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Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments, Women Become Rejuvenated!

Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments, Women Become Rejuvenated!

Dr. Dalal Akoury focuses on Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments. Do you suffer from any or all of the following Symptoms?

•Night sweats
•Vaginal dryness
•Mood swings
•Loss of sexual interest
•Hair growth on face
•Painful intercourse
•Panic attacks
•Weird dreams
•Urinary tract infections
•Vaginal itching
•Lower back pain
These are some of the symptoms of Menopause says Dr. Dalal Akoury who will offer you Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments. 

Women Become Rejuvenated, you deserve it stresses Dr. Dalal Akoury!
Beside adequate Bio-identical hormone therapy BHRT, Dr. Dalal Akoury recommends lifestyle changes to her patients for Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments. Dr. Dalal Akoury advocates fitness as part of her  Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments Dr. Dalal Akoury states that the word fitness is commonly and we assume that we all understand what it really means.  Fitness means health, vigor, strength, energy, suitability, capability, capability, qualifications, and aptness to name a few. Inactivity leads to loss of muscle, obesity and reduced functional ability. Low physical fitness makes menopausal symptoms worse, and increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Individuals who are physically fit can do more things, have better endurance for activities and tasks, and are healthier than persons who have low fitness. Dr. Dalal Akoury recommends incorporating small changes into your daily activities is a form of Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments that leads to better health.
 Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

The five components of physical fitness include cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility.

By definition, cardio/aerobic exercise is brisk physical activity that requires the heart and lungs to work harder to meet the body’s increased oxygen demand. Aerobic exercise promotes the circulation of oxygen through the blood. Proper exercise with optimal Bio-identical Hormone Replacement serves as Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments. Symptoms of  low testosterone during menopause are:

•Muscle wasting
•Weight gain
•Low self-esteem
•Decreased HDL
•Dry, thin skin, with poor elasticity
•Thinning and dry hair
•Droopy eyelids
•Sagging cheeks
•Thin lips

Dr. Akoury states that proper testosterone replacement in women will accomplish the following:

  • Improve heart and lung function
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increase blood supply to muscles and  improved ability to use oxygen
  • Increase HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol)
  • Reduced body fat and improved weight control
  • Improve  glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance
  • Enhance immune function, which means
    • Increased resistance to viral and bacterial infection
    • Increased resistance to cancer
  • Lower blood sugar levels and reduced risk of diabetes
  • Increase life expectancy

Healthy Nutrition and proper Bio-identical hormone replacement is the mainstay of Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

Dr. Dalal Akoury recommend stress relief and meditation to her patients as a Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments. Dr. Dalal Akoury recommends meditation, stress relief along with natural progesterone Bio-identical hormone replacement in order to achieve the following symptoms:

•Helps balance estrogen
•Leaves the body quickly
•Improves sleep
•Natural calming effect
•Lowers high blood pressure
•Helps the body use and eliminate fats
•Lowers cholesterol
•May protect against breast cancer
•Increases scalp hair
•Helps balance fluids in the cells
•Increases the beneficial effects of estrogen on BV
•Increases metabolic rate
•Natural diuretic
•Natural antidepressant
 Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments


Dr. Dalal Akoury explains to women that Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments can only be achieved if a careful evaluation of their hormone level is done followed by proper optimization of all hormonal imbalances.

