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Aging gracefully with the experts

Aging gracefully

Aging gracefully with the experts is essential as it will give direction about the dangers of drugs and other substances

Aging gracefully with the experts: Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural phenomenon we cannot avoid. All we can do is to delay its occurrence. Doing this has proven to be economically viable and many are reaping big thanks to the increasing demand of keeping smart and fit. In the process of seeking help in delaying the aging process, many mistakes are done especially when the right things are not done from the beginning. This is what we want to focus on even as we settle on the topic aging gracefully with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD.

Aging gracefully with the experts: Signs and symptoms

Interestingly, many people don’t take heed to certain signs and symptoms of aging. Each day that passes moves us to our old age. This is often ignored by people as they grow from teenagers into adulthood. Why is this so? It is because many have not appreciated the importance of aging gracefully. Those who have known the secrets are well informed of the aging symptoms which may include:

  • Vision impairment
  • Tinnitus and hearing loss
  • The appearance of gray hair and sometimes loss of hair
  • Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido
  • Premenopausal and menopausal syndrome
  • Memory loss
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Back pains and deterioration of knee stability and
  • Reduction in the bone mass

The list above may not be complete but good enough to help you know some of the signs you need to be wary of. With that in mind, doctor Akoury explains that, while it is healthy to start and keep fit all your youthful life coming to your sunset day if you didn’t have the opportunity to do so, it is never too late to start now. Issues attached to wellness are for a lifetime and we can start making a mend so that any deficiency created in our bodies can be corrected. This can only be done if you’re well equipped with the right knowledge. And that is where the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center comes in.

Aging gracefully with the experts: Importance of basic life modifications

To succeed in this journey, we must appreciate certain basic life medications which need to be done professionally. And having mentioned that, traditionally stress reduction and dietary and nutritional supplements will be essential for healthy aging. Nonetheless, the introduction of alternative medication has also offered far reaching improvement in aging gracefully. Like for instance, the application of certain Chinese medicines has provided very fundamental treatment approaches alongside acupuncture and herbal remedies particularly for the prevention and solutions of age related symptoms.

Finally, and like already mentioned, it is never too late or too early to start doing the right thing. Just as we may not avoid being old in the future, we can do so with honor. And for you to achieve this, you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for more professional input and you will not regret it.

Aging gracefully with the experts: Healthy Aging





ageing skin naturally

Neck wrinkles formation and aging skin

Neck wrinkles formation

Neck wrinkles formation and aging skin can ruin your beauty if not addressed in good time

Neck wrinkles formation and aging skin: Prevention of body wrinkles

You may not want to grow old, but the simple truth is that, we can’t run away from aging. What are some of the factors that make people appear old even when they are still in their early twenties? One of the factors of aging is the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Wrinkles can appear anywhere on the body. Our point of focus is going to be on the neck wrinkles formation and aging skin as we progress into this discussion. I know that many people are concern with their facial look and spend a lot of time grooming their face forgetting their neck. What they may not know is that wrinkles on your neck can make you look and feel older even much older than those that appear on the face. To help solve this problem, doctor Akoury tells us that there are many anti-aging treatments to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging on your neck.

As a matter of fact, the same factors that cause wrinkles on your face can also be the major contributors to the fundamentals of neck wrinkles and aging skin. The reason why neck wrinkles tend to appear more visible is because many only realize that their neck also needs protection when the wrinkles are already forming up. May be you’re a victim but all is not lost doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center reiterates that by using products that prevent and address signs of aging, you can have a more youthful-looking neck, which will make you look younger overall. I believe you want this much as I do. If this describes you, schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury today and restore the glory of your neck and the general beauty of your skin.

Neck wrinkles formation and aging skin: Types of neck wrinkles

We have two different types of neck wrinkles and each has its own set of causes.

Horizontal Neck Wrinkles – this kind of wrinkles occur as collagen diminishes and elastin weakens due to:

  • Genetic Aging
  • Environmental Aging
  • Hormonal Aging

These proteins firm the skin and enable it to easily get back, however when they fail to get back the skin begins to lose structure resulting in formation of wrinkles on the neck.

