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The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention: The ever ending pain

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention is one that can be very complicated more so because many smokers knows the dangers but do little to solve the problem

There is no doubt that cigarette is one of the most abused substances in our time. And that notwithstanding both users and the medics are very much aware of the devastation that comes with cigarette smoking. The irony in this case is that authorities are spending billions of money in trying to bring this disturbing behavior to manageable levels and at the same time they are also dissing out licenses for people to do business in tobacco products businesses. This is the greatest hypocrisy I have ever seen or heard of and that is why we want to engage the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help us understand the hypocrisy in handling cigarette prevention. Dear friend the truth of the matter is that cigarette smoking kills many people globally. America is one of the biggest victims when it comes to cigarettes addiction today and if we are still going to be kind with cigarette for whatever reason be it for revenue reasons or fear of loss of employment opportunities, then I can confirm to us that we will not be sincere with our efforts. Am saying this because you do not worn a child about the dangers of any poison then you serve him or her with the same poison.

In our previous article I did ask “what is wrong in listing cigarette as one of the illegal substance like cocaine, heroin and the likes.” I hope that someday this question will be responded to boldly and without any fear but for now the rate of hypocrisy in handling the matter will still continue.

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention: The derivatives found in tobacco

It is true that most people are well informed of the dangers of smoking including the serious effects it will has on their health by increase once risk of contracting serious health complications like cancer and also cause problems during pregnancy and make you more likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack. And so, when making emphasis on the hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking we understand the real consequences of burying our heads in the sand. The impact of cigarette smoking will not only be visible on the basis of the life threatening health conditions, but also from very simple elements that you are likely to ignore. Like for instance, the byproducts found in tobacco products will deprive the skin of oxygen and vital nutrients. This deprivation can lead to a pale and uneven skin tone. It therefore means that if you begin smoking at a tender age, changes in your skin can begin to be seen sooner than you can imagine. For instance when you take a puff of cigarette stick, in essence you’re causing permanent damage to your skin. This habit can cause early wrinkles, and it accelerates the overall aging of your skin. After only 10 years of smoking, it’s already possible to see the effects in the faces of young adults. Now from that explanation you can see that such people will dig deep into their finances to correct the facial and harm caused by the smoke while at the same time bracing themselves for the major consequences of cigarette smoking like the skin cancer and other cancerous effects that are associated with this habit. We are being hypocritical in dealing with this substance usage because we can narrate vividly the dangers, we can make financial cost estimations, loss of manpower during working hours while smoking and the list is endless yet we have refused to be bold enough to classify this substance as an illegality in our laws of the land.

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention: Craggy and wrinkled Skin

In connection to the above point, there is no doubt that smoking causes more harm than good to the skin, and in fact smoking is one of the major reasons why we have wrinkled skin, this normally happen by reduction in size of the blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin. The consequence of this reduction is that there will be inadequate flow of blood to the skin thereby reducing the quantity of oxygen supplied to the skin and not forgetting the reduction in supply of the essential nutrients to the largest organ of the body.

Experts are a worried lot because they know that smoking damages important connective fibers like collagen and elastin, causing permanent wrinkles. It is really beat the logic seeing one spending heavily on cosmetics products to improve the looks on their skin while at the same time puffing up to three packets of cigarette. Do you want to justify that as being ignorant? I disagree and to me it is pure hypocrisy. I know that we can do better than this irrespective of the addictive nature of this substance. The slogan “yes we can” is applicable hear and the sooner we face the facts right the better for all of us. Doctor Dalal Akoury says that if nothing is done in good time, then we are likely to see the significance of the damage in our skin in just less than ten years. It therefore means that if you started smoking at the age of ten then inside your teen years you will begin seeing the formation of wrinkles in your body, on the face, neck and even on your lips. And remember that if this trend continue for another 10 years smoking at least 10 sticks of cigarettes or more daily, you’re more likely to develop deeply wrinkled, leathery skin and a yellowish complexion.

It is important to know that it does not take you to do big things for the damage to be observed, even the little things you do when you puff can contribute to skin damage. For instance when you purse your lips to inhale or squint to keep smoke out of your eyes, you are adding even more stress to your skin. These actions create crow’s feet around your eyes and deep lines on the sides of your mouth. And remember that the damage doesn’t stop at your face. According to AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, various studies have established that smokers will often show signs of accelerated aging below the neck and even on their inner arms. Nonetheless you can correct all these by seeking for professional help by calling doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who is an addiction expert of several decades and also the founder of the hole of all addiction solutions (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) for an appointment so that all your cigarette addiction concerns can be addressed professionally.

The hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking prevention: The ever ending pain




Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: The endless list of substance abuse elements

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge

Defeating drug addiction begins with understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge and taking the correct action

The reason why many people are suffering from various health complications is because of luck of luck of knowledge. This can be very painful more so if something could be done and an individual suffers ignorantly. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are taking the lead role in posting very informative blogs to the general public so that together we can find solutions to this problem. In that regard we want to focus this discussion into understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge and some of the substances that we need to disassociate with by all means. The list of substances is endless and they include the following:

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most abused drugs and it is also known as crack, coke, snow, rock. Taking the US as an example it will be noted that cocaine use has gone down in the last few years; from 2007 to 2012 with the number of current users in the U.S. ages 12 or older dropped from 2.1 million to 1.7 million. Derived from the coca plant of South America, cocaine can be administered into the body by smoking, injection, snorting or just by swallowing. The intensity and duration of the drug’s effects depend on how you take it. Desired effects include pleasure and increased alertness. Short-term effects also include paranoia, constriction of blood vessels leading to heart damage or stroke, irregular heartbeat, and death. Severe depression and reduced energy often accompany withdrawal. Both short- and long-term use of cocaine has been associated with damage to the heart, the brain, the lung, and the kidneys and this are the complications we want this blog to help you address by scheduling for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of a veteran addiction expert doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery journey.

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: Heroin also known as smack, horse

There is no doubt that heroin use has been on the rise from time to time and according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2012 about 669,000 Americans reported using heroin in the past year, a number that has been on the rise since 2007. The biggest increases are among users ages 18 to 25. Effects of heroin intoxication include drowsiness, pleasure, and slowed breathing. Withdrawal can be intense and can include vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, confusion, aches, and sweating. Besides that any overdose of this substance may result in death from respiratory arrest (stopping breathing). And because heroin is usually injected, often with dirty needles, use of the drug can trigger other health complications including destruction of your heart valves, HIV/AIDS, infections, tetanus, and botulism.

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: Methamphetamines

This substance is also known as meth, crank, ice, speed, crystal and its use has also increased significantly especially in the West. Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant with the potential abilities of increasing alertness, decreases appetite, and gives a sensation of pleasure. The drug can either be administered into the body by injection, snorting, smoking or taken in as a mixture with food. It shares many of the same toxic effects as cocaine including effects like heart attacks, dangerously high blood pressure and stroke. It is also associated with several withdrawal symptoms including depression, abdominal cramps and increased appetite. Besides that it is important to appreciate that, methamphetamines other long-term effects may also include paranoia, hallucinations, weight loss, destruction of teeth, and heart damage. These are not the only substances that bring complications to your health.

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: Club drugs

The club scene and rave parties have popularized an assortment of other drugs. Many young people believe these drugs are harmless or even healthy. And as we had mentioned before that the list is endless, the following are some of the club drugs that we need to be careful about even as we desire proper understanding of the scourge of addiction in our societies.

Ecstasy also called MDMA, Adam, STP – This is a stimulant and hallucinogen used to improve mood and to maintain energy, often for all-night dance parties. Long-term use may cause damage to the brain’s ability to regulate body temperature, sleep, pain, memory, and emotions.

GHB also called Liquid XTC, G and blue nitro – Once sold at health food stores, GHB’s effects are related to dose. Effects range from mild relaxation to coma or death. GHB is often used as a date-rape drug because it is tasteless, colorless, and acts as a powerful sedative.

Rohypnol also called roofies, roche – This is another sedative that can be used as a date-rape drug. Effects include low blood pressure, dizziness, abdominal cramps, confusion, and impaired memory.

Ketamine also called Special K, K – This is an anesthetic that can be taken orally or injected. Ketamine (Ketalar) can impair memory and attention. Higher doses can cause amnesia, paranoia and hallucinations, depression, and difficulty breathing.

LSD (also called acid, microdot) and mushrooms (also called shrooms, magic mushrooms, peyote, buttons) – Popular in the 1960s, LSD has been revived in the club scene. LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms can cause hallucinations, numbness, nausea, and increased heart rate. Long-term effects include unwanted “flashbacks” and psychosis (hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and mood disturbances).

PCP also known as angel dust, hog, love boat – PCP is a powerful anesthetic used in veterinary medicine. Its effects are similar to those of ketamine but often stronger. The anesthetic effects are so strong that you can break your arm but not feel any pain. Usually, tobacco or marijuana cigarettes are dipped into PCP and then smoked.

Finally the list above is represent may not be conclusive but it represent the magnitude of the problem that we are likely to go through if we don’t act expeditiously as required to defeat drug addiction and all other complications that are associated with it. Therefore individually and collectively you need to consult with your physician before taking any action so that any further complication can be addressed in the most professional way for a better, healthier and more comfortable life of full productivity thereafter.

Understanding the genesis of drug addiction scourge: The endless list of substance abuse elements