The functions of Estrogen are the following states Dr. Dalal Akoury:

•Stimulates the production of choline acetyltransferase, an enzyme which prevents Alzheimer’s disease
•Increases metabolic rate
•Improves insulin sensitivity
•Regulates body temperature
•Helps prevent muscle damage
•Helps maintain muscle
•Improves sleep
•Reduces risk of cataracts
•Helps maintain the elasticity of arteries
•Dilates small arteries
•Increases blood flow
•Inhibits platelet stickiness
•Decreases the accumulation of plaque on  arteries
•Enhances magnesium uptake and utilization
•Maintains the amount of collagen in the skin
•Decreases blood pressure
•Decreases LDL and prevents its oxidation
•Helps maintain memory
•Increases reasoning and new ideas
•Helps with fine motor skills
•Increases the water content of skin and is responsible for its thickness and softness
•Enhances the production of nerve-growth factor
•Increases HDL by 10 to 15%
•Reduces the overall risk of heart disease by 40 to 50%
•Acts as a natural calcium channel blocker to keep arteries open
•Enhances energy
•Improves  mood
•Increases concentration
•Maintains bone density

Dr. Dalal Akoury recommends to Women to incorporate proper breathing techniques along with Bio-identical hormone replacement with estrogen if indicated as a natural Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments.

 Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments

However Dr. Dalal Akoury warns that improper hormone replacement even if bio-identical hormones are used could be very dangerous. As an example excess Estrogen can cause:

•Cervical cancer
•Depression with anxiety or agitation
•Increased risk of uterine cancer
•Weight gain (abdomen, hips, thighs)
•Water retention
•Poor sleep
•Panic attacks
•Swollen breasts
•Heavy periods
•Increased risk of breast cancer
•Increased risk of auto-immune diseases
•Irritability/mood swings
•Uterine fibroids
Dr. Dalal Akoury also warns that prolonged use of progesterone without adequate estrogen can cause the following:
•Increases weight gain
•Increases total cholesterol
•Decreases HDL
•Increases LDL
•Increase triglycerides
•Causes depression
•Causes fatigue
•Decreases libido
•Increases insulin resistance

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and its founder Dr. Dalal Akoury conclude the following:

•All of the hormones in the body are designed to work together.
•If one is altered, or deficient, it will affect the actions of all of the other hormones.
•Consequently, bio-identical, compounded, customized hormone replacement is the only way to achieve this balance.
•One size does not fit all.

Exercise is as important to good health as proper nutrition, proper hormonal optimization, sleep, and stress relief.  The one area that you gain nutritionally is natural detoxification. Exercise is its own form of detoxification. It removes waste from the lymph. It stimulates peristalsis to remove waste from the colon. And it accelerates the removal of waste through sweat and urine. Learn how to:

•Improve your energy level
•Improve your mood
•Increase your concentration
•Increase your sexual interest
•Reduce your wrinkles
•Prevent your teeth loss
•Decreases your depression, irritability, anxiety, and pain by calling 843-213-1480 AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center and make an appointment to see Dr. Dalal Akoury, You deserve it

Menopause Symptoms Natural Treatments, Women Become Rejuvenated!



Women Fitness is this your goal

 Women Fitness is this your goal

The word fitness is commonly used, but do you know what it means? It is used to indicate Health, vigor, strength, energy. Each of these can be diminished by inactivity, which leads to a loss of muscle, functional ability, and increased weight, all indicators of low fitness levels. Low fitness increases risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and more. People who are physically fit have better endurance, can do more things more easily, and generally live longer than those with low fitness.
It is important to diversify your exercise, and each one is important. Together, these make up a system that leads to high levels of physical fitness. The four components to physical fitness are:
1. Cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) endurance is the ability to perform sustained physical activity, such as walking, swimming, running, etc.

2. Muscle strength and endurance are linked, and improved by resistance training, such as weight lifting.
3. Body composition is the body’s proportion of muscle, fat, and water. More muscle means greater fitness.
4. Flexibility is related to the range of a body’s movement and motion, and can be increased through consistently stretching muscles.

