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Alcoholism threats

Alcoholism threats: How long does alcohol effects last?

Alcoholism threats

Alcoholism threats are not just threats to be taken lightly.

It may be true that people responds differently to alcohol, but that does not reduce the level of alcoholism threats in any way. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center agrees that the dangers increases with the consumption speed. How fast one get drunk, and how long it will take them to get sober is very key. Besides that, the variance will depend on:

  • The quantity one consumes
  • The consumption speed. That is how fast one swallows the drinks.
  • Gender is another factor. Both genders are affected differently.
  • How tired you are at the point of consumption
  • Drinking on an empty stomach. This is a death trap as it affects negatively.
  • The kind of drugs you are using at the time of consumption.
  • Your body type, the effects of alcohol in your body may be different from that person struggling with his or her weight.

The bottom line of all these alcoholism threats lies on the quantity you consume. It may not matter the type or brand of alcohol you prefer. So long as there is alcohol content in it, if you take it consistently and excessively, you are most likely to suffer the bigger consequences in the long run.

Alcoholism threats: The dangers and the law

Though there are some negligible benefits of alcohol use, I do not want to encourage you to look into that direction. Excess consumption of alcohol has serious repercussions.  Some of the short term experiences may include hangover, headache, feeling sick generally, vomiting and shakiness. But the real dangers are life threatening. The alcoholism threats are majorly on the following areas:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: It is advisable that any woman who is planning to get pregnant or is already pregnant, should talk to her doctor about alcohol and other drugs promptly. This will help the upcoming mothers make the right decisions and prepare for the baby well. One fact that we should register in our minds about alcohol consumption is that there is no known safe level of drinking for a pregnant. A woman who drinks during pregnancy is more likely to have:

  • A miscarriage
  • To have the baby born prematurely
  • To have the baby born dead
  • To have other problems.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy may cause the baby to be born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). It simply means, the baby may have physical abnormalities, behavior problems and other difficulties. Breast feeding mothers who are alcoholic can also passed alcohol contents to their innocent babies through the mammary gland milk. This is dangerous and will adversely effects the baby’s feeding, its sleep and the general development of the baby.

Finally, alcohol being very dangerous and addictive. And because of this, prompt action must be taken to correct any harms generated immediately. To give you a helping hand, we urge you to get in touch with us at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center today for the commencement of your recovery process.

Alcoholism threats: How long does alcohol effects last?




treament using therapy

Female gender alcoholism

Female gender alcoholism

Female gender alcoholism must stop. Women are more vulnerable to drugs and alcohol and preventing usage is the best

Female gender alcoholism: Drug addiction and social stigma

Alcohol consumption has been associated with men in most cases. Women were not in the beginning so much into alcohol and any who was using alcohol was seen as a taboo in many communities. That was then but currently, a lot has changed and women are today are using this substance freely. Because of this female gender alcoholism has increased over time. And as a result of this, a lot of stigmatization and discrimination has taken root among alcohol users.  Stigma can be very demeaning and causes loss of self-esteem. This can be avoided if all factors leading to alcoholism are addressed appropriately and in good time. If therefore you are drinking, stigma or no stigma, alcohol consumption is a health hazard and the sooner a remedial action is taken the better. You can always consult with experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury and she will be able to effectively and professionally help you go through your recovery program.

Female gender alcoholism: The fading social stigma escalating addiction

Like I had indicated that because of the women alcohol addiction and how it was being stigmatized in the past, women were not so much into drinking. During this period a lot of drug and alcohol abuse related complications were not so common with the female gender. Men were the biggest casualties but this is now changing. Because of fading stigma young women are now binge drinking hence the increase of health complications that come with alcohol abuse. This has further been established by the research findings according to the data from a survey of some 18000 college students across the US. From this study, it was established that one in every three female students are seriously into binge drinking. In other words, they are consuming four or more drinks in a row and in very quick succession. These are not very good statistics especially considering the serious prevalence of alcohol addiction in our societies today. In that same study, it was also established that between the years1993-2001, the rate of binge drinking female students was more than doubled. From the study, it was further frustrating that even though male students were more dependent on alcohol, it was surprising that more than half of the women students were actually abusing alcohol.

