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stem cell therapy

A better alternative than Arthritis Surgery

One of the reasons stem cell therapy holds much hope in the future of medicine is the fact that it is believed that in some years to come, it would be able to manufacture normal adult tissue to replace the damaged and old ones.

Use of embryonic stem cells remains debatable for several reasons. Among them are ethical issues that scientist haven’t been able to address properly. Among the successes of this project includes the use of autologous stem cells which are obtained directly from the patient.

Stem cells have proven to be quite useful in regenerative medicine. However, several scientists are still trying to figure out if it can work for cases related to soft tissue complications such as cartilage.

Autologous stem cells can be obtained from the bone marrow and fat from which after they are removed, they are concentrated. Some institutions go ahead and manufacture them outside the human body using several growth activators, and that is one of the reasons, they are having a hard time agreeing with the FDA.

Some centers have a lot of growth factors that don’t require processing these cells outside the body. They also don’t need to inject these cells into the location of the damage such as the joint. Instead, they’ll involve several procedures that combine the use of diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and lastly, x-rays.

One of the reasons scientists advise the area of injury is that the original purpose of the Autologous stem cells incorporates inducing acute injury that is performed using several tools. These tools activate inflammation in the area that is affected.


stem cell therapy

Stem cells combined with growth factors are directly injected to the area affected, and the process of healing begins immediately.

If it is both the scientists and those who don’t like the procedure due to ethical issues can’t arrive at an agreement about the application of regenerative medicine which has been proven to treat damaged cartilage, then there is a high chance that the joint replacement therapy might take time.

Several issues haven’t been addressed. Here are some of them.

  • Will autologous stem cells solve the problem?
  • Must they be incubated outside the human body?
  • Will the ASCs be able to survive the environment that they will be placed in/
  • What more can it do to your body other than treating the targeted disease?

Unless the scientists can give those who oppose the procedure an answer, it will be hard for the world to allow them to continue with their research. One of the main issue here result from the fact that stem cells, unlike any other body cell, can multiply to form other body cells which make it a unique one, but also a risky one. However, scientists are doing what they can to find the answers that will inform the public of its importance.


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adult stem cell

The future of stem cell therapy

Of all the cells in human body, stem cells are the most essential. Unlike other cells, they have the ability to differentiate to form several kinds of cells with varying functions. They can also self-generate to produce extra stem cells.

While still young, they are capable of becoming any cell in human body. They have the ability to copy and adopt the makeup of a particular cell, a trait that enables them to repair the human body. This is also one of the characteristics that make them quite effective in treating several diseases through a process called cell therapy.

Adult stem cell transplantation is a common type of stem cell therapy that is being used to treat several blood complications as well as cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and more.


adult stem cell

To use a bone marrow, physicians target a bone marrow of a donor whose blood matches that of the patient. The bone marrow is obtained through a process of chemotherapy or radiation. The bone marrow is then transferred to the body of the patient. In the patient’s body, the cells start top self-generate creating new cells to replace the old or damaged cells. It is then followed by a similar process, but this time, the stem cells aren’t obtained from the bone marrow.

Another useful source is the umbilical cord. It is indifferent from the first two mentioned above. The only difference is that the stem cells are derived from the umbilical cord blood of a newborn baby. They are also considered the best simply because, it isn’t easy for any patient’s body to reject the cord blood cells unlike what is evident with other sources such as the adult stem cells and more.

This is because these kinds of cells are still young and have some features that no human body might recognize as an external substance. This is also one of the reasons several unending debates surround this kind of therapy.

A lot of people think that destroying an embryo to get this kind of cells is going against ethics. A scientist has tried to disapprove this misconception by saying that these kinds of cells can be obtained from an embryo that is no longer in use. Instead of disposing of an embryo when they no longer need it, mothers donate these embryos to labs where they are used as a source of stem cells.

Cord blood cells have provided lots of opportunities for an extended research on stem cell therapy. Researchers have developed a theory that this kind of cells, unlike the adult stem cells, have the ability to treat several diseases such as neurological as well as cardiac disorders. As a result, informed parents have started preserving the blood of their newborn babies for future emergencies.


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stem cells

Why stem cell? How significant is it to modern medicine?

Stem cells are simple cells that aren’t mature enough, but can grow and change into mature blood cells. Infusing stem cells into the human body involves cell transplants that is much needed when the bone marrow doesn’t produce enough stem cells the body needs. The primary role of the transplant is to enable the body to produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells as well as prevent other complications such as bleeding and anemia.

The transplant of stem cells can also be called the transplant of umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. Stem cell procedure increases the chances of patient’s survival as it allows the physicians to obtain the required cells from the patient’s body, twin or any matched donor. It also enables the body to produce the cells that form the blood.

Cancer treatment using stem cells

A cancer patient has to undergo chemotherapy that destroys the stem cells in the area that it is applied. Stem cell procedure is one way to restore the destroyed cells.

When given a high dose of treatments patients are often at risks of their bone marrow getting destroyed. As a result, their bodies end up not being able to produce sufficient blood cells to transfer oxygen to several parts of their body as well as fight other complications.

