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Understanding drug exploitation

Understanding drug exploitation

Understanding drug exploitation for you to take timely action

Understanding drug exploitation: Deficiencies in the brain

In our quest for understanding drug exploitation, it is important that we study some of the research findings on this topic. According to studies conducted professionally, it has been established that there are electrophysiological deficits in persons struggling with alcoholism. Like for instance, in one of the studies, it was established that the brains of those who consume more than 300 ml of alcohol daily, compared to non-alcoholics had abnormal electrical wave forms of the P300 electrical potential. Decreased amplitude of the P300 electrical potential occurs, not just on alcoholics, but also in their progeny, suggesting that electrophysiological deficits exist even before alcohol consumption in the children of people who drink alcohol. Drug-taking changes the brains magnetic and electrical patterns, increasing the electrical firing of the brains neural circuitry and the body’s nervous system to generate a high. With long term use, they act to revitalize the body, having a seriously damaging effect on the vital life force, further reinforcing the need to take the drug.

Understanding drug exploitation: Low magnetic levels

Low magnetic levels in the brain and body are caused by deficiencies of folic acid, zinc, thiamin, and other nutrients. The western meat-based diet is largely responsible. It is nutritionally inadequate in terms of antioxidant vitamins and minerals and deficient in negative magnetism. Over time, the animal product diet can create abnormal cravings for drugs which will differ in strength depending on nutrient availability and level of magnetic balance.

Biochemically speaking, on such a diet the natural opioids no longer function as they should, causing craving and eventually, with drug use and addiction. Drugs supply exhilaration as they stimulate the reward or pleasure center of the brain. They act to increase the electrical firing in the reward center releasing certain neurotransmitters which induce a sense of euphoria, elevation in mood increased arousal and motivation.

Excited by the drug use, the brains neural circuitry adapts to the chemical state. If the drug is withdrawn, brain function is impaired and pleasure is replaced by pain, inducing depression and a loss of energy and motivation. Continued drug use is reinforced, first by the physical addiction and secondly, by the strong psychological desire to avoid painful withdrawal.

Drugs serve as compensatory mechanisms for the biochemical imbalance in the brain and body, affecting mood. Alcohol, for instance, functions primarily to relax, as doe’s opium. Other drugs stimulate (caffeine) and can trigger the tension that may lead to drinking. Aggression often triggers smoking and smoking (nicotine) often reduces aggression, causing a change of mood or relaxation. That is why many smokers say they smoke to reduce nerves, when irritable, anxious or worried.

Finally, we can conclude that poor diet and the brains consequent magnetic and chemical imbalance are the primary causes of drug use and addiction confirming the point that the causes are just a stone through away. And because many have failed to identify these causes, doctor Dalal Akoury made a decision to create a medical center (AWAREmed) whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. And it will interest you to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. That explains why you need to call her on telephone number 843 213 1480 for the commencement of your recovery process.

Understanding drug exploitation: Deficiencies in the brain



Holistic treatment

Drug addiction initiation

Drug addiction initiation

Drug addiction initiation may be simple but that is the right time of taking immediate action

Drug addiction initiation: Signs and Symptoms

In most cases, drug addiction initiation is irregular and gradual with the casual or social use of a drug. For some people, using the drug becomes a habit, and its use becomes more and more frequent. As time passes, you may need larger doses of the drug to get high. Soon you may need the drug just to feel good. As your drug use increases, you may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Stopping may cause intense cravings and make you feel physically ill what we call withdrawal symptoms. And speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President, and founder of AWAREmed Health Center, the following are some of the drug addiction symptoms or behaviors:

  • Feeling that you have to use the drug regularly this can be daily or even several times a day
  • Failing in your attempts to stop using the drug
  • Making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug
  • Spending money on the drug, even though you can’t afford it
  • Doing things to obtain the drug that you normally wouldn’t do, such as stealing
  • Feeling that you need the drug to deal with your problems
  • Driving or doing other risky activities when you’re under the influence of the drug
  • Focusing more and more time and energy on getting and using the drug

Drug addiction initiation: Identifying drug addiction in teenagers

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish normal teenage moodiness from signs of drug use. This kind of knowledge is very important for all parents and guardians as it will help them make timely informed decisions in caring for their children. And as experts from AWAREmed health center we want to share with you some possible indications that your teenager is may be using drugs:

Problems at school – Frequently missing classes or missing school, a sudden disinterest in school or school activities, or a drop in grades may be indicators of drug use.

