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Chemotherapy drugs available

Chemotherapy drugs available: The magic of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs

Chemotherapy drugs available.The market is flooded with different types of chemotherapy drugs that can prescribe to patients by oncologists

The market is flooded with different types of chemotherapy drugs that can prescribe to patients by oncologists. These drugs are life savers and are categorized into groups depending on their contents and how they work. The good news is that each category of drugs kills or shrinks cancer cells in a different way. Doctor Dalal Akoury President of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center shares with us some of the functions of these drugs.

The group known as alkylating agents, can damage the DNA of cancer cells to keep them from multiplying. They’re responsible for treating different types of cancer including leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, and sarcoma, as well as breast, lung, and ovarian cancers. Some of alkylating agents include: cyclophosphamide, melphalan, and temozolomide. One of the side effects they have is that they can destroy the bone marrow which can cause leukemia. This risk can be lowered by taking the drugs in smaller doses.

Antimetabolites: this chemo drug affects the normal metabolism of cells by lowering their rate of multiplication. Oncologist often prescribes them to treat leukemia and cancer in the breasts, ovaries, and intestines. Drugs in this group include 5-fluorouracil, 6-mercaptopurine, cytarabine, gemcitabine, and methotrexate, among many others.

Anthracycline chemotherapy attacks the enzymes inside cancer cells’ DNA that help them divide and grow. They work for many types of cancer. Some of these drugs are actinomycin-D, bleomycin, daunorubicin, and doxorubicin, among others. Remember that high doses of anti-tumor antibiotics can damage your heart or lungs.

Mitotic inhibitors hinders the growth of cancer cells by stopping the production of proteins necessary for cancer cells grow. They’re often prescribed for treating breast and lung cancers and types of myeloma, leukemia, and lymphoma. Examples include docetaxel, estramustine, paclitaxel, and vinblastine.

Topoisomerase inhibitors attacks enzymes that help cancer cells divide and grow. They treat some types of leukemia and cancer of the lung, ovaries, and intestines, among other types. Examples includes etoposide, irinotecan, teniposide, and topotecan.

Steroids are drugs that act like body hormones and are useful in treating many types of cancer. They can prevent nausea and vomiting after a series of chemo. They can also prevent allergic reactions to some of the drugs. Some of the steroids your doctor might prescribe are prednisone, methylprednisolone, and dexamethasone.

Chemotherapy drugs available: Other cancer drugs

Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment, but today, doctors often prescribe other kinds of cancer medicines, such as targeted therapies, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. Unlike chemo, these medicine are destroys only cancer cells leaving only healthy cells. They have none or very negligible side effects.

Chemotherapy drugs available: How can you tell if it’s working?

Finally, all these medications will only be relevant if they work effectively. Doctor Akoury reiterates that your oncologist will make observation on how your body is responding to these medication during and after treatment. During this period, your specialist will establish whether your tumor is shrinking or growing by carrying out tests like blood tests, X-rays or physical exams. In the event that these doesn’t work, a different approach like changing the dose or administering a mixture of treatment can be necessary. These are not across the counter drugs. If you have any concerns, you can call AWAREmed health center now for a further professional advice.

Chemotherapy drugs available: The magic of chemotherapy




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Stem Cells: The New Medicine Medical Research Has Provided

Stem Cells: The New Medicine

Stem cell research has been conducted for many years. With stem cells we can now have a better understanding of how organisms that are complex develop from something simple as a fertilized egg. In a laboratory setting, researchers are able to follow up the process of stem cells division into specialized cells that make up the brain, bone and skin as well as other types of cells.

The process involves identifying mechanisms and signals that determine whether or not a stem cell will differentiate into something complex. Understanding will help us understand which processes control the normal cell and organ development.

The stem cell research has been triggered for years by development of serious medical conditions such as birth defects and cancer which often are as a result of abnormal growth and development of cells. Wen cells do not mature, divide and differentiate as they should then conditions such as cancer are likely to develop. A better understanding of molecular and genetic controls of the process of cell division and differentiation will yield more information as to why these conditions come to be and in the process new approaches can be sort. This is an important goal in research on stem cells.

Stem Cell

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is basically a cell that has not reached maturity and one that can potentially become specialized into different cells types in the boy for the formation of different body organs. Stem cells exist in two types: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come to be during division of a newly fertilized cell. When these stem cells divide, they are differentiated to become any type of cell in the body that is required for the formation of different body organs as the foetus develop in the womb.

