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The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction: The devastation of drugs on sexual life

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction can be addressed by focusing on the measures to discontinue the cycle of addiction

One of the reasons why people and particularly those in marriages suffer in silence is because of cultural practices surrounding sex and other matters rotating around sexual relationships. Over the years sex was not spoken about for various reasons and this has escalated to even this century where there is a lot of embarrassment in some places. Even though people are now days deviating from the old practices where discussions about sex was almost a taboo, the inferiority that was there then about discussions on sexual matters still live with us. I don’t know what is happening in your community if you’re still not able to talk freely about sex or things have changed, but one very important fact is that there are a lot of frustrations in relationships and families because of sexual dissatisfaction from or by either party. It is regrettable that most relationship that feels the pain most is those whose sexual partners are misusing drugs and alcohol. And because sex is supposed to be enjoyed by the people (male and female) who have mutual agreement to do so there must be no limitations from whatever direction. And having identified alcohol and drugs as some of the impediments to sexual satisfactions, we want to focus our discussion on the association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction.

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed by the people who have mutually agreed to have it done. The feelings must be mutual and the parties to it must be sober and in good state of mind for the action. Much as these are supposed to be the primary procedures quite often many people are going into sex intoxicated with alcohol and drugs beating the whole essence of mutual understanding begging the question as to whether in such circumstances sex will be fulfilling or not. And in addiction to that both the print and electronic media have reported on drugs, sex and rock and roll to appear to be attractive and glamorous yet addiction is fatal and can take serious tall on people’s sexual health. In many cases says doctor Dalal Akoury, sexual dysfunction or promiscuity will drive people to self-medicate with alcohol, across the counter prescription drugs, and other dangerous substances. Addicts who complete drug rehab are also prone to developing new addictions to sex and unhealthy relationships which is hazardous to the society. Coupled with all these reasons, it is very important that we take time to address the issues surrounding sexual relations and drug addiction explicitly so that we anyone who is struggling with an addiction can benefit through professional treatment that delivers total recovery and a more fulfilling life thereafter.

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction: Drug abuse and sexual health

Despite their euphoric effects that are commonly associated with drugs and alcohol, these substances can also have severe consequences for people’s sexual performance and desires. Some of the most common problems of frequent drinkers and drug users may include the following:

Low Libido

The effects of drugs on their users’ will often cause hormonal balances; drugs can destroy people’s sex drives. Like for example, alcohol and marijuana for example are known to reduce testosterone which is the most important hormone in regulating men’s libidos. Cocaine, meth, and other stimulants can also cause a rise in cortisol. Remember that cortisol is a stress hormone which causes the body to switch to starvation mode, prioritizing weight gain and low energy consumption over sex and reproduction.

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction: Poor Performance

Testosterone-lowering drugs can cause erectile dysfunction, leading to poor performance or none at all in the bedroom an occurrence which can be very embracing to all affected men. ED can also occur from the circulatory problems caused by cocaine and other drugs that raise blood pressure. Even when these specific problems aren’t present, the stresses of addiction can destroy both men and women’s sexual performance. As I have said before sex is supposed to be pleasant and enjoyable by both partners, none should feel less functional and inadequate because of sex related problems.

We are privileged these days because of the advancement of technology and education. If this article is describing your condition then I want to encourage you that all is not lost because doctor Akoury is offering lasting solutions to conditions like this. Men who are experiencing ED are receiving treatment from this able experts who administers Priapus Shot ® a natural and friendly new method of correcting the sexual dysfunctions resulting from ED. All you need to do on your part if you or anybody you know is suffering from problem of this magnitude is to make that very important call to doctor Dalal Akoury and schedule for a one on one appointment with her in total confidence and in a record time she will attend to your problem with a lot of professionalism.

