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Food chemicals application

Food chemicals application

Food chemicals application in both human and vegetation

Food chemicals application: Relations between humans and plants

It may surprise you to note that food chemicals applications have some similarities on how plants and humans use food chemicals in their daily functions! Professionally, doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President, and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center says that plants produce chemicals capable of affecting our brains because they share an evolutionary history with us and primitive one-celled organisms produce many of the same chemicals present in our brains. Meaning that, irrespective of what you choose to eat the chemicals each meal contains may alter how your neurons function and by extension how you feel or think. We have all experienced the consequences of our shared evolutionary history with the plants we eat. For example, unripe bananas contain the neurotransmitter serotonin. When you eat an unripe banana, its serotonin is free to act upon the serotonin neurons within your digestive tract. The result is likely to increase activation of the muscles in the wall of your intestines.

Many plants contain compounds that should be able to enhance the brain’s performance. For example, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants contain solanine and α-chaconine substances that can enhance the action of acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain vital to memory formation.

Food chemicals application: Morphine chemicals

Morphine-like chemicals are capable of acting upon the brain are produced in your intestines when you consume milk, eggs, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin, and various fish and grains. Dairy products, in particular, contain a protein known as casein, which enzymes in your intestines can convert into beta-casomorphin. In newborns, that beta-casomorphin can easily pass out of the immature gut and into the developing brain to produce euphoria. The pleasurable feeling produced by this opiate-like compound in newborn mammals after their first taste of their mother’s milk is believed to encourage the infant to return again and again for nourishment. Thus, being able to experience the euphoria induced by this opiate-like chemical has life and death consequences for the newborn child.

Food chemicals application: Caffeine and Nicotine

These are definitely plants derived from drugs. Chocolate contains a bit of caffeine, but also an array of other psychoactive compounds that may contribute to the pleasurable sensation of eating it. Chocolate contains phenethylamine a molecule that resembles amphetamine, and a small amount of chemical called Anandamide resembling the active ingredient in marijuana. Ironically, Anandamide happens to be used by our brain as a regular neurotransmitter and appears to be critical for us to experience pleasure.

Finally, having seen the effect of food on human life, as a society we must pool together to ensure that we live a happy life, therefore, the services of professionals will be necessary to give guidance. And with the help of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, all your concerns will be well taken care of. Remember that doctor Akoury practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. You can call her on telephone number 843 213 1480 for further deliberations.

Food chemicals application: Relations between humans and plants



The pain of addiction

Deadly tobacco content today

Deadly tobacco content

Deadly tobacco content, when mixed with other substances, can only complicate the already devastating health problems

Deadly tobacco content: What is causing cigarette smoker to suffer?

Looking at the deadly tobacco content and the effects it has on human health, one can only wonder why people are still using this substance. Cigarette smokers are disadvantaged because the substance is very addictive and even though they may have the knowledge of the dangers they are faced with, circumstances of addiction will not allow them to quite. Now the question we need to ask would be, “what is really the content of tobacco? And to what extent are the effects of their products?” to get the answer to these questions, we want to seek the expert’s opinion from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury. It will interest you to note that doctor Akoury founded this facility primarily to transform each and every individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. This is something that she has done relentlessly and with a lot of passion for several decades with great testimonies across the globe.

One thing that will be of value to you about doctor Akoury is that her practices are professional, precise and focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices. This way she is able to deal with the primary problem by creating barriers that prevent any underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. The quality of her deliveries keeps many referring other addicts to her for help which she gladly comes to their rescue. Therefore if you are struggling with any element of addiction, and not necessarily tobacco use, you can call doctor Akoury today on telephone number 843 213 1480 for the purposes of scheduling for your appointment with her and you will leave her office full of life comfort and renewed hope of facing the plenty life can offer. Now let us get back to the content and the deadly effects of tobacco use as we progress into the discussion.

Deadly tobacco content: The content of tobacco smoke

Experts undertaking various studies on tobacco usage have established that in every stick of cigarette you smoke there are more than 4,000 toxic chemicals available. These chemicals are not only toxic but many of them are very dangerous and harmful all of which promotes and encourages the destruction of collagen and the elasticity of the skin. The bad news about this is that one need not be a smoker to be affected by these chemicals. Doctor Akoury registers that even by being around a smoker when smoking what is known as secondhand smoke (inhaling smoke from a smoker even if you’re not the one smoking) can cause deeper wrinkles and sagging of the skin. And that leads to my next question, “do you really care about your skin”? I can tell with certainty that you do, and my advice to you is ‘keep a distance from smoking zones and if you are smoking, make the effort of quitting with doctor Akoury’s professional impact.

Deadly tobacco content: What is causing cigarette smoker to suffer?



Crushing smoking habits

Crushing smoking habits

Crushing smoking habits is possible. All you need is determination and wise counsel from the professionals

Crushing smoking habits: How can I enjoy a meal without smoking?

It may be true that defeating and crushing smoking habits comes with many challenges making it be difficult, but that has not denied us from trying by making effort to eliminate this problem. For sure we have some good news for you that this is possible and with just a little determination, nothing will be impossible. Therefore, if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, defeating smoking habits must be prioritized says doctor Akoury. What may not know is that food normally tastes better after quitting smoking, and because of that your appetite may suddenly become bigger than usual. When that takes place, the urge to smoke comes immediately after meals. This desire to smoke will depend on whether you are alone or in the company of other smokers and remember that your urge to smoke may be stronger with specific foods like spicy or sweet foods. And for proper management of that the following tips can be helpful:

  • Knowledge of the kind of foods that increases your urge to smoke is important so that you can avoid them.
  • Have company every time you are eating and if alone, invite a friend or take a walk soon after eating.
  • Brush your teeth or use mouthwash after meals.
  • Concentrate on the taste when taking coffee or a fruit drink.
  • Eat at smoke-free restaurants.

