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Herbal medicines effectiveness

Herbal medicines effectiveness

Herbal medicines effectiveness in substance abuse treatment has been tested and confirmed

Herbal medicines effectiveness: Alternative medicines

The painful experience of alcohol and drug withdrawal can be overwhelming. Proper treatment is necessary to ease the suffering of affected people. For a long time conventional treatment has been using prescription medications with addictive properties in them as a way to ease these symptoms and occasionally depending on the patient response keep replacing one drug withdrawal to another drug. Because these drugs are themselves addictive, alternative therapies use has been on the increase. And to that effect, we want to focus on the herbal medicine effectiveness in this discussion. Alternative treatment are essential in ease some withdrawal symptoms and also help to detoxify the body of alcohol and drugs, from anxiety and insomnia to strong cravings. Experts have found that some herbal medicine can help take away this discomfort and allow the addict to focus on their recovery efficiently.

Herbs such as catnip, chamomile, peppermint, and skullcap are often used together as a tea and help to relax and sedate the nervous system. Many will take St. John’s Wort as herbal prescription to alleviate feelings of depression and offer calmness. Herbal medications which aid in the detoxification process include:

  • Burdock root
  • Milk thistle
  • Echinacea (purple coneflower)

According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health Center, milk thistle will help in the prevention of any drug related damage to the liver as it boost in the filtration process. Cravings for alcohol have been controlled by kudzu root, which is a bitter tea used traditionally by Chinese Doctors, and it helps to cut the alcoholics drinking nearly in half. This piece of herb facilitate the reduction of consumption of alcohol by reducing the appetite for alcohol and this has been effective whenever it is administered to patients says doctor Akoury.

Herbal medicines effectiveness: Obstacles of alcohol consumption management

We have noted that the love for money by the authorities has been an impediment to putting alcohol consumption to its manageable level and so many people fall prey to this scourge. I want to make certain valuable recommendations to you and your friends if for whatever reason you have found yourself enclosed in the bracket of addiction and alcohol abuse. You will certainly get help if only you can schedule an appointment with Dalal Akoury a veteran addiction experts and together with her experienced team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the will enroll you up for treatment.

Remember that, this condition needs real time professionalism and doctor Akoury is that kind of expert you may not find anywhere globally. She is offering her exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars. Besides, qualified professional in the same line consult her periodically and you cannot afford to continue having this problem with this great doctor just a phone call away. I am persuaded that know you want to live a life full of comfort and fun, how can you achieve that? Now you know be a part of this truly successful and fast addiction recovery treatment with doctor Dalal Akoury.

Herbal medicines effectiveness: Alternative medicines




milk tea addiction

Societal addiction mischief

Societal addiction mischief

Societal addiction mischief will always be there but the bottom line is that addiction is a medical problem like any other

Societal addiction mischief: Is addiction a disease?

The numerous factors surrounding societal addiction mischief makes it very difficult for people to accept its realities. Even though many people think otherwise, addiction is like any other disease and it is not a sign of weakness of character on both the direct victim and the indirect victims. We must be on top of everything about addiction if we want to ever make any meaningful progress towards its elimination from our lives and to the general societies. Let’s consider the following facts as we progress into the discussion.

Addiction is like most major diseases – Consider heart disease, the leading cause of death the world over. Medically this health condition is partly due to genes or poor lifestyle choices like bad diet, lack of exercise and smoking. The same is true for other common diseases like adult-onset diabetes. Many forms of cancers are due to a combination of genes and lifestyle. These are facts we believe and accept each time our physicians deliver the diagnosis result, what is worrying is when your doctor said that you had diabetes or heart disease, you wouldn’t think and as a matter of fact nobody would see you as a bad person. In fact, you would take it positively and start thinking about solutions. That is how you should approach addiction. If this could be the attitude of everybody, then treatment can be administered more effectively and timely for a speedy recovery.

Addiction is not a weakness – The fact that addiction crosses all socio-economic boundaries confirms that addiction is a disease. People who don’t know about addiction will tell you that you just need to be stronger to control your use. If that was true then only unsuccessful people or unmotivated people would have an addiction and yet 10% of high-functioning executives have an addiction. If you think of addiction as a weakness, you’ll paint yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of. You’ll focus on being stronger and trying to control your use, instead of treating addiction like a disease and focusing on stopping your use.

Societal addiction mischief: Cross addiction

You can become addicted to any drug if you have a family history of addiction. It is important to note that if at least one of your family members is addicted to alcohol, then this gives you a greater risk of developing an addiction to any other drug. Cross addiction occurs because all addictions work in the same part of the brain. If your brain is wired so that you’re predisposed to one addiction, then you’re predisposed to all addictions. This is especially important for women who may come from alcoholic families, but who often develop addictions that go undetected, like addictions to tranquilizers, pain relievers, or eating disorders.

