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Solving skin aging problem

Solving skin aging problem

Solving skin aging problem involves drinking plenty of water

Solving skin aging problem: Guidelines for protecting skins’ health

For those who use air transport a lot being in the plane means that you’re very close to the sun and so solar rays can easily pass through the windows at a more intense and higher altitude no wonder many pilots and flight attendants have been found to be at an increased risk for melanoma and other skin cancers. It must also be noted that the air in the space is dry and without moisture and so the skin, like any living tissue will simply shrivel. Therefore, in solving skin aging problems preventive measures are necessary. You can help this by drinking lots of water when on the flight and also avoiding alcohol and salty foods, which are dehydrating. Alongside that, apply a rich moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes before boarding, as sunscreen needs time to be absorbed before it’s effective. If you sit next to the window it is advisable that you pull down the shade.

Solving skin aging problem: Untamed tension

Stress is a big enemy to the skin. When you’re under intense pressure, doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center registers that your body increases production of the hormone cortisol, which can damage collagen and elastin and decrease the skin’s ability to repair itself. Stress can make you tense up and grimace or frown, often without you even realizing it. If this persists over time, the muscle contractions can leave their mark in the form of permanent lines.

Preventive measures – stress and anxiety must be eliminated by all means. For instance Yoga, Tai Chi, and brisk walking are some of the most effective tension tamers, probably because of the meditative aspect they come with. (The deep or rhythmic breathing of yoga and Tai Chi probably helps too, by promoting healthy circulation.) If your work schedule does not allow you to exercise well, then you may need to break shortly for even 20-30 minutes take a walk to your lunch joint and back.

Solving skin aging problem: Weight fluctuations

Packing on pounds can make your skin look plumper on the surface, but carrying excess weight can cause your body’s levels of insulin (a hormone made by the pancreas that controls the amount of sugar in your blood) and cortisol to rise, which can break down collagen. Adding even a little weight will definitely trigger skin sagging.

Preventive measures – keeping the correct weight is not very easy and therefore it will be necessary that you schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury who is also an expert in weight loss. She will evaluate your condition and advise you professionally on how to shed off the excess pounds in the most healthy and natural way.

Solving skin aging problem: Midlife moisture loss

As for women in menopause, their body may begin pumping out less estrogen. Since estrogen stimulates oil and collagen production in the skin, your skin may become drier, more wrinkled, and saggy as the estrogen levels drop.

Preventive measures – Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can offset some of these effects, but it can take time to find the exact combination of hormones that your body responds to. For more instant results, you might consider dermal fillers, which are injected into the skin to fill in wrinkles and plump up sagging areas. You can consult with doctor Akoury for professional input on this and many more concerns about what is really aging your skin.

Solving skin aging problem: Guidelines for protecting skins’ health



Skin thinning and premature aging

Skin thinning

Skin thinning and premature aging can be avoided by simple good diet

Skin thinning and premature aging: What makes your skin age faster?

It is almost certain that thin, old-looking skin at some point in time will come to all of us if we are lucky. However, when skin thinning and premature aging sets in, it can be very uncomfortable and depressing. Even though aging is a natural phenomenon you don’t have to be frustrated by this fact of aging because you can still have a glowing skin and an attractive facial appearance. Everyone has a right to be beautiful and anything that makes you look old before your time can be avoided if you follow the guidance given by the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Akoury’s care who is also the founder of the facility. Doctor Akoury says that what makes skin get very old looking and undesirable can be corrected if you treat your skin well and in the right manner. A healthy diet and avoiding skin-damaging habits, for example, can go a long way in staving off old, thin-looking skin.

We encourage you that even as you go through this article, you will notice certain elements that have been damaging your skin for ages. If am addressing your condition, then there is hope for you and any of your loved ones. You will need to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for a more corrective and professional approach that will leave you radiant and attractive to the surprise of all. In the meantime, let us take a look briefly at the structure of the skin with a view to finding out what makes skin get very old looking and undesirable.

