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Understanding women depressions

Understanding women depressions

Understanding women depressions and facing the root causes for timely solutions

Understanding women depressions: Feminine response to stress

We are dealing with depression because its effects are so painful to both the individuals, families and the whole society. Therefore understanding women depressions in totality is very paramount as it will enable women to avoid things that may make them depressed for the benefits of their general good health, skin complexion, premature aging and joyful sex life. To start with when it comes to depression, gender is very important. Remember that not only are women more susceptible to depression than men, but the grounds of female depression alongside the patterns of symptoms are often different. Understanding the dynamics depression is attributed to various factors that contribute to it. Such factors are ranging from but are also not limited to reproductive hormones to social pressures to the female response to stress.

Everybody needs to be well informed of these factors as a worthy tool of defeating depression. Professionally, doctor Dalal Akoury, MD president and founder of AWAREmed Health and wellness Resource Center,  will be helping us to understand the factors, symptoms and even effective treatment so that together women can reduce the risk of depression and keep the beautiful and glowing skin, reduce the premature aging among many other consequences accruing out of being depressed.

Understanding women depressions: When to start using the Antiaging Products

There is no doubt that we all get disturbed when wrinkles form on our faces. Even though this concern disturbs us, no skin care product can give you wrinkle-free skin. This may sound harsh but it is the truth. Therefore the first step in finding the right anti-aging products for your skin to minimize wrinkles is to understand causes of the face and skin wrinkles. It is no secret that the most common anti-aging skin care concern for many people is the formation of wrinkles and the need to find the befitting anti-wrinkle treatment solution. Nonetheless, the best cream, serum or treatment which is appropriate in reducing fine lines and wrinkles will depend on the cause of your wrinkles. Being aware of this will help you prevent these signs of aging. To help us understand the causes of the face and skin wrinkles well, we are going to be talking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that you and your loved ones who may be going through the same can find a lasting solution to all problems relating to skin care and wrinkles formation. In the meantime, you can schedule an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder and C.E.O of this facility and she will be of help to you a great deal. Now to the causes of the face and skin wrinkles.

Understanding women depression: Feminine response to stress


Ensuring that your weight loss plans succeeds

Smart weight loss tips

Smart weight loss

Smart weight loss tips is all about natural food products and exercise

Smart weight loss tips: Snack on whole grain and high fiber foods

The scare of being obese in itself can be very stressful. To avoid this, there are several things you can do by yourself at home without seeking a professional opinion. According to the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD if you just can’t ignore those stress-related hunger pangs, try filling your tummy with foods high in fiber and low in sugar, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, or fruits such as pears or plums. Foods which are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates like white flour, cookies, cake, white rice, or pasta cause insulin levels to rise, which in turn increases stress hormones and ultimately makes you feel more hungry. But high-fiber, whole-grain foods particular cereals like oatmeal or multi-grain flakes, as well as fruits helps in keeping insulin levels on an even keel, which can help control blood sugar levels, and ultimately, hunger. Besides that, what else can you do?

Smart weight loss tips: Avoid caffeine, cigarette, and alcohol

Drugs like cigarettes, as well as caffeine-laden soft drinks, coffee, tea, and even chocolate, can cause cortisol levels to rise, stress to increase, blood sugar to drop and hunger to prevail. It is also important to desist from drinking too much alcohol, which can affect blood sugar and insulin levels.

Smart weight loss tips: Vitamins

A number of medical studies have shown that stress can deplete important nutrients particularly the B-complex and C vitamins, and sometimes the minerals calcium and magnesium. Because these nutrients are needed to balance the effects of stress hormones like cortisol, and may even play a role in helping us burn fat, it’s important to keep levels high. While a good diet will help, taking a high potency multi-vitamin supplement can ensure you give your body what it needs to not only deal with the stress but also burn fat and lose weight. And speaking of losing weight, here’s one bit of news you may be happy to hear: Experts say you shouldn’t try to go on a strict diet when you’re under extreme or chronic stress.

