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Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally: Complete de-registration of substance abuse

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally can be very instrumental in eradicating in its entirely all the problens that are associated with drug addiction that causes a lot of harm to this generation.

In management all over the world, good managers do not just spend time for the current running events but also offer a provision for the aftermath of the event. This has been seen to be a serious setback in many organizations if not managed properly. Experts are now confirming that setbacks of failure to properly offer provisions for the aftermath of any event can ruin the success which may have been delivered from the beginning. Just like in the management of a business or an event, it is also very important that when administering treatment to any patient, careful attention must be taken to address any unforeseen eventualities on, during and after treatment. When it comes to the management of drug addiction, identification of the problem and acknowledgement come first then treatment and putting systems that will deal with any complications that may arise after treatment period. Therefore owing to the nature of this problem, we want to explore on the possible intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally so that any treatment done does not disintegrate to further addiction. To take us through this discussion, we are going to relay on the expert opinions of professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who is also the founder of the establishment. To start the discussion doctor Akoury says that when it comes to the in all the setbacks that we may have cravings for the substance one was using before treatment is one of the most disturbing one and this is what we want to start with as we progress into the discussion.

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally: Keep triggers and cravings in check

From the several studies professionally done on this subject, it has been established that in the quest of finding solutions to drug addiction, two problems are seen as the most outstanding obstacles. At the initial stages the first obstacle is that of denial. Many people are living in denial and they are not willing to acknowledge that they have a problem that needs to be fixed. In the process of their denial, the intensity of their addiction to the substances they are abusing increases such that by the time treatment commences, it becomes very difficult to help them owing to the magnitude of the damage done. Besides the hurdles faced at the initial stages, the other technicality comes at the end of the process when the patient is either progressing well with their recovery program or are fully recovered from their addiction. We are addressing the problem of craving for the drug and so doctor Akoury registers her professional opinion that “while getting sober from drugs is an important first step, it’s only the beginning of the recovery process.” She says that once sobriety is achieved, the next step is to allow the brain to recover and rebuild connections that have changed while addicted. This is likely to take some time and it is during this time that the drug cravings can be so intense to the point of getting out of hand overwhelmingly. Doctor Akoury gives several measures that an individual can take to contain the situation and she advises that at this point you can support your continued sobriety by making a conscious effort to avoid people, places, and situations that trigger the urge to use as follows:

Seek to find new friends and make a break from old drug friends – For you to see the fruits of your recovery it is important that you don’t make the mistake of hanging out with old friends who are still doing drugs. They will cause you a lot of harm and before you know it you will be back to your old habits. Therefore it is necessary that you surround yourself with people who support your sobriety, not those who tempt and tice you to slip back into old, destructive habits.

Avoid bars and clubs – Alcohol is very addictive and therefore even if you don’t have a problem with alcohol any more, don’t feel that you are strong and can resist the temptation to sip when meeting friends, in other words keep serious distance to social places like bars and clubs where alcoholic beverages are sold. Remember that drinking lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment, which can easily lead to relapse. Drugs are often readily available and the temptation to use can be overpowering. And besides that it is also important that you avoid any other environments and situations that you associate with drug use.

Be up front about your history of drug use when seeking medical treatment – This is very important says doctor Akoury that anytime you are due or you are in need of a medical or dental procedure done on you, be open and discuss freely with your physician all you know about your history and most importantly find a provider who will work with you in either prescribing alternatives or the absolute minimum medication necessary. Take note of this that this is not the time for you to be ashamed or feel humiliated about your previous drug use. The more you open up to your health provider the better help you will get from them. So don’t withhold open up and allow yourself to be helped.

Use caution with prescription drugs – Stay away from prescription drugs with the potential for abuse or use only when necessary and with extreme caution. Drugs with a high abuse potential include painkillers, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medication.

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally: Consistency in sobriety

When you have understood the magnitude of cravings, it then becomes easier for you to pick up the pieces and move on. That is why it is always very necessary that as soon as you are out of the rehabilitation centre, you must always keep in constant consultation with your physician so that when there is any reason of relapse immediate action can be taken to remedy the situation before it deteriorates into more heart breaking situations. And in that regard I want to prevail upon you and beseech you not to relent in your desire to remain sober. Never give up even if you relapse from time to time. Remember that it is not a crime to relapse but how you handle yourself in such situations is what matters most. Therefore always consult with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center from time to time so that any cropping damage can be arrested and dealt with in good time.

Intelligent ways of containing drug addiction professionally: Complete deregistration of substance abuse



Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction: When food becomes a problem instead of a source of energy

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction is very real in the sense that both if not addressed in good time, can lead to serious and life threatening complications.

Is it really true that people can be addicted to food? If we need food to supply the energy we need in the body then does it make sense to insinuate that food can be very addictive? This is what we want to interrogate in this case study of understanding connections between obesity and food addiction. In the past we have been making reference to addiction as a dependence on any substance that causes the affected individual to feel powerless to stop. And because of this fact, millions around the world are today struggling with addictions problems, and surprisingly food addiction is among one of the most common forms of addiction that doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to help us rediscover as we progress into the discussion. Several studies have established that nearly 80% of gastric bypass pre-surgical patients suffer from food addiction. These studies, along with those of other investigators, also found that the behavioral biochemical causes and effects underlying food addiction are nearly identical to those of other self-destructive addictions.

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction: Turning to food to cope with feelings of low self-worth

One of the most common behavioral characteristic of people who are suffering from self-destructive addictions is the feeling of not being good enough. The feelings of low self-worth in turn may cause a poor self-image, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, a need to over achieve and an intense and chronic fear of failure. These are not experiences that are not conducive for life and must not be given space to grow. Measures must be taken to prevent them however if they are already with us, then immediate treatment solution must be taken professionally. If you are struggling with any kind of addiction, you must never demine yourself for being in such situation instead you need to seek for help by calling doctor Dalal Akoury to schedule for an appointment so that your problem can be dealt with professionally in good time.

It is regrettable that some of the problems we have with addiction are society based. Studies have established that as a society, we have set certain unattainable standards which are very unreasonable and unrealistic for worthiness. So whenever one is not able to meet such they feel belittled and this is seen as of great impact to the addicts who are not only suffering from the negative feelings about themselves but are also struggling with the element of stress and failure to develop the stress coping skills or strategies. The dangers comes in the sense that instead of confronting life stressors directly or finding healthier ways to manage emotions such as through exercise, journaling, relaxation, spiritual care, therapy etc., the “addict” often seeks to avoid unpleasant feelings by eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs, gambling and various other ways of escaping from reality.

Doctor Akoury is reporting that according to one collaborative study it was established that more than 90% of pre-surgical morbidly obese patients use avoidance stress coping behavior to handle emotions, seeking comfort from negative feelings and stressful situations through the use and sometimes the abuse of food. And remember that there are strong associations between avoidance coping behavior, food addiction and lack of control over eating, with most food addicts feeling that they have no control over their addiction in spite of having complete knowledge of its negative social and health consequences. Nonetheless they compassionately recognize the adverse effects the addiction has on friends, family, and self, but feel powerless over such behavior. This generates feelings of guilt and remorse thereby worsening the addictions and setting in motion a vicious cycle of avoidance and abuse.

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, negative feelings toward self, remorse, guilt and inappropriate stress coping behavior is likely to cause neurochemical changes within the brain which can adversely influence mood and cause a physical dependency for the addictive substance. These neurochemical defects occur in the limbic system of the brain, the area of the brain responsible for controlling moods and basic functions such as eating.

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction: The Body’s Stress Response

When individuals are confronted with stressful situations, specific hormones are produced, which help the body to cope with the situation. One of the body’s stress response pathways, known as the limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (LHPA) axis, generates a series of brain hormones that eventually lead to production of cortisol by the adrenal gland. Cortisol helps to make available more sugar to the brain and other parts of the body to help cope with the stressful event.

Individuals who are under chronic stress (including those who have constant negative feelings of self) have an overactive LHPA axis. Hyperactivity of this axis has been reported in individuals who are obese as well as alcoholics, drug users, smokers and victims of early abuse or trauma. Elevated cortisol levels on an ongoing basis are not only harmful to health, but also harmful to mood. It can cause depression. It also affects mood by interfering with the actions of one of the brain’s major messengers, serotonin. Serotonin defects cause depression and anxiety. Many alcoholics, smokers, drug addicts and obese individuals suffer from depression and anxiety. Nicotine, alcohol and certain drugs increase serotonin activities and temporarily improve mood. These addictions are a means of self-medication.

