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Understanding skin aging better

Understanding skin aging

Understanding skin aging better for corrective measures to be taken timely

Understanding skin aging better: Tips for preserving the skins’ health

Nothing defines your age more than your skin. You may think of the appearance of gray hair as a defining moment of aging, but this can easily be colored with hair dye, however, once your skin begins showing the signs of age it can be very difficult to make it look young again. This is one reason why professionals across the globe are making effort to come up with treatment methods which can correct this situation. At AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD we are helping you in understanding skin aging better by offering solutions that are focusing on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE.

Keeping your skin healthy and vibrant is also our core concerns. At this facility, doctor Akoury offers all the needed skin care solutions that will keep you more youthful and glamorous for a very long time. Because of the great effects emanating from the improper skincare, we understand your worries about what is really aging your skin. That is why doctor Akoury is here for you to offer a lasting solution to all your worries only if you can schedule an appointment with her today.

Nonetheless, your skin being the largest organ in your body, it is very important to keep it healthy as you would do to your heart, lungs, and liver. Remember that the skin protects us from the extremes of our environment and from pollutants in the air around us. Fortunately, the same things that will keep your skin healthy will also keep it looking younger.

  • Wear an SPF of 30 years round.
  • Try to avoid high levels of stress by incorporating activities such as meditation, yoga, and walking into your routine.
  • Drink herbal teas that contain antioxidants.
  • Wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV ray protection.
  • Humidifiers can help replenish moisture in the air to minimize the depletion of moisture from your skin through evaporation.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Research shows that skin regenerates itself between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am.
  • Nourish your skin with an anti-aging cream. As you apply your facial moisturizer, take some time to work it gently into your skin with light massaging strokes.
  • Healthy eating is vital to skin regeneration. Choose foods that are fresh and not processed and drink plenty of water.

In an attempt to answer the question “what is really aging your skin?” Fixing the following pitfalls will be very important even though we know that many factors other than genes and the sun affects the skin. The phenomenon of skin aging is as a result of many things. There is a lot more you can do to control skin aging as discussed below:

Understanding skin aging better: Sweet treats

If you tell me that you like sugary foods, I will agree with you because for sure they are sweet. Nonetheless, when sugar breaks down and enters into the blood system, it unites with protein molecules, including those found in collagen and elastin fibers that support skin, through a process called glycation. This degrades the collagen and elastin, which in turn leads to sagging and wrinkles.

Preventive measures – this can be controlled by reducing the consumption of simple carbohydrates like soft drinks and candy, but also seemingly innocuous choices, such as honey, white rice, and white bread. These foods are quickly converted into sugar in your body and put your skin on the fast track to glycation. If you need something sweet a small square of dark chocolate will be appropriate. The antioxidants in it can protect you from free radicals, those unstable atoms in the atmosphere that latch on to skin and lead to fine lines. Also, increase your intake of vitamin C. It helps generate collagen.

Understanding skin aging better: Tips for preserving the skins’ health


Glowing skin

Healthy radiant skin protection

Healthy radiant skin

Healthy radiant skin protection is necessary for skin health prosperity

Healthy radiant skin protection: The harmful effects of the sun

If you want to keep that healthy radiant skin protected, you must the appreciate that it may not matter your love for the sun or not, the truth is that about 90% of all skin damage is due to the sun meaning that the more time you take on the sun the greater the risk of contracting skin cancer. Therefore healthy radiant skin protection is essential by wearing broad-spectrum sunblock. This is a must and also putting on long sleeves shirts, and avoids the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when rays are strongest. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center share the following as elements to watch out for:

Taking coffee and tea – Remember that the caffeine in coffee and tea are dehydrating and are likely to cause your skin to dry out.

Alcohol – Too much alcohol is bad for your skin as well as your body. Alcohol is a diuretic; it causes the body to lose water and this may result in dry skin. It also dilates blood vessels. That’s why drinkers often have red, flushed faces. Over time, these blood vessels can become permanently damaged, so that skin stays red. Alcohol, especially red wine, can also trigger rosacea flare-ups.

