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Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: When you want to keep lean

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost are well known and the sooner we keep off their consumption that the better for your health

It is no longer news to anybody at the mentioned the ever increasing problem with people losing their waistline. In the same breath you will not walk along the street for two minutes before spotting one with a fat belly and without proper and visible waistline. This is happening because of our changed lifestyle and some of the foods which we delight on and which also need to be avoided if this problem is to be brought to manageable levels. To find out about foods that cause stomach fats and waistline lost significantly, we spoke to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of the same. She is therefore going to help us appreciate some of the foods which cause stomach fats that eventually result in such fat bellies and eventual waistline.

Refined Grains

It is no doubt that a lot of nutrients are lost during food processing and especially industrial processing. This has been scientifically established and according to Harvard Medical School research, foods such as refined grains have lost much of the nutritional value in them during the refining process, and products which are added to them like bleach or bromine also add some fats. Refined products like rice, bread, etc. are some of the foods which go a long a way towards adding your weight.

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: Whole milk or 2% milk and cheese

Milk has health positives, such as being the best source of calcium which is very instrumental in dental health and also strengthens the bones. Nonetheless It is equally important to appreciate that milk and its products has high fat content which is dangerous for your health. People normally go for the 2% milk thinking that it has less fat. The truth is, the 2% milk still contains an equally large calorie and fat content, and so regular consumption may increase the belly fat. Alongside that cheese is a concentrated solidified form of milk. In as much as it provides calcium and promotes bone health, this product contains high levels of saturated fat. Increased doses of the saturated fats cause the body to create added cholesterol which then clumps in the organs of the body and the vein.

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: Drinks like Soda, Store-bought smoothies and alcohol

If you love taking soda then note that it has huge deposits of empty calories in form of sugar, spiking your blood sugar hence promoting weight gain, especially around the abdomen. And smoothies as we all know are supposed to be alternatives to the soft drinks. The truth is, when you eat a smoothie, there is likelihood that you’ll develop belly fat. Some of the smoothies include ice cream which contains fat and sugar, thereby promoting a sagging belly. These smoothies normally contain grams of added sugar. As for alcoholic beverages, it is important to note that they go straight to the belly. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories, which provide no nutritional advantage. Besides it only fills your stomach with liquid, thus making you crave food. Upon consumption, alcohol must always be burnt immediately. During the process, your body’s ability to burn fats and sugar slows down. Due to the failure to burn them fast, the metabolism stores them all in your belly.

Caesar salad

Doctor Akoury registers that in most cases Caesar salads are the worst when it comes to slimming down as the toppings are always profuse. When you add certain things such as high-calorie dressing and boiled eggs, it then ceases to serve its functions. Therefore too many of salad ingredients can lead to their accumulation in your belly. Remember that an average Caesar salad is always estimated to 300 calories, plus an approximately 30 grams of salad and all the additives, all of which get accumulated in your belly.

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: Processed meat, fast food and any food that contain refined sugar

If you are thinking of having and maintaining a lean and slender stomach, then you will have to make a decision to avoid such meats. Processed meat contains both the saturated fats and calories, as opposed to the lean meat. According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, these meats are among the twelve most common sources of weight gain. This is because many of the processed meat have high levels of nitrites and other additives, which are purposely to extend their shelf life or even modify their texture.

Other foods like French fries, cheese burgers, breaded chicken strips and pizza all count as fast foods. They may be very easy to get, not to mention the fact that they are quite affordable, but the truth is they are never friendly to your waistline. Take note that fast foods are always prepared using high levels of sugar or salt, and are also cooked in fatty oils, hence increasing the probability of you gaining belly fat. And remember that refined sugars happen to be among the most common sources of the simple carbohydrates, which encourage the body to store added weight around the abdomen. Foods that have large portions of such sugars have less nutritional values yet high in ‘empty’ calories.

Some of the common foods containing such sugars are table sugar, candy bar, sweet cereals as well as some pasta sauces. This is how it results to belly fat. Since these are foreign substances to your body, you do not get satisfied fast. You feel full after eating lots of the refined sugars, and this of course leads to weight gain.

