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Traditional detoxification options for body cleansing

Traditional detoxification options

Traditional detoxification options for body cleansing is ideal for healthy living

Traditional detoxification options for body cleansing: The fundamentals of natural detox

The human body is full of impurities which in many cases can cause discomfort to the well-being of individual’s life. That is why it is important that we should consistently take a time to clean the body from such impurities. There are several means of doing this and for the purpose of this article; we are going to explore the traditional detoxification options available for body cleansing. This is very important for the well-being of your health. It is, therefore, my humble request that you keep reading and invite a friend on the link for this great health information. Doctor Dalal Akoury a senior professional with several decades of working experience in this discipline will be highlighting very pertinent fundamentals about detoxification for better health as we progress.

U will agree with me that from creation for those who believe in God’s creation) the first man was healthy and surrounded by healthy natural and fresh foods free from toxic substances compared to what we have today. Therefore the application of natural detox diet to remove toxins and poisons from your body is healthy and should be acceptable to everyone. After all, what could be better than eating pure and natural foods and avoiding processed and refined ones? Certainly none, however, the rising interest in lifestyle enhancement has also ushered in many delusions about toxins and about the best way to clear them from the body. Stimulating the confusion is a major marketing barrage by authors of diet books and producers of supplements and other detoxifying products. Life is never a place for experiment and facts will always remain so irrespective of the interest behind it. I encourage you to be keen on the mushrooming detox products in the market. Schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for clarity or better still, you may visit her at her office at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility she founded objectively to help the bigger society get the precise health information and treatments.

Traditional detoxification options for body cleansing: The idea behind natural detox diets

The idea for detox diets comes from the concern that toxins are constantly attacking our bodies and all for the wrong reasons. These (toxins) are chemicals with potentially harmful effects. While some toxins are more obvious, such as pesticides or smog, some people consider even seemingly normal substances to be toxins. They may come from many sources including the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Impure water
  • Substances such as artificial sweeteners added to food
  • Smog or other substances in the air
  • Medications
  • Pesticides or other chemicals used to grow or prepare food
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine

The common understanding is that the body embraces toxins in the digestive, lymph, or gastrointestinal system as well as in skin and hair. This may the result of health complications like:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and
  • A wide range of chronic diseases

Traditional detoxification options for body cleansing: The fundamentals of natural detox






Vitamin D deficiency and calcium

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency and calcium problem must be fixed to help in the maintenance of good health of the bones

Vitamin D deficiency and calcium: Why it is good for your health?

The importance of vitamin D and calcium is an open secret to everybody. These are powerful food nutrient that impacts positively on bone health. Several research findings have supported this. Besides that, the food industry has heavily invested in marketing the benefits of products fortified with Vitamin D and calcium. And to us as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD we want to help you further appreciate the benefit of these nutrients. If you’re unaware of the many health issues are affected by a vitamin D deficiency? You’re just in time to have your health rejuvenated. I know that many people don’t check their nutrients level regularly but for this one, you should because Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with many conditions, like obesity, bone health, immune dysfunction, cancer, heart disease, depression, stress, and fatigue.

In one of the studies, it was established that low Vitamin D levels were associated with a higher ROMA score, which can indicate risk in obese women for developing ovarian cancer. Recently a randomized controlled trial established that supplementing with Vitamin D and calcium can reduce the risk of all cancers in postmenopausal women. Meaning that with sufficient vitamin D and calcium, you can protect yourself from common illnesses like colds and flu and also have reduced risk of acute respiratory infection.

Vitamin D deficiency and calcium: Improving on the level of vitamin D

With the numerous evidence of the benefits of Vitamin D, it is only necessary that you get your levels tested. It may interest you to note that in 2009 a study found that nearly ¾ of Americans had insufficient Vitamin D levels. This can be corrected easily by:

Get Tested. This will help you understand whether or not you have a problem. You won’t know if you need more Vitamin D if your levels aren’t tested regularly. It is ideal that testing of Vitamin D levels is done twice annually.

