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Collective weight loss

Collective weight loss

Collective weight loss programs effective for the whole family

Collective weight loss programs: Want to lose weight?

The topic of losing weight is getting much attention in most societies due to its effects on human lives. Many times the fight has been centered on the individual struggling to lose for a healthy living. The individualization of the recovery process has actually worked for many in the past, and as time goes by, things are changing towards effective weight loss. Currently, many people are opting for group weight loss programs for various reasons. This is what we want to focus on. We are aware of the several challenges that overweight and obese people face in our societies. For instance, stigma and discrimination towards them are so prevalent and poses many consequences for their psychological and physical health.

These are some of the consequences best addressed at the group weight loss programs. It is regrettable that despite the several documentation of the effect of stigma and discrimination their health effects are still extensively overlooked. In fact, many people often blame the victims for causing the problem to them. The question I asked is this fair? If you are struggling with weight, I want to give you hope that solution is within reach at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This facility was founded by doctor Dalal Akoury to help you overcome your weight related problems. You can reach for help either as an individual, a family or a group of friends. However, for the purpose of this article, we will be talking about the benefits of group weight loss programs offered by AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Like I was saying stigmatization of obese individuals threatens health by generating health discrepancies, and interferes with effective obesity intervention efforts. That is why group weight loss programs conducted by doctor Dalal Akoury is focusing on addressing the weight stigma as both a social justice issue and an urgency for public health. I beseech you to come up of your hideout and face the situation as it is by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today. This will give you the head start in overcoming any form of stigma and discrimination and focus on you purpose which is a full recovery.

Collective weight loss programs: Emotional and Social Problems

Emotional and social problems are best dealt with at the group weight loss programs for many reasons. These are problems which definitely needs the support of others other than the health care professional attending to the patient. That is why taking part in group weight loss program in more beneficial than individual recovery process. During these seasons, members of the group are able to lift one another’s spirit by encouragement and being role models.

Depression – the experts have established a close link between depression and obesity and more so in obese women. In instances where depression is extreme, the victims are likely to overeat and get addicted to some unhealthy food and in the process gain weight. Besides, that overweight people are also likely to become depressed because of social problems and even poor self-image. In all this, the solution would be group weight loss program tailored to bring back the lost hope in ever being free from the epidemic of overweight and obesity.

Collective weight loss programs: Want to lose weight?


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Aggregated weight loss benefits

Aggregated weight loss

Aggregated weight loss benefits includes good health and longer life span

Aggregated weight loss benefits: Commitment in losing weight

The dangers which are associated with obesity and being overweight have opened a business opportunity to many people. In the process, the objective is lost and the thirst to have more money overrides the health goals. The mushrooming of gym facilities and fitness clubs in today’s society is being seen as places of leisure and having fun instead of places where health matters are to be addressed. In most of these facilities, you will be attended by people whose educational background is questionable thereby putting the health of many innocent people seeking for perfection on their health into jeopardy. When you visit some of those facilities, you will be met with a certain invitation to treat information indicating the aggregated weight loss benefits of losing weight professionally yet they don’t offer it to perfection as the advertisements indicate.

We must change our style and chose not to be lured into color without the taste of brightness reiterates doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Now to get into the discussion, I want to ask, do you know of some of the aggregated weight loss benefits? Some of the benefits we get when we lose weight may include.

Aggregated weight loss benefits: Improvement of the health of your heart

The moment you enroll in the weight loss program, you have just signed a treaty with your health improvement with the heart being the greatest beneficiary in relation to the other body organs. With any slight weight loss, it translates almost immediately to the reduction of the health risks like the risk of heart attack and many other complications around the heart. Doctor Akoury says that it will be suicidal to get discouraged and abandon the weight loss program because the cumulative benefits are far reaching and touching on the very vital organs of the body. the good news about losing weight is that you don’t have to lose a significant amount for you to benefit, even that which in your own judgment is negligible is very productive in the supply of energy to your body effectively.

It’s said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. That means, if you don’t take the first step, the 1000 miles will just remain a mirage. Therefore taking little weight loss activities progressively will add more value to your health and boost your confidence to do more. It will also act as an incentive to graduate from one level to another even as your get closer to your ultimate goal which is health improvement. And like I had said before, this is not an easy assignment, there will be temptations to fall out, but remember that when you are contemplating doing that, a lot is already happening in the improvement of your organs. This may not be visible but they are happening. So I want to encourage you to keep to the zeal and remain focus, speak and associate with people who are positive and committed to seeing you succeed. It is your life and health we are talking about, so consult widely and seek the services of able professionals like doctor Dalal Akoury whenever it is necessary.

Aggregated weight loss benefits: Commitment in losing weight



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Weight loss phenomenon

Weight loss phenomenon

Weight loss phenomenon a problem compounded by failure to overcome denial for overweight

Weight loss phenomenon: Seeking expert’s opinion

The problem of weight is not just a national problem but an international phenomenon. And because of the magnitude of problems associated with this condition, a lot is being done to bring obesity and overweight to a manageable level if not to eliminate in totality. It is because of this that experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD are working round the clock to bring sanity to our societies. This is effectively done by creating awareness and educating the societies about the weight loss phenomenon and highlighting what is expected of them to be safe. Because of the disturbing effects of weight loss phenomenon doctor Akoury is reiterating that together we can live healthy lives free from conditions associated with this problem. To that effect, it is only proper that everyone is informed of all the known precautionary measures. The following are therefore some of the weight loss tips you and I need to adapt to a more healthy life.