Finally, doctor Akoury registers that these trends are very disturbing, given that binge drinking not only carries health risks for both men and women but also increases the chance of unwanted and unplanned sexual activity. Because of this women risk becoming pregnant and both genders risk contracting a sexually transmitted infection STI. All these can be avoided if we chose to have sobriety and not come close to the bottle. How can you do that? Take a moment and talk to doctor Dalal Akoury today and you will be free from alcoholism in a record time.

Female gender alcoholism: Drug addiction and social stigma





weight loss diet

Alcoholism depletes nutrients

Alcoholism depletes nutrients

Alcoholism depletes nutrients necessary for your growth and development. The sooner you quit the better

Alcoholism depletes nutrients: Primary and secondary malnutrition

Even though malnutrition can be avoided, some of our actions make it very difficult to do so. I want to tell you something about alcohol that may not be known to you. You may be in love with alcohol but it is important to note that all alcoholic beverages are only rich in water and ethanol. What is seen as patches of nutrients in alcohol are so negligible that cannot add any value to your health? I do not know what you do with your life but one thing I do know is that if you are misusing alcohol consistently, then you need to stay on the link and follow keenly on how alcoholism depletes nutrients in your body system thereby leaving you vulnerable and malnourished. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD will be sharing with us on some of the things we need to know to be safe from both the problems of alcohol consumption malnutrition contributions.

In general doctor Akoury reiterates that from the observation made in various scientific studies, there are clear evidence that many alcoholics do not take a balanced diet; moreover, as had been mentioned earlier, excessive alcohol consumption may interfere with these alcoholics’ ability to absorb and use the nutrients they do consume productively. Accordingly, many alcoholics suffer from various degrees of both primary and secondary malnutrition. Primary malnutrition occurs when alcohol replaces other nutrients in the diet, resulting in the overall reduced nutrient intake. Secondary malnutrition occurs when the drinker consumes adequate nutrients but alcohol interferes with the absorption of those nutrients from the intestine so they are not available to the body.

The most severe malnutrition, which is accompanied by a significant reduction in muscle mass, generally is found in those alcoholics who are hospitalized for medical complications of alcoholism (e.g., alcohol–related liver disease or other organ damage). If these patients continue to drink, they will lose additional weight; conversely, if they abstain from drinking, they will gain weight. This pattern applies to patients with and without liver disease.

Alcoholism depletes nutrients: Digestion and absorption food nutrients

Alcohol consumption, particularly at heavy drinking levels, not only influences the drinker’s diet but also affects the metabolism of those nutrients they consume. Thus, even if the drinker ingests sufficient proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, deficiencies may develop if those nutrients are not adequately absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, are not broken down properly or are not used effectively by the body’s cells. Two classes of nutrients for which such problems occur are proteins and vitamins. It, therefore, means that alcohol is the biggest enemy and must be eliminated. Many at times people often find it difficult to cease alcohol consumption because of its addictiveness and that is why doctor Akoury comes in. Having been in the profession for over two decades, doctor Akoury will help you get rid of the bottle and become free from alcohol consumption malnutrition contributions. All you need to do is to call her now for the commencement of your recovery process.

Alcoholism depletes nutrients: Primary and secondary malnutrition



Your bottle of death

Taking alcohol disorderly and poor health

Taking alcohol disorderly

Taking alcohol disorderly and poor health. There is nothing good about alcohol and the sooner we quit the better.

Taking alcohol disorderly and poor health: Reduction of life expectancy

Even though alcohol consumption is not a crime in most states, it is a dangerous substance that can bring your whole world down. And being ignorant of the consequences does not really spare you from the dangers. And speaking to experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, it is worth noting that alcohol can reduce your life expectancy by about 10 – 12 years? That means, taking alcohol disorderly is a must stop the activity. And to help in stopping this, doctor Akoury made a deliberate decision of creating health awareness to the public through this media and encouraging people to consult with experts from time to time about alcohol use. Therefore, if you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your treatment program.

