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heroin addiction

Family heroin addiction problem

Family heroin addiction

Family heroin addiction problem is serious and getting out of hand. Action time is now

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices

The things we do out of peer influence can be very costly. The motivation hear is having the sense of belonging. In the world of drug addiction, you will be amazed at what people do to achieve this and in the process, they find themselves into real problems not just in their health and peace of mind but also with the law enforcement agencies. Even though addiction cuts across, it hit hardest at the family unit, which is why family heroin addiction problem is going to be our subject of discussion. To address this, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about heroin addiction in families and it is amazing seeing how simple desires can land us into real threats of addiction.

As a professional in this discipline doctor, Akoury is going to shed some light on how influential heroin can be in your life no matter how you got introduced to it. She says that one morning while in her office a lady walked in and was very depressed. When she gave her time to share her problem she opens up and poured out her heart on the battles she has with heroin addiction. For confidentiality, we will call her Jimssy not her real name. Jimssy is a full-time housewife and mother hardly fits the stereotypical picture of a heroin addict. However for the past two of her adult life, she was obsessed with getting high on heroin a passion she shared with her husband, Jim not his real name who has been battled his own addiction for over two decades now.

Family heroin addiction problem: Peer influence in addiction

Jim had been struggling with heroin addiction for years when his wife joined the league of shooting up heroin. Even though Jimssy was not ignorant of the effects of heroin on her husband, she voluntarily decided to test the water one day following an advice from her friend who informed her that using heroin would significantly relieve the pain of headache and muscular pains she had suffered from epileptic seizures she has been struggling with for more than 15 years now. It is amazing how friends can be very destructive to our well-being. This friend without any consideration of the known consequences approached her friend with the news she knew Jimssy would be interested in, that is the solution to her struggle with pain. Jimmy acknowledges that that was her first time and regret having such a friend in her life. She goes ahead to explain that her main reason for testing the waters even though she knew the struggles her husband, was to get better, the pain was becoming unbearable. What do you think about her decision? You may suggest that under the circumstances she was justified because she was looking for solutions about her pain. Nonetheless, it is still not right, every advice you get from a friend must be confirmed by a medical doctor and that is why doctor Akoury founded this facility where you can get all the professional assistance concerning your health and addiction at any time of the day.

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices



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Family drug use history and genetics

Family drug use

Family drug use history and genetics are key in establishing the root course of the problem

Family drug use history and genetics: The dangers faced by children of addicts


A question was once asked in one of the training programs that is it true that children of addicts are several times more likely to develop an addiction in the future? This is actually a worthy question for learning purposes. Like we have already mentioned that it has become necessary to trace our roots when struggling with addiction. This is very fundamental because from the research findings genetics is very key in the occurrence of generational addiction. And to be precise in one of the studies where some 231 people who were diagnosed with drug or alcohol addiction were looked at and the comparison is done between them and some 61 people who did not have an addiction. The study was keen in looking at the first-degree relatives who include parents, siblings, or children of those people. It was then discovered that if a parent has a drug or alcohol addiction, the child had up to 8 times greater chance of developing an addiction. This, therefore, explains why genetics and history of the family are key factors when it comes to drug addiction solution.

Family drug use history and genetics: Why are there genes for addiction?

We all have the genetic predisposition for addiction because there is an evolutionary advantage to that. Like for instance when an animal feeds on a certain food that it likes, there is an advantage to associating pleasure with that food so that the animal will look for that food in the future. What that communicates in relation to our topic of discussion is that the potential for addiction is hardwired into our brain. Everyone has eaten too much of their favorite food even though they knew it wasn’t good for them. Although everyone has the potential for addiction, some people are more predisposed to addiction than others. Some people drink alcoholically from the beginning. Other people start out as a moderate drinker and then become alcoholics later on. How does that happen? Let’s find out in a moment.

