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Progesterone hormone influences addiction in men

Progesterone Hormone and Nicotine Addiction in Men

Progesterone hormoneJust like any other addiction, nicotine addiction is a grave health problem. It is a problem that has affected the whole world. About 35 million people in the United States alone try to quit smoking each year, but less than 7 percent are successful. Many smokers report a feel of high sensation, followed by a feeling of relaxation. It is because of these positive feelings that nicotine has been associated with plus the normal cravings make nicotine products very hard to be abandoned by those already using them. Past research has suggested that women may experience fewer nicotine cravings and may be less affected by smoking’s positive reinforcement factors when compared to men. This according to researchers is because the women have higher levels of progesterone hormone. Fluctuations in levels of the female hormones estradiol and progesterone during menstruation may play a role in determining how women are affected by nicotine. this also affects men, little known to many, men also have progesterone hormone though in lower quantities but still serving crucial suppose. In men the adrenal glands and testes also make progesterone and they work to counter the activities of hormone estrogen in men. in case of low levels of progesterone in men , they will exhibit the following symptoms; Low libido, Hair loss, Weight gain, Fatigue, Depression, Gynecomastia (“man-boobs“), Erectile dysfunction, Impotence, Bone loss and Muscle loss.

According to a study that was done to examine the effects of a controlled oral dose of progesterone on smoking behavior, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and nicotine-related positive reinforcement factors in nicotine dependent males it was found that Higher progesterone blood levels corresponds both to reduced β2*-nAChR availability in all brain regions except the thalamus and to craving and withdrawal symptoms. These findings suggest that progesterone might promote men’s positive abstinence experiences by inhibiting β2*-nAChR availability. However, the study did not detect any direct link between men’s β2*-nAChR availability and craving or symptoms. In this study that took four days, participants were randomly assigned to receive a daily dose of 200 mg of progesterone, 400 mg of progesterone, or placebo. All participants had to abstain from smoking for Days 1 through 3. On Day 4, participants took part in a smoking session, during which their smoking habits, including the number of puffs, duration of puffs, and number of cigarettes smoked, were measured. Outcome measurements also included self-reports of cravings; carbon monoxide monitoring; and standardized questionnaires to assess nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Progesterone modulates the reward system

In other Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that progesterone modulates the reward system and responses to stimulant drugs. The majority of the preclinical work in this area however has been conducted with cocaine with results showing that progesterone, and its active metabolite allopreganolone, attenuates the rewarding effects of drugs of abuse. Animal studies have mainly focused on the ratio of estradiol to progesterone as a predictor of sensitivity to drug reward with results generally showing that when levels of estradiol are high and relatively unopposed by progesterone drug reward is heightened. Though this study was done using cocaine and not nicotine it makes sense that the balance between progesterone and estradiol is crucial in mitigating the effects of a drug and minimizing chances of a drug user to be addicted to the drug. It is therefore safe to say that it is important for the levels of progesterone in men to be at safe levels to limit effects of drugs.

Progesterone to fight nicotine Addiction

progesterone hormoneProgesterone being a hormone that is mostly dominant in women, most researchers having linked it to nicotine addiction worked mostly with women. However bearing the understanding that men also have estrogen and progesterone as well as other hormones it is evident that progesterone might have similar effects on them. As a man ages the production of hormone progesterone becomes slowed or stops, the main function of hormone progesterone in the body of a man is to check on the activities of the estrogen hormone. Estrogen dominance is a problem that not only women grapple but men also are tied to it. in few research findings that have been published, it has been found that progesterone may help men who are fighting nicotine addiction but this hormone decreases as a man grows and so to help it can be supplemented. Clinical research studies in this area have many challenges including the difficulty of conducting the study during a certain phase of the hormonal transition. In addition, men of reproductive age have multiple commitments and participation in a research study with a demanding schedule is not an easy task. Nevertheless, clinical research in this area is crucial to develop more effective treatments for nicotine addiction that will tailor to the needs of women.


Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center has dedicated her life to helping patients restore their lives by use of integrative medicine. She also holds many conferences in which she offers training on how integrative medicine can be used to fight addiction among other conditions. Call her on (843) 213-1480 for help.