Smoking – Simply put, smoking is bad for your skin: It’s second only to the sun in causing premature wrinkles and dry skin. In fact, under a microscope, you can see wrinkles in smokers as young as 20 this is because smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and contributes to the breakdown of collagen and remember that less collagen means more wrinkling not to add that pursing your lips repeatedly also encourages wrinkles. It may be difficult reversing the damage, but you can stop it by quitting smoking.

Healthy radiant skin protection: Cleaning regularly

No matter what you do or where you are your skin comes in contact with pollution like cigarette smoke, car exhaust, or smoggy air and other pollutions every day. Therefore keep a skin healthy by clean regularly. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can cleanse your face with a gentle soap or wash, or exfoliate nightly with gentle scrubs and toners to remove dead skin cells, and then apply a retinoid cream and moisturizer.

Finally, like we said before, your skin forms the entry point with the world around you and taking good care of it must be prioritized. It’s not just about applying the right creams and good food, it also require the input of a qualified professional and that is why doctor Akoury created this medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Therefore, for all your beauty needs, you can consider scheduling an appointment with this great professional to help you restore back the healthy radiant skin you once had as a young person.

Healthy radiant skin protection: The harmful effects of the sun


Beautiful Face of Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin close up iso

Good skin health inclined to healthy feeding habits

Good skin health

Good skin health inclined to healthy feeding habits and not just medication

Good skin health inclined to healthy feeding habits: The blood sugar connection

Who doesn’t want a good skin complexion? Everybody would want to look glamorous and this can only happen with good skin health. Poor feeding habits are a great hindrance to achieving this objective. Recently studies have established that one of the best ways for improving the health of your skin is based on what you feed on, meaning that for a glamorous kin complexion it is important that you eat good foods that target the stabilization of your blood sugar. Some foods make your blood sugar quickly soar. When this happens it triggers your body to make a burst of the hormone insulin to help your cells absorb the sugar.

For instance if you’re  accustom to eating a cookies, a granola bar, alongside drinking  sweetened beverages, you’re are actually succeeding in pushing your blood sugar high and rapidly, the consequences of this is that you’re going to have more insulin circulating in your bloodstream. According to some research it has been suggested that insulin may play a role in acne. Researchers while exploring the possible link studied some teenage boys and young men with acne for three months. During the study period some ate a diet including foods with a low glycemic load (which is a measure of how foods affect people’s blood sugar), and others ate a carbohydrate-heavy diet without being concerned about their glycemic index. Those who ate the special low glycemic load diet had more improvement in their acne.

Good skin health inclined to healthy feeding habits: Balance your fats

Finally different fatty acids in the foods we eat can support inflammation or dampen it. And too much inflammation inside your body can show up on your skin. Ages ago, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3s were evenly represented in the human diet. But we tend to get a lot more omega-6s now. This imbalance can be addressed by adopting the following:

  • Using less vegetable oil such as corn, safflower, and even canola oil.
  • Buying beef and eggs from animals that ate while roaming in pastures, rather than animals that were corn-fed.
  • Eating more fish rich in omega-3s, such as salmon and mackerel, and considering taking fish-oil supplements. And always remain in constant consultation with your doctor every time you’re your considering changing the supplements you take, this way they can look out for any possible side effects or drug interactions.

All these narrow to one thing and that is, a good skin health is inclined to good and healthy feeding habits. You can make savings by just feeding on the right food stuff and dinking enough water. Some of these things look so simple yet people ignore them leading to serious consequences. Speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury about all your beauty and skincare concerns is very vital as this will enable you do the right things for the good of your skin texture.

Good skin health inclined to healthy feeding habits: The blood sugar connection



ageing skin naturally

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion

Illicit substances

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion further explaining why drug addiction solutions is vital

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion: The body’s fabric under threat

The fabric of our body is constantly under threat of destruction from all manner of things including all illicit substances or drugs. Skin care professionals at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury have been in this industry for more than two decades helping people across the globe regain their beauty from the various damages. In their many years of experience, they have discovered that all illicit drugs are unhealthy for the skin, and not just the illicit drugs but also other factors as well. It is interesting how everybody wants to look nice and radiant while on the other hand they are constantly abusing drugs knowing the consequences of such habits on their delicate skin. We want to help you reclaim your lost glory. In the past people were consulting with you about your secret of beauty but this honor is no more. If I have got your attention, then keep reading and get the best information you need to keep your skin more youthful and healthy with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion: How drugs affects skin health in all season