Vertical Neck Wrinkles – ideally this set of neck wrinkles develop as a result of spending a lot of time in the same position over many years. Like for instance, sleeping in the same position over and over is a major cause of vertical neck wrinkles. Another contributing factor in vertical neck wrinkles can be excessive sun damage. Remember that besides this causes the neck is predominantly vulnerable to the development of age spots or sun spots. Not only is your neck and décolleté frequently exposed to the sun, but many people forget to apply sun block to the neck and décolleté area. Therefore, sun and age spots may be particularly heavy in that area.

Finally, as age catches with us, the production of collagen decreases causing the skin to become less firm. The skin’s ability to retain water weakens factors which encourages the formation of wrinkles. During this time women also produce less estrogen, which has an impact on cellular activity. Remember that wrinkles happen due to the loss of skin elasticity, not just on the face but also on the neck. You can delay aging process by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury now.

Neck wrinkles formation and aging skin: Prevention of body wrinkles



Identifying aging indicators

Identifying aging indicators

Identifying aging indicators, in fact, drug addiction is a serious factor

Identifying aging indicators: Actions that undermines skin youthfulness

In our commitment and dedication to seeing that your beauty is guaranteed, we want to make further emphasis in helping the larger societies looking for beauty. Are you among the many that are actually ignorant of how you can make yourself look older without realizing it? We are privileged to have experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under doctor Dalal Akoury’s care where all corrective measures towards retention of beauty are upheld by all standards. At this facility, you will be shown in the ways of how you can actually stop aging by yourself. It is therefore very possible that you can reverse time instead of speed it up with these anti-aging pointers.

Despite rigorous efforts to erase years, there are very many things you do every day that have the opposite effect and you probably don’t even notice you’re doing them. Did you know that the colors you wear, how you do your makeup and so much more can make you look older? It’s not easy to spot what you’re doing wrong, especially if it has become routine. The following are some of the biggest mistakes and their solutions to help you restore your youthful look. When you study keenly some of these concerns and choose to do the right thing by consulting with the experts consistently at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, you will be surprised seeing the great improvement on your skin and the general beauty of your body. Keep reading and schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury today for a more rejuvenated skin.

Identifying aging indicators: Dying your hair blonde

Lighter hair doesn’t go with all skin pigments and can give you a reflection of aging. Most skin becomes sallow or yellow as we get older, so it’s not always recommended to go blonde. Instead of matching your hair to your skin tone, counteract it.

  • If you have olive skin, choose a deep, reddish-brown hair color and
  • If you have paler skin, brighten your look with a light brown dye.

Identifying aging indicators: Lifting too much at the gym

Keeping the body fit by exercising is healthy and must not be stopped. However overtaxing large muscles, such as the triceps, quads, and biceps, can cause sagging in the long run. As connective tissues loosen with age, an overworked aging muscle produces an undesirable skin tone. It is, therefore, necessary that you focus on accessory muscles around the larger thigh and belly muscles, which can give you a more balanced look. For each group of muscles uses weights under three pounds each and do more reps.

Identifying aging indicators: Skimping on deep conditioning

Stiff, dry hair can be more aging than grays peeking through. Our hair needs moisture as we get older. So stray a bit from your typical shampoo and conditioner routine, and use richer hair products, including hair masks and deep conditioners, at least once a week. That’ll help your hair become softer and shinier.

Identifying aging indicators: Actions that undermines skin youthfulness

plastic surgery for overweight african american

Aging gracefully without surgery

Aging gracefully without surgery

Aging gracefully without surgery requires using non surgical treatment approach

Aging gracefully without surgery: Anti-aging solution

Aging is one anything that people would want to avoid by all means. Because of this business communities are reaping huge profits on account of offering solution to very many unsuspecting clients. Medically a lot is being done because aging gracefully is now not just a concern to the ladies but also to men as well. AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is making inroads in ensuring that your skin complexion remains tender, youthful and rejuvenated even when you are stocking several calendar years. The following treatment approaches of anti-aging can be very essential in aging gracefully.

Aging gracefully without surgery: Sculptra

One of the safest, longest-lasting ways to look younger is with an anti-aging non-surgical treatment called Sculptra. Having been approved by the FDA for the correction of shallow to deep smile lines and other facial wrinkles, Sculptra is not a wrinkle filler, but rather, a volumizer. It works through a series of injections that fill the depressed areas of the face caused by aging. It’s made of a synthetic material known as poly-L-lactic acid, a substance that forms naturally in the body when you exercise.