Adult stem cells on the other hand are very different from embryonic stem cells. These types if stem cells are found I already developed tissues. They are therefore found in both children and infants. These stem cells are not developed or a fertilized egg but are found later when different tissues have already developed. These types of stem cells act like replacement cells. This means that they undergo division regularly in order to replace worn out, dead or lost cells. They are specialized to take the place of cells that have been lost or those that have died. Adult stem cells can be found in tissues of the body such as blood, brain, bone, skin and muscle. N as much as research on stem cells has been going on for long, the research has not been able to yield much result due to the inability to develop and differentiate these cells in a laboratory setting.


The medical breakthrough in stem cells research

As seen much earlier, stem cells are immature cells that have the tendency to develop and specialize into any type of cells. This being the case, researchers have tried to use stem cells in understanding and dealing with medical conditions such as birth defects and different types of cancers like leukemia. Because stem cells can be specialized into any type of cells they have the potential of treating disease and other disorders.

Today stem cells research procedures are used life-saving options for patients suffering from lymphoma, leukemia, some types of tumors and other disorders of the blood.

stem cells

Bone marrow transplant: For many years bone marrow transplant has been used tin treatment of diseases like leukemia. Bone marrow transplant involves removal of a donors bone marrow stem cells and replacing them with those of a sick patient. If the procedure proves successful, the bone marrow form a healthy donor migrates into the bone marrow of the patient. The healthy bone marrow will then begin producing healthy white blood cells which will end up replacing the abnormal cells in the patient. His s one of the major breakthroughs in stem cells transplant hat has seen many leukemia patients get a second chance.

Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs): naturally may of the blood stem cells are fund n he bone marrow, however a small number of these can be found n he blood stream. The process of obtaining stem cells from the bone marrow is usually a difficult process. Since stem cells are also resent in the blood, they can be obtained with ease form drawn blood making the process of obtaining stem cells easier. The only problem is that, stem cells in the blood stream exist sparsely in the blood stream which can prove difficulty while trying to extract enough of them for a transplant.

Umbilical cord stem cells transplant: the umbilical code s normally discarded as a waste product of the process of birth. However research shows that the blood found in the umbilical cord is rich in stem cells. These can be harvested and used to treat patients of cancer and other conditions of cell defects. These stems cells have been used to treating the same conditions as those treated by stem cells of the bone marrow and PBSCs.

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Stem cells transplant is proving to be a promising approach to health conditions such as lymphoma and leukemia. You can tap into these benefits. Dr. Dalal Okoury is an expert in integrative medicine. Don’t also forget to attend the Integrative Addiction Conference 2015. The conference will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity of approaches to identifying and treating patients of addiction. Visit http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com for more information about the addiction conference.

Stem Cells: The New Medicine Medical Research Has Provided



Hematopoietic Cells to Treat TBI

Fetal Neural and Liver-Derived Hematopoietic Cells to Treat TBI

Hematopoietic cellsThe stem cells have been in the media for all the good reasons, scientists have been involved in research and trials on the viability of stem cells to be used in treatment of various conditions. The stem cells transplant has been seen as a potential therapeutic approach in treatment of traumatic brain injury as it helps in replacing the cells and tissues that are damaged as a result of a traumatic brain injury. Various types of stem cells such as the liver derived haemopoietic cells, embryonic rodent, immortalized progenitor cells and human stem cells and bone marrow-derived cells have been successfully transplanted in experimental models of traumatic brain injury resulting in reduced neurobehavioral deficits and attenuation of histological damage. However, till now there is still scarcity of literature on this issue and so it is rather unclear whether the stem cells can be transplanted and help in treatment of traumatic brain injury. the various ways through which the stem cells can be used in treating of traumatic brain injury include; cell replacement, trophic support, or manipulation of the local environment to stimulate endogenous regeneration but there is still a lot to be done to avail reliable information on this subject especially on the use of fetal neural stem cells which has been clouded with lots of controversy. there ought to be a sound understanding of the interaction between the recipient and the transplanted stem cells, the mechanism with which the stem cells work to restore the damaged cells ought to be understood especially how the immature fetal neural derived stem cells differentiate into mature neurons and help in treatment of traumatic brain injury, this can be achieved by further research on this issue.

