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Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy

Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy

Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy and treatments for drug addiction that delivers freedom from the scourge of addiction

Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy: Shaping the mind to deliver addiction solutions

Somebody once said that what you see in the outside of any person is the manifestation of what is taking place in their mind. It is also true that out of the mind we speak and take actions on our daily activities. This is also applicable with the issues relating to substance abuse and misuse of alcohol. It therefore means that if we want to be in total control of our actions, the most important thing to do is to have sobriety and exercise good control of our minds. Many people normally get into drugs because of the influence they have from their friends and pressure of wanting to belong and not to be left out in the process. The drug barons have actually succeeded in luring people both the young and the old into drugs because they have understood that when the mind is destabilized, then they will be in business because you will certainly buy to quench your thirst for the drug and to temporarily escape withdrawal symptoms for a while. Over the past we have dealt with several modalities of offering addiction solution to all people and Doctor Dalal Akoury has been of great help in making us understand the root causes of this problem and also the solution to the same. In view of that, we want to focus on the topic “cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction treatment.” We owe it to ourselves and to our children’s children that we must have a healthy environment to live in the intoxication of our surrounding is what we must all do by understanding cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as one of the avenues of addressing the problem of addiction.

Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy: Pros and cons of behavioral therapy as an addiction treatment

And just like any other thing around you, there will be some merits and demerits. Therefore even though cognitive behavioral therapy can be highly effective, it is probably not going to work for everyone. That is to say that some people may lack the insight to be able to benefit from CBT for various reasons. Nonetheless some of techniques like self-monitoring will require a high degree of self-honesty which can be a serious problem to very many individuals struggle with this problem of addiction. Besides that there is also the worry that aversion therapy may prove harmful, and in particular, overt techniques that produce vomiting or involve electrical shocks. Anti-abuse can lead to death if the individual has consumed too much alcohol. And finally doctor Akoury reiterates that there is no doubt that behavior therapies can help the individual beat their addiction. This is why such techniques have been widely adapted in rehabs and other treatment programs. Remember that CBT receives a lot of praise for its ability to get the individual to take charge of their own life. Such empowerment can not only help them escape addiction, but to also build a successful life in recovery in the long run.

Understanding cognitive behavioral therapy: Shaping the mind to deliver addiction solutions


drug abuse

Dopamine influence in substance abuse

Dopamine influence

Dopamine influence in substance abuse and with good treatment, Specific neurotransmitters affected by drugs can be eliminated for a greater freedom.

Dopamine influence in substance abuse: The brain reward center

Drug seeking and craving to the brain is very interesting more so when we consider how the brain functions. It is true that the brain has evolved over time in a way that ensures human survival. And in fact our brain’s reward system is part of that survival system. In many instances we often experience an urgent need for food whenever we are starving and generally have a powerful desire for sex too. According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the brain’s reward system rewards food and sex because they ensure our survival. Unfortunately, drugs of abuse operate within these reward systems which leads people to experience an urgent need or powerful desire for drugs or addictive activities.

The brain’s reward system has ensured our species survival. You may have not known but food, water, and sex are some of the elements that activate the reward system. Therefore when the brain’s reward center is activated, it releases dopamine. Dopamine then creates a pleasing, enjoyable sensation which then motivates us into repeating these behaviors which are necessary for our survival. The reason why this is happening is because dopamine has rewarded us with a pleasurable feeling. Doctor Akoury recommends that from an evolutionary standpoint of view, it is very helpful to have a reward system that works. Like for instance, imagine that there is very little food and you’re wandering about looking for food. When you finally find something to eat, this triggers your reward system. This pleasing feeling (dopamine “reward”) will become associated with whatever behavior that led you to that food. This causes you to want to repeat that behavior. Moreover, the reward system is closely tied to emotional and subjective memories. If you were successful and found food in a particular place for instance, in the future you will want to look for food in the same location. This reward system increases the likelihood that you will be successful in finding food there the next time. This is because your brain chemicals are rewarding you with a pleasing sensation. It also helps you to remember how and where this pleasant feeling occurred.

The negatives of reward sensations

It will come to you as a surprise that the element that motives your survival is unfortunately the very same reward system that ensures your survival also rewards drug use. Doctor Akoury says that all addictive substances and activities will trigger the release of dopamine which rewards us with a pleasant sensation thereby succeeding in motivating us to continuously indulge in these harmful behaviors. It is nowadays common knowledge that peoples with addiction problems will do all it takes to get their drug of choice and in the same way, they continue with their addiction despite the harm it causes to themselves or their loved ones.

It is therefore very important to note that all these characteristic of addictive behaviors arise from the brain’s pleasure and rewards centers. Therefore seeking for lasting solutions becomes a must to do for all victims. This may not be a very popular thing owing to the addictiveness of some of these drugs, but nonetheless it is the best option if you want to have a healthy life that is free from all sorts of addiction. You can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for the commencement of your journey to recovery.

