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Holiday weight gain is not inevitable

Holiday weight gain

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable and the way you approach it will matter a lot

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Here’s how you can easily avoid it

If you have been working on your weight in the past it is very likely that you have met certain obstacles in the process. This is very normal because those obstacles are part of the experience in the whole recovery process. Many people will relapse along the way and pick up the pieces and get back on the truck while others will be beaten and get discouraged completely. This article is going to be discussing events of the holiday seasons which are deemed to be injurious to the success of weight loss. The holiday weight gain is not inevitable and is actually expected due to the activities that come with this season. Before we get further, into the discussion, it is necessary that you are informed that this will not be smooth all the way. Keeping off weight is not an easy thing to do and this can further get complicated during the holidays. Therefore to effectively deal with holiday weight gain, getting the services of a professional in this discipline would be advisable.

It is true that getting the best professional can also be challenging, however the home of weight loss solution at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury you will be taken through all that you need to know to keep off that extra weight not just during the holidays but also in your day to day life. The focus at this facility is on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Why is it important to get the services of doctor Akoury? We are all aware of the menu during the holidays. Most of these menus will actually encourage the holiday weight gain. And that is the reason why you need the guidance of this professional.

We are all aware that most of the feasting takes place in December holidays and the first week of ushering in the New Year. During this season many people often get the best excuse to compromise on the standards they themselves have created to defeat holiday weight gain. However, it is important noting that even though the month of December is full of many opportunities and inducement to overeat, we can sail through the season without acquiring extra weight.  I want to encourage you that despite all that you hear, holiday weight gain can be avoided.

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Accumulation of weight

It’s actually not foreseeable that you will gain some weight. Experts are of the opinion that holiday weight gain is quite small. According to a previous study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was established that an average adult gains only one pound during the winter holiday season. The bad news, however, is that this extra weight tends to accumulate year after year and contributes to the so-called middle-age spread. Therefore it is all about your behavior during the year from January through November that really counts as far as holiday weight gain is a concern. Making careful and productive choices and indulgence in physical activities would be very important in minimizing any harm which might have been caused by a food-oriented holiday.

Holiday weight gain is not inevitable: Here’s how you can easily avoid it


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Good physical shape even during the holidays

Good physical shape

Good physical shape even during the holidays with suitable weight loss work plan

Good physical shape even during the holidays: How to stay slim when merry making during the holiday

As customs demands having a good physical shape is a virtue, nevertheless the same customs also demands that at the end of every year people often make valuations of their achievements alongside making projections for the New year to come. We often feel proud having excelled in all the targets we set for the year and pull up on areas we did not perform well. Now at the beginning of the year you might have stated that you want to reduce your weight to your desired level and throughout the year you have been working towards that. You’re very happy that it is one of the targets you have successfully met and I want to be the first to congratulate you for a job well done and encourage you to keep it up. Your second objective for the year was to save money for your dream holiday. You evaluated your work and how stressful it is sometime trying to please your boss by carrying some unfinished work home and burning the mid night oil to beat the set deadlines. So you projected that in the month of December and part of January of the New Year you will be on your annual leave.

Motivated by the timing of your annual leave you made this one of the targets to save money for your time out away from your stressful work schedule and go for a one month holiday to a far destination. As a hard working friend and focused to your goals you have also met this target. You now have more than enough money for your dream holiday and all the plans and arrangements have been made for you to leave. Allow me to once again congratulate you for remaining steadfast to your targets and achieving them within the set time line. Truth be told it is not always easy to be discipline even to our own set goals, and so you deserve all the praise.

Good physical shape even during the holidays: Keeping fit while letting loose

Done with congratulations I want to discuss with you about your weight and the marry making during your hard earned holiday. It will be very important for you to note that a myriad of high-calorie, festive foods and drink choices a waits you in your holiday, but even with that you mustn’t loos the will of keeping the good physical shape you’ve worked for all these months. Because of that, your biggest challenge would be to keep the discipline and not to over-indulge in unhealthy feeding habits which could trash your achievement on weight loss. While I appreciate that you need to let loose when in holiday, it will be paramount that you balance those yummy flavors even as you maximize on your treat and enjoyment to the fullest. I am not promising that it will be easy but scheduling for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury should be your starting point in keeping fit while letting loose during your hard earned holiday.

Good physical shape even during the holidays: How to stay slim when merry making during the holiday


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Observing diet may not be the best for losing weight

Observing diet

Observing diet may not be the best for losing weight as it is not consistent with everybody

Observing diet may not be the best for losing weight: Find out the facts straight

Many people who are struggling with their weight gain problem, may have made numerous attempts using various weight loss methods and consulting with different professionals to cut down on their disturbing weight. However, if nothing is working for you despite the numerous attempts you have made, you are probably not alone. Many people have been there and failed many times for various reasons. One of the reasons revolves around observing diet because many people are of the opinion that those who are overweight are probably not observing diet well. This school of thought lures so many people into believing that dieting is the solution to all weight gain problems. And so I ask “have you met people trying to lose weight by dieting? And is this the best option for losing weight? Depending on how you’ve respond to those questions I want to encourage you to stay with us on the link as we engage the services of obesity and weight loss experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury to help us find out the revelation about the experts opinion that dieting may not be the best for losing weight after all. Besides what we all need to know is that dieting on its own is a different form of weight loss and as we shall be soon finding out from the experts desk at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Observing diet may not be the best for losing weight: What is dieting?