Family drug use history and genetics: Consistent drug and alcohol abuse rewires the brain

If you start out with a low genetic predisposition for addiction, you can still end up with an addiction. If you repeatedly abuse drugs or alcohol because of poor coping skills, then you’ll permanently rewire your brain. Doctor Akoury is registering that every time you abuse alcohol, the translation of that is that you’ll strengthen the wiring associated with drinking, and you’ll chase that buzz even more. Remember that the more you chase the effect of alcohol, the greater your chance of eventually developing an addiction. Finally, it is important to appreciate the fact that your genes are not in any way your destiny. The 50% of addiction that is caused by poor coping skills is where you can make a difference. Through AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and with the professional expertise of doctor Dalal Akoury, lots of people who have come from addicted families but managed to overcome their family history and live happy lives. You can actually use this opportunity to change your life by scheduling an appointment with the real experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and your life will never be the same again.

Family drug use history and genetics: The dangers faced by children of addicts









Helping patients together overcome addiction

Helping patients together

Helping patients together overcome addiction for better health

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Collective responsibility

If you are driving on the road the rule is you are the only sober person and the rest are drunk, insane and careless. What it means is that when you are on the steering wheel, you ore everyone around you whether pedestrians, other motorist or animals the duty of care. In the same way, when it comes to drug abuse, it should all concerns us because the impact of the problem knows no boundary. We are all affected in one way or another and that is why we want to focus on helping patients together to overcome their addiction. Speaking to Doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is a veteran addiction expert and has impacted positively on the lives of many people globally.

In her desire to reach many, she founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where she has dedicated most of her life in helping addiction patients overcome their habits by transforming each and every individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering them into finding their own inner healing power. In her practice doctor, Akoury’s focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms making her one in a million that you can always rely on for all your addiction concerns.

For a better understanding, doctor Akoury is going to share with us some of the things you can or not do to help your loved one from their struggle with addiction. Professionally we will be wrong to say that helping a friend or family member who is struggling with alcohol or drugs is a simple thing. This will be misleading because the truth is that it can be heartbreakingly painful demoralizing and tiring. However, with determination and persistence help from the loved ones, it can be remarkably rewarding. Nonetheless, the process at times can seem to be so overwhelming that many may choose to go for the easiest way of ignoring it, pretending that nothing is wrong and hope it just goes away. These are possible ways of solace that one may opt for. However if one goes this root, however by denying it or minimizing it, in the long run, there will be more damaging to you, other family members, and the person you are concerned about. The consequences can be very painful and therefore it is only reasonable that action is taken now without any further delays. In the spirit of being concern about someone, the following questions can be helpful for you to take action now:

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Some things you don’t want to do

Don’t preach: in other words don’t lecture, threaten, bribe, preach or demoralize.

Don’t be a martyr: Avoid emotional appeals that may only increase feelings of guilt and the compulsion to drink or use other drugs.

Don’t cover up, by either lying or making excuses for them and their behavior.

Don’t assume their responsibilities: Taking over their responsibilities protects them from the consequences of their behavior.

Don’t argue when using: When they are using alcohol or drugs, they can’t have a rational conversation.

Don’t feel guilty or responsible for their behavior, it’s not your fault.

Don’t join them: Don’t try to keep up with them by drinking or using.

Helping patients together overcome addiction: Collective responsibility




Holistic treatment

Addiction treatment requirements

Addiction treatment requirements

Addiction treatment requirements include acknowledging that you have a problem and seeking help

Addiction treatment requirements: Chemical abuse and dependence

Because chemical dependence is a complex disorder, effective treatment requires interventions that address the physical health, mental health, and interpersonal relationships of the affected individual. Therefore, the addiction treatment requirements must be comprehensive to address the multiple and complex needs of addicted individuals and their families. Essential elements of comprehensive treatment for addictive disorders consist of many components, some of which should be employed for every person and some only for certain individuals. Besides, it is important that the individual’s family be engaged in part of the treatment process. And the good news is, all these components we are making reference to, are all available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. The components may include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the nature of use, and strengths and needs of the individual which results in a diagnosis;
  • An individualized treatment plan which is developed with the patient and is modified as the individual progresses;
  • Clinical case management;
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy;
  • Continuing care;
  • Detoxification and medical management of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Monitoring of continued abstinence from alcohol and other substances;
  • Pharmacological therapy, when appropriate;
  • Self-help or peer support as a complement to professional treatment.
  • Vocational and educational assistance;

Doctor Akoury reiterates that for an effective result to be realized, the evaluation, diagnosis and resulting treatment plan must be developed by qualified and experienced professionals in the addiction field and must address the multiple aspects of the disease. Although addiction treatment provider need not provide all services directly, quality care then demands that services be planned for and provided through referral linkages with other appropriately qualified providers.