Enjoy the Sunshine. This may contradict your advice on skincare about the melanoma, nonetheless, just 5 to 20 minutes of natural sunlight can produce the Vitamin D your body needs. This should be done during friendly sunshine hours preferably during early morning or late afternoon.

Don’t underestimate your need. The recommended daily intake (DRI) of Vitamin D is generally far lower than what people actually need. If your levels are low, discuss the appropriate dosage with your health care practitioner to get you back where you need to be.

Consider supplementing. Daily sunlight is a great way to boost your Vitamin D, but it just might not be enough. Researchers suggest that supplementing with 2000 IU of D3 daily is a great way to protect your health.

Eat a balanced diet, rich in whole foods. It can be difficult to get sufficient Vitamin D from food, but a well-balanced diet is always important. Fatty fish – salmon, mackerel, and sardines – is the best natural food source of vitamin D. You can get some from egg yolks, organ meats, and fortified organic milk and dairy products, but it’s unlikely that those foods will be enough on their own. All these are essential in keeping your health and must be embraced. You can always seek for more information by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for professional input.

Vitamin D deficiency and calcium: Why it is good for your health?


weight loss

Keeping good health practices on holiday

Keeping good health

Keeping good health practices on holiday will enable you to impact positively to your children and the next generation

Keeping good health practices on holiday: Weight loss goals and tips

It’s easy to underestimate the toll that the season takes physically, psychologically, and emotionally. To avoid gaining weight, you need commitment and awareness. It’s best to do this as a group, remember that even one or two friends whom you can call upon to talk about eating concerns is good enough so long as this will help you in keeping good health practices before, during and after the holidays. Besides group work, doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center recommends the following as some of the weight loss tips you can engage:

Keeping good health practices on holiday: Identifying the difficult situations

One of the best outcomes of a calorie chat group is identifying the situations that cause you to overindulge. For instance you may choose to eat raw vegetables or a piece of fruit before going out. This way you will have something in my stomach and will not be hungry when you get there. Remember that alcohol is one of the biggest enemy to weight loss. If you have to have a feeling of belonging, you may choose to serve your guest champagne and staff your bottle with sparkling water. Remember that it is not the champagne that matters, but the real deal is that you’re celebrating with your good friends.

Keeping good health practices on holiday: Being honest with yourself

Besides the precautions you take, it’s important to understand other, more subtle tricks you use to justify overindulgence. We all tell ourselves stories that are the same, time after time, like ‘if I overeat Friday or Saturday, I’ll be extra good Monday morning. Other familiar half-truths are: I’ve eaten an extra thousand calories so I’ll do an extra session at the gym, or ‘I’ll eat what I want tonight and worry about it tomorrow. Remember that even after doing your best, possibilities of relapsing is still very inevitable. When this happens you are likely to become discourage and vulnerable to other common pitfalls. This should not be the reason for you to abandon your entire plan of enjoying the holidays simply because you made a mistake. The best thing you can do in such circumstances is to put it behind you and forge ahead with your weight loss plans.

Finally, it is not a crime to take time out periodically just to relax and put all the work busy schedule aside. After all why do we work if we can’t take time and share our provisions in parties, holidays and such other uniting occasions. I appreciate that you may not have the ability to effectively avoid unhealthy feeding habits during the holidays. These difficulties can easily be addressed by the professionals at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Therefore for lasting and permanent solution schedule for an appointment with the doctor Akoury today and your life will change drastically for the good of your general body structure.

Keeping good health practices on holiday: Weight loss goals and tips


weight loss diet

Taking nutrition seriously in reducing addiction

Taking nutrition seriously

Taking nutrition seriously in reducing addiction that as destroyed our social fabric

Taking nutrition seriously in reducing addiction: Substance abuse

Before you can appreciate the roles of nutrition and its importance in reducing addiction you may not really understand the value of good feeding habits and taking nutrition seriously will only be noise in your hearing. We are all aware that we need food in the body for the constant supply of energy that keep the body in motion but what many of us may not know is the undisputable benefits that come with a well balance diet particularly to the drug users. This is what we want to discuss in this article and with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury who is a veteran addiction expert of several decades this discussion is going to be enriched with very informative health information that you can’t afford to miss.

