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Social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction

Our social fabric vulnerability

Our social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction could be salvaged by inspiring addiction patients to take measures of escaping addictions wrath

Our social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction: The possible cures

There is no doubt that our social fabric is becoming very delicate day by day thanks to the consistent abuse of drugs. The undue pressure from the illicit use of drugs is causing many people in the society great anguish. Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center have time and again reported that the problem of addiction is not only a problem of the individual addict. And therefore besides the known health damage effects, alcohol addiction and drug addiction have an extremely negative social aspect. And that is why we want to focus our discussion on the effects of drug addiction on our social fabric with a view of finding lasting solutions to this enormous problem. To start us off doctor Akoury a veteran expert in addiction confirms that the problem of substance abuse has serious negative impact on such aspects of social life including:

  • Education and development
  • Extended family relationships
  • Financial issues and growth
  • Law-abiding and order in the society
  • Marriage and interpersonal relationships
  • Professional activities and employment

The list above is a mirror of what areas of our social health that is greatly affected by the indulgence in drugs and alcohol abuse. Let us take some time to analyze what is likely to happen in these categories of our social life.

Our social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction: Marriage and interpersonal relationship

Marriage is very sensitive in every community and any negative effect to it has its way of spilling out to the community. Drug addiction is one way through which this can take place and that is why it is very imperative that we all make all the necessary efforts to protect our marriages. Take for example if one or both partners in marriage are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse there is no doubt that this will impact negatively to this marriage. The introduction of misuse of drugs in marriages will come with very devastating changes like for instance, if your partner was previously a very committed and dedicated to his or her marriage or was easy going, kind, supportive person drugs is likely to change all these good characters into agony, secretive, cruel, arrogant, explosive egoist prone to frequent mood swings from deep apathy to inexplicable joy and aggressiveness thereby distorting the once known harmony in the family.

Our social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction: The power of communication in addiction solution

For the purpose of good health and peace, doctor Dalal Akoury suggest that this can be corrected by making some positive adjustments and compromises where is necessary. Consistent communication with an addict is incredibly hard not only to strangers, but also to close relatives, spouses. The situation becomes even more complicated when children are involved because for children to see their parents under constant influence of drugs can be extremely traumatizing and devastating for their tender ages. This will no doubt leave negative imprint on the formation of their future psyche. And that explains why if you or anyone you know is struggling with any kind of addiction, talking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD should be your stating point. If you do that, you will certainly reap the benefits and be healthy thereafter.

Our social fabric vulnerability to drug addiction: The possible cures


Crashing addiction

Aromatherapy effectiveness in addiction recovery process

Aromatherapy effectiveness of in addiction recovery process: What role can aromatherapy play during rehabilitation?

 Aromatherapy effectiveness

Aromatherapy effectiveness in addiction recovery is a powerful tool for crushing drug addiction to its knees.

When we talk of the effectiveness of aromatherapy in addiction recovery, we must ask certain question and get straight answers to them. Like for instance we may want to know what role can aromatherapy play during addiction recovery in a rehabilitation facility? Doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and president of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is registering that recovery and rehabilitation are holistic processes in which an individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions can all be considered. This consideration can be done in several ways and aromatherapy effectiveness in addiction recovery has proven to be a successful ingredient in offering solutions for many people. Which then brings us to the question once again that “what role can aromatherapy play in your rehabilitation and efforts to stay clean and sober?” with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury a veteran addiction expert of several decades we are going to discuss with you a simple rehabilitation guide of the effectiveness of aromatherapy and how it can help you during rehabilitation. But first thing first let us define aromatherapy.

It is important to note that aromatherapy stimulates the central function of your brain where the sense of smell originates. In other words we can say that anytime you are enjoying any smell that you find pleasant or relaxing, you are actually engaging in a form of aromatherapy. Besides essential oils and aromatic plant substances are typically used in successful aromatherapy. And like we had mentioned before, it is widely believed that the more natural the ingredients are, the healthier the therapy will be and the better the results achieved will be. Inhaling safe, organic aromas that you find enjoyable is the essence of aromatherapy which is very essential for soothing addiction and minimizing chances of relapse. It is believed that the inhaling of these aromas stimulates the brain to release chemicals that make you feel relaxed, calm, happy or positively stimulated to achieve what you desire in life. With this achievement, one is able to contain and cope effectively with all the withdrawal symptoms and live a normal and happy life says doctor Akoury.