Aging gracefully without surgery: Thermage

This is perfect for those who want to address the visible signs of aging in just one treatment. It’s an anti-aging non-surgical procedure that’s clinically proven to safely treat fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts, including the face, eyes, neck, stomach, arms, hands, thighs, and buttocks. Besides that thermage has also been approved for improving cellulite. Thermage uses radio frequency to non-surgically tighten skin and lift problem areas on the body. It heats the deepest layers of skin to help tighten existing collagen and stimulate the natural renewal of collagen. As an anti-aging non-surgical treatment it benefits include the smoothing of uneven skin; better definition around the eyes, jaw, and neckline; and the smoothing and toning of unsightly dimples and wrinkles on the face and body.

Aging gracefully without surgery: Thread lift

For those who don’t like the idea of going under the knife, but want the immediate benefits of a surgical neck or facelift, there’s the minimally invasive thread lift, also known as a suture lift or stitch lift. As the name implies, the procedure uses “threads” made out of specialized suture material to lift the skin of the eyebrows, mid-face, cheeks, and neck. Unlike facelifts, thread lifts are anti-aging non-surgical treatments; thread lifts are performed using a local anesthetic. Bandages are not required after a thread lift, and recovery time is just two to three days.

Aging gracefully without surgery: Titan

Titan skin rejuvenation is an infrared laser treatment that uses light energy to stimulate new collagen growth deep beneath the skin’s surface. Titan has been shown to tighten skin on your face, arms, abdomen, and legs. A Titan procedure has also been shown to resurface the skin, tighten pores, remove age spots, and smooth away fine lines. While some patients report seeing results in as few as one or two procedures, the full benefits of the Titan procedure are not usually observed for at least three to six months.

The Titan procedure is considered an ideal alternative to those who want to enhance their youthful appearance without invasive surgery, prolonged recovery time, or injections.

Aging gracefully without surgery: Anti-aging solution





Glowing skin

Vampire facelift skin treatment procedures

Vampire facelift skin treatment

Experts ready to take you through Vampire facelift skin treatment procedures

Vampire facelift skin treatment procedures: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The vampire facelift skin treatment procedures comes with the magic that refreshes, beautifies and rejuvenates the face and the general good looking of the skin. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD explains that, this treatment involves the extraction of the patients’ own tissues which are carefully manipulated and then reestablished into the body to effect natural results using the body’s own healing power. Vampire facelift skin treatment top the list among the many cosmetic procedures where biological medical principles are applied to naturally enhance appearance and reduce visible signs of aging. With “Vampire Facelift” the surgeons will use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in patients’ own blood to regenerate skin for incredible and completely natural anti-aging effects. Therefore vampire facelift skin treatment procedure present a safe and effective alternative to consumers all while using the body’s own healing mechanism to rejuvenate the skin and beautify the body.

To gain the best of both worlds (and the disadvantages of neither), the Vampire Facelift ® not only restores a lovely facial shape, it also regenerates tissue and creates radiant skin tone and texture. Therefore how does this fascinating procedure work? Stay on the link and keep reading to get the facts right straight from the beauty experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of its founder doctor Dalal Akoury. And as we get the facts right, you may want to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today for the restoration of your beauty by calling her on telephone number 843 213 1480 and you will be surprised to see how beautiful you can become again.

Vampire facelift skin treatment procedures: How it works to bring that glowing complexion

PRP facial rejuvenation, popularly referred to as the “Vampire Facelift,” uses the body’s natural healing system to enhance skin tone, texture and color with minimal downtime, and without the use of man-made synthetics or invasive surgery. The key to this procedure is our own human blood, which contains Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF), compounds that stimulate the production of collagen and keratin to help the body build new, firm, healthy skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By harnessing the powerful impact of these growth factors found in the blood platelets, it is possible to activate stem cells in our skin and to instruct the body to use those cells to grow new young skin in areas affected by the visible signs of aging.

PRP is prepared by taking a small vial of blood normally from a patient’s arms and then placing the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. In less than 15 minutes, physicians can boost platelet and growth factor concentration by up to 600% and then re-inject the compounds into facial skin to speed up natural healing and collagen production. The result is an all-natural alternative to fillers like Botox or invasive procedures like a surgical facelift, ideal for combating fine wrinkles around the eyes, nose, lips, forehead and neck, as well as dark under eye circles, acne scars and sagging skin. Isn’t this interesting? I know so and that is why you need to get it done on you as soon as today.

Vampire facelift skin treatment procedures: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)