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Substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence

Substance abuse phenomenon

Substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence. In fact, abstinence is one of the perfect solutions to drug addiction

Substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence: Self-help for addiction

For a long time, drug addiction has been a constant source of life frustration which is compounded the vulnerability of everyone when it comes to substance abuse. For how long will our people suffer at the hands of drugs? We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is a veteran addiction expert and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center over this and she is going to share with us some of the action points you can take on your own and even as a group. Like for instance, as an individual, you can choose to practice abstinence as a means of containing addiction. Talking about substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence is where an individual makes a decision willingly to renounce all kinds of activities known to be harmful and addictive.

This decision will require taking bold steps and making certain sacrifices to abscond the consumption of certain substances and shunning areas where such products are used and purposely choosing a healthier lifestyle. That is to say, one may choose to avoid places where smoking is widespread. Various institutions and governments have in the recent past ban cigarette smoking in certain areas which has positively impacted on many people choosing to abstain from smoking. On the other hand, if alcohol is the problem then keeping distance to alcohol selling joints and all social gatherings where alcohol will be served is ideal.

Experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center agrees that the practice of abstinence is open for everybody but most importantly to those individuals with confirmed addictive personality. For example, if one is using caffeine and decides to remove all inducement, the decision could also be guided by the fact that taking on a substance can lead to using another like smoking and drinking all at the same time. One may choose to abstain not because they are at any risk of being addicted to the substance but just by making an observation on the surrounding. Having seen people suffering from drug addiction before may necessitate one opting for absolute abstinence to avoid the same experience.

Substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence: How do you abstain?

Abstinence is not easy for everyone, it will take great effort, commitment, self-control and willpower to achieve this because it entails strict engagement only in positive attitude and being bold enough to say NO if and when offered anything of addictive nature like alcohol or cigarette. It also entails inventing positive and healthy ways of dealing with issues related to stress and other associated problems in life. This is particularly important to those people who have not been in any sort of drug addiction before.

If one is already addicted to a substance, abstinence will come with the effects of withdrawal symptoms of their addiction and must embrace coping approaches including how they will deal with these when they come. This will involve making several alterations like creating a new set of friends and only choosing to socialize with people who will not influence negative temptations resorting to relapse. And at this point, you will need to consult quite regularly with the experts from AWAREmed health center from time to time to remain on course to the end of the recovery journey.

Substance abuse phenomenon and abstinence: Self-help for addiction


master cells

Addiction rage on the brain system

Addiction rage

Addiction rage on the brain system with all substances causing serious damage to the brain

Addiction rage on the brain system: Significant reversal of drug addiction

There’s no doubt that the addiction rage on the brain is continually getting out of proportion. The naked truth is that drug addiction is causing significant chemical, structural and molecular changes that has literally hijacked the operations of the brain. However, as painful as it may appear, doctor Dalal Akoury MD and a veteran addiction expert who also founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to primarily help all people struggling with addiction related problems says that with goo and professional treatment this can be reversed. Besides, as the recovery process proceeds, the brain continues to heal. Nonetheless even though it is true that many changes do occur in the brain after addiction takes hold, it is also very important to remember that the brain is very dynamic with ever-changing system. That is to say that changes to the brain’s neuronal circuits, chemistry, and structures powerfully drive the addiction forward. However, a strong motivation to change, can just as powerfully counter these changes. It therefore means that people can learn new coping skills on how to counter the addiction rage. Like for instance, they can practice behavioral modification techniques and all these efforts put together will actually counter those damaging changes.

Addiction rage on the brain system: Practicing abstinence

Abstinence from addictive substances or activities can lead to a reversal of many physical changes that occurred during addiction. Combination of therapies like for instance medications and psychotherapy can also help the recovery process by managing the physiological effects of addiction rage as well as the withdrawal symptoms. Cognitive-behavioral treatments work to mend and repair the psychological impact of addiction. Doctor Akoury says that from this discussion, it should come out clearly that the brain is quite amazing. Like for instance it has the capacity to control its own physiology and is highly adaptive. Each behavioral step we make forward has a beneficial physiological effect on the brain. Therefore a sincere effort to change behavior is a powerful tool that mends the damaged brain.

What that communicates is that when we change our behaviors by finding new healthy outlets for satisfying cravings, we succeed in correcting the damaged brain functions. These positive changes form new memory and behavioral circuits in the brain that strengthen and reinforce recovery efforts. Yes, the brain has changed because of the addictive process. Nevertheless, even people with severe addiction problems succeed in overcoming their addiction rage when the rights are done. It is disturbing that many often do so without any professional help and that is why motivation is one of the key we want to give to you should you chose to contact us for help today.