Weight loss phenomenon: Exercise

Exercise is one of the best in fighting stress which is a major component of weight gain. It not only helps in burning calories but when you move your body, even with a simple activity such as walking, you begin to produce a cascade of biochemical, at least some of which counter the negative effects of stress hormones as well as control insulin and sugar levels. While it is very important and healthy to exercise, careful attention should be taken so as not to over exercise hard and for long as this can trigger cortisol levels a stress hormone. In this case, is recommended that your choice of activities should be that which you can really enjoy doing. Also, remember to keep workout to non-exhausting activities.

Take good balance diet without skipping a meal: Eat breakfast and try to consume six small rather than three huge meals a day, with foods from all the food groups. This helps keep blood sugar levels steady, which in turn put a damper on insulin production and eventually reduce cortisol levels all helping to control appetite and weight.

Get good and quality sleep: Stress and weight problems can never associate together. Therefore when you retire in bed never do so over your weight problems or your stress. It is important to note that when we don’t get enough rest, cortisol levels rise, making us feel hungry and less satisfied with the food we do eat.

Devote time to relax: Because it works much like exercise to produce brain chemicals that counter the effects of stress, finding the activities that make you feel relaxed and calm. You could choose yoga to exercise since it also offers you moments of relaxation. Take note of the relaxing power of cuddling up on a sofa with a good book or magazine, or even playing your favorite movie on the VCR. Anything that makes you feel calm and relaxed will help counter the biochemical effects of stress. These are just but a few tips working well for very many people and you too can benefit from them. And as you consider doing this, you may want to contact doctor Akoury for any weight loss need that concerns you now.

Weight loss phenomenon: Seeking expert’s opinion



Weight loss motivation drive

Weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivation drive is very evident in group weight loss programs

Weight loss motivation drive: Are you struggling with your weight?

If you are struggling with weight gain and its effects, you are probably not alone. Many people are actually struggling to keep their weight loss programs. Because of this, many have failed because of very little weight loss motivation drive for them to continue. After defeating denial and accepting that you have a problem which needs to be fixed, you may still find it difficult to continue in the process of fixing the problem for lack of motivation. This can be very painful and discouraging.

It is because of this reason that doctor Dalal Akoury founded a medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through motivation and increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Therefore, how to get motivated to lose weight healthily is the primary goal of Dr. Akoury. In fact her practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. You can get all the help and motivation from this great processional only if you could schedule for an appointment with her today. In the meantime the following are some of the fabulous motivational tips to keep you on track.

Weight loss motivation drive: Never stumble keep the focus

Don’t dwell on your experiences with diets in the past. The chances are if you need to lose weight now, they weren’t right for you. Whilst it’s probably easy to find examples of times when you’ve felt demotivated with your diet in the past, given up and quickly regained those lost pounds, this doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen this time. Thinking negatively will almost certainly result in you giving up. So instead, put past dieting failures behind you and instead focus on the success that lies ahead.

Weight loss motivation drive: Reflect on your achievements

Start by reminding yourself how much better and healthier you already feel. Then look at some old pictures of yourself when you were bigger and reflect on the differences in your appearance now. Doesn’t it feel great to have more prominent cheekbones, slimmer arms or a trimmer waist? Continue to motivate yourself by trying sizing some of your past clothes you wore when you were heavy. The feelings will be very great when you notice that such clothes are now fitting if they were small or they are now too big because you have lost a lot of weight. This would real give you the urge to move on. Besides that checking out your overall weight and inch loss to date can also really help to give you a boost your spirit.

Weight loss motivation drive: Are you struggling with your weight?


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Healthy holiday and weight loss goals

Healthy holiday

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals is possible with good planning and determination

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Weight loss tips

Nothing is impossible when we’re determined and focused. Failure is a crime that on one wants to relate to. Today, weight gain is a serious problem to many people. We often set objectives in this line and somewhere along the way we let our determination fades away and we fellowship in the wilderness of failure and discouragement. One of our weak point in weight control normally happens during the holidays. Therefore we want to find out the best ways through which we can enjoy and still have the best and memorable healthy holiday without compromising your weight loss goals. Funnily enough when it comes to losing weight you may have very good plans on the strategies you want to use, but if you don’t get good guidelines from the experts, you may stumble along the way. For you not to stumble while enjoying your holidays, you need to get useful advice from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care.

In her practice Dr. Dalal Akoury, founded this facility AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to offer her exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to everyone including other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars. You can schedule for an appointment with this great professional to be on top of everything concerning weight gain. In the line of her duty while offering recovery treatment and trainings for her patients a lot more can be taken as worthy lesions for you and your loved ones to try.

The holiday season consists of nearly two months of celebrating with goodies appearing in homes and offices at Thanksgiving and continuing until the beginning of January. By Christmas, most of the plans to eat less and exercise more have dropped, and it’s easy to gain a significant amount of weight. One way to monitor your intake over time is by keeping track of your daily habits and set weekly goals around food intake and exercise.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Encounters

At any time of the year, losing weight and keeping it off is very difficult. Holidays are an especially high-risk time. The idea that you should stick to a diet to lose pounds is adding stress to an already stressful season. Therefore set achievable goals. You’re much more likely to stick to your plan and succeed if you set your expectations more realistically, aiming to maintain your weight or to minimize weight gain.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Recordings

When you’ve figured out your goals, write them down and keep a diary of what you eat. When researchers talk to people who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off, they inevitably say that writing everything down made the biggest difference. It’s that willingness to stay in touch with what you’re eating that’s important. Even more critical is keeping track of your weight: Group members weighed in every week. People say this accountability factor makes a big difference. Often, people avoid the scale because they don’t want to come face-to-face with the news. But if you detect a two to three pound gain, there’s still time to get back on track before things escalate.

Healthy holiday and weight loss goals: Weight loss tips