Aromatherapy effectiveness of in addiction recovery process: Aromatherapy and recovery from alcohol and drugs

Following the achievements listed above, it is evident that aromatherapy is a fine tool for minimizing most triggers of addiction and alcoholism. Such triggers may include anxiety, apprehension, pain, stress, hurtful memories, fear, depression and insomnia. As a matter of fact many studies while applying large sample groups have demonstrated quite clearly that aromatherapy alleviates all of these triggers. Like for instance in one of the studies where women were involved, it was demonstrated that depression reduces the ability to smell. Aromatherapy increases olfactory functioning and alleviated symptoms of depression.

Aromatherapy effectiveness of in addiction recovery process: Essential oils effective in recovery and rehabilitation

There are many oils that can be used in aromatherapy to alleviate the triggers to drinking and drug use. When this occurs, you will be able to stay sober and drug-free more easily. Some of the more common essential oils used in aromatherapy may include:

Lavender oil – this is sometimes is also known as the oil of peace due to its ability to help people become calm and relaxed. It is a good option for people who want to be comfortable and in good mood for a peaceful sleep time or just want to peace of mind after a busy day.

Ylang Ylang – this is another essential oil that is believed to be good for relaxation in many ways.

Lemon oil – this is believed to enhance mood and trigger the feelings of sufficiency of energy to face the day’s challenges. Besides that there are is also some evidence to suggest that it can help people deal better with stress.

Peppermint oil – this is said to be good for helping people deal with minor body discomforts including mild headaches. It is also good for relieving nausea which is often a problem for people going through withdrawals.

The smell of Sandalwood – it is commonly found in Buddhist and Hindu temples where it is used in incense. It can be good for putting people in the mood for contemplation.

Bergamot oil – this is believed to help alleviate mild symptoms of depression.

Eucalyptus oil – is actually good for opening up the airways and it can make people feel like they have more energy.

Chamomile oil – this is another essential oil that is good for promoting relaxation and sleep.

Clary Sage – this is said to be good for reducing levels of anxiety and promoting sleep.

Dill oil – this is said to help people deal with feelings of being overwhelmed, and it is also good for general relaxation.

Ginger oil – this is said to be a mild stimulant. This means that it may lift mood and increase mental clarity.

Jasmine – this is said to lift the mood and can be used as a mild antidepressant.

Aromatherapy effectiveness of in addiction recovery process: Things to consider with aromatherapy

Even though aromatherapy is generally considered safe, the following elements are worth considering before using any of these products:

  • Take note never to ingest any essential oil unless it has been specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Aromatherapy is like most things in life – best in moderation.
  • Always follow the instructions for the use of the different products keenly.
  • If you have any type of respiratory problems such as asthma you will need to be very careful when opting for these oils. It is advised that they avoid them completely unless given the ok by their physician.
  • It is important to be aware of any potential side effects related to these products – for example, rosemary can sometimes lead to a rise in blood pressure and should be avoided by people who have hypertension.
  • Hyssop oil may trigger seizures in those people who have a history of convulsions.
  • Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid aromatherapy.
  • These products can be dangerous if they get into the eyes. People need to be careful to wash their hands if any of the oil has gotten onto their skin – otherwise they could accidentally rub the oil into the skin.
  • It is advised that those people who have any type of estrogen dependent cancers should avoid oils such as aniseed, fennel, and sage which are estrogen like compounds. This would include breast and ovarian cancer.
  • The cost of essential oils can vary a great deal so it is advisable to shop around. Some products cost far more than others, but the only real difference will be the brand name.

Finally these are points not to ignore if you want to get the best out of aromatherapy. And in case you have any further concern that you need to be addressed, you can use this opportunity to call the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and all your concerns will not only be addressed, but they will be handled professionally.

Aromatherapy effectiveness of in addiction recovery process: What role can aromatherapy play during rehabilitation?



The smart ways of fighting drug addiction

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction: A difficult task which must be done smartly

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction is by involving all the users of drugs particularly those who are on the receiving end commonly known as street clients.