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction: Food as Medication

Carbohydrates also raise serotonin levels and enhance mood temporarily. Studies have shown that the majority of individuals who are obese crave for carbohydrates. Low serotonin and stress induced activation of the LHPA axis are also known to increase the risk for substance abuse and food addiction through another feel good pathway, the dopamine reward system.

The pleasure derived from substances such as alcohol, nicotine and certain drugs are, in part, due to the stimulation of dopamine. Eating foods high in sugar, fat or even the smell or taste of an individual’s favorite food activates the dopamine reward system, producing pleasure and satisfaction. Frequent use of addictive substances, such as nicotine, alcohol and food, reduces the pleasurable effects of the dopamine reward system so that more and more of the substance is required to derive satisfaction. Therefore to be safe if this description suits you, then you need to seek for help now by consulting with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury and all your addiction problems will be addressed professionally leaving you comfortable and healthy to live your life to the fullest.

Understanding connections between obesity and food addiction: When food becomes a problem instead of a source of energy



The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use: The association between crime and drug addiction

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use are two different things that must be dealt with soberly if we have to keep and maintain a healthy and peaceful society.

We are living at a time when very many things you would not imagine happening in life. The rate of crime is escalating and becoming very sophisticated every day. Many lives are lost in one single act of crime thanks to the availability of drugs in the market that has made criminals to get the psych for crime. Because of this the global safety is not guaranteed and that is why we want to focus our discussion on the crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use in our states. Will this real help put to check this problem that is causing a lot of fear among people in the society? This is a subject that can be debated endlessly and therefore we want to engage the services of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who besides being a veteran addiction expert of several decades is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This facility was formulated primarily to help people who are struggling with any form of addiction regain their lives and be productive in the society.

Doctor Akoury is registering that it is regrettable that dealing in illicit drugs is continually becoming a very big business not just in your country but across the globe. Today we have very many organized and dangerous drug cartels in most countries that are deeply rooted in this killer business and the most painful part of this is that they are using the proceeds accruing from their criminal activity to raise more havoc in the societies. These cartels are causing a lot of constrain in the delivery of security services in some states since a lot of efforts are put in ensuring that their activities do not cause harm to the innocent citizens. In the process of doing this other sectors may be compromised which means that the status quo is likely to continue for very long time if the drugs continues to be affordable and easily accessible in the market as it is now in most streets of our cities across the globe.

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use: Should drug use be legalized?

As the debate rages on doctor Akoury states that one of the ideas put forward in this discussion is that of legalizing drugs. Those who are supporting this view argue that it would facilitate and help in the reduction of crime especially those that are associated with drug abuse. Their point is that when dealing in drug is legal then chances are that addicts would not have to resort to criminal behavior to fund their habit. The costs of drugs could be put to check by setting rates which addicts could afford without having to steal in order to get the supply. Besides that they also elude that these drugs could also be taxed and the revenue realized from these could be used to fund drug rehabilitation treatment. Alongside with that this school of thought is also seeing the possibility of realizing reduction in the attraction to drugs. To them many people will often be curious at things that are prohibited and restricted and so by allowing its use this will be eliminated hence the reduction of substance abuse.

Nonetheless the opposing views is very categorical that the effects of drug abuse is so devastating that letting people lose to it will kill the moral fabric of the society and most importantly, we are going to register very disturbing figures in terms of death, sicknesses and crime due to more addictions. Besides that the reason of revenue is inconsequential as this would place an extra burden on taxpayers, the authorities and the State as a whole in the logistics of caring and administration of treatment to the increased number of people being addicted to the drugs.

If you are still with us in this discussion I want to believe that we are heading somewhere. Now that we are progressing well doctor Akoury possess this concern, “what do you do with those people who are addicted to committing an offences day in day out?” remember that these people may or may not be addicted to drugs but one common denominator the have is that they have an addiction, which in this case is addiction to crime. These are very tricky occurrences and we will be lying to ourselves if we say that we understand because for sure there is no easy answer to this debate will still continue. However it is important to pick certain points in this all issue and appreciate that the questions raised are very pertinent and cannot just be ignored. That is why professionally it is said that prevention is better than cure therefore you do not willfully create a problem because you have the mechanisms of solving it says doctor Dalal Akoury.