Taking alcohol disorderly and poor health: Premature death from alcoholism

It is evident that alcoholism disorder can affect the body in so many ways whose destinations can only be premature death of victims. Whichever way you look at it miss use of alcohol will only succeed in delivering destruction to human health and that has been confirmed by researchers across the globe. Doctor Akoury acknowledges that even though heavy drinking is closely associated with premature death, it is however not just about that but there is also some other higher risk of alcohol use that is more common and serious to health problems including heart attack, heart failure, diabetes, lung disease, or stroke. It is important for users of chronic alcohol to understand that reckless consumption of this substance may lead to many problems that can increase the risk for death; some of those situations may include the following:

  • A single alcohol overdose can lead to death and it is important to note that alcohol overdose does not only occur from any one heavy drinking incident but may also occur from a constant infusion of alcohol in the bloodstream says doctor Akoury.
  • Alcohol abusers who need surgery have an increased risk of postoperative complications, including infections, bleeding, insufficient heart and lung functions, and problems with wound healing.
  • Frequent, heavy alcohol use directly harms many areas in the body and produce dangerous health conditions including the liver damage, pancreatitis, anemia, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, nerve damage, and erectile dysfunction.
  • People who miss using alcoholic drinks regularly have a higher rate of death from injury or violence.
  • Severe withdrawal and delirium tremens. Delirium tremens occurs in about 5% of alcoholics. It includes progressively severe withdrawal symptoms and altered mental states. In some cases, it can be fatal.

Finally, alcohol consumption can only cause you temporal happiness, but in the long run, it will bring you down. Your health is priceless and you must not let alcohol mess it up.

Taking alcohol disorderly and poor health: Reduction of life expectancy




Management calories away from home

Management calories

Management calories away from home by keeping fit through regular exercise

Management calories away from home: Frustration reduction

We have already bisected the year into two halve and it is in the last half where the problems relating to calories management away from home do emerge. Have you got my point? I am talking about your planned holiday at the end of the year. Right now you are busy working on your weight and at the same time saving for your Christmas holiday. These are very important things to in life. I actually do not have any problem with your plans. But allow me to intrude by asking if you are also planning to have proper calories management away from home. If today you are working out to burn more, will you continue during the holiday or will you relapse and pack in more on your waistline? This is what we want to address in a series of articles as we progress with the discussion.

Management calories away from home: Holiday’s frustrations

If there is anything very frustrating for many, it must be the failure to keep the feeding discipline during the holidays. This frustration has actually made it difficult for the calories management in food and drink during the holidays. The difficulty if further made complicated with the fact that while in holiday, people often let loose to enjoy themselves and before they knew, they are packing in more calories. How then do we help in calories management during this times? Doctor Dalal Akoury who is a weight loss expert in her immense wisdom founded a health facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) for weight loss to help you cope with such challenges of calories management.

Besides that, doctor Akoury is surrounded with highly trained and qualified professionals in their respective discipline to help you with all your weight related issues at any given time to communicate your willingness of being assisted with your quest to calories management. And even as you make that very important decision of scheduling for an appointment with doctor Akoury, it will interest you to note that, to help you better, doctor Akoury is also offering exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to the suffering society including other physicians and health care professionals through various means like training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars.

Finally, experts through various studies have established that, the fear of gaining weight especially during the holiday seasons is gaining momentum every day. It is the open truth that the normal Christmas dinner is notorious for large portions and contains as much as 2,000 calories. This is the entire daily allotment of calories for most men and women. Doctor Akoury is registering that even though the Christmas and other holiday’s occasions may be tempting in terms of calories management, it is no mountain for experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. If therefore you are working on your weight and at the same time planning for a vacation in the future, you can consult with doctor Akoury today to help you be on top of your calories management so that your weight loss goals are not compromised.

Management calories away from home: Reduce the frustration with the experts