The desire of living a healthy and normal life is often met with several obstacles that tend to derail the successful life we all yearn for. The global leaders are up and about fighting to get solutions of some of the traumatizing health situations in life and a lot of research is also being done by professionals and scientist across the globe all in a bid of making life more comfortable. In all these efforts the most disturbing element is that some of the problems we go through are treatable and can be dealt with if there is willingness on the part of the patient to be helped. Take for example the problem of substance abuse, this is not just one of the many local problems in your society but it is a global problem. All nations across the globe are in one way or another struggling with this problem of drug addiction and is the focus of our discussion in this article. In an effort of finding solutions, we spoke with doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) a veteran addiction experts who single handedly founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility whose primary objective is to find lasting solutions to all people suffering from drug addiction. She is going to help us understand some of the smart ways of fighting drug addiction and eliminating it from our societies in the most professional ways. To start the discussion off, we are going to explore of some of the possible element which when observed, the journey of addiction recovery would be made much easier and the following are just but a few for the purpose of this discussion:

  1. Reach out for support
  2. Learn healthy ways to cope with stress
  3. Relieving stress without drugs
  4. Strategies for quickly relieving stress without drugs
  5. Keep triggers and cravings in check
  6. Coping with drug cravings
  7. Build a meaningful drug-free life
  8. Don’t let relapse keep you down

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction: Reach out for support

Have you ever imagined living in total isolation? Some people may think that when you have all that you need in life then you have landed and people may not matter to you. But how realistic can this be? Let say that you have all the resources on earth and so you take refuge in your resources and brag that you don’t need people around you. If this is your thought then you have missed the point. No one can live in a vacuum, you may have all money but when you fall sick you will need a doctor for help you money will be useless if the doctor declines to administer treatment on you. In the same way when it comes to addiction don’t try to go it alone, seek for help from somebody, remember that in whatever type of treatment you choose, having a solidified support system around you is very essential. Doctor Akoury professional advice is that when seeking for treatment the individual patient must be very objective and positive in mind. This is very important because the more positive influences you have in your life, the better your chances for recovery. We must all appreciate that recovering from drug addiction is not an easy assignment however, with the support from trust worthy people, those whom you can turn to for encouragement, guidance and all who will give you listening ear, the journey becomes a little friendlier and manageable. Therefore for a start you can settle for the following approaches:

Lean on close friends and family – Like we have mentioned before, having the support of friends and family members is a virtue in drug addiction recovery. Nonetheless we appreciate that in certain cases addiction victims may feel reluctant to embrace this virtue because of the social and physical harm they may have caused their loved ones in the past. If this is the case, then it must not hinder your quest to seeking for their support. You could start by enrolling to your local couples counseling or family therapy where you will be rehabilitated emotionally and at an appropriate time your family and friends whom you felt you had disappointed will find ground to come in and help you get even better.

Build a sober social network – It is always said that birds of the same feathers flocks together. This must sound a serious warning to you and be an incentive for you to take stock of the people you hung out with. You must be careful to sieve your previous social life and if you find that it revolved around drugs, then it is very necessary that you make some new connections with sober people immediately. Having sober friends who will support your recovery program is very instrumental because they will not be the point of reminders to you of your disturbing past. The other things you can opt for include taking a class, joining a church or a civic group, volunteering, or attending events in your community. These activities will destruct your attention and keep you off the triggers of drugs.

Consider moving in to a sober living home – This is one of the most important ways to consider in the smart ways of fighting drug addiction. Your environment must be safe from all the triggers of drugs. It therefore means that considering living in sober home environment will provide a safe, supportive place to live while you’re recovering from drug addiction. Such sober environments are a good option if you don’t have a stable home or a drug-free living environment to go to.

Make meetings a priority – Join a recovery support group and attending meetings regularly is another smart way of fighting drug addiction which must be embraced. Doctor Akoury state that spending time with people who understand exactly what you’re going through can be the much needed healing break through. Besides that you will also benefit from the shared experiences of the group members and learn what others have done to stay sober.

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction: Learn healthy ways to cope with stress

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, learning healthy ways of coping with stress is very instrumental as part of the smart ways of fighting drug addiction. Professionally doctor Akoury opinion is that even once you’ve recovered from drug addiction, the problems that brought you to this situation will still be there in the market. It means that you’ll still have to face them and this can be very dangerous if not handled professionally. It is important that you take stock and deal with triggers of addiction like taking drugs to numb painful emotions, calm yourself down after an argument, unwind after a bad day, or forget about your problems? This is important because after you become sober, such negative feelings that you used to dampen with drugs will resurface. Therefore for treatment to be successful, and to remain sober in the long term, you’ll need to resolve these underlying issues by seeking further professional help from experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. You may now want to schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for the commencement of your journey to finding lasting solutions to drug addiction problems today. Finally we have only discussed two out of the eight strategies and we are going to further the discussion in our subsequent article which you don’t want to miss.

The smart ways of fighting drug addiction: A difficult task which must be done smartly