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      Success Stories

      Dalal is one of the most amazing lovingest person I have met.  She spreads her love to everyone and is passionate about helping people to heal, mostly naturally.  If she could save the world in one huge swoop she would.  If you just want drugs etc and don't care about your health, DON'T go to Dalal, it would be wasting her energy.

      - Serena

      Dr. Dalal Akoury is a MIRACLE worker sent straight from God. She literally saved my Dad's life in one treatment. I can never thank her enough for what she did for our family.

      - C

      wonderful doctor and friend

      - Melody

      I am so happy to have found Dr. Akoury and her staff. I have been a patient for about a month and I feel significantly better than before I saw her. The atmosphere at Awaremed is tranquil and accepting. You can almost feel the love in the air. Dr. Akoury's philosophy embodies all that I have been searching for in a healthcare professional.

      - Lynn

      I feel like a whole new person 💜 the O2 bar there is like going to heaven and breathing the angles air hidden jewel. Thanks Ted for the recommendation

      - Veronca

      Dr. Akoury is great! She's brilliant and invested in her patients beyond just giving them a treatment plan and enacting it. She spends so much time with you over your treatment and she cares about you emotionally and spiritually. She cares about your stress levels and your overall health. She may come across as scattered because of this, but that's where her team is so amazing. They complete Dr. Akoury and work really well together. The listen to her and put her brilliance to action in the treatment! I am so thankful that we found her because she's giving me another chance at life! I couldn't have asked for better results than the ones I've been getting here at AwareMed!

      - Anonymous

      Excellent staff, caring knowledgeable Dr. and staff.....so glad I found Dr. Akoury, she is the most sensitive, caring doctor I have ever met, she is here to help.  You won't be disappointed, that's a promise!

      - Cindi

      Thank you Dr. Akoury and Staff for excellent care, compassion and competence. You made feel at home.

      - Anonymous

      I went to AwareMed to get IV Therapy and it was amazing. I had the athlete prep package because I am a college athlete at Coastal Carolina University. IV athletic prep therapy can get the nutrients flowing directly through your blood and provide a boost of fluids and electrolytes one to two hours before intense practice. This was well needed and definitely helped me. The staff are so genuine and caring and I definitely recommend this to anyone who is an athlete.

      - Curt

      Expert compassionate loving care that goes above and beyond. It was wonderful to meet a doctor and staff that care about their patients.

      - Anonymous

      Dr, Akoury and her staff are wonderful. Momma and I did treatments together I am fighting this thing called Lymes Disease and it is a struggle. Momma at 84 needs to get her body from the inside out corrected.She needs all the vitamins and minerals that have been missing..

      - Christina

      Dr. Akoury has helped me to restore my body to its healthy state. I was not in good health when I first saw her due to stress. She knew immediately what to treat me with and now... I feel like a new person!! I have recommended my family and friends to be seen by her. Not only is she such an intelligent woman, she is very compassionate and loving...... Something you don't see today in doctors I highly recommend Dr. Akoury!!!!!

      - Anonymous

      Dr. Akoury is an amazing doctor with a compassion and love that she puts into everything she does and everyone that she meets. I have never met a doctor who works as hard as she does and is able to still take the time to invest herself completely in her patients. I believe whatever the reason that you might come to her for, you will never want to find another M.D..

      - Bobby

      Dr. Akoury is amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better Dr. to treat my cancer. I am blessed to have her & the whole team on my side supporting me. I will say that she can seem "flighty" or scattered at first, but the more you get to know her & her team, the more you love her for it & you realized the brilliance she has. Her team is the other half to her scatteredness. They pull it all together and help with the facts & figures while Dr. Akoury cares so much about deeper meaning of your health

      - Catie

      Incredible place to be treated. EVERY patient that I have met here at this clinic is VERY pleased with the care that they are receiving as well as myself. Some of the patients tell of dire circumstances where they had been told "there is nothing else we can do for you" at their oncologist's office. They come to Dr. Akoury and get treatment and have been feeling great for months and months.

      - Anonymous

      I am so grateful to find such a caring and knowledgeable doctor. I am grateful for the healing! You will never meet a doctor that gives so much of herself to your treatment and care. I am a cancer survivor!

      - Sharon

      Dr Dali is intelligent kind and extremely helpful

      - Anonymous

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