Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds is not just about feeding on healthy food stuff, but also require real strategies in achieving your desired goals

In the resent past we have been posting articles tailored specifically to helping you regain your lean and comfortable weight. We have addressed various work plans and strategies and doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has been sharing with us several insights on this worthy topic. She will be progressing with the discussion on this article while focusing on the need of ensuring that your weight plans succeeds for the good of your health. Therefore doctor Dalal Akoury says that the following are very essential for the success of this program.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Launching the plan

Having set the strategies which have the approval by your physical trainer and your doctor, the next thing that follows is that of setting out the work plan then you can now set the ball rolling. Doctor Akoury suggesting that for control and monitoring purposes, you can start the work plan at the beginning of the week (Monday) or of the month (1st of the month). She continues to reaffirm that you can start the plan on a day you will be able to remember. And it is important that you note it down somewhere in your diary. Indicate the date you started the workout plan so that you can monitor and see the progress. If you are not so sure whether you’ll remember, then start on a date or day you will never forget like on your birth day or any anniversary you cherish.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Monitoring the progress

When you want to burn the excess fat, start a work out plan and be sure to monitor the success. You can monitor by measuring your weight and comparing with past measure. This is so far the simplest way to see how you are performing. When you monitor, you can realize that whether you have cut any inch or whether there is no positive outcome. It’s important to monitor and see if the work out is working or not.

When you realize that you actually are reducing weight, you can give yourself a pat on the back, given the fact that things are moving towards the right direction. It’s also necessary that in the process of weight reduction, you see your doctor to assess other aspects of your body health to know how the body is reacting to the sudden change of lifestyle. Time is necessary when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t pull out of the gym after a period of one week of exercise just because you didn’t see any positive outcome.

A period of one to three months is good enough for you to evaluate the entire outcome of the program. After one month of keenly following the work out plan, record the weight. Do this after the end of the second and the third month and see the difference thereof. When you compare the results of the first, second and the third month, you are able to note the outcome.

When the performance is positive, you can continue with the work out plan until you meet the targeted result. If the work out plan is not yielding the desired result, you are allowed to re-strategize. In a case where there are no positive results, many people get discouraged and fall off. To successfully carry out such a program, have a motivation and be self-driven.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Re-Strategizing for better performance

It is important to note that during this process things may not go to your expectations all the time, therefore when challenges emerge don’t give up instead sit back and look at some of the things which may have led to the failure. When your work out plan is not producing positive results, see how you can alter the program for better results. Check the areas where you expected to see results but were never there. Note some of the changes you noticed however small they might have been.

Once you have done this, see your physical trainer, nutritionist as well as your doctor for advice on what ought to be improved, done differently as well as what ought to be dropped. Once you have consulted, put together the revised strategies and revise your work plan accordingly to fit well with the new strategies. Then now embark on the work out plan again with the revised strategies. Ensure that the revised strategies are also time bound. You can give yourself a period like three months to start commenting on a method that has worked and the one that has failed. Before you start giving comments whether it has worked or not, monitor first.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Monitoring

Here you will again record the performance of the revised strategies for a period of time to see the difference thereof. Record the progress in the first month, second month and note the variance between the first month and the third month. Compare the report with the initial report you took before re-strategizing. If the performances of the revised strategies are far much better than those of the initial set of strategies, then you can carry on with them. However, if there is no noticeable change, you can consult further.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Maintaining the tempo

Finally when you get the desired results, then you can do the final step, which is to maintain. As you maintain, the body will keep on shaping up to the desired weight. If you reach the desired weight, then you work on maintaining it. This may require that you visit the doctor as well as the physical trainer and the nutritionist. These people will tell you how you can maintain body weight. You however need to be very careful as not to relax, since it will lead to a sudden gain of weight. You can also consult with professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help you with some light exercises which you can do to help in maintain your body weight. The nutritionist will tell you the foods to keep avoiding at all costs, those you can eat sparingly as well as those you can use frequently. All these will sum up to a menu from the nutritionist for you to follow. The doctor will check the body system and advice on how the advices by the trainer and the nutritionist will impact your health, and if possible, make any necessary amendment.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow