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Illicit drugs effects to the skin

Illicit drugs effects

All Illicit drugs effects to the skin complexion and health negatively

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Protecting the largest body organ

The skin being the largest body organ deserves all the protection from all the dangers attached. Illicit drugs effects form the biggest culprit in causing harm to the skin. We all want to have a radiant looking skin. and that is why doctor Dalal Akoury founded a health facility known as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This is a medical doctor who has made a lot of change in people’s lives across the globe in her more than two decades of skin care treatment experience. Calling doctor Akoury today for an appointment would mark the first step towards your skin and beauty transformation of a lifetime. To help you understand the magnitude of being lazy with your skin, we are going to discuss in this article how drug abuse affects the skin in all seasons.

There is no better drug anywhere on the surface of the earth. They are all Illicit and some of them include heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. All these and much more can take a severe toll on the health of your skin. Heroin, for example, is a central nervous system depressant that slows heart rate, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism

Skin popping as it is commonly known or the practice of injecting heroin into the top layer of the skin leaves distinctive round sores along the skin’s surface. These sores can easily become infected, resulting in permanent scars. For users who are anxious, restless or experiencing cravings, the scabs can become the focus of obsessive picking. Picking at the sores increases the risk of cellulitis or the infection of the soft tissues underlying the dermis.

Skin lesions are common in heavy methamphetamine users. This central nervous system stimulant can cause a condition called delusional parasitosis, or the false believe that the user is infected with organisms that are crawling across her skin. This condition which is also known as “meth mites” or “cocaine bugs” can lead to severe self-mutilation if the user is acutely intoxicated.

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Hopes for compulsive behaviors

Skin picking and hair pulling, like drug or alcohol abuse are not conditions to be taken lightly. The consequences of not taking immediate action can be very destructive. Because we are dealing with a very delicate organ. When strong substances like heroin are abused, the effect on the skin can be very wanting. I encourage you to take the beauty restoration of your skin seriously by scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for an elaborate treatment procedure. She will help you regain the life of your skin professionally.

Remember that the main objective of doctor Akoury and her team of experts are to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will interest to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Take that bold step and call her today so that you can have your beauty back with the most experienced professionals.

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Protecting the largest body organ


Understanding hormones

Facial bump remedies available

Facial bump remedies

Facial bump remedies available that eliminate face wrinkles naturally

Facial bump remedies available: Causes of swelling of the face

Your facial appearance communicates instantly with the world around you each day. When you wear a sad face it communicates too. And for you to have good communication with your face, it is important that all the facial bump remedies available should be engaged. That is why the function of the face is likened with those of an organization receptionist. Therefore, just like the reception is of an office is well taken care of in terms of flowering, cleanliness and even the personnel who sit in that office is not just handpicked from anywhere, but mostly very beautiful ladies win such positions. In the same way, your face also needs to be in perfect health and beauty. This is because it gives the first impression which is very important in communication. When it well-nourished the whole body feels comfortable. Facial bump is one of the obstacles that can make you unattractive. This is what we want to discuss in this article to get the full knowledge of what can be done to solve the problem of facial swelling.

I would start by advising that your face should be your most cherished asset of the body. Anything affecting it must be dealt with professionally as fast as possible. Doing this will need getting the right professionals for the job. All these concerns can be addressed professionally when you visit AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury MD. With the expertise and experience at this facility, all your skin care concerns will be addressed professionally. Therefore for this to be done, you will need to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for the commencement of your treatment process. And as you consider that, it is important to note that facial bumps may beFace swelling caused by several things including; injuries, sinus inflammation, edema and allergic reactions.

Fundamentally, facial swelling involves the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, and this may extend to the neck, throat, upper chest and shoulder area. When you visit doctor Akoury’s office, she will upon evaluating your condition administer treatment of swelling which varies depending on the cause, certain natural remedies may be helpful for various types of swelling. And because some of these natural remedies and herbs may cause side effects, it is important that in every step you make when using these natural remedies you should consult a health practitioner before beginning treatment.

Facial bump remedies available: Bromelain

Bromelain is an enzyme which originates from pineapples and is extracted from their leaves. It has been reported that bromelain may contain some anti-inflammatory properties which may be essential in reducing facial swelling in the sinuses and nasal passages caused by sinusitis. The expert’s findings also indicate that results have been mixed regarding bromelain’s efficiency for this condition; nonetheless, it can be combined with the flavonoid quercetin to take advantage of quercetin’s antihistamine properties. In all this, it must be noted that bromelain can thrill the blood and therefore should not be used by people taking blood-thinning medicines.