Doctor Akoury says that the skin is one organ that needs daily care and attention accorded to it must be from well informed and accurate sources. This is very important because any mistake done can be very damaging to the so many years of efforts. That is why when it comes to skincare, reading the information on the various products labels may not be enough for you to conclude that a given product is appropriate for your skin. In other words you must not be lazy with your skin’s health. Therefore to help you understand the magnitude of being lazy with your skin, we are going to discuss in this article how drug abuse affects the skin in all seasons and doctor Akoury is going to professionally take us through the discussion.

Let no one deceive you that some drugs are beneficial to the good health of your skin, in fact there is no better drug any ware on the surface of the earth. All the drugs known to you are all Illicit and will not add any value to your skin’s health. Some of those illicit drugs may include: heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. All these and many more can take a severe toll on the health of your skin. Heroin for example is a central nervous system depressant that slows heart rate, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion: Skin popping

Skin popping as it is commonly known or the practice of injecting heroin under the top layer of the skin leaves distinctive round sores along the skin’s surface. These sores can easily become infected, resulting in permanent scars. For users who are anxious, restless or experiencing cravings, the scabs can become the focus of obsessive picking. Picking at the sores increases the risk of cellulitis, or the infection of the soft tissues underlying the dermis.

Skin lesions are common in heavy methamphetamine users. This central nervous system stimulant can cause a condition called delusional parasitosis, or the false believe that the user is infested with organisms that are crawling across her skin. This condition which is also known as “meth mites” or “cocaine bugs” can lead to severe self-mutilation if the user is acutely intoxicated which is why you need to call doctor Akoury today for help.

Illicit substances affects the skin complexion: The body’s fabric under threat






Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors

Known skin health enemies

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors effects can be corrected by Vampire facelift treatment procedure of beauty today

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors: Homemade remedies

It will surprise to note that most of the known skin health enemies and beauty detractors are actually not very new things. The list is quite big and so we are going to discuss them in two separate articles. This is one discussion you do not want to miss and so we want to ask you to keep reading for the very best health information you need to help you in keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated. To take us through the discussion, we are going to be talking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help us put certain facts into perspective.

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors: Excessive Chlorine

Your post-pool regimen is vital when it comes to your skin. Even after a shower, chlorine can cling to skin and react with topical medications, cleansers, and even lotions. To effectively remove chlorine, always use an extra sudsy soap after you take a dip.

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors: Taking your makeup to bedtime

Makeups are foreign bodies and should be clean daily before going to bed. This is important because it has been established that sleeping with your makeup on possess the danger of contracting bacterial infections alongside clogging pores which can cause acne quite easily. So that you don’t forget to clean up, doctor Akoury is advising that makeup removing wipes should be kept close to the bed to keep you reminded each time you want to go to bed.

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors: Cracking Pimples

This practice has made more harm than good to many people, in fact by picking the skin on your face you will only succeed in pushing the dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, resulting in more breakouts.

Application of too many beauty products – To avoid a skin nightmare, always test new products cosmetics, lotions, and cleansers on a small patch of skin. Choose somewhere on your arm to avoid an unexpected allergic reaction on your face.

Usage of coffee – Caffeine is a major culprit when it comes to dry skin and the magnification of wrinkles. Satiate your skin by drinking lots of water you may add fruit slices like orange or lemon to heighten the flavor.

Hot Showers – Isn’t interesting and fun to roll under a hot shower? To me it is and I believe we are having the same feelings. Nonetheless this fun can fundamentally cause damage to the outermost layer of the epidermis. And when this happens your skin is likely to dry up and become scaly. Therefore when your skin starts to turn red and itchy in the shower you know it’s time to step out.

Avoiding certain Meals ­­- Many people often try to skip some meals in an attempt of losing weight. This practice is unhealthy to your skin and may cause it to age faster and dry out more quickly.

Known skin health enemies and beaut detractors: Homemade remedies