We may not exhaust all the weight loss tips in this article and meaning that, more need to be done to keep the society well informed of all the benefits of shedding off some weight. Doctor Akoury says that if for whatever reason you find yourself chronically stressed out, you must make all the necessary effort to ensure the level of stress is reduces and where possible be eliminated completely. We appreciate that this might be such an uphill task, but you need not worry or struggle with it alone. Scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for treatment and professional advice would be the starting point. Like I had indicated before, doctor Akoury is one of the top professionals in the region whose expertise has been tried and tested. Your condition will be very safe in her care and by the time she is done with you; you will surely have your life back and live it to the fullest.

Smart weight loss tips: Snack on whole grain and high fiber foods


Cancer and weight

Weight loss consistency enablement

Weight loss consistency

Weight loss consistency enablement for a quick prevention of any health problems attached to being obese

Weight loss consistency enablement: Staying on healthy weight by helping your child in setting goals

The home set up is the best place for good child bringing. When you are blessed with children, you owe them the duty of care by ensuring that they are healthy throughout their growth and development. Having said that, many parents have failed in the area of healthy up-bringing of children. With the prevalence of obesity, many families have neglected their children in matters pertaining to weight loss. As a parent weight loss consistency enablement in the family is very important if our children are to escape from the complications associated with being overweight. You can help them in many ways including helping them set weight loss goals and mindfulness of good diet as follows:

  • Set short-term goals for changes in your child’s diet and exercise on a weekly basis. Update your goals each weekly and write them down. Like you could set time limits for watching TV and jogging around.
  • Ensure that the set goals are realistic.  For example, exercising an hour every day is unrealistic for a child who is de-conditioned, and not used to even minimal physical activity.
  • Appreciate them when they meet their weekly goals.
  • Have your child keep a record of their food intake and exercise. This will allow them to be more self-aware of their behavior. Give them positive feedback where necessary on their performance.
  • Praise your child for healthy food choices and physical activity. Criticism and punishment just don’t work.
  • Make sure your child understands that they can make a difference in their weight and that you will support them all the way.
  • Help your child recognize hunger and fullness signals. Stop eating when you’re full and turn down helpings when you are no longer hungry.
  • Help your child figure out what kinds of emotions and situations trigger overeating for them.
  • Make your child’s behavior changes a positive, fun experience by planning healthy foods, fun activities, and rewards for positive behavior.

Weight loss consistency enablement: Watch their media diet  

  • Think about all the media your child uses: television, computer, video games, and hand-held computer games. These are all activities that replace physical activity in your child’s daily routine. Placing time limits on them will free up time for a more active lifestyle. Watching TV can use less energy than simply sitting and resting! Also, we tend to snack on high calorie foods during these inactive times.
  • Teach your child to be media savvy. The media bombards us with images of thin people having fun while eating and drinking high calorie foods. Kids don’t necessarily have the cognitive abilities to process this paradox.
  • Limit inactive things like TV, video games and computer time.  Watching TV can use less energy than simply sitting and resting!  Also, we tend to snack on high calorie foods during these inactive times.

Finally, you realize that the above weight loss consistency enablement are home based. It means that if as parents, we chose to be there for our children and watch them grow in good health, we can collectively kick out all the health complications attached to obesity. We encourage you to put this in practice and consult regularly with doctor Akoury on areas that needs professional expertise.

Weight loss consistency enablement: Staying on healthy weight by helping your child in setting goals


weight loss

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals

Healthy holiday

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals is possible with good planning and determination

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Weight loss tips

Nothing is impossible when we’re determined and focused. Failure is a crime that on one wants to relate to. Today, weight gain is a serious problem to many people. We often set objectives in this line and somewhere along the way we let our determination fades away and we fellowship in the wilderness of failure and discouragement. One of our weak point in weight control normally happens during the holidays. Therefore we want to find out the best ways through which we can enjoy and still have the best and memorable healthy holiday without compromising your weight loss goals. Funnily enough when it comes to losing weight you may have very good plans on the strategies you want to use, but if you don’t get good guidelines from the experts, you may stumble along the way. For you not to stumble while enjoying your holidays, you need to get useful advice from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care.

In her practice Dr. Dalal Akoury, founded this facility AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to offer her exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to everyone including other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars. You can schedule for an appointment with this great professional to be on top of everything concerning weight gain. In the line of her duty while offering recovery treatment and trainings for her patients a lot more can be taken as worthy lesions for you and your loved ones to try.