Professionally doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center explains that primarily dieting is the practice of taking food within a regulated and controlled way purposely to minimize, maintain or even increase an individual’s body weight. In the quest of losing weight relatively faster, many people often combine dieting with physical activities with high expectations of lose weight rapidly. However from the information retrieved from the APA journal, American Psychologist has established that dieting is not an effective weight loss method nor has any health benefits onto individuals, contrary to the normal beliefs. Besides that other studies have also found that dieting has assisted many people to maintain weight loss.

It therefore means that with dieting there is no consistency because it works for others while it doesn’t for others too. Alongside with that doctor Akoury reiterates that with dieting one is likely to lose a few pounds at the beginning, but you can be sure that progressively when you lose truck it shall not be a sustained suitable program for weight loss. Therefore what could be the reason for the inconsistency? Let’s find out about that in our next article progressively. In the meantime, you may want to consult with doctor Dalal Akoury in case you have any concerns about observing diet and weight loss.

Observing diet may not be the best for losing weight: Find out the facts straight





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Dieting effectiveness and weight loss programs

Dieting effectiveness

Dieting effectiveness and weight loss programs that can sustain proper weight loss

Dieting effectiveness and weight loss programs: Why is diet not a very effective way of losing weight?

What could be the reasons why someone dieting may not succeed in loosing lose weight? From the question, we need to get some answers about this new revelation of inconsistency. It is quite critical and some clarifications is needed to establish the true position. Some studies state that dieting can lead to weight loss. The bone of contention however is, why would someone diet and end up not having a sustained and consistent weight loss? According to the findings of some studies which were conducted by The National Eating Disorders Association (USA), it was established that dieting can actually lead to weight gain. This is actually in line with our introduction statements above, thereby confirming that dieting does not really deliver a sustained weight loss.

According to a Finland study conducted in 2011, where more than 2000 set of twins aged between 16 to 25 years participated. It is true that dieting has a weight amplifying effect and from the research findings it was established that the twins who deliberate worked on their weight loss program following a given menu (diet) had a higher chance of becoming overweight. The study further established that many people attempt to reduce their weight by dieting has higher chances that they would add some weight in the process further confirming the inconsistence of dieting as a suitable mode for losing weight.

Dieting effectiveness and weight loss programs: Further confirmations that dieting is inconsistent when it comes to weight loss

Cumulatively we have had other evidence pointing out that dieting alone may not be as effective as is commonly believed and that in many cases it can lead to stocking in some pounds. The following are some of the confirmations according to the various studies conducted in the past:

  • A research that was conducted in 2003 where some 17,000 children aged between 9-14 years participated, it was revealed that dieting was a key contributor to weight gain.
  • According to a five year study titled Neumark-Sztainer et al 2006, a teenage dieting risks becoming overweight as compared to non-dieting teens.
  • A team from UCLA researcher drew a conclusion after reviewing 31 long term studies that dieting leads to weight gain.

Finally, it is evident that contrary to the beliefs of many people about dieting offering lasting solutions to the people struggling with weigh related problems, experts findings revealed that dieting is not actually the best method to use when it comes to losing weight and therefore should not be singlehandedly be encouraged. Doctor Akoury advices that it would be much appropriate to apply the dieting option when you want to maintain weight. Like for instance, this is actually the common practice with athletes and other sporting professionals who operates on a specific diet to help them maintain their body weight and in such cases dieting stands to be very effective. Now that you know the effectiveness of dieting and where it is not best placed, you can consult with the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help you work out on a suitable work out program that will help you achieve your weight loss objective professionally.

Dieting effectiveness and weight loss programs: Why is diet not a very effective way of losing weight?


weight loss program

Weight loss focal point for consideration

Weight loss focal point

Weight loss focal point for consideration includes burning high cholesterol to reduce all associated weight related complications

Weight loss focal point for consideration: The willingness to endure challenges

When considering weight loss focal points, it is very important that behind any problem you may be having, there is something that is motivating you to move on amidst numerous challenges. However, even with that desire, the primary thing on your part must be the willingness to tale the challenge. From the experts point of view taking timely action is very important. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD is a veteran expert in this discipline with more than two decades of experience says that when this is overcome then you may want to take a self-evaluation and respond positively and openly to the following life concerns:

Your lifestyle

This becomes the pillar of what needs to be changed if it was not right. To succeed in losing weight your general lifestyle must change from regular physical activity to healthy eating habits. You must go forward choose wisely the kind of food you eat and this must be done irrespective of your current weight or BMI.

Weight loss focal point for consideration: Your family history

Genetics is a very important factor in weight loss. Persons desiring to lose effectively must study the history of their genealogy well. For instance if in your lineage there are pockets of people who had history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or other weight-related ailment, it’s crucial to be mindful of your weight then this can be a pointer to you that you could be the next victim and so is the need to start exercising the preventive measures.

Your weight distributed

Weight gained above the hips commonly called “apple” shape can be problematic. In both men and women, bigger abdomens can signal trouble.

Your waist size

The National Institutes of Health has determined that a waist circumference of over 40 inches in men and over 35 inches in women signifies a health risk, particularly in people with BMIs of 25-34.9 (the overweight category). It is however very important that you understand that clothing size is not a good indicator of weight or health, since sizes vary with different manufacturers.

Weight loss focal point for consideration: How do you feel?

Seriously consider weight loss if you are overweight and have joint problems, shortness of breath or other health troubles that limit your day-to-day living.

Finally doctor Akoury says that while appreciating that you need to be concern about your weight, worrying about it exceedingly is not good either. You could develop psychological problem along the way which may not be very good for your obese condition. If this describes you and you are not at ease with the way things are, don’t die quietly, come out and seek for help in good time. Doctor Akoury will be weight for your call to help you get the best out of your current condition for a better tomorrow.

Weight loss focal point for consideration: The willingness to endure challenges