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Addiction elimination quest successes

Addiction elimination quest

Addiction elimination quest successes must begin from the brain

Addiction elimination quest successes: Tracing your addiction roots

Success is everybody’s desire but so many times we have failed. One area where failure is evident is in addiction elimination quest. And to succeed in eliminating addiction from our system, we begin by addressing the real root course. Many people become victims of addiction not really because they were induced by their substance of abuse but because of their background and how they were brought up. The genetics position of addiction and family history, therefore, becomes a serious component of consideration when it comes to dealing with this problem of addiction. Because of that, we are confident that it has become necessary for all of us to trace our roots and be sure that what we are going through now is not as a result of lineage.

Addiction elimination quest successes: Genetics and family addiction history

To that effect, we want to explore in details the genetics of addiction and family history in a couple of postings that we are going to making on this link. We are also going to engage the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center in this discussion to give you the expert opinion on this matter and how best you can approach it for a quick and more professional way of treatment. This is something you do not want to miss because doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder of this facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) will be impacting on us positively for the better health of our present and future generation. As we progress into the discussion, it will interest you to note that doctor Akoury is a veteran addiction expert and has brought a lot of transformation in people’s lives over the last few decades and her experience is something you need to hook up to if you are struggling with any kind of addiction by scheduling an appointment today so that your condition can be attended to timely and professionally.

Now to the topic of the day, in many instances, the prevalence of addiction is rated in a ratio of 50 percent to genetic predisposition and 50 percent to poor coping skills. These are facts that have been confirmed by numerous studies both in the present and in the past. Doctor Akoury is confirming that in one of the studies where researchers sampled some 861 identical twin pairs and 653 fraternal (non-identical) twin pairs. It was established that when one identical twin was addicted to alcohol, the other twin had a high probability of being addicted to the same substance. However, when one of the non-identical twins was addicted to alcohol, the other twin did not necessarily have an addiction. Based on the differences between the identical and non-identical twins, it became very clear from the study that an estimated population of about 50-60% of addiction is due to genetic factors. And like I have already mentioned, those figures have been confirmed by other studies globally as well.

Addiction elimination quest successes: Tracing your addiction roots









Addiction healing fatigue and hopelessness

Addiction healing fatigue

Addiction healing fatigue and hopelessness can bring you down but with determination, healing is possible in a record time.

Addiction healing fatigue and hopelessness: It is still possible to start all over again

The burden of living with a drug addict in the family can be very painful. The frustration is even severe when all the efforts you have put in place to help appear not to be yielding any fruit. Ideally, what do you do in moments like that? With all the knowledge you have and the professional advice given duly followed yet the victim keeps to their unhealthy behavior what next? And have you ever wondered why suicide is the tragic fate to so many people struggling with addiction? In our previous article doctor Dalal Akoury an addiction expert of many decades and also the proprietor of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center shared with us some of the elements concerning the painful suicidal nature of drug addiction and she is going to be with us throughout this discussion helping us to appreciate some of the possible explanations which may cause one to give up on life and contemplate suicide. Such levels of giving up can only occur when hope runs out of addiction recovery and this is very dangerous. Now let us consider some of the occurrences when the thought of suicidal creeps in and addiction healing fatigue takes charge:

  • When under influence of drugs or alcohol, you are most likely to lose inhibitions and take risks you would not when sober like committing suicide.
  • Many people abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.
  • The rate of major depression is two to four times higher among addicts than the general population.

Although drugs may seem to help in the short term, they exacerbate problems over time. When attempting to stop using drugs, people may feel overwhelmed by the return of painful emotions that they had subjected to medication using drugs. They may also be clear-headed enough to carry out suicidal thoughts and plans. Transitions, such as entering or leaving treatment, relapse, and death, divorce or other major life changes, can be especially vulnerable times.