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: Potato chips and salt

Doctor Akoury agrees that potato chips are a warm invitation to over-eating. They are prepared in hydrogenated oil and are very high in calories. This makes it a source of trans fats. In addition to their high calorie level and oil content, potato chips also contain too much salt. And remember that salt may not necessarily deposit fat around your waistline, but too much consumption of sodium may make you look like you have a fat belly. This is because it prompts your body to retain water, which tends to appear around your abdominal area, leaving you looking flabby and bloated. Therefore as we conclude this discussion, our primary objective is to have a healthy life, lean body all through. Keeping this may not be all that easy and if you are struggling with keeping your weight whether generally on your body or on specific areas of your body, then you can schedule for an appointment with her for a more professional input on how you can have all these concerns addressed.

Foods that causes stomach fats and waistline lost: When you want to keep lean



Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds is not just about feeding on healthy food stuff, but also require real strategies in achieving your desired goals

In the resent past we have been posting articles tailored specifically to helping you regain your lean and comfortable weight. We have addressed various work plans and strategies and doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has been sharing with us several insights on this worthy topic. She will be progressing with the discussion on this article while focusing on the need of ensuring that your weight plans succeeds for the good of your health. Therefore doctor Dalal Akoury says that the following are very essential for the success of this program.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Launching the plan

Having set the strategies which have the approval by your physical trainer and your doctor, the next thing that follows is that of setting out the work plan then you can now set the ball rolling. Doctor Akoury suggesting that for control and monitoring purposes, you can start the work plan at the beginning of the week (Monday) or of the month (1st of the month). She continues to reaffirm that you can start the plan on a day you will be able to remember. And it is important that you note it down somewhere in your diary. Indicate the date you started the workout plan so that you can monitor and see the progress. If you are not so sure whether you’ll remember, then start on a date or day you will never forget like on your birth day or any anniversary you cherish.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Monitoring the progress

When you want to burn the excess fat, start a work out plan and be sure to monitor the success. You can monitor by measuring your weight and comparing with past measure. This is so far the simplest way to see how you are performing. When you monitor, you can realize that whether you have cut any inch or whether there is no positive outcome. It’s important to monitor and see if the work out is working or not.

When you realize that you actually are reducing weight, you can give yourself a pat on the back, given the fact that things are moving towards the right direction. It’s also necessary that in the process of weight reduction, you see your doctor to assess other aspects of your body health to know how the body is reacting to the sudden change of lifestyle. Time is necessary when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t pull out of the gym after a period of one week of exercise just because you didn’t see any positive outcome.

A period of one to three months is good enough for you to evaluate the entire outcome of the program. After one month of keenly following the work out plan, record the weight. Do this after the end of the second and the third month and see the difference thereof. When you compare the results of the first, second and the third month, you are able to note the outcome.

When the performance is positive, you can continue with the work out plan until you meet the targeted result. If the work out plan is not yielding the desired result, you are allowed to re-strategize. In a case where there are no positive results, many people get discouraged and fall off. To successfully carry out such a program, have a motivation and be self-driven.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Re-Strategizing for better performance

It is important to note that during this process things may not go to your expectations all the time, therefore when challenges emerge don’t give up instead sit back and look at some of the things which may have led to the failure. When your work out plan is not producing positive results, see how you can alter the program for better results. Check the areas where you expected to see results but were never there. Note some of the changes you noticed however small they might have been.

Once you have done this, see your physical trainer, nutritionist as well as your doctor for advice on what ought to be improved, done differently as well as what ought to be dropped. Once you have consulted, put together the revised strategies and revise your work plan accordingly to fit well with the new strategies. Then now embark on the work out plan again with the revised strategies. Ensure that the revised strategies are also time bound. You can give yourself a period like three months to start commenting on a method that has worked and the one that has failed. Before you start giving comments whether it has worked or not, monitor first.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Monitoring

Here you will again record the performance of the revised strategies for a period of time to see the difference thereof. Record the progress in the first month, second month and note the variance between the first month and the third month. Compare the report with the initial report you took before re-strategizing. If the performances of the revised strategies are far much better than those of the initial set of strategies, then you can carry on with them. However, if there is no noticeable change, you can consult further.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: Maintaining the tempo

Finally when you get the desired results, then you can do the final step, which is to maintain. As you maintain, the body will keep on shaping up to the desired weight. If you reach the desired weight, then you work on maintaining it. This may require that you visit the doctor as well as the physical trainer and the nutritionist. These people will tell you how you can maintain body weight. You however need to be very careful as not to relax, since it will lead to a sudden gain of weight. You can also consult with professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help you with some light exercises which you can do to help in maintain your body weight. The nutritionist will tell you the foods to keep avoiding at all costs, those you can eat sparingly as well as those you can use frequently. All these will sum up to a menu from the nutritionist for you to follow. The doctor will check the body system and advice on how the advices by the trainer and the nutritionist will impact your health, and if possible, make any necessary amendment.

Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow




The best weekly weight loss plan to follow

The best weekly weight loss plan to follow: Weight loss strategies


The best weekly weight loss plan to follow

The best weekly weight loss plan to follow is just a guide that can be very helpful only if it is well implemented objectively and professionally

Losing weight is desirable for a healthy living but it often come with a ray of challenges. Because of these challenges many people often give up their weight loss programs prematurely which is not really good for their health. We therefore want to get down to business of posting educative blogs which will go a long way in delivering solutions within reasonable time frame. With the help of doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we want to focus our attention on the best weekly weight loss plan to follow so that you can see some significant progress towards your objectives of being lean and comfortable. There are very many strategies you can adopt but for the purpose of this article, doctor Akoury is sharing with us an example of a very nice weight loss plan which you can use to get started. This is a seven day plan which will transform your world progressively even without you realizing. She says that it is important for you to begin with working on a simple diet plan for each day of the week like for instance:

On Monday – You could get rid of toxins from your body by detoxifying your body and allowing the healing process to take place. Therefore, to start the day off, take a glass of warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Ensure you take this before breakfast. For breakfast, just take 2 apples with a pomegranate and add some two glasses of water.  And for your lunch time add two apples, 2 oranges, a water melon and another pomegranate with couples of glasses of water. Then in the evening, you can repeat your lunch menu. Remember that fruits are very important and so you can take as many as you can besides taking regular evening walks for at least half an hour daily

On Tuesday – You can repeat the morning breakfast by starting with a glass of warm water plus 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with 2 apples and an orange. Then for lunch, prepare a vegetable salad recipe loaded with 10 salad leaves. These leaves may include 1 cabbage chopped, 5 spring onions chopped, 3 tomatoes sliced into rings, 3 tablespoons lemon juice and a little salt. You can also add ½ cup corn and then taking the product in smaller portions within an interval of 3-4 hours to prevent binge eating or over eating.

On Wednesday – This should be a fruity and vegetable day. The vegetables should just be raw or boiled, with no oil or butter, cheese or similar products. As usual, start the day with a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Ingredients for the day include 3 oranges, peeled and cut into small pieces, 2 red apples, 1 cup green grapes, 1/44 cup currants, 1 tablespoon sugar (optional) and 1 mango peeled or cubed.

On Thursday – For Thursday, you can eat 10 bananas with 3 glasses of milk and a bowl of diet soup for the entire day. Add at least 12 glasses of water to that menu. Doctor Akoury is registering that in doing all this, it is important to appreciate that drinking water is not an option but a must do thing each time you are eating and even when you are not eating anything.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday – As had been stated above, just ensure you start the day with a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey mix with 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and various raw fruits, such as apples, oranges, watermelon and a bowl of brown rice. By Friday, 2-3 kilos will have been shed off. Avoid oil, cheese or butter. You will certainly reduce weight in an unbelievable speed without starving.

The best weekly weight loss plan to follow: Constant consultation with the experts

Doctor Akoury is quick to report that the above are guidelines which are workable and may not necessarily mean that they are conclusive. It is therefore very important that if you or any of your loved ones make effort of consulting with the experts from time to time so that any emerging technicalities can be arrested before it is too late. In order to do this effectively, doctor Dalal Akoury made a decision to create a medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) whose main and primary objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It is important to note that in the quest of eliminating or shedding off some weight, certain fundamentals must be observed if the result is to be productive.

One of the key elements that must be addressed is that of acknowledgment. The individual who desires to lose weight must have positive mind in this approach. Without the proper adoption of appositive mind, the treatment programs will not be as effective as they should. That is why total commitment and determination are very powerful ingredients in this journey of weight loss programs. To help you in all this challenges, we want to inform you that having been in this practice for well over two decades now, people who have passed through doctor Dalal Akoury and her health facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) have continually registered good feed backs as testimonies of the professionalism with which doctor Dalal Akoury handles her patients. You can become one of the happy people by scheduling for an appointment with her today for the commencement of your weight loss program, but in the meantime it will interest you to note that Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. You can therefore reach her on telephone number 843 213 1480 for further consultations.

The best weekly weight loss plan to follow: Weight loss strategies



Burning body fats effectively to lose weight

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight: What to do if you want to keep lean and fit?

