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Weight loss encouragement in group weight loss programs is not only motivating but effective

Weight loss encouragement: If you’re struggling pay attention to your food diary

For any effective and result oriented weight loss encouragement, documenting every finer details is very important. According to the experts’ at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD it is important noting that those keeping records of what they eat and drink regularly are more successful at losing weight and sustaining it off for a long period of time. The mistake we often make is to over time ignore the documentation thinking that we are now home and dry with the information about what we eat. The consequence of this can be very demoralizing in the sense that, it will become too easy for portions to gradually increase, more treats to creep back in and old bad habits such as skipping breakfast to return. And before you know it the scales stop moving in the right direction and we end up feeling depressed and lose our motivation to lose weight. Therefore, if this description fit you and you’ve not been keeping a diary of what you eat, then it is never too late to get back into the habit of writing down everything you eat and drink and watch those pounds start dropping while your diet motivation climbs.

Weight loss encouragement: Cutting on your calories intake a little

It might not sound like a great way to get you motivated, but if the scales have been static for several weeks then cutting your calorie intake slightly may be all it takes to get them moving again. There’s a good reason why you should reduce the number of calories you have as the pounds fall off. Ideally when you lose weight, you need less energy to move around, and so need fewer calories to continue losing weight at the same rate. The good news is, WLR does all the hard work for you, so as the pounds drop and your daily calorie allowance is adjusted to suit your new lower weight.

Finally, how to get motivated and encouraged to lose weight healthily may not be easy if you haven’t acknowledged that weight gain is a problem and a big one for that matter in your life. If you are not even sure of your condition, then keeping quit is the solution. You need to schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury to help you know your true position. This information will help you prevent all the chronic effects associated with weight gain. Call her today and be safe from all these weight gain problems.

Weight loss encouragement: If you’re struggling pay attention to your food diary