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Holiday weight gain

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable and the way you approach it will matter a lot

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Here’s how you can easily avoid it

If you have been working on your weight in the past it is very likely that you have met certain obstacles in the process. This is very normal because those obstacles are part of the experience in the whole recovery process. Many people will relapse along the way and pick up the pieces and get back on the truck while others will be beaten and get discouraged completely. This article is going to be discussing events of the holiday seasons which are deemed to be injurious to the success of weight loss. The holiday weight gain is not inevitable and is actually expected due to the activities that come with this season. Before we get further, into the discussion, it is necessary that you are informed that this will not be smooth all the way. Keeping off weight is not an easy thing to do and this can further get complicated during the holidays. Therefore to effectively deal with holiday weight gain, getting the services of a professional in this discipline would be advisable.

It is true that getting the best professional can also be challenging, however the home of weight loss solution at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury you will be taken through all that you need to know to keep off that extra weight not just during the holidays but also in your day to day life. The focus at this facility is on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Why is it important to get the services of doctor Akoury? We are all aware of the menu during the holidays. Most of these menus will actually encourage the holiday weight gain. And that is the reason why you need the guidance of this professional.

We are all aware that most of the feasting takes place in December holidays and the first week of ushering in the New Year. During this season many people often get the best excuse to compromise on the standards they themselves have created to defeat holiday weight gain. However, it is important noting that even though the month of December is full of many opportunities and inducement to overeat, we can sail through the season without acquiring extra weight.  I want to encourage you that despite all that you hear, holiday weight gain can be avoided.

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Accumulation of weight

It’s actually not foreseeable that you will gain some weight. Experts are of the opinion that holiday weight gain is quite small. According to a previous study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was established that an average adult gains only one pound during the winter holiday season. The bad news, however, is that this extra weight tends to accumulate year after year and contributes to the so-called middle-age spread. Therefore it is all about your behavior during the year from January through November that really counts as far as holiday weight gain is a concern. Making careful and productive choices and indulgence in physical activities would be very important in minimizing any harm which might have been caused by a food-oriented holiday.

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Here’s how you can easily avoid it