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight is not all about exercise but also feeding on healthy food stuff and keeping distance to all junk foods

If you are not comfortable with your weight and you think that you are too heavy, chances are that you have stocked a lot of body fats which you are not able to burn effectively. Burning body fats effectively to lose weight is the desire of every heavy person who wants to lose some pounds. The question that then follows is what should you do when you want to reduce weight? To respond to this question, we are going to consult with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that we can remain professional and objective in dealing with this delicate subject that is causing many people sleepless nights across the globe. As we progress into the discussion, it will interest you note that AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center was established by doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) primarily to offer lasting solutions to all people across the globe with complications of weight related problems and addiction. Therefore if you are addicted to food and this is causing you problems with your weight or if you are stocking a lot of fats and you don’t know what to do, doctor Dalal Akoury is ever present to professionally handle your problems giving you an opportunity to enjoy your life to the fullest again. You can schedule for that very important appointment today with her for the commencement of your effective weight loss program. In the meantime let’s focus our discussion on the best applicable procedures or steps to follow when burning body fats effectively to lose weight progressively. The following are some of the unique workable procedures for burning fats. They are effective and do not leave any side effects on your body.

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight: Identify the problem area

Identification of the problem should be the first step in this you get to know which part of the body needs to be worked on. Take for example most men whenever they are gaining weight, their tummies protrude and they lose their waistline as well. If this is the case then you need to be very specific with your weight loss instructor so that much concentration is on eliminating the fats around the waist. Women on the other hand tend to add weight more on their back and the waist area as well. Up on identification you and your instructor will develop workable strategies that will deal with the specific areas of concerns as has been identified.

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight: Develop the strategies for burning the fat

Once you have identified the problem, you need to come up with a number of strategies which you can use. Do researches and find out from others who have also been in such situations. Get to know the strategies they applied in their situations. Some people go to the gym while others deny themselves food or engage in dieting, which apparently, isn’t an effective long term method. Others also change their lifestyle, which also works for them. What strategies do you want to use?

Research has found that a better approach involves using a combined effort of physical activities and total change of lifestyle. When you change your lifestyle, especially the kinds of food you eat, you will take less of sugar or less calories. You’ll also be eating small portions of food spread across the day and during meal times. And remember that change of diet also involves eating more of healthy foods and less of the unhealthy ones.

Having identified the troubling areas, doctor Akoury makes the following suggestions which involves engaging in a well-coordinated physical activities and feeding only on healthy foods. It is therefore important that you look for a professional physical trainer to help you with the type of physical exercises you can do so as to engage in more appropriate exercises. There is no business in doing exercises which add more weight on your arms when you actually should be lessening weight.  Physical trainers are able to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.

You also need to see a nutritionist to advice you on the types of food to eat and those you should avoid going forward. They will tell you when to eat and most importantly, the quantity to take. Too much of something, as they say, is dangerous. When you eat too much of the right kind of food though, excess energy which is not even required will be added to your body. This will then result to a weight problem, hence the importance of the nutritionist to advise you on the quantity of food to take.

Once you have a program from the physical trainer and a nutritionist, you then go ahead to see your doctor for his professional advice on your general health. At this point doctor Akoury will tell you to avoid things which can put your life at risk you can consult with her for further assessment and from the evaluations and assessment she will be able to tell you whether or not your body can manage such change of lifestyle and physical activities. The outcome of the assessment determines the approval or amendment of any of the plans your physical trainer and the nutritionist may have given before. Up on confirmation of the strategy by the doctor, then and only then can you proceed to the next step of developing your work plan. We will get into the development of the work plan in our nest article and it will be very interesting. We therefore want to beseech you to stay with us on the link to get all the health information about strategies of burning body fats effectively to lose weight for a better tomorrow. Remember that you can reach out for expert’s consultations with the able professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for a more in-depth understanding of any concerns you may be having.

Burning body fats effectively to lose weight: What to do if you want to keep lean and fit?