Addiction treatment requirements: Education and awareness of addiction treatment

The process of treatment begins with educating the individual and his or her family about the disease of addiction and assuring that each individual recognizes the signs and symptoms of the disease in his or her own life. Motivational enhancement may be the first step since many patients may not accept that their addiction is not normal. Teaching the individual to both recognize the triggers of relapse and use preventive responses to these triggers is critical during the treatment process. The outcome of appropriate, comprehensive treatment should strive toward helping the persons receiving services to accomplish the following:

  • Develop and sustain a social support network that will foster and reinforce ongoing recovery.
  • Develop the capacity or potential to practice normal life activities with responsibility;
  • Learn and practice the mechanisms, attitudes, skills and behaviors necessary to sustain the positive effects of treatment;
  • Recognize the personal signs, symptoms, circumstances, and triggers of relapse and know how to respond;
  • Understand the physical impact of chemicals and the implications of addiction on brain functioning;
  • Understand the relevant issues associated with the disease as it affects their lives and the lives of those around them;

Finally, with all these teachings done the individual patient must always keep in close touch with their physicians during and after the treatment process. Therefore if you are considering this worthy course and you are at the crossroad not knowing who to turn to for professional help, doctor Dalal Akoury’s office is ever open for you and you can schedule an appointment with her so that you can have all your concerns professionally addressed.

Addiction treatment requirements: Chemical abuse and dependence





Addiction alternative solutions

Addiction alternative solutions

Addiction alternative solutions is working well for the majority who had lost hope in recovering from their addiction

Addiction alternative solutions: Accrued benefits

A state under the captivity of drug addiction cannot develop effectively. When the human resource which contributes over 20% of the nation’s productivity is ailing, life becomes difficult and the sooner that is addressed the better for such state. The loss will be evident in many areas including propagation of violence, theft, and erosion of peace of mind, family depression and fatigue, lose jobs and source of livelihood, emotional torcher for children due to parents’ separation; child neglect the list is endless. This is surely a serious threat to our social fabric. We have been made prisoners in our own homes and villages because of substance abuse. Therefore, we must choose to change this explains doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. The formation of this facility is primarily to make a difference in people’s lives by focusing on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Her ways of administering treatment are all inclusive being mindful about addiction alternative solutions.

Speaking of addiction alternative treatment, doctor Akoury is going to take us through biochemical restoration and nutrition, yoga and exercise as some of the known alternative treatment models for drug addiction currently. If it is fine with you, allow me to ask for your indulgence of staying on the link to be more educated on the best options you have when it comes to alternatives to treatment for substance abuse. Remember that is important and you can schedule an appointment with her for further professional input about all your concerns.

Addiction alternative solutions: Physical activities

Daily exercise, even in small doses, can boost mood what most recovering addicts need in the absence of their substances of abuse. Starting an exercise regimen can help fill the void of using, lending a sense of purpose and offering a substitute, but natural, high. Doctor Akoury says that generally speaking exercise, whether aerobic or otherwise, has well-known health benefits, including improvements in the function of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and endocrine systems. Physical exercise has many cognitive benefits that can specifically help recovering addicts. For one, it leads to increased neurotransmitter levels, improved oxygen, and nutrient delivery, and increased neurogenesis in the hippocampus. It can have a positive effect on learning and memory. Executive control processes—working memory, multitasking, and planning is more positively affected in comparison to other regions of the brain.

For your own good, this must never be ignored. Many people are spending huge bill in medications on what could easily be sorted out by a simple exercise. This may sound little for many but it is tested and proven to be a better way of dealing with some of these drug addiction complications. We want to help you get back on your feet and become even more productive than you were before. All you need to do is to let us know of your needs and we will address them professionally.

Addiction alternative solutions: Accrued benefits