One addiction can lead to other addictions, and one drug can make you relapse on another drug. That’s one of the consequences of a brain that’s wired for addiction. Suppose you’re addicted to cocaine, for example, if you want to stop using cocaine then it is important that for you to succeed, you will have to stop using all other addictive drugs including alcohol and marijuana. You may never have had a problem with either of them, but if you continue to use alcohol or marijuana, even when it is casual, they’ll eventually lead you back to your drug of choice. Remember that in order to be on top of addiction abstinence should be your ultimate goal because true recovery requires total abstinence says doctor Akoury.

Societal addiction mischief: Is addiction a disease?




Helping patients together overcome addiction

Helping patients together

Helping patients together overcome addiction for better health

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Collective responsibility

If you are driving on the road the rule is you are the only sober person and the rest are drunk, insane and careless. What it means is that when you are on the steering wheel, you ore everyone around you whether pedestrians, other motorist or animals the duty of care. In the same way, when it comes to drug abuse, it should all concerns us because the impact of the problem knows no boundary. We are all affected in one way or another and that is why we want to focus on helping patients together to overcome their addiction. Speaking to Doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is a veteran addiction expert and has impacted positively on the lives of many people globally.

In her desire to reach many, she founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where she has dedicated most of her life in helping addiction patients overcome their habits by transforming each and every individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering them into finding their own inner healing power. In her practice doctor, Akoury’s focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms making her one in a million that you can always rely on for all your addiction concerns.

For a better understanding, doctor Akoury is going to share with us some of the things you can or not do to help your loved one from their struggle with addiction. Professionally we will be wrong to say that helping a friend or family member who is struggling with alcohol or drugs is a simple thing. This will be misleading because the truth is that it can be heartbreakingly painful demoralizing and tiring. However, with determination and persistence help from the loved ones, it can be remarkably rewarding. Nonetheless, the process at times can seem to be so overwhelming that many may choose to go for the easiest way of ignoring it, pretending that nothing is wrong and hope it just goes away. These are possible ways of solace that one may opt for. However if one goes this root, however by denying it or minimizing it, in the long run, there will be more damaging to you, other family members, and the person you are concerned about. The consequences can be very painful and therefore it is only reasonable that action is taken now without any further delays. In the spirit of being concern about someone, the following questions can be helpful for you to take action now:

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Some things you don’t want to do

Don’t preach: in other words don’t lecture, threaten, bribe, preach or demoralize.

Don’t be a martyr: Avoid emotional appeals that may only increase feelings of guilt and the compulsion to drink or use other drugs.

Don’t cover up, by either lying or making excuses for them and their behavior.

Don’t assume their responsibilities: Taking over their responsibilities protects them from the consequences of their behavior.

Don’t argue when using: When they are using alcohol or drugs, they can’t have a rational conversation.

Don’t feel guilty or responsible for their behavior, it’s not your fault.

Don’t join them: Don’t try to keep up with them by drinking or using.

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Collective responsibility





Addiction alternative solutions

Addiction alternative solutions

Addiction alternative solutions is working well for the majority who had lost hope in recovering from their addiction

Addiction alternative solutions: Accrued benefits

A state under the captivity of drug addiction cannot develop effectively. When the human resource which contributes over 20% of the nation’s productivity is ailing, life becomes difficult and the sooner that is addressed the better for such state. The loss will be evident in many areas including propagation of violence, theft, and erosion of peace of mind, family depression and fatigue, lose jobs and source of livelihood, emotional torcher for children due to parents’ separation; child neglect the list is endless. This is surely a serious threat to our social fabric. We have been made prisoners in our own homes and villages because of substance abuse. Therefore, we must choose to change this explains doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. The formation of this facility is primarily to make a difference in people’s lives by focusing on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Her ways of administering treatment are all inclusive being mindful about addiction alternative solutions.

Speaking of addiction alternative treatment, doctor Akoury is going to take us through biochemical restoration and nutrition, yoga and exercise as some of the known alternative treatment models for drug addiction currently. If it is fine with you, allow me to ask for your indulgence of staying on the link to be more educated on the best options you have when it comes to alternatives to treatment for substance abuse. Remember that is important and you can schedule an appointment with her for further professional input about all your concerns.

Addiction alternative solutions: Physical activities

Daily exercise, even in small doses, can boost mood what most recovering addicts need in the absence of their substances of abuse. Starting an exercise regimen can help fill the void of using, lending a sense of purpose and offering a substitute, but natural, high. Doctor Akoury says that generally speaking exercise, whether aerobic or otherwise, has well-known health benefits, including improvements in the function of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and endocrine systems. Physical exercise has many cognitive benefits that can specifically help recovering addicts. For one, it leads to increased neurotransmitter levels, improved oxygen, and nutrient delivery, and increased neurogenesis in the hippocampus. It can have a positive effect on learning and memory. Executive control processes—working memory, multitasking, and planning is more positively affected in comparison to other regions of the brain.

For your own good, this must never be ignored. Many people are spending huge bill in medications on what could easily be sorted out by a simple exercise. This may sound little for many but it is tested and proven to be a better way of dealing with some of these drug addiction complications. We want to help you get back on your feet and become even more productive than you were before. All you need to do is to let us know of your needs and we will address them professionally.

Addiction alternative solutions: Accrued benefits