Skin thinning and premature aging: The skin structure

By now we are all aware that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It primarily consists of two layers:

  • The epidermis, which is the outer, visible layer of skin and
  • The dermis, which is a thick layer of tissue just beneath the epidermis

The dermis is responsible for supporting the epidermis. To that end, it is composed of a strong mesh of protein fibers, called collagen and elastin (both are ski hormones). These fibers play an essential role in the appearance of your skin. Collagen is responsible for skin’s firmness, while elastin is responsible for skin’s elasticity. Any inadequacy of these hormones will result in sagging of the skin. It may not matter what age you are, that is why many at times you will find very young people with a very old looking face. What they are lacking is the proper functionalities of these two key skin hormones.

Skin thinning and premature aging: What makes your skin age faster?



Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – UV Radiation and Photo aging

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging. The intrinsic skin aging process is characterized primarily by functional alterations than by gross morphological changes. Good skin care treatment can restore that much needed glowing skin.

Skin aging does not only occur by passing time alone but also by the exposure to different environmental factors. The skin aging process, which is induced by environmental factors, is named premature or extrinsic skin aging process and can be distinguished from the chronologically (intrinsic) skin aging process by characteristic skin aging signs. Well known extrinsic factors in premature skin aging may include the sun exposure and smoking. Therefore when faced with situations like this, it is important that you are always in constant touch with skin care professional. For instance at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care, your case will not only be handle by a team of well trained professionals but real experts with over two decades of practicing experience. Under the able leadership of doctor Akoury who is also the founder of the facility, beauty is guaranteed. All that you need to do on your part is to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Now back to extrinsic factors in premature skin aging, we have said repeatedly that aging of the skin is influenced by two separate processes.

  • The general aging process – which is genetically determined and occurs by passing time alone and this is commonly known as the intrinsic skin aging process.
  • Environmental aging process – In this case, the skin aging process is prompted by environmental factors.

The intrinsic skin aging process is characterized primarily by functional alterations than by gross morphological changes. The skin appears dry and pale with fine wrinkles displaying a certain degree of laxity and a variety of benign neoplasms. In contrast, the extrinsic skin aging process is characterized by striking morphologic and physiologic changes and in general leads to a premature aging of the skin. The clear expressions of the extrinsic skin aging process are:

  • Coarse wrinkles
  • Solar elastosis and
  • Pigment irregularities

These signs superimpose the intrinsic skin aging signs at chronically exposed areas of the body. The rate of extrinsic skin aging varies strikingly among individuals and among ethnic populations, which does not apply for the rate of intrinsic skin aging. On an individual basis the rate of extrinsic skin aging depends on the individual exposure pattern to different environmental factors and also on the individual genetic make-up. Some individuals might be more susceptible regarding skin damages by environmental exposure than other individuals. The most important environmental factor leading to extrinsically aged skin is solar radiation. Another important factor, which influences the appearance of the skin wrinkles, is cigarette smoking. It must however be noted that the major targets of UV irradiation in the skin are the surface epidermal layers which cause the depletion of antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C and decreases the overall antioxidant capacity within the skin.

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – Dietary Strategies to Promote Youthful Skin Appearance

The skin being the largest visual organ, it is important that the beauty industry take up the challenge of improving the appearance of skin with value addition topical treatments and interventions as opposed to putting up very sophisticated adverts primarily to induce clients into buying their products even if they are not healthy to the skin. The primary objective should be to restore the perfect skin complexion and total rejuvenation. This bit is often overlooked by many firms producing such products. This is the reason why doctor Akoury is offering her exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to everyone including other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars. Anyone whether qualified professional or just ordinary individuals suffering from any skin related complications can now be part of this truly successful and fast skincare recovery treatment by scheduling for an appointment today. The following will be very beneficial in helping you retain that glowing appearance.