Addiction healing fatigue and hopelessness: Depressants

Abusing drugs, especially depressants such as alcohol or sedatives, can also trigger symptoms of depression thereby increasing the risk of suicide. As the consequences of addiction pile up, from legal problems and damaged relationships to financial ruin and job loss, individuals may lose all hope that things can get better and for some, the feeling of impossibilities may take center stage where victims only see two possible ways of relief i.e. getting back into drugs used or death. In situations like these, both the victim and their loved ones must work together objectively without apportioning blame. Helping one who is already giving up any hopes of ever recovering from his/her addiction can be quite challenging and that is why we are privileged to have doctor Dalal Akoury with us for professional advice and total treatment. Talking to doctor Dalal Akoury today will be of great help to you and your loved ones because up on schedule an appointment with her, she will professionally evaluate your individual condition and put you in the best treatment program that is tailored just for you and your unique condition.

Addiction healing fatigue and hopelessness: It is still possible to start all over again



Drug addiction wrath on immunity

Drug addiction wrath

Drug addiction wrath on immunity will be the genesis of your health deterioration

Drug addiction wrath on immunity: Drugs and alcohol effects

The body of any human being can be vulnerable to the various health complications at any given time in life. Normally when we fall sick we seek for immediate medication and some of us will get better very first while others suffering from the same illness may take a little bit longer time to recover from their illnesses. You may wonder why this is so and the explanation is very straight and simple. It is all about the variance strength every person’s immune system. By definition immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs working in solidarity to defend the body against disease, infection, and viruses. Any harm to this introduces us to the focus of our discussion which is “understanding drug addiction wrath on immunity.”

Drugs are substances that demoralize our health and impact on us very negatively causing us to be vulnerable to all manner of infections. Doctor Dalal Akoury a veteran addiction expert explains that anyone using drugs or alcohol is significantly reducing the strength of their immunity greatly. It may not matter the intensity of your consumption to your substance because research has established that any abuse of drugs can only lead to the destruction of health and life in general.

As professional from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, we post blogs which are very informative about health related issues so that we can have a very healthy society free from all kinds of addictions. Therefore it will interest you to note that doctor Akoury made a decision to create a medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Therefore if you want to keep healthy your immunity must be strong enough to defend you from vulnerabilities that come with the loss of immunity. You can, therefore, schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury on telephone number 843 213 1480 for the commencement of your addiction recovery treatment and live your life thereafter comfortably and happily.

Drug addiction wrath on immunity: Methamphetamine

It is no secret that the dangers of methamphetamine are well known to everyone, however, the drug potentially impacts on the effectiveness of the immune system quite negatively in very many ways. Professional studies have suggested that the drug may increase an individual’s susceptibility to infection by crippling his or her immune function. This can further be more complicated in situations where the individual is already struggling with some of the life-threatening diseases like hepatitis or HIV. These can really cause complications like cancers to spread quicker in the body. Doctor Akoury registers that besides the aforementioned concerns, methamphetamine is also known to dry out mucous membranes, particularly in the mouth and rectum thereby which when not dealt with expeditiously is likely to increase a persons’ exposure to infection and disease. The drug can cause people to have significant weight loss, chronic insomnia and respiratory problems which all expose a person’s immune system to deficiency and attack by disease.

Drug addiction wrath on immunity: Drugs and alcohol effects



Undersatnding addiction objectively

Cocaine addiction extortions

Cocaine addiction extortions

Cocaine addiction extortions in the brain

Cocaine addiction extortions: The undisputed dangers of cocaine

All the street baptism names given to cocaine like blow, snow, coke, C, flake, crack or cocoa is just names and has nothing to do with the content. And irrespective of administration, it doesn’t alter the effects to the user’s body. Cocaine addiction extortions is real and must be given the serious attention it deserves. We must discourage and fight this problem professionally and do that we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President, and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center who is in the first lane of finding the solution to all cocaine addiction victims.

Together with her team of experts, doctor Akoury focus, experienced and committed to the delivery addiction recovery for their patients is a resource we all need. Many people who have passed through AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center have a great testimony to this new found way of defeating cocaine addiction extortions. If you are struggling with cocaine addiction this is the place to be. You can schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury today to register for the commencement of your healing through the delivery of real-time professional treatment.