Physical health issues – Lack of energy and motivation may indicate your child is using certain drugs.

Neglected appearance – Teenagers are generally concerned about how they look. A lack of interest in clothing, grooming or looks may be a warning sign of drug use.

Changes in behavior – Teenagers enjoy privacy, but exaggerated efforts to bar family members from entering their rooms or knowing where they go with their friends might indicate drug use. Also, drastic changes in behavior and in relationships with family and friends may be linked to drug use.

Spending money – Sudden requests for money without a reasonable explanation for its use may be a sign of drug use. You may also discover money stolen from previously safe places at home. Items may disappear from your home because they’re being sold to support a drug habit.

Finally, the above list may not be conclusive, however, if you happen to sport any of them, it could be a serious indicator of emerging substance abuse. Remember that early treatment would help you and your teens prevent serious health complications. And that is why doctor Akoury made a decision of creating a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. You can reach her on telephone number 843 213 1480 for any concerns you may have in all matters relating to substance abuse.

Drug addiction initiation: Common Signs and Symptoms

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Workplace alcoholism impacts

Workplace alcoholism impacts

Workplace alcoholism impacts adversely on the good health of the personnel as well as their productivity

Workplace alcoholism impacts: The focus on drugs and alcoholism

Laziness is a crime which can destroy a whole generation. To avoid being lazy, we’ve got to work and fend for ourselves and families. While doing this noble duty, we often meet obstacles along the way. One of the major problems people face in their workstation is issues relating to drug abuse. This is a common problem that causes loss of human resource work time and because of that, we want to understand how workplace alcoholism impacts on our social and economic life. Job opportunities come in many ways including self-employment and labor employment where one offer services to an organization for a reward. One of the most devastating things that can happen in a workstation is the involvement of employees in addictive substances. This does not only destroys the organization’s image but also to the health of the personnel and can be very costly.

For a better understanding, we spoke to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and it is evident that this must be addressed timely and professionally. Doing this will benefit both the employee and the employer. For that reason, I want to request you to keep on the link to learn with the experts and should you have any concern, you can schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for further professional deliberations.

Workplace alcoholism impacts on all sectors of life. In fact, it is a global problem. Every nation has its own share of the problem but for the purpose of this discussion, we want to focus on how this is affecting the USA. In that respect, doctor Akoury is registering that various studies conducted by experts in the recent past has estimated that out of millions who hold full-time employment in the United States, a staggering population of about fifteen million are heavy drinkers of alcohol thereby exacting a high cost on work organizations primarily because employees who drink a lot are often absent themselves from work besides suffering from persistent health complications. Because of this, they are at a greater risk of harming themselves and their colleagues too.

Workplace alcoholism impacts: Addiction problems

The significance of alcoholism and drugs in work environment are many and can be classified into four major areas of greater concerns as follows:

  • Premature death as a result of fatal accidents
  • Increased injuries and accident rates
  • Absenteeism or absconding work occasioned by extra sick leave
  • Loss of production as a result of a weak workforce.

The four mentioned above are the major issues that come with the problem of alcoholism and substance abuse in our workstations; however, that is not the end of the complications. The other additional problem areas that are associated with alcoholism and drug addiction at the workplace may include:

  • Tardiness and consistency in sleeping on the job
  • Theft
  • The cost of poor decision making
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Lower morale of co-workers particularly those who are not drinking because they will have to work extra to cover for their weak colleagues
  • Increased likelihood of having trouble with co-workers, supervisors or tasks
  • Higher turnover
  • Training of new employees
  • Disciplinary procedures

Workplace alcoholism impacts: The focus on drugs and alcoholism






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Defining treatment approaches

Defining treatment approaches

Defining treatment approaches that helps all drug addiction patients to overcome their habit

Defining treatment approaches: Different treatment benefits

If you have ever fallen sick, you must have made effort of seeking for treatment from the hospitals. While in the hospitals your doctor may have whispered to you that besides the medication they are prescribing to you, you also needed to do certain things on your own like feeding on a well-balanced diet, checking your weight, detoxifying your body system by either drinking more water or feeding on certain food stuff. When your doctor tells you all these, they are simply defining treatment approaches for you. These are some of the things you can do on your own to improve on your health. Why do you think even after prescribing your medication, they still involve you with such advice? It is because things are first changing and in this century, we have different treatment approaches that benefits the well-being of our health.

