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Sexual affection and addiction effects

Sexual affection

Sexual affection and addiction effects can not be put together if relationship is to remain mutual

Sexual affection and addiction effects: Why drug addiction is the enemy?

The escalation of drug addiction is getting rooted into the society daily and its effect is manifested in many areas of life including relationships. When we talk of relationships and addiction, a lot can be derived from this and so, for the purpose of this article, we want to focus our discussion on sexual affection and drug addiction effects on intimacy and sexual relationships. Speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is an addiction expert of several decades, it’s evident that for those who constantly abuse alcohol and drugs, are constantly facing serious problems in their sexual life something that can have serious complications in their relationship and sexual affection.

With alcohol and drug abuse in the picture under this circumstance, one of the most immediate casualties from substance abuse will be sexual intimacy. Because the substance of abuse is effective in mind alteration, it may not be possible for users of such drugs to maintain healthy relationships while under the influence of the same. And as the addiction takes tall in them, it will completely take over their life leaving no room for any other meaningful activity.

Therefore before any corrective measure is taken, the victim falls into illusion and self-absorption causing them to remain that way until they are treated and delivered from the scourge of addiction. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, total recovery from addiction will automatically cause recovering patients to regain their ability to be active in their sexual intimacy and enjoy healthy sexual relationships.

Sexual affection and addiction effects: What is sexual intimacy or affection?

As we progress into this discussion, lets us understand what sexual intimacy really is. Broadly the word intimacy is a Latin word meaning inner. We can, therefore, say that it is the closeness or interpersonal relationships involving both physical and emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy can vary in degree and it refers to the closeness that people feel for one another while physical intimacy mostly refers to sexual and romantic contact. Progressively an intimate relationship is understood to include a number of elements like:

  • Trust
  • Where partners in a relationship will have widespread knowledge about each other.
  • Partners in an intimate relationship will feel warmth, affection and care for each other.
  • The expectation of the relationship will be long term.
  • Persons in an intimate relationship may mean that those involved think in terms of us rather than me.
  • Those involved in such a relationship will be committed to each other.
  • There is an expectation that the other partner will treat them fairly.
  • They share and agree mutually on many beliefs, experiences, and opinions.

Finally, doctor Akoury acknowledges that sexual intimacy is a special gift that one cannot afford to lose. That is why together with her team of experts when you reach out for help at this facility, your problems will not only be addressed professional but also with confidence. If this description suits your condition, we are very much ready and willing to help you have your health back and live it to the fullest.

Sexual affection and addiction effects: Why drug addiction is the enemy?




Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse when eliminated, life becomes enjoyable

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Real time solution with the experts

Sexual dysfunction is a problem affecting many men and women currently. The condition covers a range of sexual problems including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation in men
  • Pain associated with intercourse
  • Low libido and
  • Poor response to sexual contact

Drugs and alcohol are known to affect a person’s sexual behavior, ability to function and sensations. Drugs and alcohol are often taken as a way to hide psychological or emotional problems or to ignore physical difficulties that are contributing to sexual dysfunction. However we have four main categories of sexual dysfunction disorders which include:

  • Sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal
  • Orgasm
  • Sexual pain disorders

Each one has distinct symptoms, yet all are negatively attributed to drugs and alcohol. Some drugs can make sexual problems worse, others are milder. Regardless of the effects of the drugs, sexual problems can cause major relationship and psychological problems if unresolved and that is when the services of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury comes in. if you need any help along this line, make that very important phone call now and get all the answers to your concerns professionally with doctor Akoury. And now to the categories of sexual dysfunction:

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual desire disorders

These are commonly referred to as a loss or decrease in libido. This condition may be caused by the influence of substances, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Some medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are known to cause a loss of libido. Alcohol and other substances can also negatively impact on a persons’ libido. Fatigue associated with alcohol or drug binge may also affect a person’s desire to have sex. Chronic, long term marijuana use is known to contribute to a loss of libido, especially in women. This lack of sex drive is a symptom of bigger motivational issues that many people suffer when using this drug. For the most part, a persons’ sex drive will return to normal with discontinuation of using marijuana.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual arousal disorder

Alcohol is one of the most common substances that affect a persons’ ability to be aroused or maintain arousal. Sexual arousal disorder typically refers to problems associated with getting and maintaining an erection, or for women, to be able to maintain arousal during intercourse. Cocaine and other stimulants can also cause a person to have difficulty in becoming aroused or maintaining a level of arousal.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual pain disorder

Sexual pain disorders are primarily a female condition. It is a condition which causes a woman to feel immense pain and discomfort when having sex. It is regrettable that this is happening at this point of time, even with the available help offered by very many professionals across the globe. Ladies sex is pleasurable and should not cause you any pain, it is true that there are two main types of this disorder, dyspareunia or painful intercourse and vaginismus which is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. Take that bold step and call doctor Akoury today for help and she will turn your frustrations and pain into lasting fulfillment in your sex life professionally.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Real time solution with the experts



Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women

Physical causes

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women are many and can be avoided by seeking for early treatment

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: The female gender

When it comes to the physical causes of sexual dysfunction in women, a lot of body systems are affected including disorders of the genitalia and the urinary system, such as endometriosis, cystitis, vaginal dryness, or vaginitis. Beside the listed conditions, we also have other conditions such as:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy

These can have an impact on sexual desire and ability. Surgical removal of the uterus or of a breast may contribute psychologically to sexual dysfunction if a woman feels her self-image has been damaged.

