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Nurturing parents role

Nurturing parents role in preventing obesity will go a long way in solving the problems relating to obesity.

Nurturing parents role in preventing obesity

The reason why encouraging healthy feeding habits into the new generation is the prerogative of the parents is because they are the first contact people with the next generation. Right before the child is conceived in the womb, measures should be taken at that earlier stage to ensure that the baby being planned for is brought up in an environment full of health and comfort away from all the risks that are associated with being overweight or obese. As a professional doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center advises that children are able to mimic most of the things they see you do and listen to how you speak and conduct yourself around. When you bring in junk food from the restaurant home, your children will most likely do the same when they are of your age. In the same way when you prepare healthy meals at home and eat when hungry, the good learners will pick that from you. This and many more of such positive and healthy lifestyle is what we want to advocate for so that we are able to effectively take part in nurturing parents role and guardians as well in the prevention of childhood obesity.

Nurturing parents role in preventing obesity: Taking the first step from the beginning

Bringing up children the healthy way may not be such a simple task for most families. If you are in this category, then you need not to worry because your problem has a ready solution at the home of experts under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury. She has been in this practice for more than two decades and has an overwhelming range of experience working with different people with different weight related problems. For all your weight loss needs that is if you are already struggling with weight, doctor Akoury will be there for you. And because we are focusing on encouraging healthy feeding habits into the new generation, if you are planning to bring forth children in the future, you can also schedule for an appointment with her and get the professional advice on what you need to do and those that you need not to do for you to contributing in bring forth healthy children for the new generations to come.

The explanation of being a good role model for your children given above is very key in finding lasting solutions to the ever escalating problem of childhood obesity. This is something that must be done because failure to do so is opening the gates of health complications to come to our children and their children from all generations. It is therefore important that what we can avoid at no or very minimal cost, we should never ignore. This is very important not just for the children but also to the whole family. We want therefore to request you to choose to lead by example.

Nurturing parents role in preventing obesity