Besides the problem of sexual dissatisfaction, there is also this problem of addiction, it may not matter which one is bothering you because if they do, it can be very frustrating and demining. Nonetheless when it comes to substance abuse, doctor Akoury is equally relevant in this discipline. She is one of the well-respected addiction experts of our time and most importantly is that she has a passion in helping her clients get their lives back at a very minimal cost yet she delivers absolute quality healthcare to all her patients with a lot of love and care. Your condition will be very safe in her care and with just a short time; you will have your life back enjoying it to the fullest. The question that many may be asking is that who is this highly talked about professional? If you do then wait no longer because in her over two decade of service to the people globally, doctor Akoury made a decision to create a medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) with the sole objective to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will also interest you to note that Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. It therefore means that your condition will be very safe and your portion in all this arrangement is to present yourself before the expert and the rest will be history.

Loss of Interest

Some heroin addicts claim that getting high is better than sex. Brain scans have even confirmed that the pleasure-inducing dopamine response to drugs is far stronger than sexual arousal. People who abuse powerful narcotics often lose all interest in sex, craving only the more intense feelings they get while high.

The association of sexual dissatisfaction with addiction: The devastation of drugs on sexual life



The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief: Substance abuse provides temporary relief from stress

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief is one that should not be taken seriously because the consequences can be life threatening.

Over the years research has established that the effects of stress on human life can damage individual’s mental and physical well-being. Despite of this establishment, we are somehow bound to be stressed in life owing to the nature of life’s demands today.  Experts are very categorical that stress will always be there and reasonable stress may not be bad anyway however, our inability to deal with stress effectively when it strikes is the problem we need to work on. Ordinarily and this is where we all miss the point, when we are faced with stressful situations and circumstances we often go for the wrong elements of solutions. Doctor Dalal Akoury a respected drug addiction experts registered that one of the ways that people often run to for help is the use of alcohol or drugs. Whereas this type of self-medication can provide temporary relief, it however important to note that this is ultimately self-defeating. The consequences is that the individual will have more stress in their life than ever before and besides that they will lose their strength and ability to handle it progressively. Therefore the illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief is misleading and dangerous. Nonetheless there are so many different techniques that people can use to better manage stress effectively. We will be discussing some of those ways as we progress into the discussion and therefore I request you to stay on the link to the conclusion of this article and you will not regret it.

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief: Stress Defined

People often struggle to give the precise definition of stress yet in their life this word is used almost on a daily basis. A lot of us will give numerous examples of what stress does in an attempt to define the adjective however giving the precise specification of what stress is remains an uphill task to many a challenge that we want to pull off your shoulders now. Ideally stress is very subjective and people are even struggling to agree primarily on which things are stressful and those that are not. Like for instance so many people will be taken off gourd and fell stressed when they are asked to make a public speech, and yet again for others this won’t be such a big deal. We are all different as to what stressed us but we all have the common fact that despite being different on how and what stress us, we are all getting stressed at one point or another.

Therefore we can make several definitions of stress and one way of defining stress would be to simply register that it is the body’s way of dealing with a demand at any given time. This will involve the release of different chemicals in the body in preparation to taking action. It is also important to appreciate that the fight or flight response is produced by the body when there is a sense of danger. We may not shy away from the fact that stress has developed a bad reputation in our lives and societies, but the again it is also somehow essential for survival. That is because if people didn’t react to external events they would be in great danger from those events. Besides that stress can also be highly beneficial when it comes to preparation for exams or other important events. Does that surprise you? If it does I will explain for your understanding. From various studies it has been established that stress can encourage people to put in a lot of effort and it keeps them focused to their ultimate goal whether it is an exam or any other thing they want to excel in. now that we are all at par with what stress is, let us further into the discussion by addressing some of the elements that triggers stress.

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief: Stressors – Triggers of stress response

Anything that triggers the stress response is referred to as a stressor. Therefore some of the most common stressors include:

  • Sudden death of a loved one
  • Consistent conflicts at work or home
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Overwork and undue targets
  • Poor time management
  • Legal problems
  • Major life changes such as changing house or job
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Unhealthy habits such as substance abuse

It may not be possible to put all the stressors here on paper because they are many and diversified but these are just a few that may help you know what are likely to cause you stress so that you can take action accordingly.

