surrounding if we want to make any meaningful progress in this journey of controlling weight gain objectively.

Environmental toxic nature and obesity: What can be done to clear the contaminants?

At the moment there are no general solutions to this problem. Faced with ever increasing contamination of our water supplies, foods, and the atmosphere, many nations and the entire global population seem to be helpless to stop this attack on our fat-regulation systems. Until more research is done to pinpoint the most dangerous chemicals and ways are found to reduce their presence in our water, food, and air, the human race appears to be defenseless but to continue gaining weight under these circumstances. Take, for instance, if we had to remove the hundreds of chemicals found in the water supply, water would become so expensive that most of us could not afford it. Many years ago I attended a congress dedicated to water purification. As delegates, we were taken on a visit to a local water purification plant. The engineer in charge showed us the various processes that were then used to remove undesirable solid waste from the water and to disinfect it against the majority of pathogens. He then smilingly presented us with a glass of clear recycled water and asked who would like a drink! No one volunteered, so he downed the glass of water himself.

When I asked this same engineer what processes were available to remove chemicals and contaminants such as estrogens derivatives from the water before it was recycled, he said that although such processes existed, they were prohibitively expensive as they required the water to be passed through resin columns. Such processes (reverse osmosis filtration, Nanofiltration or granular activated carbon filtration), are probably even more expensive nowadays, so most people will continue to be exposed to organotins and other obesogenic compounds.

Let’s support actions to keep our precious water supply as clean as we can because once a nation’s water supply becomes toxic, the food supply also becomes contaminated and toxic. With acid drainage from the mines, millions of women using hormones and collapsing waste purification systems in many municipalities across nations we appear to be helpless to avoid the effects of obesogens in our environment. It is painful to know that in some nations and majority for that matter, things are coming to the point of helplessness. What then can you do on your part? If you know of any of your friends or family members struggling with obesity irrespective of how they became obese you can schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury and she will help you professionally in all your weight loss concerns.

Environmental toxic nature and obesity: Chemicals contaminants