Besides that, individuals using ACE inhibitors for hypertension may experience a drop in blood pressure from using bromelain. It is paramount that anyone considering using bromelain to reduce facial and sinus swelling should first consult a health practitioner and doctor Akoury will be waiting for your call anytime.

Facial bump remedies available: Causes of swelling of the face


Autoimmune diseases no more

Good diet maintenances skin health

Good diet maintenances

Good diet maintenances skin health. Try it and find out for yourself

Good diet maintenances skin health: The blood sugar connection

Contrary to the past believes, currently research has established some correlations between diet and skin acne. We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center over this and she agrees that one of the best ways for improving the health of your skin is based on what you feed on. For a more glamorous kin complexion it is important that you eat good foods that target the stabilization of your blood sugar. Some foods make your blood sugar quickly soar. When this happens it triggers your body to make a burst of the hormone insulin to help your cells absorb the sugar. And that explains why good diet maintenances skin health efficiently.

Take for instance, if you’re eating cookies, granola bar, alongside drinking sweetened beverages regularly, you’re succeeding in pushing your blood sugar high rapidly. And the consequences of this is that you will have more insulin circulating in your bloodstream. Various research has suggested that insulin may play a role in acne. And while researchers were exploring the possible link, they studied some teenage boys and young men with acne for three months. During the study period some ate a diet including foods with a low glycemic load, and others ate a carbohydrate-heavy diet without being concerned about their glycemic index. Those who ate the special low glycemic load diet had more improvement in their acne.

On the other hand, a study published in a dermatology journal later that same year didn’t find any relationship between acne, insulin levels, and measurements of glycemic load. Meaning that, the matter is still under investigation. In the meantime, let us consider the following guidelines which can keep your blood sugar steady and at the same time fight inflammation and oxidative damage that could be linked to skin problems:

  • Focus on foods with a low glycemic index (GI), a measurement related to glycemic load. These cause smaller increases in your blood sugar, as opposed to the steeper jump from foods with a high glycemic index, or GI. Identifying low and high GI foods may take some time.
  • Eat small meals often. Eating every two and a half to three hours will help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels steadier.
  • Eat lots of vegetables. It is recommended that you eat 10 fist-sized servings of vegetables daily. Choose veggies across a range of deep and bright colors. These will provide a variety of antioxidants that dampen free-radical (or “oxidative”) damage and inflammation.

Good diet maintenances skin health: Gluten’s role

Finally, individuals struggling with celiac disease needs to avoid gluten (a kind of protein), found in certain grains. In these cases, eating gluten causes damage in the small intestine. Concern about gluten’s effects in people without celiac disease has become trendy in recent years. But people can be sensitive to gluten even if they don’t have celiac disease. In some cases, this gluten sensitivity can cause a skin rash. However, the rash related to gluten sensitivity, called dermatitis herpetiformis, is seen mainly in people with celiac disease. Therefore, a low-gluten diet can make a lot of nutritious foods such as whole-wheat bread disappears from your plate. These are important fact which we need to take seriously. You can seek for more professional input by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury now.

Good diet maintenances skin health: The blood sugar connection



The basic requirements in Skin Care

The basic requirements in Skin Care: Cleanse, Nourish and Protect

The basic requirements in Skin Care

The basic requirements in Skin Care include cleansing, nourishment and protection

Like in any other organs of the body, the skin is also associated with certain basics things that need to be done for it to remain attractive and appealing. If you look keenly, you will notice that of all the organs you have, it is the skin which is extremely exposed to various forces of attacks. It is therefore logical to understand why it is said that the skin has everything else beat. I once visited AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s able leadership to get the basic requirements in skin care so that I could on my own play a role in keeping my skin healthy. In her professional advice doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder of the facility begun by explaining to me that our skin is actually our body’s barrier, protecting us against the elements, not to mention disease. She continued to explain that since it is a barrier and very vulnerable to various attacks, we collectively and individually has a responsibility of returning the favor with just a few simple skin care basics, and by consulting regularly from your dermatologist when your skin experiences any condition that’s out of the ordinary.

The basic requirements in Skin Care: The basics are Straightforward

It does not take one with knowledge of a rocket science to get the basics. Everyone can and that is the encouragement we want to give you. Cleanse, nourish, protect ideally these are the three skin care basics that will keep skin looking, feeling, and functioning great. Because these skin care steps all rely on products, the starting point would be by selecting them prudently. It must interest you to know that skin care products aren’t regulated by the U.S. however one very fundamental fact we must all be aware of is that we all have different skin type which will equally demand different treatment approach. Now it will be in order that you look for products tailored to your skin type, but at the same time, beware of too much hype about the results you can expect. For accuracy and consistency, consult regularly with doctor Akoury every time you are changing on the product you use. Remember that there’s no relationship between how expensive a product is and how well it works.