Cocaine addiction extortions: Effects of cocaine

It must be noted that the effects of cocaine are existent no matter the mode of administration. It speeds up your whole body and may also make the users feel happier, energetic and excited. These feelings often lure people into using cocaine thinking that it is a solution to their stressful surrounding. Doctor Akoury says that this is a concoction because before you know it the moods will change. The changes will be exactly the opposite of what you felt fun over. At the point of change, the user will lose that energy, excitement, joy confidence and comfort. Users at this point often do much-wearied things and the movement the intensity of cocaine wears off, the opposite feelings intensify. What then follows is craving for more cocaine to feel “better” again.

The dangers of cocaine powder ripple addiction have no respect for anything. It does not identify with any mode of administration because all the risks involved remain the same. Users of cocaine are at risk of contracting HIV due to sharing of the injection needle or having unsafe sex.

They are also at an increased risk of suffering serious health complications like heart attack and stroke. It must also be noted that cocaine is even more dangerous when administered along with other substances, says doctor Akoury.

Cocaine addiction extortions: Why you must get treatment

Be careful because losing control over cocaine is easy. The good news is that once you’re addicted, treatment is still possible, though you will be in danger of relapse every now and then. You will always crave for the drug not just moments after treatment but sometimes for several years. Our motivation at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is seeing you get well from our treatment. We want to help you recover from this. Call us today on telephone number 843 213 1480 and we will professionally help you regain your life back.

Cocaine addiction extortions: The undisputed dangers of cocaine





Addictions associated disorders treatment

Addictions associated disorders

Addictions associated disorders treatment needs to be embraced by every patient

Addictions associated disorders treatment: Dual diagnosis

Drug addictions is a major health problem. It is amazing how addicts belittle the problem by denying its existence in their lives. The danger is, addictions associated disorders treatment may become difficult when other complications are added up. This needs everybody’s involvement and that explains why doctor Dalal Akoury MD and her team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are very consistent in the journey of finding lasting solutions for substance abuse and other associated disorders.

Many patients are of the opinion that whenever they get sober, their addiction problem is done with. This is not true and a misleading factor in the recovery process. When addressing dual diagnosis, it cannot be business as usual. It is worth noting that effective recovery will depend heavily on the patient’s regular mental health treatment and observation, exploring effective and healthy coping mechanisms and making better decisions each time they are addressing any life challenges. And because this is not just a one-off treatment program, the following insights can be helpful for you remaining consistent and responsive to treatment.

  • Identifying and managing stress and emotions
  • Staying connected
  • Healthy lifestyle changes

Addictions associated disorders treatment: Identifying and managing stress and emotions

Stress management – There is no doubt that at some point in life with or without substance abuse and mental health problems you will be stressed. It’s important to be equipped with healthy coping skills to enable you to overcome any stressful moments without seeking temporal relief from alcohol or drugs. With good stress management skills, you will be able to adequately handle relapse when it comes.

Identify your triggers and have an escape plan – If you’re coping with a mental disorder as well, it’s important to know all the indicators that are likely to motivate your illness to flare up. This could be necessitated by stressful events, eventful life changes including unhealthy sleeping and poor eating habits. Doctor Akoury advice that a pre-planned working plan will be ideal for the management of any eventualities.

Addictions associated disorders treatment: Staying connected

Support – You will definitely need some encouragement and guidance and you cope. A therapist or support group will be ideal to help you keep and remain focus says doctor Akoury.

Keep trail of your doctor’s instructions – There is this wrong assumption that when an addict has managed to be sober then that is the end of their addiction. This actually the beginning and so keep following all your physician’s instruction and always do make consultation with the experts from time to time before making any sudden changes.

Addictions associated disorders treatment: Healthy lifestyle changes

Relaxation techniques – This include techniques like mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and increase feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being.

Healthy eating habits – Breakfast is essential and should be adequate. The subsequent meals also need to observe but consumed in smaller units quite frequently within the day. Remember that staying too long without eating is dangerous and can cause low blood sugar which can make you feel more stressed or anxious.

Exercise regularly and get good sleep – Exercise is very healthy as it natural reduces stress, relieves anxiety and improves your mood and outlook. In all this never deny yourself quality sleep of between 7-9 hours in the night.

Addictions associated disorders treatment: Dual diagnosis