From the expertise of doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of professionals who are working around the clock in ensuring that all problems that are associated with substance abuse are dealt with expeditiously, all you concerns about substance abuse and nutrition are going to be addressed professionally by the end of this narrations about why nutrition is important in reducing addiction. We therefore ask you to stay with us on the link and get the very first hand information that can only come from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility founded by doctor Akoury to primarily find lasting solutions to all people who are struggling with all kinds of addiction.

Taking nutrition seriously in reducing addiction: Long term recovery process

The primary objective of doctor Dalal Akoury in the formation of this health facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) is to bring total transformation to all people whether they are suffering from drug addiction either directly or indirectly. Therefore when we talk about nutrition and substance abuse solution we also appreciate the work done by the dietitian’s in treating substance abuse, however it is important to note that while this is an effective role they are playing, in many cases this often fall short of patients’ long-term addiction recovery process. Doctor Akoury agrees with experts that nutrition therapy for substance abuse can be very complex since the nutritional risks vary depending on the substance of choice. This is besides the negative conditions for successful treatment which are very common including poor support, co-occurring mental health disorders, or poverty.

It therefore means that when exploring this avenue careful consideration needs to be taken to see that the recovery process is not compromised along the way. And talking of addiction it is defined as a chronic brain disorder characterized by compulsive and relapsing behavior. Besides that the predisposing factors for an addiction may include psychological vulnerability, biochemical abnormalities, genetics, and environmental conditioning. Take note that social isolation, depression, and anxiety are also very common among substance abusers, and drugs or alcohol often are used to relieve these negative feelings because they increase dopamine activity, which boosts mood. This may offer temporary solution but the aftermath can be life threatening. That is why you need to constantly seek for help from the professionals at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that what is avoidable can be arrested in good time.

Taking nutrition seriously in reducing addiction: Substance abuse


Why medical detox is necessary to addicts

Good neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing

Good Neurotransmitters

Good Neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing as away of containing substance abuse

Good neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing: Feeding on good nutrition

In the process of seeking for solutions when it comes to overcoming drug addiction, people often go for very big things, big rehabilitation institutions and expensive and elaborate addiction professionals. I certainly don’t have any problem with that for it is very much in order since the most important thing is the reclaiming of one’s health and freedom from the scourge of addiction. However what many may not know or if they do, then they don’t care about is the avenue of nutrition as a tool of fighting and eliminating all sorts of addictions you may be privy to. For quite a while now we have been posting articles touching on the use of healthy nutrition in the fight against substance abuse and we are not about to stop. We want all of us to have the knowledge so that the work of dealing with drug addiction can be made easier and much lighter to both the direct and indirect victims. From the expert’s point of view, correcting addiction by good neurotransmitters and moods is one very important avenue available for containing the problem.

According to doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) a well-respected expert in addiction, it is important to note that psychoactive substances may lead to psychiatric problems because in many cases the substances can have toxic effects on brain chemistry. She adds that before detoxification is done, neurotransmitters are reduced due to poor nutrition which then alters the amino acid absorption and utilization. The implication of this is that the victims (addicts) are left feeling depressed, agitated and unregulated early in recovery. From the various studies conducted so far, it is believed that these imbalances will disappear over a couple of weeks but then again, they may also last as long as one year after an addict becomes sober further necessitating normalizing neurotransmitters and moods for the perfection in addiction healing process.

Good neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing: Moods and behavior abnormalities

As we progress into the discussion, it is worth noting that for some, moods and behavior abnormalities may have been present before the substance abuse. With proper diagnosis of any possible underlying mental health disorders, a healthy diet and education on how nutrition influences mood and brain chemistry, recovery can be enhanced. An understanding of how food affects mood and the risk of substance abuse begins with macronutrients. And with carbohydrates being the body’s main source of energy it therefore means that without this macronutrient, the brain can’t function properly, blood sugar becomes unstable, and neurotransmitters become disrupted. Unstable blood sugar can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and cravings. You can however avoid this by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more professional input that will help you effectively in the normalizing neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing.

Good neurotransmitters and moods for addiction healing: Feeding on good nutrition