Progesterone Hormone and Nicotine Addiction in Men



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Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health

Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health

fermented milk The human skin is the largest organ and an essential excretory pathway too. All that biology aside, the skin is the most immediate point of contact with the outside world and a woman for instance would do or give anything just to have a beautiful lustrous skin. Well that is not a strange thing, beauty is such a worthy aspect of humanity.

Funny thing, different folks have had their unique ways of approaching the skin health. Some traditional and others contemporary. While the market is flooded with all the lotions and gels with some such as Nivea using the term ‘moisturizing’ as a key selling point, other people, more traditional in their ways, have for a long time depended on milk in various ways to realize some really beautiful glowing skin. There is definitely something in milk, isn’t there?

But the question is, what is this ‘thing’ in milk that these women targeted for the beauty of their skin? Today there is growing evidence indicating that if you consume milk products refined with probiotic bacteria, you can end up with not only a healthy gut, but also a nice healthy skin.

This is not entirely a new idea in the scientific marketplace. Scientists have for a long time suspected that the health of the human skin and gut health are rather interrelated. Simply looked at, the lining of the mammalian gastrointestinal tract is somewhat an extension of the actual skin. In this manner, the bacteria on the skin surface find their way with ease to the surface of the gut.

In terms of immunity and the general health, one mechanism that has been identified by medical practitioners of maintaining the intestinal health involves boosting the probiotics (good bacteria). Good because these bacteria help to keep bad microbes in check as they naturally inhabit the gut.  Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are examples of these good bacteria and are used for instance in the food industry. Their purpose here is typically to make refined milk products like yogurt.

Unveiling the Gut Phenol Guard

A number of recent studies by a Japanese probiotic milk pioneer has reported evidence indicating the beneficial effects of fermented milk on the general skin health. This was from some test samples containing Bifidobacterium, a bacterium found in fermented milk.

The researchers compared the effects of the fermented milk against those of a non-fermented placebo milk in a clinical test. Two clusters of healthy Japanese women were given the milk and various parameters later measured in those women’s urine, blood and the level of hydration of their skin.

Four weeks later, the women who had been subjected to drinking the placebo milk were having significantly drier skin as compared to their colleagues who drank the fermented milk.

Based on the results of this study, the Japanese scientists deduced that the women who drank the fermented milk had lower levels of phenols in their blood and urine. Phenols are a group of noxious by-products emitted by some gut bacteria during proteins digestion.

Phenols are often absorbed from the gut to some extent, taken through blood circulation and eventually excreted from the body via the urine. In this process though, the phenols may often build in the skin as they are carried along with the blood. Prior studies have shown this happen to the skin of mice. And for the human skin, lab tests have shown that these toxins disturb the skin cells’ production of keratin 10, a major skin protein responsible for strengthening the skin’s barrier function.

People with a troubled gut environment have typically been reported to have high levels of these toxic substances known as phenols. The Japanese scientists associate problems such as skin dryness to high levels of these phenols produced by particular gut bacteria.

Consequently the researchers recommend daily intake of fermented milk rich in probiotics as an antidote to the problem of dry skin. This according to them could help maintain healthy skin by encouraging a conducive gut environment which will suppress the production of the toxins. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), these probiotics (found in fermented milk) are live microorganisms which have the capacity to confer a health benefit to the host when administered in adequate amounts.

fermented milk

Further Skin Health Benefits

Aside from the fight against phenols, fermented milk has been found to have a host of other benefits to the skin. Other studies have indicated that the milk may help assuage dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) while reducing water loss from the skin of the individual.

The fermented milk contains a number of biologically active peptides. Peptides are compounds consisting of two or more amino acids that are linked in a chain. These fermented milk peptides are produced in the process of fermentation. Here a bacterium known as lactobacilli chew down certain milk proteins converting them into the peptides.

Sebum, oily secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin, has been reported to get stabilized by intake of fermented milk. Taking fermented milk increases the hydration levels of the skin of young women due to increased levels of sebum in the skin.

The studies indicate that the age and hormone levels influence the working of the fermented milk in influencing sebum production. Even better, the milk helps check the effects of sebum that could result in acne if in high amounts. This applies to both men and women. The acne alleviation effect on skin is attributed to a milk protein called lactoferrin.