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – Take care of the organs of elimination

The skin is one of the organs that remove toxins and waste products from the body alongside with the lungs, bowel-colon, lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. Since they perform the same function as far as detoxification is concern, it would be very essential that you equally take good care of the lungs by not smoking, the liver by limiting alcohol intake and the colon by eating a high-fiber diet. There are better ways of ensuring that extrinsic factors in premature aging are controlled for the improvement of skin health.

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – Stick to an Anti-inflammatory diet

Chronic inflammation can cause or aggravate a number of skin conditions. Avoiding inflammatory foods such as saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and refined sugar can help in keeping the skin healthy. However it must be noted that compound carbohydrates found in whole grains and polyunsaturated fats from avocados and fish oil are healthy for consumption and may not course any harm to the skin.

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – Eat antioxidant rich food

Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging skin cells, and the antioxidants selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C have been shown to decrease the effect of sun damage and prevent further skin damage.

  • To get adequate selenium, it is advisable that you consume the Brazilian nuts, whole-grain cereals, seafood, garlic and eggs.
  • For vitamin E, look to wheat germ, nuts, seeds like sunflower and leafy green vegetables.
  • For vitamin C, try kiwi, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cauliflower, strawberries and many more fruits and vegetables.

Finally with technological development we have today, there are so many food supplements pills people use and they are readily available in the market. Much as they (food supplement pills) may be rich in certain food nutrients, the body often has a better chance of assimilating them through the diet. Therefore the best way to get these nutrients is through natural food. Taking them directly from their natural source (food) will make you get them the way they were designed in nature. I hope that by now you’re adequately informed of the various extrinsic factors in the premature skin aging. However in case of any further concerns whatsoever, you can schedule for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center anytime and any day.

Extrinsic Factors in Premature Skin Aging – UV Radiation and Photo aging






Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Why use the natural exfoliants

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available. Honey and yogurt will unglue the proteins holding those dead skin cells in place delivering good and healthy looking skin.

In our previous article we introduced and discussed a few natural exfoliants like honey, yogurt and baking soda as some of the most natural homemade exfoliating treatments available and we want to further the discussion from where we left further highlighting some natural exfoliants treatment techniques available within your reach. As we progress with this discussion, it would be very necessary that if you’re having any skin related problem, you must not suffer in silence. There is help around you and just a phone call away. You can schedule for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care who is also the founder of this facility. The beauty of your skin is our priority and we will be glad to help you regain your lost glory in the most professional way using harmless natural exfoliants treatment techniques available. In the meantime, let’s continue with the discussion about the natural exfoliants treatment techniques available.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Ground Fruit Seeds and Nuts

Unlike honey and yogurt, which unglue the proteins holding those dead skin cells in place, ground fruit seeds like raspberry or blackberry seeds and ground nuts like ground almonds are both popular additions to exfoliating skin care products because they loosen and remove dead cells when massaged onto the skin in a gentle, circular motion.

It’s important when using a friction-based exfoliants scrub to avoid products that contain sharp-edged ingredients such as ground stone-fruit pits (such as peach or apricot) and nut shells (such as ground walnut shells). It’s not the ingredient itself that’s too harsh but rather it’s the way it’s prepared those crushed pits and shells often have jagged edges that can cause micro-tears in your skin, leaving skin vulnerable to blemishes and an uneven skin tone.

If you have a sweet tooth, it may show on your face sugary diets may be increasing your risk of premature aging. But when you apply sugar to your skin, it’s a different story no matter what your skin type.

