Women Health, Menopause

Women Health, Menopause

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center offers the best Women Health, Menopause natural treatment program through proper Age Management, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) and lifestyle transformation.

Women Health, Menopause

Women Health, Menopause

Women Health, Menopause is the main focus of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. There are many important hormones that craft up our endocrine system. Some come from the pituitary gland in the brain, while others originate from other organs such as the ovaries, testicles, adrenal glands, and liver. As our body ages, particularly after age 30, our hormonal balance begins to swing. Some hormonal levels fall steadily year after year (HGH and testosterone), while some can fall dramatically over a short period (estrogen and progesterone) some can rise to dangerous levels as cortisol. Rates of decline will vary from person to person based on genetics and other environmental factors (such as: smoking, diet, pollution, radiation exposure etc.). The only true way of knowing what hormone deficiencies may be occurring is to directly measure the hormones in the body (blood/saliva testing). Once identified, restoring these hormones to optimal and youthful levels can improve health, prevent disease, and significantly improve quality of life.

The term “bio-identical hormones” refers to hormones that are chemically identical to hormones naturally found in our bodies. These bio-identical hormones can be obtained from natural sources. Though hormones such as estradiol and progesterone are synthetically made from yams or soy, they are still considered bio-identical because they are molecularly indistinguishable from what is released from the ovaries of women.

From both the intuitive and scientific standpoints, using bio-identical hormones replacement therapy or BHRT is both safer and more efficacious than their non-natural, synthetic, and patentable hormone-like chemicals. The synthetic hormones such as Premarin (pregnant mare’s urine) or Provera (a chemical called progestin proven in multiple studies to be toxic for women). Pharmaceutical companies continue the fight to keep their patentable and very profitable “hormones” as the standard of care. Luckily more physicians and patients are turning to bio-identical hormones, as they are a safer option for Women Health.

For proper Women Health, Menopause treatment Dr. Dalal Akoury addresses the normalization of the hormonal balance to achieve optimum health:

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
  • Testosterone
  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Thyroid
  • DHEA
  • Pregnenolone
  • Melatonin
  • Cortisol

Dr. Dalal  Akoury reviews Age Management & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT): Women’s Health, Menopause

Women Health, Menopause

Women Health, Menopause

Millions of women in the United States are suffering from hormonal imbalance, whether it is early menopause, perimenopause symptoms, perimenopause weight gain, adrenal fatigue, menopause, or premenstrual symptoms (PMS). In many cases, bioidentical hormones are the solution for Women Health, Menopause 

Weight Gain , Hot Flashes & Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Depression, Low Libido Insomnia, Fatigue, Memory Loss, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Premenstrual symptoms, Vaginal Dryness.

The signs of menopause and related hormonal issues include:

Hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and weight gain are the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance as a woman ages. Perimenopause weight gain is often times misdiagnosed and is one of the first signs of hormonal imbalance. These signs of menopause or early menopause and related conditions are also connected to your stress levels, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and the environmental toxins your body is exposed to on a daily basis.

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If necessary and indicated Dr. Akoury would  use only bioidentical hormones, which are identical to the body’s natural chemistry. Dr. Akoury  provides natural treatment plans that support women suffering the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause whether due to age or a hysterectomy, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid disorders by using bioidentical hormone therapy to live the best life possible.
Hormonal imbalances are the root of many chronic health problems and can increase your risk of serious disease. In women, the symptoms often first appear in perimenopause or menopause, when estrogenprogesterone and testosterone production begins to diminish.
The good news is that hormone losses and imbalances are correctible. Through the use of bioidentical hormones, women can not only be relieved of the symptoms, but also effectively protect themselves against osteoporosis and heart disease. And through supervised treatment, natural hormone replacement therapy can make women feel healthier, and younger than they have in years.

For Women Health, Menopause issues Dr. Dalal  Akoury reviews the protocol for Age Management & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) Therapy Program

Your individualized treatment program includes:

  • Comprehensive Hormone Level Testing including Blood, Saliva and Urine
  • Personalized Hormone Therapy Programs – Matching Solutions with Symptoms
  • Thorough Analysis of Lab Results, Symptoms, Medical, Family and Personal history
  • Quality Compounded Hormones and Pharmacy-grade Supplements
  • Nutritional Guidance and Support
  • Customized Women’s Health and Fitness Programs

Dr. Dalal  Akoury reviews Age Management & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) proper Testing for the Symptoms experienced by Women

To determine your hormonal needs, Dr. Akoury thoroughly evaluate your symptoms using state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, such as, saliva, urine and/or blood tests to determine your hormone levels and your unique bioidentical hormonal needs. After starting bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr Akoury will monitor and re-evaluate your hormone levels, meeting with you, to insure that they are maintained at their optimum balance.

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To get started, leave us your information and we will contact you to find out exactly how we can help. We order the initial labs you’ll need for your first visit and we’ll schedule the appointment with Dr. Akoury. Before your visit you can spend time completing a thorough questionnaire in the convenience of your home.

2 Dr. Akoury will meet with you personally to discuss your symptoms, review your results and talk through the appropriate treatment to meet your individualized needs.

3 Finally, if necessary, Dr. Akoury will prescribe the customized compounded bioidentical hormones and other pharmacy-grade supplements for your personalized program. The compounding pharmacy will contact you and send these directly to your home or office as you request.

Women’s Health, Menopause