Restorative approach to TBI treatment

In the past years, the approach toward the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) has changed and taken a more restorative approach aiming at replacing and repairing the damaged tissues, cells and neurons damaged as a result of TBI. It is opined that the stem cell transplant is the best method for TBI treatment since the brain has a limited capacity to renew itself. The effectiveness of cell transplant in treating TBI has been seen in earlier experiments that involved transplantation of fetal neural tissues with or without nerve growth factor (NGF). In spite the effectiveness that was seen with the transplantation of fetal neural cells, a lot of controversy got sparked especially in concern of its practicality and ethics of its application.

On the other hand NT2N cells showed promise in graft survival, NGF gene therapy was also found to improve the cognitive deficits as a result of cortical contusion injury (CCI) in rodents. In most researches both rodent and human embryonic stem cells have shown encouraging results in survival, integration and attenuation of post-traumatic sequellae. The stem cells are flexible in treatment of disease as they possess the rare ability to differentiate into other cells and tissues hence can be used to replace the damaged cells in TBI. Particularly, the neural stem cells have the capacity to divide unlimitedly and differentiate into neurons as well as glial cells.

In a research done by Mahasweta Das, Subhra Mohapatra and Shyam S Mohapatra, It was found that mouse embryonic stem cells transplanted with or without a fibronectin scaffold following CCI improved behavioral symptoms . Xenotransplanted human neural stem cells have also been observed to survive in injured rodent brains and to express astrocytic and neuronal antigens. The transplanted cells migrated to the hippocampus, corpus callosum and ipsilateral sub-ependymal zone and reduced the number of degenerating neurons.

Hematopoietic or mesenchymal are advantageous

HematopoieticOf these stem cell types the bone marrow derived stem cells; hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells have been found to be advantageous when used as they can be harvested from the same patient and be transplanted in the brain of the same TBI patient hence limit the chances of donor unavailability or immune rejection. These cells have successfully been transplanted into injured rats by different routes where they express neural and glial cell markers and migrate to the subventricular zone, hippocampus and pericontusional areas showing neurogenesis and improved neurobehavioral outcome. The transplanted neural stem cells also modified to encode brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in rats after TBI and found significant improvement in graft survival, neurogenesis and behavioral outcome.

Another study in winster rats, that the functional improvement and colonization of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells were observed after TBI and the recovery was found to be facilitated by granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). Human fetal neural stem cells (hfNPCs) transplanted after CCI in rats increased angiogenesis and reduced astrogliosis. In these experiments it can be seen that stem cell transplant might have positive input in the treatment of TBI in humans. However, it is good to note that there are few trials that have been done on humans and so the use of fetal neural stem cell implantation in treatment of TBI should still be approached with caution until there would be enough wok to prove not only their safety but also their effectiveness.

Finally, for more information about bone marrow transplant and stem cell transplantation, visit www.awaremednetwork.com Dr. Dalal Akoury has garnered years of experience in integrative medicine and will be able to help. Feel free to visit http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com and know more about the upcoming Integrative Addiction Conference 2015. The conference will equip you with unique approaches of telling symptoms of addiction and how to help patients battling addiction.

Fetal Neural and Liver-Derived Hematopoietic Cells to Treat TBI



Cancer the most feared Health condition

Cancer the most feared Health condition: After the Diagnosis

Cancer the most feared Health condition

Cancer the most feared Health condition.Although signs vary among the different types of cancer, cancer symptoms can include pain, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss.

For a couple of weeks we will be posting articles torching on the information about cancer as a chronic health complication. The various kinds of cancers causes, signs and symptoms treatment and prevention. The articles are going to be very rich in information about cancer the most feared health condition across the globe. We want to lay down the foundation for this series and take this earliest opportunity to invite you to keep and invite other people into this link so that we can take precaution for all of us. A team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Cancer are going to explaining to us certain complex information for a better understanding.