The holiday season consists of nearly two months of celebrating with goodies appearing in homes and offices at Thanksgiving and continuing until the beginning of January. By Christmas, most of the plans to eat less and exercise more have dropped, and it’s easy to gain a significant amount of weight. One way to monitor your intake over time is by keeping track of your daily habits and set weekly goals around food intake and exercise.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Encounters

At any time of the year, losing weight and keeping it off is very difficult. Holidays are an especially high-risk time. The idea that you should stick to a diet to lose pounds is adding stress to an already stressful season. Therefore set achievable goals. You’re much more likely to stick to your plan and succeed if you set your expectations more realistically, aiming to maintain your weight or to minimize weight gain.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Recordings

When you’ve figured out your goals, write them down and keep a diary of what you eat. When researchers talk to people who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off, they inevitably say that writing everything down made the biggest difference. It’s that willingness to stay in touch with what you’re eating that’s important. Even more critical is keeping track of your weight: Group members weighed in every week. People say this accountability factor makes a big difference. Often, people avoid the scale because they don’t want to come face-to-face with the news. But if you detect a two to three pound gain, there’s still time to get back on track before things escalate.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Weight loss tips



Family support in losing weight

Family support

Family support in losing weight begins with the parents by showing good leadership

Family support in losing weight: Necessity of group weight loss

Losing excess weight is a must do thing if we want to live a healthy life. It may not come easy, but it must be done. Overweight people may find it difficult to follow religiously the weight loss program requirements but with the family support, this can be made easier for them. Having said that, there are some obstacles that may need to be addressed. One may ask “supposing my family are the reason why I am in this mess, how will I involve the?” Yes this is a good concern, in that case you may be the one to pioneer it. Something must be done and it will begin with you. First you must stand steadfast in your decision of losing those extra pounds. Staying focus to the objective is going to be very paramount because you will meet obstacles on the way. Take note that it is during this time when demands for unhealthy food stuff will be high. Your children demanding for potato chips, your spouse is busy with their boxes of cookies and leaving them invitingly to destruct you. In other words very many wrong things will be happening just when you resolve to lose weight.

Temptations will be there, but never give up. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD are there to help you navigate through these challenges. It is true that family support is essential in weight loss, but then again if they’re a source of discouragement in their behaviors, it may be unwise to have them on board. However, many experts agree that with a bit of forethought and some clever conversation, we can not only get our loved ones to support our diet efforts, but also help change everyone’s eating habits for the better. Therefore, where do we start from? The starting point would be, knowing what you really want to achieve.

Family support in losing weight: Your perfect world

As the pioneer of the plan, you need to appreciate the kind of behaviors of your family and how they are causing hindrance to your targets. Having known this, the next thing is to articulate the kind of support you need from them. Don’t just tell them that “I want you to support me on my diet” of course they will consent to do so, but then again they will remain wondering how? If plans are not made well, you will fail and feel frustrated, furious for no reason. The solution is to take a moment and think about what you really want in terms of support and then document them. This should consist of the best ways your family could lend you a hand and in doing so the following considerations are very vital.

Be as specific as possible – Instead of just being general like “I want you to Be nicer to me, or Help me,” give specific ideas about what you would like them to do or not do. Meaning that if you want them to eat dessert in another room, put it down in writing; if you want them to make food a non-issue so your diet is never discussed, write that down, too. This may sound difficult but remember that weight loss should incorporate the whole family.

Then share the list with your family – Having written the needs it is important that you read it aloud to them before the whole family. This way it will make it easier for you to remember everything that was on your mind.

And do come prepared for a little negotiation – you must be ready to negotiate and compromise in certain areas where necessary. Compromise has to be built into your diet mentality from the start, and that’s the only way to get your whole family on board. While negotiating you need to be armed with certain offers that you will be willing to give in exchange of their cooperation and support. For instance you could offer to take the whole family out for team building, hiking or other activities which will be acceptable to them yet still lead to weight loss objective.

Family support in losing weight: Necessity of group weight loss