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief: The dangers of chronic stress

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of this health facility, it is important to understand that the moment people spend a lot of time feeling stressed, a lot of changes will take effect in their lives. Like for instance when one is stressed he or she can begin to feel the effects of stress which can cause damage both physically and mentally. This is because the chemicals associated with the stress response are only meant to be in the bloodstream for short periods. Those who are chronically stressed will have such chemicals working overtime. Therefore, the following are some of the dangers of chronic stress that we need to take note of:

  • Chronic stresscauses the immune system to become less effective. This is because stress forces the immune system to release chemicals so that they end up being overused. Instead of helping people fight off infections, these chemicals begin to damage the individual’s own organs. This can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes among other chronic complications.
  • Chronic stress leads to fatigue and depression. Those who are dealing with a lot of stress in their lives will have poor mental health.
  • It can increase the risk of developing ulcers and digestive problems.
  • Many people who are dealing with chronic stress will turn to substance abuse.

Finally we will certainly continue with this discussion in our subsequent articles but in the meantime, it is important that if you are stressed and using the wrong substance for relief, it is time for you to choose life and live it in a healthy way. Doctor Akoury is an expert in all lines of addiction and your stressful life is one that she will help you fix in the most professional way if only you can schedule for an appointment with her today for the commencement of your treatment and full recovery.

The illusion that substance abuse offers stress relief: Substance abuse provides temporary relief from stress



PTSD and Addiction Cause-And-Effect!

Cause-And-Effect Relationship between PTSD and Addiction

It is a common medical practice addicts are tested for co-occurring physical and mental conditions each time they seek treatment. In many of those occasions they have actually been diagnosed with various forms of the same. Very much common among them is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There are several accounts as to the connection between these two. One such theory is based on the fact many victims of PTSD have drug addiction or related issues. And there are available data that pretty much supports this.

According to a commonly cited report, an estimated 8% of Americans have suffered PTSD at one point in their lives. Out of them 34% men and 27% women have recorded drug addiction. Again, 52% men and 28% women victims of PTSD tested alcoholics. Given the statistics, PTSD ranks very highly among predisposing factors to drug addiction; that is, when compared with other forms of co-occurring physical and mental medical conditions.

From PTSD to Addiction; Escape Theory

The first explanation, rather one that is considered too obvious is that patients with PTSD related symptoms including: insomnia, pervasiveness, nightmares and mood swings sought escape in drugs. This according to proponents of the theory was one way the patients got reprieve from physical, psychosocial and the emotional pains.

With time more exploratory studies have been done. Some of these opine, suggest the reason many PTSD victims are diagnosed with drug addiction was broader than that. They do not however contradict the fact the paradigm of escape has offered a good part of the reason PTSD and addiction have such a relationship. For instance alcohol is a great depressant, given the statistics above it could as well be true very many resort to drinking the addictive substance in order to discharge their “pains”.

Cause-Effect PTSD Addiction Relationship; Increased-Risk Theory

Other than that the increased-risk philosophy also posits a cause-and-effect kind of relationship between PTSD and drug addiction. Proponents here argue before PTSD can develop a traumatic incident must occur first. They also posit the drug abusers often expose themselves to higher risks of such traumatic events. The point here is in as much as various PTSD symptoms very much pushes victims into drug use and addiction the vice versa is also true; that sometimes those already addicted may as well through their acts develop PTSD.


From Addiction to PTSD; Vulnerability Theory

Some scientific researchers also argue whether PTSD symptoms come first or last, they have the ability to either cause an addiction or PTSD or make them perennial. Vulnerability theorists do not concern themselves with which causes what between these two, rather they concentrate on effects of PTSD symptoms and experiences of addicts on the functioning of their brains. Intoxicants for instance they argue have damaging effects on the brain that may make it very difficult for an addict to recover in this case therefore making it possible they develop persistent PTSD.

It has been established genetic factors make some people more susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction. In a recent study conducted by UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, it was found there is a link between particular genetic components and symptoms of PTSD. While there are no specific explanations yet as to why PTSD and addiction commonly co-exists, it is anticipated continued research may provide the missing links.