Dopamine influence in substance abuse: The brain reward center






Holistic treatment

Other mindfulness application benefits

Other mindfulness

Other mindfulness application benefits. The powerful addiction healing through Integrative Medicine benefits all

Other mindfulness application benefits

From our previous discussions we noted that mindfulness can be very essential in helping people cope with such disturbing issues like stress, anxiety and depression. That is already good news for your consumption. Nonetheless doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center registers that this is not all that we can benefit from the this treatment method. In her several decades of offering quality and productive health solutions to her clients, doctor Akoury acknowledges that there are other mindfulness benefits which may include the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Addictive behavior
  • Eating disorders

Other mindfulness application benefits: Insomnia

Mindfulness-based therapy for insomnia looks to integrate behavior therapy and sleep science with the meditation practices of mindfulness. The goal is to help increase awareness so that people can recognize and react accordingly to all the known mental and physical states that occur with chronic insomnia.

Other mindfulness application benefits: Chronic pain

While initially, the idea of paying more attention to your physical sensations when you suffer from chronic pain may seem counter-intuitive, it is thought that mindfulness can help. The idea here is that instead of focusing on the negative thought patterns that emerge upon feeling the physical sensation of pain, sufferers should view their pain with curiosity. This is essential so that the pain is experienced accurately since sometimes our minds can over exaggerate pain.

Addictive behavior

Treating negative behaviors such as addiction can be complemented with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy as this looks to make the individual more aware of their emotions and how to deal with them, while simultaneously breaking any harmful thought patterns.

Eating disorders

Mindful eating is a useful practice that involves individuals taking time to experience their food and all the sensations surrounding eating. This can help those with disordered eating see food in a different light, as well as helping them to recognize when they are physically hungry or full without any emotion influence.

Other mindfulness application benefits: How one can apply mindfulness

Doctor Akoury is registering that because of the effectiveness of mindfulness, many people are walking along this path. The question which we need to address is then “how do you start the journey?” in her view, before the commencement of mindfulness. One must first take note of the following; Taking notice of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the world around you. It will therefore very important that the individual needs to create some time in the day to practice this on your way to work, when you’re eating your dinner or even just before you go to bed. While it may not sound like much, taking 10 minutes a day to notice these kinds of things are great for getting you out of the auto-pilot mode many of us fall into.

Finally take note that if you are struggling with mindfulness or feel you need more guidance, learning from a counsellor or psychotherapist with experience in the practice, then calling us on telephone number 843 213 1480 should be your starting point and we will professionally do the rest.



Undersatnding addiction objectively

Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction

Effective treatment solutions

Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction is very essential if recovery is to be made possible

Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction: Can addiction cause death?

Many societies and communities are today wailing quite consistently because of the several deaths that takes place in families. Available statistics indicate that deaths emanating from use of drugs is on the rise. Like for instance, just in America alone it is estimated that up to 113 people succumb to drug overdose with more than 6000 being treated in the emergency wing for misuse of illicit drugs. So the answer to the question is absolutely YES. That then raises another concern, what are some of the effective treatment solutions for drug addiction? According to experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of the same. Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction are available. However it is important to note that prevention is the best option because ideally we do not have a cure for drug addiction yet. When you enroll at a recovery facility you will be put into a program that will help you adopt to learning the skills that will enable you to manage your condition. And that brings us to discussing the types of treatment.

Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction: Types of Treatment

The available treatment will certainly vary from person to person. This will also depends on the type of drugs used and the individuals’ unique circumstances. At AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, we apply some two types of treatment for drug addiction: Behavior change under this approach individual patients are motivated to learn on changing their behavior which is the major cause of their addiction and other one is Medications. We also offer medications which are tailored at helping in the treatment of addictions to some drugs, like tobacco, alcohol, heroin, or other opioids. The approach we take is that which will transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering them into finding their own inner healing power.

Length of treatment

It must be noted that just like in the management of other chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, drug addiction treatment approach will be for a long-term because the disorder is lasting relatively longer. Most people who have become addicted to drugs need long term treatment and, many times, repeated treatments. There will be challenges along the way and relapse is inevitable. However when that happens, it is not the end of treatment, there is still hope of recovering from the setback. We want to encourage you to keep focused to your treatment goals because healing is coming along the way. This may be difficult but we will be with you along the way. Just keep us (AWAREmed Health AND Wellness Resource Center) involved by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury and be rest assured that you will have your life back and live it to the fullest.

Motivation for treatment

Finally many instance denial becomes a hindrance for treatment. We have heard instances where patients have been force into seeking for treatment either through a court injunction or by loved ones prevailing. The good health and peace of mind after healing should motivate you to continue with the treatment process because there is much more benefits a head of you when you get well says doctor Akoury.