There is a correlation between exercise and weight, but thin does not mean fit, and the impact of physical activity goes beyond obesity. Coupled with good nutrition, exercise will reduce the risk of premature death, help maintain healthy bones and joints, elevate mood, and enhance performance. Fitness brings a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and some cancers. As muscle mass and metabolic rates increase, weight is balanced, chronic illnesses more easily managed, sleep improved. So, walk whenever you can. Park the car far from the entrance. Get off the bus early. Walk the dog. Dance. Clean the house with wild abandon. Weed by hand. Take the stairs. It all adds up.
Cardio/aerobic exercise is physical activity that requires the heart and lungs to work hard to meet the body’s increased oxygen demand, and is usually accomplished through repetitive movements of large muscle groups (arms, legs, hips). When you are aerobically fit, your body takes in and utilizes oxygen more efficiently in order to sustain this repetitive movement, and results in improved heart and lung function, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved blood sugar control, enhanced immune function, better cholesterol balance, and a longer life expectancy.

There is a world of aerobic exercise, so choose those that you enjoy. Running, fast walking, biking, and swimming are all good choices. In the gym, there are treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin cycles, and rebounders. Play with the kids. Dance. Make it fun!

Strength training involves the use of weights or other form of resistance to build muscle. With benefits similar to aerobic exercise, resistance training increases strength and endurance, improves balance, and revs up metabolism – the number of calories burned at rest. Muscle is active tissue (vs. the more inactive fat), so requires a lot of energy to function, burning about 60 calories per day. This means that adding 10 pounds of muscle will burn 62 pounds of fat over a year. Strength training is not just for young people, either. Studies show people in their 70s and 80s can see strength improve up to 180% in just a few weeks!

Free weights, weight machines, and circuit training are found in most gyms, and there are Soloflex, Bowflex, and Delta Trimax machines for home use. Pilates, Total Gym, and some yoga poses use body weight for resistance, and can be very effective, too.

Weight bearing exercises force muscles to work against gravity or resistance, which strengthens bones when stress causes new bone formation. The bone actually becomes denser and stronger. Studies show that weight bearing exercise can help slow bone loss and osteoporosis, thus reducing fractures, even in people well into their 90s.
Exercise that is weight bearing includes walking, running, jumping, hiking, stair climbing. One especially good form is rebounding, which can be done at home (mini-trampoline) or in a gym.
Tightness and constriction lead to reduction of blood flow to muscles and tissues, resulting in fewer nutrients and more buildup of metabolic waste. If not stretched regularly, muscles grow shorter, resulting in less flexibility and greater risk of injury. Stretching is the cure for tightness and restriction, so regular stretching promotes health, reduces muscle tension, enhances range of motion and circulation, reduces injury, increases energy, and feels great!

Proper breathing is a topic worthy of its own article. The concept is simple, and uses a device that restricts inhalations and exhalations. This strengthens the muscles involved in breathing, increasing lung capacity. These devices are inexpensive and widely available, and have been shown to increase breathing capacity by close to 300%.

Another key aspect of exercise is balance, which diminishes with age unless exercised, leading to falls and fractures. To enhance balance, try this simple exercise:

• Stand with one hand on the back of a chair for support.
• Bend the knee nearest the chair 90 degrees, keeping your knees together.
• Get used to balancing on one leg while holding the chair, working toward standing without support. Once you do, work on holding your hands in front of you, prayer-like, as you stand in position. For more intensity, close your eyes.
• Repeat on other side.

Many yoga poses are specifically designed to improve balance, and can be used for variety, as can vibrating platform equipment.

Exercise is as important to good health as proper nutrition – and you need both. Adequate nutrition while exercising includes:
• Protein for muscle repair. Rice protein combined with yellow pea protein is exceptional.
• Carbohydrates, especially ultra-long-chain carbohydrates (ULCs) such as pre-sprouted barley, which release energy over several hours and do not spike blood sugar.
• High quality fats; especially omega-3s and 9s.
• Extra antioxidants to clear the metabolic byproducts of exercise.
• Minerals (electrolytes) and water soluble vitamins (B vitamins and C). Consider adding liquid trace minerals to your water.
If you don’t move you die. Exercise fundamentally changes every system and function in your body – keeping you moving and healthy.