Sugar is made from sugar cane, which is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alphy hydroxyl acid. Glycolic acid is good at breaking down the protein the glue that keeps dead skin cells from sloughing off, as well as boosting new skin cell production and smoothing and softening skin. Mix one-half cup of with enough olive oil (or grape seed, jojoba or whatever your favorite oil may be) to make a paste. Using circular motions gently massage the mixture into your skin and rinse well. It’s one of the safe natural exfoliants treatment techniques available to use on both the face and the body.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great food for lowering your cholesterol, but it’s also a cheap natural exfoliants rich in anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural moisturizer. And it’s gentle enough not to tear or injure sensitive skin. It is recommended for hydrating honey oatmeal facial. This how you can make the solution at home:

  • Tenderly grind one cup of oatmeal in a blender or food processor
  • Stir together with one cup of plain yogurt or buttermilk and two tablespoons of honey in a small bowl
  • Mix thoroughly until it becomes a smooth paste, and then apply the mixture to your face
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water

The end product is a perfect natural exfoliants treatment technique.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Lemon Juice

The lemon tree is very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet. But the fruit of the poor lemon — well, you know the rest of the lyrics. But lemon juice, like other citrus juices, also contains ,alpha hydroxyl acid which penetrates and removes the protein glue that causes dead skin cells to stick to your epidermis. You can actually make your own citrus exfoliating mask as follows:

  • Mix one-quarter-cup each of lemon juice, apple juice, grape juice and cane sugar in a glass jar, making sure the sugar completely dissolves
  • Then apply the mixture to your face with a cotton ball, and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. It will surprise you what the outcome will be.
Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Papaya

Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which dissolves old, dead skin cells without harming the younger, live cells beneath much like the prescription medication tretinoin (Retin-A), but without the potential side effects of skin flaking and irritation. It’s also believed that the enzyme can help heal the skin and cause lines and brown age spots to vanish. Papain is most potent in young fruit, so be sure to get green papayas at the local organic supermarket for your skin care regimen. It is recommended that mashing a green papaya and using it to make a facial mask which will deliver very good results.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Ground Coffee

Not only does coffee perk you up, but it can serve as a potent natural exfoliants treatment as well, provided that you rub the ground-up coffee beans on your skin instead of using them to brew a steaming cup of hot drink. It helps tone the skin as well. It would work well when used as the main ingredient in a body scrub therefore:

  • Mix two cups of coarsely ground coffee with a cup of sea salt and two-to-three tablespoons of massage oil
  • Take a hot shower to moisten your skin and open your pores, and then, using wide circular motions, rub the mixture onto your skin with strong, even pressure
  • Then rinse off the scrub, pat the skin dry with a towel and apply your favorite lotion.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Sea Salt

Finally while sea salt doesn’t always provide a miracle cure, it does have medicinal value in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, and its gentle abrasive properties make it a great natural exfoliants, especially for people with dry skin. Now after the discussion of various natural exfoliants treatment techniques available let me pose a question to you. How much can you save by doing all this treatment at home versus taking the other direction? Well, you have the answer and I hope that you will constantly stay in touch with the professionals at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care for maintenance of beautiful skin.

Natural exfoliants treatment techniques available – Why use the natural exfoliants





Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty – For those who want good looking skin

Natural Exfoliants

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty sometimes even better than the artificial ones.

To make and maintain the beauty of your skin, you must allow the skin to regenerate as often as possible. Exfoliation is the process through which dead skin cells are removed from the largest organ in the body for the new ones to form. It is this continuous formation of new skin cells that helps in rejuvenation of a healthy skin. Therefore if you ever want to look good both from inside out, the natural exfoliants works for beauty. This is what experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care does best. This article is going to be discussing some of these natural exfoliants that works well to keep the skin glowing and beautiful. I encourage you to keep on the link so that you can get more informed of certain things you can do on your own at home to maintain the beauty of your skin for a very long time.