Many people however take the simplest meaning of cancer to suggest that it is the abnormal growth of cells somewhere in the body. As we ponder with that it is sad noting that every year more than a million people are diagnosed with a cancer condition and the most common types of cancer include:

Besides the three major types of cancer treatment surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy experts are working to find new and more effective ways of fighting cancer. Prevention would be applicable for some cancers conditions while the other types can be avoided by adopting and practicing consistently a healthy lifestyle that is free from drugs. And like I had said before that after a cancer diagnosis has been done whether it’s your own or that of a loved one the right information can be one of your most powerful weapons in fighting this chronic health condition. Doctor Akoury shares with us some of the pertinent things and information everyone would need to know about cancer treatment and management.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: What Is Cancer?

It’s very important to begin by understanding what problem we are talking about. This is one of the word diagnosis that frightens and scary to most people. Everybody is at threat and therefore we can demystify cancer by getting certain facts right. Even though it is a world phenomenon more than one million people are diagnosed each year with cancer. Cancer strikes half of all men and one out of three women in the United States, and there are currently more than 12 million cancer survivors living in US. Cancer doesn’t discriminate in any way it can affect and infect anybody irrespective of your gender, color, status or ethnicity. Therefore to help demystify cancer, start by learning basic facts about it.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: Cancer Basics

Cancer is often feared and misunderstood, and there are many misconceptions about this disease. But education is the best defense, so don’t believe the common cancer myths that are being escalated around you. Although signs vary among the different types of cancer, cancer symptoms can include pain, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. Doctor Akoury explains that cancer affects in stages and so depending on your cancer stage, you and your treatment team will come up with a cancer treatment plan that’s right and is applicable for you. You may also be interested in enrolling in a cancer clinical trial, which can offer access to newer and more experimental therapies.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: The Root of Cancer

This is one of the basic fundamentals that are very important to get right. Cells, which make up human tissue, form the basis of our organs. On the most basic level, cancer is the abnormal growth of some of our cells. The body is busy and is constantly renewing themselves. What that means is that we have cells that grow and divide. Remember that these cells usually have a finite life span and cancer as a disease process represents cells in our body that no longer respond to the usual growth and death signals. A cancer cell no longer responds to those signals and becomes immortal that is to say it doesn’t die. When that happens, the cell has the power to spread elsewhere in the body and grow in areas where that particular type of cell would not normally grow.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: Types of Cancer

Primarily different kinds of cancers derived their names from the organ experiencing the abnormal growth of cells, as with breast cancer and prostate cancer. Leukemia, a group of blood cancers, starts with the leukocytes; the type of white blood cells affected, and gets its name from them. For men, the most common type of cancer is prostate cancer. For women, it is breast cancer. After those gender-specific cancers, lung cancer and colorectal cancers are the next most common types for both men and women. Following these, the most prevalent types of cancer are split by sex again: bladder cancer and melanoma for men, and uterine cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma for women. That is ideally the trend that it takes when it come to the various kinds of cancers we have.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: Cancer Treatments

Like I had indicated before, there are three major types of cancer treatment most often used today and they include:

  • Surgery to remove the cancer
  • Radiation therapy, which uses energy to kill cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy, which uses drugs to kill cancer cells

Experts are constantly working to find new and more effective cancer treatment options. Cancer treatment is moving away from simply killing cancer cells and toward targeted therapies for cancer patients. This is a form of chemotherapy that interferes with the underlying mechanisms that make a cancer cell a cancer cell.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: Cancer Risk Factors

When I mentioned prevention as a remedy I meant it because it is much easier to prevent that to treat. Like for instance there are certain lifestyle behaviors, like smoking, a poor diet leading to overweight or obesity, and being sedentary which we can collectively or even individually avoid to be safe from the attacks of cancer. These are all cancer are some of the major risk factors however the other risk factors may include:

It’s estimated that half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by some simple lifestyle changes. Look at some of these practices, don’t you think that it is possible to quitting smoking, eat a healthy diet that includes lots of plant-based foods, maintain a healthy body weight, and getting regular exercise? Imagine that by doing that you will be sending cancer away from your life if not from your generation.

Vaccines, antibiotics, and changing certain sexual behaviors could also prevent cancers that are linked to infectious diseases, like the human papillomavirus, hepatitis B virus, and HIV.

Finally as we lay this informative foundation we want to bring to your attention that doctor Akoury founded this medical facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) to help the society understand the take the lead role in the prevention. We appreciate that cancer will probably always sound frightening at first, but understanding what it represents, how it can be treated, and what you can do to help reduce your risk of developing cancer can help bring it to manageable levels and that is our objective. We want to have you along so that together we put some of these diseases out of our societies. Talk to us if you have any concerns and we will be there to listen to you and attend to you professionally.