Effects Created by Co-Occurring Drug Addiction and PTSD

Effects of addiction far go beyond influencing a person’s body functions to both their physical and psychosocial lives. They include among others; physical pains, mental and emotional pains, relationship problems, work related problems, anger, memory loss, family quarrels and fits, depression, irritability, and problems falling asleep. PTSD pretty much has similar effects on its victims, which makes people who exhibit both PTSD and Addiction often perennial problems, for them these issues never seize. Such include: They tend to have escalated forms of these symptoms, hence making it much more difficult to get treated from any either drug addiction or PTSD.

Treatment Options for PTSD and Addiction

There are well over 17 medically recognized symptoms linked to PTSD, which clearly indicates just how troublesome it can be in the lives of victims. It is therefore prudent to seek relevant treatment for PTSD while seeking addiction related therapy. On the other hand drug addiction has a tendency to influence recognition of the brain to various drugs and related medical conditions. Drug addiction therefore has the capacity to make healing from PTSD very difficult. Treating both PTSD and addiction therefore requires a simultaneous approach.


The first stride when for a patient with both conditions is to talk to his/her physician and seek more information about the treatment options. Medical scientific research evidence shows patients with both PTSD and SUD symptoms generally improve when provided with treatment options that addresses both conditions, which may involve among others the following:


  1. Behavioral couples therapy
  2. cognitive behavioral treatments (CBT)
  3. Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

For more information on the above, click http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com. The link will also guide you on how to sign up for an upcoming Integrative Addiction Medicine Conference. You will also find a backgrounder about speakers lined up for the conference. If you need to learn some of the most recent studies on both PTSD, addiction, genetic transfer along generations, their relation, and more treatment options, the event is a must attend.



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) Helps In Addiction Recovery

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) Helps In Addiction Recovery

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was reportedly used to treat 340 patients with severe cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, and narcomania during the post-intoxication periods. Out of the 340, 223 were alcoholics, 68 were drug addicts, while 49 were hard narcotic users. This is according to various medical reports released a decade after the new millennium. These figures no doubt brought a new sense of hope to many drug users, especially those on various drug addiction recovery programs and their physicians alike about the so called HBOT. Any wild guesses would suggest naturally they did ask the question; so what about it? Well..

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a natural healing process of the body through 100% oxygen inhalation. HBOT involves taking in pure oxygen under increased and controlled atmospheric pressure. It is an established treatment for decompression sickness and hazardous effects of deep-sea diving among others. Most notable of the other medical conditions where HBOT may be recommended include serious infections, air bubbles in the blood vessels, stubborn wounds that come about as a result of diabetes or radiation related injuries as well as long term treatment option for drug addiction.

Brief History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT); And How it Works

History of hyperbaric oxygen therapy dates back to 350 years ago. The first (HBOT) chamber was erected in the year 1662. Use of HBOT however properly began mid in the 18th C. It was first tested by the military in the 1930s, precisely to find out its significance in deep-sea diving and aeronautics. Serious studies however began later in the 1960s against a number of medical conditions. These activities have continued to date but more important is the fact HBOT has been found to have long term positive effects on addiction recovery. Check out this: www.awaremednetwork.com for the timelines.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1 ATM. People take in approximately 21% oxygen at the sea level. In a hyperbaric chamber however they breathe in 100% oxygen, usually because the pressure is increased to about 3 times that at sea level. Blood vessels therefore carry more oxygen, providing about 15-25 times more oxygen to the rest of the body organs and tissues. Oxygen is said to have abilities to heal naturally. Increasing volume of oxygen supply therefore promotes faster healing of various medical conditions as earlier mentioned. This always comes with a number of health benefits.

Effects of HBOT on Patients’ Health

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment has a positive effect on the patient’s physical and psychological status during treatment sessions and could as well persist for a given period of time after treatment depending on the duration of exposure. Those with co-current symptoms and other initial status often experience sedative and bio-energizing effects. Various psychopathological examinations indicated the patients experienced faster decline of mental disorders, which brought about a further reduction in the duration of time spent while getting relevant treatment. Also, the parameters of central hemodynamics stabilized and myocardial status recorded further improvement. Such favorable attribute of HBOT were largely thought to be as a result of the anti-hypoxic detoxifying and bio-energetic effects of HBOT Treatments.

