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      Oxygen Bar Johnson City TN

      Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Detoxify Your Body

      Just Breathe! Oxygen Bar



      • Heightens concentration, alertness and memory
      • 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food and water
      • Oxygen is vital to your immune system, memory, thinking and sight
      • Promotes healing and counters aging
      • Strengthens your heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks
      • Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system
      • Speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion
      • Provides a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and hangovers
      • Relieves temporary altitude discomfort
      • Improves digestion and cell metabolism
      • Relieves muscle stiffness, supports pre-athletic performance
      • Lessens Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and give you better sleep patterns


      • Lack of oxygen in our universe is due to pollution, burning of fossil fuels and overall destruction of the ozone layer.
      • Every day we breathe 20,000 times.
      • Research has demonstrated that our vital lung capacity decreases 5% with every decade of life. This lung elasticity means less oxygen.
      • Blood is the liquid carrier of oxygen that fuels all systems, stimulates chemical reactions and cleans itself of wastes and toxins.
      • By mass oxygen makes up 90% of the water molecule; water makes up 65%-75% of the human body.
      • Almost all cancerous beginnings are due to lack of cell oxygenation.
      • Cancer attacks every organ in our body, except the heart because of its abnormal supply of oxygen.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will I get high?

      No. However, you will feel calm and clear headed. Since you are receiving almost pure oxygen your heart does not have to work as hard and you will see your heart rate drop. We have an oximeter at every station so you can see for yourself.

      What are some of the benefits of an Oxygen session?

      • increase energy levels.
      • improve mood.
      • improve concentration.
      • improve sports performance.
      • reduce stress.
      • provide relief for headache and migraine.
      • promote better sleep.

      Does oxygen heal your lungs?

      Supplemental oxygen does not cure lung disease, but it is an important therapy that improves symptoms and organ function.

      Is it safe for kids?

      Yes. We have had kids that are active in sports come in as well as overactive and hyper kids. Oxygen has a calming effect and also aids in the recovery of muscles.

      Why is oxygen bad for people with COPD?

      In some individuals, the effect of oxygen on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is to cause increased carbon dioxide retention, which may cause drowsiness, headaches, and in severe cases lack of respiration, which may lead to death.

      Variety of Offered Flavors

      Oxygen Therapy - Appletini


      The fragrance of green apple, which is as refreshing as its taste, can then aid in:

      • digestive functions
      • boosting of appetite

      Oxygen Therapy - Allure


      • dealing with stress
      • reducing anxiety
      • fighting depression
      • increasing alertness
      • helping to fight low energy or chronic fatigue syndrome
      • reducing menopausal symptoms and working as a natural remedy for PMS and cramps
      • helping with sleep
      • acting as an aphrodisiac

      Oxygen Therapy - The Beach


      Wisteria is native to Asia and is a member of the pea family. These purple blossoms are very fragrant and can live 100 years or more.

      • happiness
      • success
      • longevity
      • strength

      Oxygen Therapy - Blackberry Vanilla


      • regenerate skin cells
      • improve skin elasticity
      • heal damaged skin
      • repair scar tissue
      • vanilla can also soothe inflammation and hyperactivity in your body’s respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and excretory systems

      Oxygen Therapy - Bliss


      • settling an uneasy stomach
      • diminishing nausea, including motion sickness
      • relief from throat and nasal congestion
      • sooth soreness and overall joint pain

      Oxygen Therapy - Calming


      • calmness and wellness
      • reduce stress
      • anxiety
      • possibly even mild pain

      Tangerine essential oil provides relief from spasms, helps maintain healthy stomach, purifies blood, boosts metabolism and immunity.

      Oxygen Therapy - Cherry Blossom


      • purifying
      • soothing
      • centering
      • calming & sensual

      Oxygen Therapy - Chocolate Covered Cherries


      • uplift moods
      • ease depression* and sadness
      • give a feeling of health and well-being

      Oxygen Therapy - Invigorating


      • benefit liver function and digestion
      • relieve arthritis
      • can soothe skin conditions.

      Oxygen Therapy - Kiss Me All Over


      • cough suppressant
      • respiratory health
      • digestive health
      • heart health
      • skin health

      Oxygen Therapy - Spearmint


      Some people use spearmint to help alleviate symptoms of:

      • nausea
      • indigestion
      • gas
      • headache
      • toothache
      • cramps
      • sore throat

      Oxygen Therapy - Zen


      • May Improve Brain Function
      • Stimulates Hair Growth
      • May Help Relieve Pain
      • May Eases Stress
      • May Increase Circulation
      • May Help Perk You Up
      • May Reduce Joint Inflammation

      Your Oxygen Bar Session

      When getting oxygen therapy at a spa, an appointment is usually required and oxygen treatments can often be combined with other wellness services, such as massage.

      When you arrive, you’ll be presented with a selection of aromas or flavors, and a staff member will explain the benefits of each aroma. Most are fruit scents or essential oils for aromatherapy.

      Once you make your selection, you’ll be taken to a recliner or other type of comfortable seating. A cannula, which is a flexible tube that splits into two small prongs, fits loosely around your head and the prongs rest just inside the nostrils to deliver the oxygen. Once turned on, you breathe normally and relax.

      Oxygen is usually offered in 5-minute increments, up to a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the establishment.

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