Cancer the most feared Health condition: After the Diagnosis



Cancer Risk: GMO and Link to Cancer

GMO and Link to Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death to a number of people. The disease is linked to lifestyle choices like wrong diet and lack of exercise. Other causes of cancer are infections, inheritance of cancer causing genes and chemicals such as carcinogens. Cancer affects your life and puts a stop to some aspects of it.

Everyday new cases of cancer emerge. Just like any other disease, cancer knows no age limits. People across all ages are at the risk of getting cancer. It ends up messing up the body functioning. Why is this so? Well, cancer affects the body cells. Cells are basically the building blocks of the body.

Cancer begins with a tumor. A tumor refers to a mass of tissue that is formed by an overgrowth of cells. Getting cancer depends on whether the tumor is malignant or not. Malignant tumors are basically cancerous while those that aren’t cancerous are referred to as benign tumors.

If left unchecked, cancer can end up being terminal. The good news is that cancer can be cured if it is detected early. Medical experts advocate for regular medical check-ups to ensure that your body is healthy. This allows the doctors to detect problems like cancer early and deal with it before it becomes severe.


Understanding cancer

As explained, cancer starts form a tumor. Cells end up dividing uncontrollably and this leads to development of tumors. These tumors affect the functioning of cells. This translates to entire body dysfunctioning.

There are over 100 types of cancers in the world. Over 1.4 million cases of cancer are reported every year. Cells are damaged and they lose their functioning. When this happens, the cells begin to divide uncontrollably forming masses of tissues.

In normal conditions cells grow and die. Old and worn out cells are replaced by new cells which are generated by the body. In the case of cancer, cells neither wear out nor die. Generation of new cells does not however stop. This clumping of cells in excess is what leads to emergent of the tissue masses we are calling tumors.

One fact about cancer that most people don’t comprehend is that cancer can end up affecting multiple body parts. This happens when cancerous tumors move from one part to another in a process called mitosis. For example, cancerous tumor from the stomach can end up spreading to the colon.

When cancer is detected, the patient is put under medication and therapies to prevent the cancer from spreading. Some treatments of cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immune therapy among others.

What are GMO?

The term refers to either animals or plants that have been genetically altered. They are created by inserting genes from one organism to another to alter its genetic composition. The organisms are mostly modified to improve the quality of genes in them. Genetically modified plants become resistant to disease and pesticides. They also become resistant to droughts and are able to survive worse drought conditions they never would have surpassed if not modified.

Genetically Modified Organisms have been linked to cancer. Their contribution to causing cancer cannot be overlooked. Many countries today are banning the use of GMO the latest being Russia. Today basically almost every food is genetically modified.

Genetically modified plants grow faster that organic ones. They are a solution to the starving population for most governments. But is it worth the risk? Are GMO really as safe as we are made to believe? The truth is that GMO are unhealthy compared to organic food.

Most of the foods that find their way into our diets are in one way or another genetically modified. Corn and soy are the known modified crops. Therefore avoid eating anything that is made from soy lecithin or corn syrup.

Most animals like chicken, cows and pigs are fed from these genetically modified crops like corm. Therefore GMO ends up finding its way to you through their meat. Always opt for animals you know are grass fed, like those raised in farms.

Organic foods on the other hand are safe and are made from non GMO seeds. Always read the label of cans when purchasing food. Go for foods which are labeled GMO- free as this means that they are not made from any genetically modified organisms.


How GMO can cause cancer

The most common cancer linked to GMO is breast cancer. When GMO are made, the genetic composition of the original plant is altered by inserting genes from another plan. This alters the DNA of the original plant.

Studies show that when DNA is altered it increases a person’s risk of getting cancer. This is because the genetic substances in GMO end up altering the DNA of humans. This alters normal body functioning.

When this happens, a person is at risk getting cancerous tumors. The cells are affected by this DNA modification and due to this they end up functioning abnormally and this is what can lead to cancer.

To find out more about GMO and cancer risks join the AwareMed community. Dr. Dalal Akoury will provide more facts about cancer and how you can avoid it. Contact her for more health and awareness tips.

Cancer Risk: GMO and Link to Cancer