Given its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, fermented milk helps in improving g the skin luster making it glossy and radiant. The effect results from combined properties of increased sebum and an acidic skin pH.

At AwareMed, we care about the health of your skin and continue to provide you with these and more health insights for your wellness.

Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health



Ebola Virus In America: Should We Be Worried?

Ebola Virus In The U.S.A.

How It All Started

The story of the Ebola outbreak started from West Africa. Reports about its occurrence and huge number of causalities who were succumbing to it started surfacing soon after and reached the international media. Things reached their crescendo when reports of the havoc that the disease was wrecking primarily in West Africa and the speed with which it was spreading captured global attention.

Currently, Ebola outbreak is a global phenomenon, with fears that the spread of the disease is akin to that of HIV during its early days back in the 80s.

Primarily, the disease has affected three West African countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. However, reports that the disease is actually spreading across the world have sparked concerted international efforts to battle its possible spread and direct effects. The manner in which the disease spreads has put air travel operations across the world in the limelight as different governments seek to protect their citizens against possible exposure to the disease.


Warning Ebola


How the USA is Prepared

The government of the United States is completely prepared to tackle any incidence of the disease in the country. This is according to the statements made by public health officials in response to growing fears that the government may not be doing enough to protect the country against a possible occurrence of the disease.

There are several ways in which the government is prepared for a possible outbreak of Ebola, although this is an event whose occurrence is highly unlikely. For instance, the government has the capacity to detect a single case of Ebola in the country. Since the basic principle of preventing a possible outbreak of the disease in the country is having in place the right mechanism for early detection, isolation and treatment, the government can be said to be ready because it has the right mechanisms in place. The same can be said of many governments in the western part of the world.

Secondly, the ability to fully tackle a possible Ebola outbreak lies in the availability of effective treatments for the disease. Currently, the World Health Organization has authorized the use of an experimental form of a drug to treat Ebola patients. So far, the drug has proven to be an effective therapy against the disease, helping a number of patients on whom it has been used to fully recover from the grip of the disease. Furthermore, an experimental form of a vaccine against the disease is in the process of being tried out. If it is found effective, the vaccine will be an invaluable weapon in the fight against Ebola.

Preventive Measures Already Instituted

There are several preventive measures that have already been taken by the government in response to the Ebola scare. One of them is about screening passengers who are using air travel. Generally, the spread of Ebola occurs via air transport. This is what usually happens. An individual gets exposed to the disease-causing virus by accident. After exposure, the virus takes between 2 and 3 weeks before the first symptoms of fever appear, followed by massive hemorrhage through the openings of the body. During the incubation period, it is likely that the infected individual may travel out of the country in which the disease is present to a different one. If this happens, the person is likely to spread the disease to others.

This is why governments across the world are taking extraordinary measures to ensure that such a scenario does not occur. One way in which this is done is by screening passengers who are using air transport. Currently the government of the United States has instructed a number of airports to commence massive screening procedures for travelers who are coming in from Ebola-hit countries.

The Impact Of The Ebola So Far

So far, Ebola has killed well over 4,000 people in the world. According to the authorities, reported cases of infection of the disease are at about 8,000. This implies that the mortality rate of the disease is something to make individuals and governments across the world quite worried.

Another reason to worry about is that the mortality rate is set to rise with increasing deaths of individuals who had been affected before. This, therefore, calls for a concerted and well coordinated global response mechanism as a viable way of combating spread of the disease. Yet so far, the need for funding to combat the disease has not been fully met. This means that many of the initiatives that would have been put in place at the global scale have to wait. The impact of such delays in funding is greatly felt in countries that are heavily hit by the disease in West Africa.


Ebola Symptoms


Already the disease has had significant impact on the social and economic factors of the said countries. With the death toll from the disease increasing, the social fabric that holds the society in the countries is greatly affected.

The situation in Europe and the United States is completely different. Regardless of the fears by members of the public, it is highly unlikely that countries in this part of the world can suffer from the direct impacts of the disease in such a manner. Already identified cases of the disease have been effectively tackled. However, news of the disease spreading so fast to different areas like Latin America is a strong enough reason for the government to step up its contingency plans and preventive measures.