If you have been following this link for sometimes now, you must have come across educative blogs touching on the possibilities of seeking for treatment differently away from what we are a custom to in our daily lives. Some of these treatment approaches are actually very effective and are impacting on the lives of the society well. We wanted to find out why have different treatment approaches if one can solve the problem and so we ask some question to doctor Dalal Akoury who is a veteran addiction expert of our times. From her experience doctor Akoury says that different treatment approaches are healthy for this society where pollution is causing serious health consequences to the lives of people. In her briefing she acknowledges that different treatment approaches have been given various names used to describe them. This has become necessary because majority of these healing approaches are not being taught in medical schools, yet they are generally available in hospitals or are routinely reimbursed by medical insurance.

Defining treatment approaches: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

Any name could be preferred but Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is the noun chosen by the National Institutes of Health. CAM is defined as the an expansive healing philosophies, approaches and therapies that mainstream western (conventional) medicine does not commonly use, accept, study, understand, or make available. CAM therapies may be used alone, as an alternative to conventional therapies, or in addition to conventional, mainstream medicine to treat conditions and promote well-being.

Integrative medicine is a new term that emphasizes the combination of both conventional and alternative approaches to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. It emphasizes respect for the human capacity for healing, the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient, a collaborative approach to patient care among practitioners, and the practice of conventional, complementary, and alternative health care that is evidence-based.

Defining treatment approaches: Why use CAM?

There is no doubt that CAM is gaining popularity because of its attractiveness to many people. This is so because its application emphasizes on treating the whole person by promoting good health and well-being. It adds value on the prevention and it is more tailored to personalize the patient treatment concerns. It has become the millennium treatment approach to many. You can become part of it by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more detailed professional input.

Defining treatment approaches: Different treatment benefits



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Getting addiction facts right

Getting addiction facts

Getting addiction facts right to help you escape its wrath

Getting addiction facts right: Psychoactive substances

Have you heard people saying that what you don’t know won’t hurt you? Until now you have been consoling yourself that it is only illicit street drugs that hurts and legalized substances like cigarette, alcohol and prescription drugs are good. If this is your way of seeking solace, then this topic getting substance abuse facts as it is has come at the right time for you. Currently substance abuse is a serious global problem. In fact in most states like US it is a pandemic. From the experts desk at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD, this problem does not only cost the individual victims, but also to the entire nations. Irrespective of the substance you are using whether legal or illicit street drugs like cocaine and heroin, substance abuse is a time bomb to individuals and to the nation as a whole.

Getting addiction facts right: What is substance abuse?

Before we can internalize and appreciate the reasons as to why getting substance abuse fasts, we must understand the basics first. Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center defines substance abuse as any harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including legalized ones like alcohol, cigarette and prescription drugs and illicit street drugs. It is important to note that the psychoactive substance use can lead to dependence syndrome – a cluster of behavioral, cognitive, and physiological phenomena come with the consistent use of these substances. Take note that typically include a strong desire to take the drug, difficulties in controlling its use, persisting in its use despite harmful consequences, a higher priority given to drug use than to other activities and obligations, increased tolerance, and sometimes a physical withdrawal state.

Getting addiction facts right: The high price tag

Today billions of dollars is being spent in correcting health complications that are attributed to substance abuse funds which could be directed to other developments if the whole problem was prevented. Because of the persistent abuse of drugs, doctor Akoury is reiterating that it is not surprising that drug abuse comes with such a high price tag considering all the health, legal, criminal, and personal issues that often come as the consequences of the abuse. To this effect a more professional treatment approach needs to be adopted to bring back the full restoration of health and productivity for all patients and their loved ones.

For this restoration to be effective, doctor Akoury made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will also interest you to note that her treatment practice focuses primarily on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This is therefore the right place to be for all your addiction related complications. Talk to us today on telephone number 843 213 1480 and we will gladly and professionally attend to all your concerns.

Getting addiction facts right: Psychoactive substances