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: Prescription and over the counter medications

Besides all, there certain prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as the use of illegal drugs or abuse of alcohol, may contribute to sexual dysfunction. Cigarette smoking, for example, will have a serious and negative effect on sexual arousal in women and although women can remain sexually active and experience orgasms throughout their lives, as they (women) approaches their sunset days i.e. tentatively the age of 60 their sexual activeness will begin to deteriorate. While appreciating that this may be attributed in many cases to be due to a lack of partners, changes such as dryness of the vagina caused by lack of estrogen after menopause may make intercourse at this stage painful and reduced sexual desire. After menopause, about 15% of women feel a strong decrease in sexual desire.

Finally, having been enlighten of the possible causes of female sexual dysfunctions, you can do a self-evaluation and if you notice any of the discussed points then it will be very important that you get in touch with Dr. Dalal Akoury MD, who is an expert in correcting all kinds of sexual dysfunctions naturally and professionally. In her passion for helping people doctor Akoury made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Calling her to book an appointment will work well for you in many ways because it is in Dr. Akoury’s practice to focus on a personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. I believe that this is what you need, total restoration and not patching up symptoms.

If we are we still together up to this far and you are realizing that this discussion is addressing your condition or of anyone you know. The time for action is now, you may want to call doctor Akoury now on telephone number 843 213 1480 for a one on one professional touch.

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: The female gender



Sexual dysfunction causes in the female gender

Sexual dysfunction causes

Sexual dysfunction causes in the female gender has ruined many relationships

Sexual dysfunction causes in the female gender: Physical, Psychological factors or both

Female sexual dysfunction causes may be related to physical factors, psychological factors or a mixture of both. It can also be a matter of problems with technique. Nonetheless, not all the women will react the same, this is because some women may not fully experience sexual arousal and orgasm because they or their partners lack sexual knowledge. They may not understand how female sex organs respond or are stimulated, or don’t use appropriate arousal techniques. Besides this, sexual dysfunction has a strong interpersonal component. Meaning that an individual’s view of their own sexuality is largely influenced by among other factors like:

  • Culture
  • Society
  • Personal experience

This may be intimately connected to their own or society’s ideas about the appropriate or inappropriate expression of sexual behavior. These feelings are likely to cause anxiety because of a personal or cultural association of sexual experience and pleasure with immorality and bad behavior. Anxiety is then expressed physically by the body in a way that prevents normal sexual function. Anxiety can do this, for example, by stopping or slowing the state of sexual excitement that allows for the lubrication or moistening of the female genitalia – an important step towards fulfilling forms of sexual activity.

Sexual dysfunction causes in the female gender: Personal character, disposition, and life experience play a role in sexual dysfunction

Fear of intimacy can be a factor in arousal problems. For instance, the experiences of abuse, either in childhood or in past or current relationships, can establish a cycle of associating sex with psychological or physical pain. Practicing sexual activity under these circumstances causes more psychological or physical pain like in the case where anxiety prevents lubrication then it is obvious that sexual intercourse will be painful and particularly during penetration.

Conflict, tension, and incompatibility with a sexual partner can cause sexual dysfunction – Because of this, there are high chances that depression may be a cause, and stress a contributing factor. Medications, including oral contraceptives, antihypertensive, antidepressants, and tranquilizers are very common causes of sexual dysfunction. Also, the use of oral contraceptives can decrease a woman’s interest in sex. If you’re taking any of these medications, talk to your doctor about its possible contribution to sexual problems. But if you are within reach, we want to inform you that it is because of problems like this that made doctor Dalal Akoury establish a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Your condition will be handled with a lot of professionalism if only you can schedule an appointment with her today.

In the meantime, as you consider doing that, it will interest you to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This is just to make the emphasis on the vast experience this great professional has.

Sexual dysfunction causes in the female gender: Physical, Psychological factors or both


Adrenal Exhaustion Female sex addiction

Female gender sexual problems

Female gender sexual problems

Female gender sexual problems are treatable for the good of intimacy and relationship

Female gender sexual problems: Ailing women sex drive

For a couple of weeks now I have been sharing about sexual dysfunctions for both sexes highlighting various insights on creating an opportunity to be very much interactive even as you get an opportunity to meet with the specialist and professionals to help you address your disturbing condition. I have from the several concerns raised by those I interact with realized that the problems of sexual dysfunctions are not small as we may think. The population suffering in silence is worrying and many people have lost their cherished relationships because of problems relating to sexual inabilities. What does this communicate to you? A lot more needs to be done and so we are going to continue expounding on what we have been discussing and introduce much more fresh articles going forward so that our effort of containing the problem can be counted. To help us kick start the discussion, we are going to be looking in four parts the female gender sexual problems and how low libido in women is decreasing their sex drive, sexual dissatisfaction in women and lack of sexual desire in women in the following context.

  • The Facts on Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Symptoms and Complications of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Diagnosing Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Treating and Preventing Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female gender sexual problems: The facts on female sexual dysfunction

Female gender sexual problems arises when a woman is not able to fully, healthily and pleasurable experience some or all of the various physical stages the body normally experiences during sexual activity. These stages can be broadly thought of as:

  • The desired phase
  • The arousal phase
  • The orgasm phase
  • Sexual dysfunction also includes painful intercourse

Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD reiterates that it is important to note that in women, sexual dysfunctions may take many different forms and causes. And when they happen, addressing them becomes an aspect of priority. Each of the problem needs to be addressed case by case whether the problem is physical, psychological, physiological (mechanical) or interpersonal in order to have them resolve professionally. This condition is very common in women and the experts are estimating that nearly 40% of women population are currently affected by sexual dysfunction. What that communicates is that for every four sexually active women, one will be unable to achieve orgasm. These are not very good statistics and so it is important that when you notice such signs, the best thing you can do to salvage the situation is seeking for professional help immediately. You can start by talking to doctor Akoury who is more than qualifies and very experience in this line of medication to help you contain the situation before it escalates.

Female gender sexual problems: Ailing women sex drive