Our goal at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is to help you remain healthy at all times. We believe that health and wellness are primary needs of individuals that should be well taken care of. And for one to be healthy and well, information; timely information for that matter; is extremely important. That is why we take a keen interest in research studies on Ebola that are being carried out.

Ebola Virus In The US


Lung Cancer Screening

What Is Lung Cancer Screening?

Generally screening is a process that is used to detect early development of a particular disease among the general population. The procedure is usually carried out using a simple and effective test. The simplicity of the test should be reflected in the fact that it has been standardized and can be used widely to produce consistent results. The effectiveness of the test is usually reflected in its ability to provide accurate results consistently over the course of time.

When applied to lung cancer, screening means the use of a simple and effective test to detect early development of lung cancer among members of the population. The need for early detection of different forms of cancers has been shown to be a determining factor on how successful the treatments that are used to treat the cancer are.

Therefore, when applied to the general population, screening can reduce the mortality rates of lung cancer by allowing early detection and implementation of specific intervention measures.

Lung Cancer Screening

Current methods of detecting cancer

Currently, the sole method that is relied upon to detect cancer is the use of x-rays. X-ray pictures of the chest of a patient are usually taken and subjected to expert analysis for detection of the presence of cancerous cells within the lung tissues of the patient. It is after this has been confirmed that use of specific types of cancer therapies is recommended.

However, this method has several potential disadvantages. To begin with, use of x-rays to detect cancer cells only succeeds in cases where the cancer is at an advanced stage. When used on patients in whom the cancer is at an early stage, the method may not be reliable. Therefore, by only showing cases of advanced cancer in patients, use of the method denies doctors the chance to detect the cancer early enough and tackle it using appropriate therapies.

The second disadvantage of the current form of cancer detection is that is cannot be used over the entire population to detect early forms of lung cancer among individuals. Its use heavily relies on patients showing signs of lung cancer. And since the signs of lung cancer are usually varied in terms of form and intensity, x-rays can only serve the function of detecting lung cancer in individual patients in whom the disease has greatly progressed.

Thirdly, use of x-rays alone as a method for detecting lung cancer may not be completely effective. This is so because a patient may be required to undergo further complicated medical tests such as examination of the tissue of the lungs to detect the presence of cancer cells. As much as this is a costly procedure, it presents a number of dangers to the health of a patient.

The Need For Lung Cancer Screening

The need for lung cancer screening program arises from several factors. First, it has been repeatedly shown that when a universal screening program is used for a particular type of chronic disease, it results into a decrease in the rate of mortalities arising from the disease. Therefore, an effective screening program for lung cancer is necessary to reduce the social and economic burden of the disease.

Second, a screening program is usually used on individuals within a population who are at a high risk of developing the disease for which the screening is done. What this means is that the screening program is used concurrently with information about specific risk factors for a particular type of disease. For lung cancer, several factors have been identified as predisposing individuals to its development. The first one is the practice of smoking. Lung cancer has been detected in patients who are heavy smokers. Also, the problem has been associated with past heavy smoking in some patients.

Second, the relationship between lung cancer and age has been established. Although this largely depends on whether or not the individual in question is a heavy smoker, there tends to be a positive correlation between age and development of lung cancer. Therefore, past and current heavy smokers face a high risk of developing lung cancer as they advance in age.

Therefore, these factors make it necessary for a simple and effective test for lung cancer to be developed. This way, lung cancer shall be easily detected among individuals who belong to high-risk groups in the population. This will be an effective step in combating the disease in general.

Lung CancerRendering

The Future Of Lung Cancer Screening

The future of lung cancer screening is defined by a number of factors. The first one is the extent to which research is carried out. With intense research being carried out on how to develop an effective program for screening people for lung cancer, there is hope that this will help solve the complex problems that arise from the issue.

Second, the future of lung cancer screening lies in discovery and development of new and simple tests for the disease. It is only when a simple and effective test has been developed that a sound screening program can be designed and implemented.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is a medical institution that is devoted to helping cancer patients overcome the ravaging effects of the disease. We hold the belief that the successful treatment and overall management of cancer is a complicated process that requires multiple intervention strategies. That is why we have focused our energies on using alternative treatment therapies to complement conventional therapies that are used by our cancer patients.