The basic requirements in Skin Care: Your three Step Master Plan

It is recommended that your three step master plan should include the following:

Cleanse – Dry and sensitive skin need cleansing just once or twice a day, but even oily and acne prone skin will benefit from gentle skin care over-washing can be irritating and chap the top layer of skin, and won’t impact the amount of oil you produce. Cleansing is most important at night yes, just when you may feel the most exhausted but it’s a must to remove old makeup and the grime of the day. The old-school three product skin care system used to call for a liquid toner between the cleanser and the moisturizer, but this isn’t necessary, says Dr. Akoury. Exfoliating can be part of cleansing, but it’s more of a weekly or twice-a-week step to slough off any dead cells to help reveal a rosier complexion.

NourishMoisturizer works by sealing in skin’s natural moisture. If you have dry skin, you may need a rich formula by day and a thicker one at night. For dry skin, the best time to apply moisturizer is right after you shower, when skin has moisture in it. If you have oily skin, you may not need one at all. Oily skin won’t need a moisturizer to same extent as dry skin, but does need sunscreen. Look for gel or lotion products instead of creams.

Protect – In fact, it can’t be said often enough: Sun protection is vital for every skin type, every complexion, and every day because, by far, what causes skin to age and causes skin cancer is the sun, says Akoury. Besides that wearing a hat, avoiding peak sun hours, and applying sunscreen is crucial to avoid skin discoloration and wrinkles over time. Look for cosmetics, from moisturizer to your foundation, that include SPF, but if you’re going to be in the sun for any longer than it takes to get in and out of your car, use a sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection to guard against sun exposure and sunburns as well as skin cancer.

Your makeup can protect your skin in other ways, too. Today’s formulas often make cosmetics more like skin care products. These beauty workhorses may contain ingredients that can soothe dry skin, lessen wrinkles, or fight pimples, depending on what your skin needs.

Another way to protect your skin is to quit smoking and this is very important if you are already a smoker. Smoking will cause skin to prematurely age and wrinkle earlier that you can imagine.

Last, but definitely not least, protect from head to toe with a body check for suspicious moles and any other growths. You should check yourself, or ask your spouse to check for you periodically. While checking areas of concentration should be on changes in color or size or if a mole bleeds. Also, if a mole suddenly appears or just doesn’t look right to you this should be an indicator that you should be seeing a dermatologist for an evaluation.

The basic requirements in Skin Care: When to See a Specialist

You might only think of a dermatologist in terms of treating a serious skin condition, but a skilled dermatologist can advise you on skin care and skin protection as well as any problems with the health of your hair and your nails. Some dermatologists specialize in areas like mature skin and are a great resource for effective anti-aging techniques and products that can be part of your everyday skin care.

Talk to your primary care physician about when to see a dermatologist for a body check and which of these common skin care woes and conditions will benefit from a visit to this specialist:

  • Excessive perspiration
  • Rosacea, the skin condition characterized by broken blood vessels, flushing, and pimples that may be mistaken for acne
  • Sensitive skin burning and stinging from products without any obvious
  • Contact dermatitis, allergic or irritant skin reactions to certain products
  • Acne, clogged pores, pimples, and inflammation
  • Brittle nails and other nail problems
  • Hives
  • Psoriasis, the skin condition characterized by scaly, inflamed skin plaques
  • irritation
  • Hair loss

Finally in the process of getting the basic requirements in skin care, you will need to be in constant consultation with the experts for direction. Doctor Akoury will be able to take you through every stage of your life, from treating blemishes that may affect you in your various stages of life including in your teens, twenties, and even into your middle years with the objective of helping you disengage from sun damage or manage conditions like rosacea that may appear later in life. Take this earliest opportunity to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury to day for lasting skin care solutions.

The basic requirements in Skin Care: Cleanse, Nourish and Protect



The genesis of Skin Problems

The genesis of Skin Problems: Symptoms of common skin problems

The genesis of Skin Problems

The genesis of Skin Problems and solution for a more healthy and glowing skin

The skin being the largest organ of the body is often very vulnerable to many attacks. It is also less advantageous because of its exposure to the direct attacks from the environment. We may not conclusively address all the skin problems known today, but we are going to highlight some of the genesis of kin problems known to us today. In order to get the best out of this discussion, we are going to be talking to doctor Dalal Akoury who is among other disciplines is a skin care professional of over two decades. In her practice and desire to give to the community her best, she founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where is focusing on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. The great and many years of experience give her an upper hand among other professionals in dealing with all matters relating to the protection of the good health of your skin. Therefore as we get into the discussion, if you have any skin condition of whatever level, doctor Akoury will be waiting for your call to schedule for that very important and life changing appointment today.