Normally, oxygen is supplied via red blood cells. Under intense pressure however oxygen dissolves into all other body’s parts and fluids including; the plasma, lymph, and into the bone and transported to areas with low oxygen uptake, normally because of damaged body cells or the blood vessels. This extra oxygen reach to all the body parts, including the damaged parts therefore is essential in aiding enables the body parts to develop its own healing mechanisms. Increased amount of oxygen also greatly boosts the white blood cells to kill bacteria even faster, thereby reducing swellings and rapid formation of new blood vessels in the affected areas.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Addiction Recovery

Increased levels of oxygen supply to the brain can also improve the brain’s ability to function. This is particularly significant in addiction recovery because as indicated hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps in neuroplasticity. This is the brain’s ability to recover from damage. Addiction distorts normal neuron pathways, that is, drugs often lead to formation of new neuron pathways that identifies and recognizes the substance. Since the brain has a natural recovery mechanism, and that HBOT has the ability to increase that mechanism, it is therefore a great way of treating drug addiction.

Other than recovering from brain damage, many addicts on rehabilitation programs where this particular method of treatment is used confess they become more alert and that they are able to think much more clearly during or after treatment. Effect of the same on the patients’ physical strengths is substantial, and also they exhibit healthier skins. In addition, many of these patients claim they feel healthier at the end of their sessions than when they start.

In order to achieve better results, many physicians have also reported combining hyperbaric oxygen therapy with amino acid therapy. While further researching on the possibilities of using HBOT in addiction treatment Dr. Kenneth Blum discovered two amino acid formulations, which were; “Mental Clarity and KB 220Z”. Later he said what he and his colleagues found were that the Mental Clarity component improved rational functions while KB 220Z calmed strong cravings addicts have for drugs.

Finally as mentioned earlier in this article, HBOT has had a long history with addiction treatment. Most of that has been controversial. Please sign up for this year’s August integrative addiction conference to get up to date information about HBOT. Visit http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com. The link also contains information about how you may sign and participate in the August Integrative Addiction Conference plus a full list of the speakers lined up for the event.

How Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) Helps In Addiction Recovery


Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management

Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management: Pain management health center

Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management

Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management is very important because from there you will realize that it is not only medication that relieves pain. Other activities like exercise are also good for re leaving pain.

We have been making inroads in the line of pain management with a view of living a more comfortable life without pain. But we have also realized that pain will always be there with us as long as we live. This means that we have to device means and methods of living with it or better still ensuring that what we have as pain is manageable and has little or no effect on the comfort of our lives. For a couple of articles we have posted in the past we noticed that there are several kinds of pain and doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has been very instrumental in helping us put several things about chronic pain to perspective. We therefore want to introduce another dimension of looking at pain holistically by seeking the expert’s opinion about pain management in the current society. It is important to note that pain is a global problem and must be treated with a lot of seriousness it deserve. Take for example a country like America with a population of about 50 million people living with chronic pain this should be a serious point of concern. With such a huge population struggling with pain living a full and active life may be compromised and may seem like an impossible dream. If this is troubling you, then we want to give you hope that all is not lost and giving up must never be an option. Doctor Akoury says that in the event that the pain treatment you have tried doesn’t provide relief as you would want it to be, a pain clinic may help.

If you are wondering what a pain clinic is, then worry no more this is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Your specific pain will be addressed professionally in such facilities where professionalism is the practice. It is important to note that some of these facilities specialize in specific diagnoses or in pain related to a specific region of the body which can be an added advantage to your specific needs. These health facilities are also known as pain management clinics. Most of these pain clinics often use a multidisciplinary approach to help people take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their life. These programs are focused on the total person needs and not just the pain.

Seeking the experts opinion about pain management: What does a pain clinic do?