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use: Addiction and crime prevention measures

It has been suggested that unless we can change human nature itself then crime will always be with us. Crime is normally first propagated in the mind before it’s execution and so the wellness of the mind is a perfect remedy for everyone. Doctor Akoury is of the strong opinion that while we appreciate that drug addiction is well connected with crime, the two can be separated and each can be dealt with individually and in isolation. It will be an uphill task for the authority to ensure that drug barons are arrested because many of them are always walking free while their little clients are the ones being arrested and when they are arrested, the have the resources to buy their way out into the street again. This element of corruption must stop for our society to be safe.

Finally and on the professionals point of view, the option of treatment is the best and for this to yield any meaningful fruits, it is highly recommended that we all engage the services of real professionals in addiction to help in addressing this problem. Therefore to start you off this long journey of addiction recovery and reduction of crime levels from our societies, it will be very important for you if you are struggling with any form of addiction to schedule for an appointment with the home of experts (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery process immediately.

The crimes of terrorism and legalizing drug use: The association between crime and drug addiction



Beating Addiction Naturally

Natural Ways to Beat Addiction

Natural addiction recoveryDetoxifying the body is usually the first step of recovering from addiction but this is just a small part of how such addicts can manage sobriety for a long time if not for life. Patients can get both traditional and western therapies as part of treatment for their addiction. Natural therapies like acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga and guided meditation can help in addressing the whole body difficulties of addiction. Mind, body and spirit are all connected to addiction recovery considering the immense positive response to natural therapies of some patients. These natural therapies needs to start with the mind, body and the spirit where addicts will be taught natural ways to control their own health and they will also be taught how to focus on their habits in a natural way.

The said physical treatment will offer the affected people an opening to direct their feelings connected with addictions. Almost all addictions can be treated naturally but most people are oblivious to these facts. However, the common human being will try and approach it in different ways. Take for example the case of opiate addiction or addiction to pain killers. Many people believe that it is almost impossible to get rid of this addiction but this should not be hard if you are in the right path and know what you are doing.

Regrettably, most people don’t usually know about all these alternatives when trying to detox for these drugs or tablets. Treatment of addiction to pain killers can be done in three phases which is commonly known as detox (PAWS) post-acute withdrawal syndrome and recovery. For pain killer addiction natural therapy detox, ordinary wisdom says one has 6 choices (medicated home detox, cold turkey detox, rehab, in patient detox, ultra rapid detox and opiate replacement detox). Take an example of cold turkey therapy where the addict unexpectedly or suddenly stops all the opiates. These detox is mostly done at home devoid of medical involvement or drug prescription.

addictionPatients who opt for cold turkey detox usually do so because they have no choice mostly because they will either have no money to buy the opiates, luck the opiates or both. This is mostly because they don’t have other options due to lack of money to buy the opiates. The detox is easy and quite comfortable because it will only last for about a week. This detox is usually not recommended because it is difficult and does not work long term, the relapse rate with this method is very high to consider it a practical method.

However since statistics show that many people will not complete home detox and even if they do a big percentage will relapse. Below are some of the proven ways that have worked overtime.

  • Acupuncture: this will help manage the addiction behavior by arousing the brain and it will also help overcome cravings and unnecessary urges. Acupuncture has also been proven to help patients stay in addiction treatment for a longer time than those who don’t embrace it as a way of treatment.
  • Exercise: This therapy is another way of teaching addicts to control their unhealthy cravings to a great health. Exercise has also been known to aid in the management of stress and even weight that is always gained after quitting various addictions like hard drugs or even smoking. It has even gone further to make them feel confident of themselves.
  • Hypnosis: this will help patients reject or eliminate the behavior and will adopt a new way of thinking about their addiction.

natural addiction recoveryAll these channels when applied should be used alongside other remedies but not as an only way of intrusion. These remedies should be considered by patients as another potential means to address their infirmity. A combination of intrusions will give the best results when it comes to combating addictions.

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Natural Ways to Beat Addiction