Now take time to re-evaluate yourself in this order. Is your skin itchy, oozing, or breaking out? In today’s life we have more than 3000 skin problems affecting people of all walks of life. Moles, rashes, hives, and eczema are just a few which doctor Akoury is going to help us understand in this article. Variances like changes in color or texture can result from inflammation, infection, or allergic reactions affecting any part of your body. When dealing with skin disorders, it is important to note that some skin conditions can be minor, temporary, and easily treated while others can be very serious, and even deadly. This is what the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to help us understand. Now take a little more time and keep reading to be well informed on the possible skin care risks, symptoms and solutions.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is caused by the return of a chickenpox infection from latently infected nerve cells in the spinal cord or brain. It begins as a painful sensation which is often mistaken for a musculoskeletal injury. It is soon followed within one or two days by a red, blistering unilateral (one-sided) rash distributed to the skin supplied by a sensory nerve (a dermatome). Zoster tends to occur most often in the elderly and can be prevented with a vaccination. Treatment with antiviral drugs within two days of the onset of the eruption limits the development of a persistent, severe pain (neuralgia) at the site of the eruption.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Hives (Urticarial)

Hives, also known as urticarial, is a very common allergic skin condition due to antibodies in the bloodstream that recognize foreign chemicals. This eruption appears suddenly anywhere on the body as elevated bumps surrounded by an intensely itchy red rash. There may be many lesions, but each one only exists for eight to 12 hours. As older ones resolve, newer ones may develop. Most of the time, urticarial resolves spontaneously within two months and is treated with oral antihistamines for symptomatic relief.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory genetic condition in which patients develop scaling red bumps that coalesce into plaques and typically occur but are not limited to the scalp, elbows, and knees. Psoriasis is not curable; it can come and go by itself. There is a variety of treatments depending on the severity and extent of involvement, which vary from topical creams and ultraviolet light exposure to oral drugs and injectable medications. Patients with psoriasis tend to develop cardiovascular disease, which may be attributable to system-wide inflammation.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Eczema

Atopic dermatitis (called eczema) is a genetic condition that presents in early childhood with a chronic itchy, weeping, oozing dermatitis. It tends to localize to the arm creases opposite the elbow and on the leg opposite the knee. Most patients also have inhalant allergies such as asthma and hay fever. The condition improves with age. In most but not those entire affected allergy to a specific substance does not seem to play a role in flares of the skin rash. Treatment involves the application of emollients to wet skin and occasionally the use of topical steroids.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the face that is characterized by redness, dilated blood vessels, papules, pustules, and occasionally by the overgrowth of nasal connective tissue. It casually resembles teenaged acne, but it happens in adults. Tireless facial flushing is an early sign of the skin’s uncontrolled sensitivity to certain naturally produced inflammatory chemicals. Treatment of rosacea involves topical and oral drugs.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Cold Sores (Fever Blisters)

Herpes labialis (cold sore) is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores commonly appear on the edge of the lip. This virus exists in a dormant state in the spinal cord nerve cells, and after certain environmental triggers like sunburn or cold, the virus is induced to travel along a peripheral nerve to the same skin site over and over again. The eruption is self-limited to a maximum of 10 days. In this case treatment may be unnecessary unless the eruption becomes too frequent.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Plant Rashes

In allergic individuals, the development of a linear blistering eruption occurs within 1-2 days of exposure to a member of the poison ivy or poison oak family of plants. Since the plant contains highly allergenic chemicals, most people will become allergic after a single priming exposure. The eruption will resolve within three weeks but will occur again the next time the skin comes in contact with the plant.

Treating Plant Rashes

The repeated application of cool wet compresses to the blisters followed by evaporation of the water can be soothing and speed healing. Treatment with steroids creams may be required in severe cases. Once a person is allergic, this is permanent; it is important to avoid this plant family assiduously so this very unpleasant allergic reaction will not recur. Many of those allergic to Toxicodendron are also sensitive to mango skin and cashew nut oil.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Acne

Acne vulgaris is a noninfectious eruption of papules and pustules on the face and occasionally on the chest and back. It occurs in all teenagers as they progress through puberty. Comedones (blackheads) and inflammatory papules and pustules are all present simultaneously. This is not a condition of dirty skin but is mediated by hormones that begin to circulate during puberty. The condition generally resolves around the age of 20 but may produce scarring if severe and left untreated.

Finally we are going to continue with discussion of other skin problems in the next article. Remember they are over 3000 so stay on the link for more information about the genesis of skin problem. However you can seek for help from doctor Akoury by scheduling for an appointment with her today for long and lasting solutions to whatever problem you may be having.

The genesis of Skin Problems: Symptoms of common skin problems