This is a very good question. Therefore it is important to note that even though pain clinics may differ in their respective focus and offerings, most of them involve a team of health care providers that can help you with a variety of strategies to manage your pain. These health care providers are likely to include doctors of different specialties and gifting’s as well as non-physician providers specializing in the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. These providers may include psychologists, physical therapists, and complementary and alternative therapists such as acupuncturists or massage therapists. Together, they will put together a pain management plan for you.

Seeking the experts opinion about pain management: Strategies for pain relief and management

When you visit any of the pain clinics your therapy plan will be tailored to your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. And just for your consumption, depending on the cause of your pain, the administration of treatment may include one or more of the following:

Medications in many cases, patients are prescribed treatment before receiving other forms of therapy. Medications for pain may include:

Non-aspirin pain relievers – These drugs, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), relieve minor pain and are sometimes combined with other drugs to provide greater pain relief.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – These are available over the counter or by prescription, these drugs may include ibuprofen (Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn) are used to treat pain and inflammation.

Corticosteroids – Available only by a prescription, these cortisone-like drugs are used for more severe inflammatory conditions.

Opioid pain medications – this morphine-like drugs are often prescribed short term for acute pain or for cancer pain. Occasionally, doctors prescribe them for chronic, non-cancer pain.

Antidepressants – Originally designed to treat depression, these drugs can be useful for relieving certain types of pain. Antidepressants may also promote sleep, which can be difficult when you are in pain.

When you are struggling with certain pain and you are seeking for treatment, it is important for you to appreciate that many at times it is not going to be medication alone. Ideally medications alone may not be enough to treat chronic pain. Other treatments may be more effective than medications, and medication may be more effective when combined with other treatments. Therefore the other available treatments offered by pain centers may include:

Injections – Local anesthetics, sometimes combined with a corticosteroid, may be injected around nerve roots or into muscles and joints to relieve irritation, swelling, and muscle spasms.

Nerve blocks – If a group of nerves, called a ganglion or plexus, causes pain to a specific organ or body region, injections with local anesthetics may be useful for blocking the pain in that area.

Physical and aquatic therapy – A physiatrist (doctor specializing in rehabilitation medicine) or physical therapist may prescribe a specially tailored exercise program to increase function and decrease pain. Other physical therapy options at pain clinics may include whirlpool therapy, ultrasound, and deep-muscle massage.

Acupuncture – This ancient Chinese practice involves inserting very thin needles at specific points on the skin to relieve pain.

Psychological support and counseling – Although pain is a physical sensation, many people in pain suffer emotionally with feelings of anger, sadness, and hopelessness. Dealing with unrelenting pain can affect your ability to hold a job, maintain a home, meet family obligations, and relate to friends and family members. Psychological support, along with medical treatment, can help you manage your condition.

Relaxation techniques – In addition to counseling, mental health professionals can teach you self-help techniques such as relaxation training or biofeedback to reduce stress and relieve pain.

Surgery – Although sometimes surgery is clearly necessary to relieve a problem that is causing pain, it is often a treatment of last resort. If pain has not responded to any other treatment, surgery on certain nerves may offer relief and allow you to resume normal activities.

Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management: How to Find a Good Pain Clinic

If you decide you want to try a pain clinic, your doctor should be able to refer you to one that offers services to help your specific pain problem. If your doctor cannot help you, try the following:

Your local hospital – Ask your local hospital or medical center if they have or are affiliated with a pain treatment center. If the hospital does not have one, ask to speak with their department of anesthesiology, which may have doctors on staff who can refer you to a different hospital.

Organizations – Organizations that support pain research or advocate for pain patients may be able to help. Like for instance, you may call the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).

Because there are many forms of pain treatment and not all centers offer the same services, it’s important to do your homework before you consent to treatment. Find out what types of pain therapies are offered, what the specialists’ credentials are, and if they have successfully helped others with your type of pain. Finally if you have any concern about pain doctor Akoury will be able to help you out in the most professional way call her today.

Seeking the experts opinion about Pain Management: Pain management health center