Stem cell transplantation has proven to be quite effective in treating complications such as lymphoma and leukemia. It can also treat several types of cancers that include multiple myelomas, neuroblastoma and more.


stem cells

The purpose of umbilical cord transplant

The umbilical cord is more applicable when treating adults that have either aplastic anemia or leukemia. It involves extraction, storage and transplantation of the umbilical cord blood. It is hard to come across donors of bone marrow simply because the procedure of extracting a bone marrow is quite painful. Umbilical cord blood has hemopoietic stem cells that can reproduce to form a bone marrow.

Why cord blood transplantation is important

Cord blood transplantation is achievable than bone marrow transplantation. Just like a bone marrow, it can be used to obtain some blood-forming cells.

One of the best things about cord blood is that they are readily available for use and can be stored. Unlike obtaining a bone marrow, it is less painful and as a result, there are more than enough donors who are willing to help. Cord blood transplant has proven to be one of the best strategies for dealing with several complications.

However, there are still some controversies revolving around the procedure and scientist are working so hard to figure out the possibilities.


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stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy medical applications

It is likely that you haven’t been able to figure out what stem cell therapy is due to several debates that have been going on. According to several research findings, stem cell therapy can treat a variety of illnesses, injuries, and many other health complications.

This has been proven by the fact that blood stem cells have the ability to treat several blood ailments, a therapy that has saved thousands of patients especially kids suffering from leukemia, bone injuries and more.

Despite all the apparent research findings, there are a few individuals who haven’t been able to understand it fully. Scientists are however doing some research to figure out other possibilities.

There are a lot of debates between scientists and ethics enthusiasts who don’t understand the strategy behind this amazing finding and other available limitations. This was one thing that made the former US president, George Bush to put some limitations such as, not funding research that involved an embryonic stem cells.

The good news is, the research is to continue since the restrictions that were initially placed by Bush were overturned by the now US President, Barack Obama.


stem cell therapy

How stem cell therapy work

Several embryonic stem cells are obtained approximately six days after they are fertilized from a human embryo. This procedure is always intended to treat infertility, a process called Vitro Fertilization.

One of the reasons use of the embryonic stem cells has led to several debates is the fact that they can renew themselves in a culture dish in a laboratory and can differentiate into different kinds of cells.

This makes them better substitutes for procedures such as organ transplants that need obtaining another person’s organ. They are also known to be quite beneficial in the development of several drugs.

Currently, the research on stem cell therapy is still on its way to maturity due to several unaddressed issues, and it may take up to 10 years to be fully employed. Despite several debates around this procedure such as safety issues and animal experimentations, stem cell therapy has proven to be beneficial to patients who weren’t able to benefit from the previously available therapies.

For example, the University of Pittsburgh used the cells from the embryo transplanted into the brains of up to 12 stroke patients, and the results came out as expected.

It is evident that stem cell therapy stands a chance to handle many serious illnesses. For example, the neurogenerative ailments such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, heart failure, Parkinson’s and much more.

Other studies have also shown that it can treat muscular as well as retinal degeneration that is known to result in blindness. Up to now, it is placed on the most effective therapeutic approaches that may fully restore and maintain the function of the retina hence stop the blindness. But all this is yet to be implemented provided everyone is more than willing to accept the use of embryonic stem cells.


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Stem cell and future medication

Stem cell therapy is undoubtedly the most innovative treatment that is currently available. But it is easy to miss out on some important facts if you base your judgment on the controversies revolving around it.

You need to understand clearly that a lot of research is still going on to find out the limit this treatment can go without leaving out the potential benefits and threats. In this article, I’m going to take you through some few things you need to know about stem cells.

How are embryonic stem cells obtained? Does the procedure defy ethics?

An embryonic stem cell is simply a product of the embryo. But to get a working stem cell, the embryo must be obtained after the egg of a woman is fertilized by the sperm from a man. The fertilization can be achieved either in a laboratory or the body of a woman.

If the embryos that are obtained via a laboratory procedure aren’t placed in the womb of a woman, then they can be used for medical research. Instead of throwing them away, scientists choose to harvest these eggs from which they obtain the stem cells.

What to keep in mind is that stem cells are never acquired from the fertilized eggs that are inside the human body. They are obtained from a laboratory and multiplied using cell cultures. Once obtained, they are frozen and shipped to wherever they are needed for treatment.

Other sources for stem cells

Adult stem cells are also useful but are only used to reproduce cells of their kind. For example, if the adult stem cells are muscle cells, they can only differentiate to form muscle cells. However, some studies have shown that contrary to what the scientist are claiming, adult stem cells just like embryonic stem cells can differentiate into other cells, but this is yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, embryonic stem cells have the ability to differentiate into all kinds of cells.

Why is the world so concerned about stem cells?

Simple, stem cells have the ability to differentiate into other kinds of cells. This makes them quite useful in solving many other health complications affecting humans today. However, there are a few of those who don’t fully accept the use of embryonic stem cells due to other ethical issues. Due to this, President Bush decided to restrict the research to stem cell sources that are existing.


stem cell medication

The objective of stem cell research

Scientists are more interested in their ability to differentiate. The main reasons embryo makes the main target is the fact that it can create all kinds of human body cells. But to achieve this procedure, scientist are trying to figure out how genes make a decision of creating specific kinds of cells.

They are also more interested in the information targeting the change in cell development. Figuring out all these will help them come up with cures for birth defects as well as cancers. However, all this depends on several issues that need to be addressed by both the government and the scientists.


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