Foods to drop for effective weight loss

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Foods to avoid if you want to reduce weight

Foods to drop for effective weight loss

Foods to drop for effective weight loss must be dropped and be replaced by the most healthy ones that help in the fight against weight gain

It is true that engagement in physical activities is one of the most significant ways of losing weight, and for sure a lot has been said about exercises that help in the reduction of weight. Yet to some these methods have worked while to others, they haven’t. Besides exercise a lot more has also been said about diet foods and nutrients. In a bid to understand this, experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury have come up with some in-depth information about such diets. In this article, we want to focus our discussion on foods to drop for effective weight loss progressively. Even though exercise is very effective in losing weight, doctor Akoury expert opinion is that many people often face a lot of challenges when it comes to carrying out the exercise while some engage in exercises which do not help to reduce weight at all and others lack consistency when it comes to working out. Food on the other hand is something we take in everyday and therefore presents the best opportunity for us to reduce weight. If we work on our diet, we can be sure to reduce our weight with very minimal pain. Therefore with the right food, we are going to manage the weight problem progressively, but for now let us focus our attention on the foods to avoid if we are to reduce weight effectively.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: All snacks with Carbs

Anytime you consume crackers, dry cereals, bread your body responds by converting the carbs into simple sugars then deposit them into your blood stream. The body then releases extra insulin which supports sugar absorption as fast as possible. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD), a weight loss expert from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center says that the sugar absorption leads to low sugar level in the body, which makes you crave for more sugary foods and more carbs. Some sugary foods have no nutritional value to satisfy that instant energy you need. As you consume more carbs, you also consume more healthy fats as well as more protein which is difficult to digest.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Frozen meals and low fat foods

Food manufacturers use a lot of sodium to preserve food. Sodium naturally retains water for a longer time. So when you eat these foods, you eat sodium into your body which will cause you a lot of bloats and that will not work well with your efforts of weight loss. Besides that researchers have supported the idea of people eating low fat food. The problems however is, as a result of the removed flavor the manufacturers add sugar to the food. This added sugar is not good for weight loss campaign.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Artificially sweetened Drinks, grapes and fruit juice

When you want to reduce weight, you need to avoid any sweetened drinks as they are carbonated. They then make your stomach feel full, thus makes you eat less. Alongside with that many people like taking frut juice as take aways believing that they are healthy. The truth is most of them miss out on the fact that during their preparation, a lot of sugar is added to flavor them. The concequence of that is they end up consuming a lot of sugar unknowingly. Fruit juice taken without sugar is good and is highly encouraged. And when it comes to grapes, the are sweet and ofcourse being fruits, they are people’s favorites thinking that taking them is a good idea. The truth is, grapes add more sugar into your system since they have high sugar content which then starts craving for more sweeter stuff. If you want to include grapes in your diet, ensure you also have some protein, with low calorie to stabilise your blood sugar.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: White rice, certain breakfast cereals and salted nuts

White rice does serious harm to the weight loss campaign. Unfortunately, this is something that many people do not take serious. As compared to the brown rice, it has little nutrients. It is processed very fast thereby sending your blood sugar up. This is likely to results into energy crash which comes not so long after eating the white rice. This will then prompt you to look for food in order to energize the body more. Brown rice is also more nutritious and has less craving as compared to white rice.

Bread is generally low in fat but high in sugar. Bread has sugar, and its intake translates to a lot of sugar in the body. Natural cereals high in protein can therefore be a good substitute in place of bread. Besides that nuts are good because of the protein they add to the body. However, the salted nuts add more calories into your system. Unsalted nuts on the other hand are better because there will be no consumption of salt.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Most pasta canned and dried fruits

Many of us love pasta because of the energy it adds but what we forget is that it is simply carbs. Carbs only add a lot of blood sugar which is quite unhealthy. As for canned fruits researchers have established that they are loaded with sugar, hence are not good for people working on their weight loss programs. Remember that too much consumption of canned fruits adds a lot of sugar to the body therefore instead of the canned fruits; you can go for the fresh fruits. On the other hand most of the dried are loaded with sugar. So, to avoid too much of sugar uptake, you must avoid dried fruits at all costs. If you eat a lot of dried fruits, you add a lot of sugar into your system which if not burned, will lead to added weight.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Alcohol

Amazingly enough, alcohol lovers are always ready to shell out even to the last coin, even when taxes are increased. Alcohol is harmful in nature. It adds more calories to the body, which then leads to addition of more weight. Those taking alcohol make poor decision when it comes to food.  They then end up eating fried foods every time they take alcohol.

Finally the list is endless and from the discussion it is evident that most of the food items we feed do more harm than good to health. It is no wonder that for effective weight loss we must all take keen interest in balancing the foods we eat, since all of them add up to something in your body. this may pose a challenge and if that is the case then doctor Dalal Akoury will be more than willing to help you out up on scheduling for an appointment with her.

Foods to drop for effective weight loss: Foods to avoid if you want to reduce weight