Addiction rage on the brain system: Significant reversal of drug addiction





The best pathways of deregistering drug addiction


The best pathways of deregistering drug addiction: Possessing a drug free body system

The best pathways of deregistering drug addiction

The best pathways of deregistering drug addiction from our societies will depend on the societal attitude change. when this happens we can begin by eliminating these chronic elements one after the other.

Talking of the best pathways of deregistering drug addiction we are reminded of our introduction part of this discussion where we handle the mechanisms of dealing with drug addiction and the smart ways of fighting the same. In the previous article doctor Dalal Akoury helped us unlock the foundations of drug addiction and we now want to further that discussion progressively by looking at some of the best pathways of deregistering drug addiction from our systems and societies. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury have been working round the clock in trying to eliminate the scourge of addiction with lots of successes in the past decades and we are not about to stop because the escalation of drug addiction is ever on the rise thereby putting of the likeminded people to raise to the challenge. Rom where we left in the previous article, the following are some of the best pathways of deregistering drug addiction from our lives.

The best pathways of deregistering drug addiction: Relieving stress without drugs

Stress is one of the most common triggers of substance abuse and for sure record available from several statistics indicates that most of drug addicts could have not become addicted to the substances they are abusing if the element of stress was address promptly. According to doctor Akoury conditions like stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, shame, anxiety, and hopelessness are inevitable in life and in one way or another while still on this planet earth we will come across them. The danger is they will remain in your life even when you’re no longer using drugs to cover them up. It therefore means that until we address them decisively and professionally the problems that are associated with drug addiction will not be settled effectively.

It is interesting to note that in many instances drug abuse will most likely shoots up from misguided attempts to manage stress. Many people turn to alcohol or recreational drugs to unwind and relax after a stressful day, or to cover up painful memories and emotions that cause us to feel stressed and out of balance. Even though this is the common practice by many, there are better and healthier ways of keeping your stress level in check. From the professionals’ point of view, doctor Akoury registers that practicing activities like taking part in healthy exercises, meditation, using sensory strategies to relax, practicing simple breathing exercises and challenging self-defeating thoughts are very essential in eliminating stress that is very key in propagating drug addiction in most of our cultures.

The best pathways of de-registering drug addiction: Strategies for relieving stress quickly without drugs

Whenever we are stressed, it is very normal for people in such state of mind to feel that doing drugs is the only way and possibly the best in handling unpleasant feelings. If this is how you are feeling, we want to help you out of that feeling because it is not true and will not be anytime soon. We appreciate that stress is inevitable in this point of time, but it is important to note that even in such difficult and stressful situations, you can still learn to get through those difficulties without falling back on your addiction. Doctor Akoury is very categorical that different quick stress relief strategies work better for some people than others because we all respond to stress differently. The secret is to find the one that works best for you, and helps you calm down when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Remember that when you’re confident in your ability to quickly de-stress, facing strong feelings isn’t as intimidating or overwhelming and the following can be very helpful in the process:

  • Indulgence in physical activities like exercise is very important as it releases endorphins, relieves stress, and promotes emotional well-being. Therefore try running in place, jumping rope, or walking around the block and you will experience the difference.
  • Step outside and savor the warm sun and fresh air. Enjoy a beautiful view or landscape. This may sound meaningless to many but it is very important and has worked for many as one of the best pathways of deregistering drug addiction.
  • For those who may not be active enough to take part in vigorous exercises, yoga and meditation will be a better option for excellent ways to bust stress and find balance.
  • Many people often think that when exercise in mentioned then it has to fall in tight schedule. That is not really the case remember that even play with your dog or cat, enjoying the relaxing touch of your pet’s fur is a good way of dispensing out stress.
  • Put on some calming music and take time to listen to the soothing tune.
  • Breathe in the scent of fresh flowers or coffee beans, or savor a scent that reminds you of a favorite vacation, such as sunscreen or a seashell.
  • Close your eyes and picture a peaceful place, such as a sandy beach. Or think of a fond memory, such as your child’s first steps or time spent with friends.
  • Make yourself a steaming cup of tea and take time to enjoy it.
  • Look at favorite family photos it will rejuvenate your life and send off stress packing.
  • Give yourself a neck or shoulder massage and soak in a hot bath or shower. Doing this will deliver calmness and comfort that will send off any element of stress packing off your life.