Doctor Akoury says that if you want to have good-looking skin, you need to get rid of some of it. Particularly it is needless to keep those old dead cells that have migrated from the deep layers of your skin to the epidermis which is the skin’s top layer. Under normal circumstances the skin will shed off those dead cells after they’ve reached the epidermis and a new skin cell remains part of our skin for about a month before it flakes off but what doesn’t flake away can make your complexion look dull and rough, and even interferes with the secretion of oil from your pores, causing blemishes. This is what we want to address and you can also schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury for a more in-depth and professional opinion. In the meantime you can solve this problem by applying natural exfoliants which are substances used to eliminate or to scrub away the compiled debris. Remember that regular exfoliation can:

All these will give your skin a healthy, more youthful glow. Exfoliation also helps your moisturizer and skin care treatments penetrate better. When it comes to exfoliation, we have a wide variety of choices. Like for instance:

  • You can make an appointment at a dermatology clinic
  • A trendy spa for a pricey skin-shedding regimen
  • You can buy top-shelf designer skin treatments that retail for more than $100 per tiny tube
  • You can spare your pocket by giving yourself an exfoliating treatment at home, using natural ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket, health-food store or even online

By the way, did you know that some of these ingredients, in fact, are the same ones used in pricy, brand-name exfoliants? Why spend more if you have an alternative? We will help you make some savings by looking at some of the natural exfoliants available around you and which you can easily make at home. The following homemade natural exfoliating treatments are recommended by beauty experts and dermatologists all over the world. We will discuss just a few in this introductory article then proceed with the others in the next article to be entitled “natural exfoliants treatment techniques” so stay tuned on the link because we have more in store for you. Now let’s get started with one of the world’s oldest beauty secrets “honey”.

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty – Honey

Honey is one of the best natural exfoliants ever used in history. It is also one of the oldest natural gift given to the nation of Israel by God as part of the inheritance in the promised land of Canaan (that is for those who believe in the bible). Therefore honey is not just good for sweetening your cup of chamomile it also makes a sweet addition to your skin care routine. Raw, unprocessed honey for instance is the best topical antiseptic because it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits thereby, necessitating the reduction or elimination of certain occurrence of skin infections, and it also helps in fighting acne.

Honey is packed full of antioxidants, which enables your skin to better protect and repair itself, and it’s been shown to reduce inflammation, too. Honey helps to speed up the natural exfoliation process and it has humectant qualities, as well, meaning that it attracts moisture to your skin, making it great for a hydrating facial scrub. This is therefore one of the best known homemade natural exfoliants in history of creation and now in beauty.

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty – Yogurt

When a child is born, its main food is milk. When we talk of getting a glowing youthful skin we are simply saying that we need that skin as tender as that of a baby. Now yogurt is a product from milk and so you can begin to see the benefit of milk to your skin. Back to the product “yogurt” it may be good for staple in your kitchen, but did you know it’s also good for your skin? Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxyl acid (the same kind you’ll find in prescription skin care treatments) but at a concentration so mild it’s gentle enough to use on any skin type, face and body.

Yogurt (and milk, too) hydrates and exfoliates, has skin-smoothing and soothing benefits, and the lactic acid may also help to even out your skin tone as well. Apply plain yogurt as a facial or to larger areas of your body and allow it set for about 20 minutes, then rinse. As you do the rinsing all the debris will also be rinsed away leaving you with that desired glowing skin.

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty – Baking Soda

I can guarantee that you’re having a baking soda in your house in the form of a box of baking soda in your fridge for odor control and in your pantry for baking. It may even be in your toothpaste and in eco-friendly cleaners. In brief it’s an all-purpose, non-abrasive gal Friday. However what you might not have known is that you should be using it to clean and exfoliate your skin as well. In fact, some of the expensive in-office microdermabrasion treatments contain sodium bicarbonate. And sodium bicarbonate is nothing more than baking soda. Adding a teaspoon and if you have a sensitive or mature skin, then you will reduce the quantity, to your everyday facial cleanser to turn your morning wash into a spa-worthy treatment. Finally as I had indicated earlier, these are just but a few and I encourage you to stick with the link to get more in the next article. In the meantime you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury to help you keep your beauty through the use of natural exfoliants.

Natural Exfoliants works for Skin beauty – For those who want good looking skin