Effective treatment solutions for drug addiction: Can addiction cause death?




Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages: What is oxycontin and why is it so addictive?

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer is often misused by its users to attain certain high which makes it quite addictive for health

The need to eradicate pain from our life has made us to be very innovative and a lot of drugs are being produced daily into the market. Some of these drugs are available across the counter while another set can only be issued on the doctor’s advice. However, the world is suffering from substance abuse, some of which are prescription drugs which have not helped either. When they are prescribed to us for use, sometimes we often miss use them thereby causing further addiction related complications to us. In that regard, we want to narrow this discussion to one of the drugs available in the market under the topic “Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages.” Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and the president of the facility says that OxyContin is a type of medication that can actually relieve pain. It is commonly prescribed to patients by doctors and this prescription is not just to any patient but to those who have severe injuries, arthritis or cancer. Doctor Akoury registers that this is a morphine-like drug which is classified under schedule II controlled substance, which means that people need a prescription to obtain it. She adds that in relation to other painkillers, OxyContin has a long-acting formula and it works well for those who need round-the-clock relief.

The other problem with pain killer drugs like Aspirin and Tylenol is that they are not strong enough to help people who are suffering from moderate to severe pain and as a result of that users will often opt for opioids to make the pain more bearable. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of oxycontin is what makes it to be a popular street drug. Even though the allowed mode of administration of this drug is through oral consumption, miss use has always led to many people to abuse OxyContin by either crushing the tablets so that they can swallow or snort them or sometimes, they even dilute the tablets in water to for a solution which they then inject into their veins. These methods destroy the time-release mechanism, which allows the user to experience the drug’s full effect immediately.

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages: The dangers of oxycontin addiction

Like with other drugs, if the procedure is not followed dully on acquisition, it becomes a major problem to the drug enforcement officials. It therefore means that if this drug (oxycontin) is obtained illegally it will be a major issue for drug enforcement officials. This drug is commonly known in the street as Kicker, OC and Hillbilly Heroin. The danger of an addiction to OxyContin is that it will make its users feel like they can tolerate more. Remember that too much use of this drug can lead to respiratory failure and the drug can become even more dangerous when people combine it with alcohol or benzodiazepines. And besides that just like with other opiates users can develop a tolerance if they use OxyContin on a regular basis. And once they develop a tolerance for the drug, they will require larger doses to elicit the drug’s euphoric effects. Besides taking larger doses, the users also need to take the drug more often to stay high. Over time, users begin to develop a dangerous OxyContin prescription addiction which causes them to become more and more addicted each time they use the drug.

Doctor Dalal Akoury also registers that it is important to appreciate that OxyContin addiction also occurs when people use the drug in a way that the manufacturer did not intend. Like for example, those who snort or inject the drug are likely to become addicted since this is not the proper ways of administration of this drug. When people snort or inject the tablets, they feel an intense high right away. The high that people experience while abusing OxyContin is similar to the euphoria that heroin users also feel. Once they experience an intense high, their body starts to crave more of the drug. Those who abuse OxyContin regularly are likely to need to professional help.

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages: Who is vulnerable to oxycontin addiction?

When it comes to vulnerability, it is worth noting that anyone who uses OxyContin can develop an addiction indiscriminately however, in most cases it often affects those who are prone to addictive behaviors in their lifestyle. Doctor Akoury is reiterating that OxyContin drug addiction is particularly prevalent among young adults in the rural areas in relation to their counterparts in the urban centers. This is so because in some cases those who have a legal prescription often resell the tablets to other people for a profit thereby making the drug easily available to the wrong people. Alongside with that it is emerging that some people also acquire the drug by visiting multiple doctors to have more than one prescription written out so that they are in possession of enough to distribute to their illegal clients.

Many chronic pain patients worry when their doctor increases their dosage of OxyContin, but this worry need not to be there because they are under medical supervision. Nonetheless it is worth noting that the body can develop a tolerance for the drug over time. It is therefore necessary that all patients take OxyContin as directed by their physicians so that they do not get a high from using it. Finally we must also note that those who worry about becoming addicted can suffer needlessly if they refuse to take painkillers. That is why doctors always examine each patient’s history before implementing a treatment plan and if the patient has a history of drug abuse, then the doctor is likely to prescribe something other than OxyContin. Abuse of oxycontin is risky and users risk respiratory failure since the drug depresses the respiration which may lead to slowness of breath beside causing users to feel weak, tired and dizzy. In conclusion it is always very important that when it comes to addiction, everyone needs to be in close touch with addiction professionals so that any emerging problem can be addressed in good time. And for that reason, I want to encourage you that if you have any point that you need to be clarified, then you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for a professional direction.

Oxycontin the addictive pain killer of all ages: What is oxycontin and why is it so addictive?