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Weight loss risk factors can be rampant if professional are not involves in workout

Weight loss risk factors: Best weight loss expert’s opinion

Weight loss risk factors are many and important. They are important in the sense that, we use them as a motivation to lose. Previously we were addressing how best one can find a reputable weight loss expert. And having found one, as a patient, knowledge of weight loss risk factors is very important as will be explained by the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD. Take for example, your surrounding can be a risk factor e.g. if you’re living in America where overweight and obesity is rampant, you will be more vulnerable to becoming overweight. Now let us consider the following in relation to weight gain:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Economic group
  • Ethnic group

Weight loss risk factors: Age  

Overweight and obesity has no boundary when it comes to age. It can happen to anybody in discriminatively. For instance, many children and adolescents are becoming overweight in America and beyond like never before. Gaining weight is a common phenomenon with age and adding like some 10 pounds to a normal base weight over a period of time is not harmful. However, the typical weight gain in American for instance adults over 50 of age is escalating and worrisome. Studies have established that by age 55, the average American shall have added nearly 40 pounds of fat during the course of adulthood. This condition is even made worse by the fact that muscle and bone mass decrease with age.

Gender – In men, BMI tends to increase until age 50 and then it levels off. In women, weight tends to increase until age 70 before it break even. As for women we have three high-risk periods which include:

  • At the onset of menstruation, particularly if it comes early.
  • After pregnancy, with higher risk for women who are already overweight.
  • Menopause, many women will gain weight after menopause.

These high risk times are important because they may allow women to target high-risk times, and consequently prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Economic Group – Obesity is more prevalent in lower economic groups. This is so because the low income women and their families tend to have weak financial abilities to purchase enough fresh fruits and vegetables and are actually taking in more calories a day than higher-income women. Besides this, it has also been established that obesity is increasing in young adults with college education as well as in other groups.

Weight loss risk factors: Ethnic Groups

Finally, take for example in America, statistics indicate that among ethnic groups in general, African-American women are more overweight than Caucasian women, but African-American men are less obese than Caucasian men. Hispanic men and women tend to weigh more than Caucasians. These are just a few of the risk but like I had mention, talking to doctor Akoury about your weight problems from time to time is very important for lasting solutions to all your weight problems. Call her today and begin the recovery journey professionally with the real experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Weight loss risk factors: Best weight loss expert’s opinion