Finally in the quest of finding the best pathways of de-registering drug addiction that will make you have a drug free body system, there will be some obstacles along the way which you must be very ready to face and address promptly. Like we had mentioned before that stress is one of the key triggers of drug addiction, it is important to appreciate that the moment stress sets in the craving for drugs will be overwhelmingly high and demanding. This is the time when many people makes serious mistakes and fall into serious addiction that they cannot come out of easily. Therefore before you let things get out of hand, it is very crucial that you seek for professional help immediately from the trusted experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and the sooner you schedule for that appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury the better for you and your loved ones. So don’t make any hesitation and call today for the commencement of your treatment immediately.

The best pathways of de-registering drug addiction: Possessing a drug free body system





Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking: What is alcohol?

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking is a perfect opportunity for people not to make dangerous mistakes that can affect them and their generations to come

The better way of understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking can be found in the clear definition of the substance. In simple terms alcohol is a drug by all standards. It is derived from the fermentation of sugar by yeast. It is important to appreciate that the main psychoactive ingredient in alcoholic drinks is the ethanol, or ethyl alcohol. Therefore on consumption of alcohol, the ethanol element dissolves quickly in water and is absorbed into the blood streams. Up on the dissolution in just a short term and in smaller doses, it acts on the receptors of the brain to make users feel uninhibited and provides and provides a general sense of well-being. From the experts point of view when an individual drinking becomes more often, with time alcohol will starts to affect the general balance and the speech center of the brain. This therefore means that if you drink regularly, the brain’s receptors adapt to the alcohol and prompting the need for higher doses to cause the same effect. This is what then causes one to be addicted to the substance according to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and the founder of the establishment. Doctor Akoury says that it is important to appreciate that alcohol is a depressant and instead of acting as a stimulant, it is likely to have the opposite effects on the individual abusers of the substance.

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking: What happens when you drink alcohol?

Alcohol is quickly soaked up through the lining of the stomach and the upper part of the gut (intestine) and into your blood stream. The higher the concentration of alcohol, the faster it will be absorbed like for instance elements like whisky will be faster than beer. From there the journey continues to the liver and then to other organs of the body tissues. However the brain will be affected specifically by the flow of alcohol which acts on the central nervous system to alter your physical coordination and mental judgments.

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking: What happens to the liver if you drink too much?

It is important to note that the function of the liver is not to store alcohol. Its role is to metabolize (processes) about 90% of the alcohol you drink to eliminate it from your body. It then breaks down the alcohol into water, gas (carbon dioxide) and fat. However with the central nervous system the liver becomes the biggest casualty from alcohol consumption. This is because the liver can only handle up to a certain amount of alcohol in any given time (one unit an hour). Meaning that if you are drinking quickly, your liver cells will have to work overtime to process the alcohol. When this is more than the liver can handle, the excess is transported to the rest of your organs. And for this to be done, the liver will need water to be effective in its delivery. Nonetheless, since alcohol acts as a diuretic, it dehydrates the body thereby forcing the liver to divert water from other sources.

Remember that when the liver is processing alcohol, it produces a substance called acetaldehyde. This has a toxic effect on the liver itself, as well as the brain and stomach lining. This is what causes your hangover. Acetaldehyde is subsequently broken down into chemical called acetate, which is broken down further into carbon dioxide and water outside the liver. Therefore the heavy drinkers can strain or disrupt this process which is likely to cause some live infections.

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking: What are the recommended safe limits of alcohol drinking?

Even though alcohol is not good for your health, people will always consume this substance. Therefore to put some ceilings scientific research has established that consumption of alcohol is very much different in terms of gender as follows:

Men should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week (and no more than four units in any one day).

Women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week (and no more than three units in any one day).

Pregnant women – There is no known safety consumption of alcohol when it comes to pregnant women. Therefore doctor Akoury’s advice is that pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant should not drink at all. If you do choose to drink when you are pregnant then limit it to one or two units, once or twice a week however it would be healthy for you and your baby if you abstain from drinking completely.

In general, the more you drink above the safe limits, the more harmful alcohol is likely to be. And remember, binge drinking can be harmful even though the weekly total may not seem too high. For example, if you only drink once or twice a week, but when you do you drink 4-5 pints of beer each time, or a bottle of wine each time, then this is a risk to your health. Also, even one or two units can be dangerous if you drive, operate machinery, or take some types of medication.

Finally we know that the effects of alcohol can be very devastating, and we also know that once you have started drinking, stopping can be very difficult. These are known facts and if they are your point of concern, then you are justified. The good news about all these concerns is that, they are doable. If you or any one you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, then this is the right place to be for the commencement of your recovery treatment. All that stands between you and your total recovery is that one phone call to doctor Dalal Akoury. Call her today to schedule for an appointment and you will never regret it all the days of your life.

Understanding the nature of alcohol and drinking: What is alcohol?



Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse: Understanding the magnitude of the problem

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse begins very simple but leaves greater repercussions.