Lung Cancer Screening



Ebola And IV Vitamin C

Characteristics of vitamin c

Vitamin C is one of the many different forms of minerals that are required by the human body for proper functioning. Since our bodies are not able to manufacture Vitamin C, we need to provide them with sufficient amounts of the mineral for their proper functioning.

Vitamin C has been known for its effect as a strong antioxidant. Although humans can get their required amounts of Vitamin C from a properly balanced diet, this is hardly enough. The body requires much higher levels of this mineral than what is provided for in an ordinary diet.

How Vitamin C Can Be Used To Enhance Ebola Treatment

Although this is still a theoretical issue that is under investigation, there are several reasons that have been proposed on how an injection of Vitamin C can be used to cure Ebola Virus Disease. To begin with, scientists have been curious about the ability of Vitamin C to act against viruses. Generally, studies have indicated that large amounts of Vitamin C are able to kill a large percentage of viruses. This antiviral activity of the vitamin has been observed on different types of viruses over the course of time. Although this is an issue that is under investigation, it sounds logical to say that research in the area offers some hope of finding a cure against the disease along these lines of thought.

Vitamin C

Another reason as to why an injection of Vitamin C could be used to develop treatment of Ebola Virus Disease arises from the ability of the vitamin to inhibit the rate of growth of viruses in general within the body cells. Usually, viruses and other disease-causing organisms survive by rapid and uninhibited multiplication within the body of the host. Immediately after gaining entry into the body of an erstwhile healthy individual, viruses embark on a rapid multiplication process. This gives them the ability to colonize the body cells of the host completely. It is after this objective has been achieved that a person begins to experience the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Now that Vitamin C has shown the ability to limit the rate of multiplication of viruses within the cells of a host, this logic can be used to develop an effective treatment for Ebola Virus Disease.

Different forms of Vitamin C

When used to treat Ebola Virus Disease, Vitamin C could potentially be used in different other forms apart from the intravenous injection one. One common form is the powdered Vitamin C. The powered form could be easily dissolved in pure water and taken orally. However, there are important issues that shall need to be taken into consideration if Vitamin C is to be administered in this form. The first one is about the dosage. It will important for the right amount of the powder to be used at all times for overall efficacy. The second one is the danger of over dosage. Research has indicated that an overdose of Vitamin C produces a lot of undesirable effects on the body. It will be necessary to take precautions against possible overdose.

Another form in which a potential treatment against Ebola Virus Disease would be based is tablets of the vitamin. Currently, Vitamin C tablets are easily found as nutrient supplements. Their usage is not restricted to treating a particular type of disease but rather, is applied as a broad alternative form of treatment. The beneficial effects of Vitamin C in the body are the driving force behind the popularity of this form of nutrient supplements. Just as is the case with powdered form of Vitamin C, care shall have to be taken when using the tablets to ensure efficacy on one hand and avoid toxicity arising from over dosage on the other.

The Advantages Of Using IV Vitamin C

If developed into an effective therapy against Ebola Virus Disease, Vitamin C will most likely be applied to patients in the form of an intravenous injection. There are several advantages of this form of treatment. First of all, in many cases, the absorption of Vitamin C from the stomach has been found to be inhibited by a number of physiological factors. This makes the application of a large dose of the vitamin through the powdered or tablet form inefficient because abnormally large amounts of the mineral will have to be applied to patients. However, when the intravenous method is used, the problem of poor absorption of Vitamin C is completely overcome.Vitamin C

Secondly, when Vitamin C is applied intravenously, the desired dosage in the body of a patient can be obtained with relative ease. It is no wonder that many forms of treatment for chronic diseases are offered by this means. An intravenous injection of a drug is quite effective in that the drug is directly introduced into the bloodstream of the patient. This facilitates immediate and effective action.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre is devoted to helping individuals lead completely fulfilling lives by being fully healthy and well. That is why we take keen interest in new developments on how integrative and complementary therapies can be used to enhance the overall outcome of conventional treatments when used to treat different types of diseases. We are located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and are open for consultations for any type of medical problem.

How Vitamin C Can Be Used To Enhance Ebola Treatment