It is true that everyone is in one way or another has his own share of social and economic problems. These problems come to us from different quarters across the globe. Poverty is once such source and probably the greatest, however for the purpose of this article we want to focus on the social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse in the current society we live in. for sure alcohol consumption can have adverse social and economic effects on the individual users of this substance. The biggest problem we have with this substance just like in other substances, when an individual is directly affected, a whole lot more group of people are equally suffering with him or her indirectly. That is to say that the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole bears the consequence of that individual user. If you are wondering how this happens, then listen to the experts’ opinion at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and also the founder of the facility. She says that other than the individual user the whole society suffers in the sense that when an alcoholic under the influence of alcohol is on the steering wheel, everybody around him at that time is in great danger of suffering from eminent traffic accident. That is one perfect illustration of how indirectly the majority will be involved with just one single abuser of alcohol. The impact it will have on the society is enormous in terms of resources required for criminal justice, health care and other social needs that will come with it.

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse: Effects of alcoholism on work performance

Alcohol consumption can affect work performance in several ways including the following:

Absences – The abundance of evidence available indicate that majority of people with alcohol dependence and drinking problems are on consistent sick leave in relation to than other sober employees. Anytime a given personnel is off duty, there are cost elements attached not just to the employer, but even to the employee. Being absent from work is costly and it also succeeds in reducing the work morale of other staff who have to bridge the gap of their colleague with drinking problem.

Work accidents – The available statistics globally about work accidents is worrying. Like for instance in Great Britain, it is estimated that up to 25% of workplace accidents and around 60% of fatal accidents at work may be linked to alcohol. Alongside that in India about 40% of work accidents have been attributed to alcohol use. Those are just two examples says doctor Akoury.

Productivity – Heavy drinking at work may reduce productivity with statistics indicating that up to 10% of productivity losses are attributed to alcohol in most economies. Besides that performance at work may be affected both by the volume and pattern of drinking. Fellow employees are of the opinion that heavy drinkers have lower performance, problems in personal relationships and lack of self-direction, though drinkers themselves do not necessarily perceive effects on their work performance

Unemployment – Heavy drinking or alcohol abuse may lead to unemployment and unemployment may lead to increased drinking bringing the effect of poverty as a serious factor as had been alluded to in the introduction explains doctor Akoury.

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse: The burden the family will bear if one of their own is misusing alcohol

Drinking can impair how a person performs as a parent, a partner as well as how (s) he contributes to the functioning of the household. It can have lasting effects on their partner and children, for instance through home accidents and violence.

Children can suffer Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), when mothers drink during pregnancy. After birth, parental drinking can lead to child abuse and numerous other impacts on the child’s social, psychological and economic environment.

The impact of drinking on family life can include substantial mental health problems for other family members, such as anxiety, fear and depression.

Drinking outside the home can mean less time spent at home. The financial costs of alcohol purchase and medical treatment, as well as lost wages can leave other family members destitute. When men drink it often primarily affects their mothers or partners who may need to contribute more to the income of the household and who run an increased risk of violence or HIV infection.

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse: The relationship between alcohol and poverty

The economic consequences of alcohol consumption can be severe, particularly for the poor. Doctor Akoury says that besides the money spent on the alcohol itself; heavy drinkers may suffer other economic problems such as lower wages and lost employment opportunities, increased medical and legal expenses, and decreased eligibility for loans. We may not exhaustively deal with this now, but we will tackle it in our subsequent article as we progress. We therefore urge you to stay on the link for more productive health information’s that will help you make very healthy informed choices in life. In the meantime as an individual if any of these briefings describes your situation, you can make an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for further professional direction. Remember that doctor Akoury is an addiction veteran has found patients make the best results by receiving a combination of medications, natural therapeutic approaches and psychosocial therapies to synergistically align the body, mind and spirit, to ultimately provide a long-term life change.

Besides that AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, one of the leading pioneers in natural and holistic addiction treatment, will be conducting the first Educational, Functional and Integrative Addiction conference for doctors, counselors, nurses and addiction therapists. The conference is schedule for August 23-25 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This new frontier in Addiction Medicine will be conducted by the most influential group of leading visionaries specializing in the latest advances in natural and integrative addiction medicine, under the theme “The Future of Integrative Addiction”. This is one conference that you don’t want to miss since it will combine both the theories of doctor Dalal Akoury, together with research and case studies by many of the world’s leading addiction specialists to provide an all-encompassing interactive and educational conference that will enable doctors and therapists to go back to their clinics and practice a more comprehensive, new and integrative approach to treating addiction.

Social and economic problems associated with alcohol abuse: Understanding the magnitude of the problem