Crushing smoking habits: Resisting smoking urge when drinking alcoholic beverages

Many smokers often smoke when enjoying their favorite drinks like beer, wine, liquor, or mixed drinks and in the process associate the good feelings with those beverages. It is important to note that upon quitting smoking, you may feel a strong urge to smoke when you drink alcohol. Therefore keep this in mind up front if you are going out for a drink. Nonetheless, if you do drink, keep in mind that your control over your behavior may be impaired under the influence of alcohol. When you try to quit smoking, drinking alcohol may make it even tougher to cope and the following hints will be very helpful for you in the first few weeks after quitting:

  • Many people find it helpful to reduce or avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Switch to nonalcoholic drinks.
  • If you do drink, don’t choose the alcoholic beverages you usually have when smoking.
  • Don’t drink at home or by yourself.
  • Stay away from the places you usually drink alcohol or drink only with nonsmoking friends.

Finally, keeping sobriety after quitting will definitely be an uphill task and you will certainly need help along the way. If you ever need help, do not hesitate to call doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for professional help immediately today.

Crushing smoking habits: How can I enjoy a meal without smoking?






Smokeless nicotine dangers

Smokeless nicotine dangers

Smokeless nicotine dangers demands that timely treatment be engaged

Smokeless nicotine dangers: There is no difference in cigarette addiction dangers

Comparing the different modes of administration of tobacco into the body doesn’t the good health we all desire. No matter the mode of administration, the dangers still stands. As a matter of fact, smokeless tobacco dangers are real and risky to human health in all dimensions. Chewing or dipping are equally risky and are commonly associated with complications like cancer of the mouth, tooth roots decay, weak gums including white patches/red sores in the mouth which are likely to be cancerous in the long run. According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, smokeless nicotine dangers are even worse than the normal cigarette smoking.

It is, therefore, important that timely action is taken to redeem the situation before it escalates into something more dangerous. The establishment of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is to primarily make a difference in the lives of people, particularly those struggling with substance abuse including cigarette smoking as well as smokeless tobacco. With this establishment, smokeless tobacco dangers shouldn’t be a problem to you. We have a team of addiction experts under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury who has been in this discipline for more than two decades now offering real-time solutions to substance abuse patients globally. She is currently practicing at Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 and can easily be reached on Telephone number 843 213 1480 for a one on one consultation.

Smokeless nicotine dangers: Other health problems associated with smokeless tobacco

Leukoplakia in the mouth. This is mostly affecting that part of the mouth where the chew or dip normally rest. If you are wondering, leukoplakia is a gray/white patch in the mouth of smokeless tobacco users. This condition can become cancerous if not corrected in good time. Even though these scores as they are commonly known are painless, they can easily cause cancer if not treated. The best treatment for leukoplakia is to stop using tobacco.

Tobacco also causes bad breath, stained teeth, and weak gum tissues. Regular use of tobacco increases the infections associated with gum diseases, cavities, scratching, bad breath and even loss of bones around the teeth. The danger of this is not any one cup of tea as it can cause the patient to lose all their teeth.

These, therefore, are not health condition to be given room to thrive in anyone’s life. Because nicotine is that addictive, people struggling with tobacco use whether smokeless or otherwise needs an immediate medical solution. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts are ever available waiting for you to schedule an appointment with them. Help is only a phone call away and the sooner you make that decision the better for you and your loved ones.

Smokeless nicotine dangers: There is no difference in cigarette addiction dangers




Healthy pregnancy

Secondhand smoke effects on pregnancy

Secondhand smoke effects

Secondhand smoke effects on pregnancy injures both the mother and the baby

Secondhand smoke effects on pregnancy: Nicotine addiction

Secondhand smoking is also known as passive smoke or environmental tobacco smoke is a mixture of smoke from a burning cigarette and smoke exhaled by a smoker. The burning smoke at the end of a cigarette or cigar normally has more harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and others than the smoke inhaled by the smoker. Pregnant women should not subject themselves to secondhand smoke effects as this put them at the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, underweight baby on delivery and many other pregnancy complications. The dangers of secondhand smoke is so high that even the young children must not be exposed as this may cause them to develop allergies, asthma, lung and ear infections and also increases the risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Babies and children exposed to secondhand smoke may also develop asthma, allergies, more frequent lung and ear infections, and are at higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Secondhand smoke effects on pregnancy: Quitting smoking before or during pregnancy

Cigarette smoking is one of the most difficult addiction problems to deal with. Those addicted to smoking often find themselves relapsing quite regularly however this is not an indication of impossibility, you can quit successfully. Because of the challenges experienced while trying quitting, many smoking cessation programs have been established to help you leave smoking completely. We are not saying that the journey will be easy no, you may want to involve your doctor for more information on which cessation program to choose but in the meantime, the following are some hints you may use to help you kick out the habit of smoking from your life:

  • Keep away all the possible triggers like matches, lighters, and ashtrays.
  • Make it a rule that your home is a non-smoking area and ensure it is adhered to.
  • Request those who smoke to excuse themselves when they want to smoke so that they do not smoke around you.
  • Drink fewer caffeinated beverages as this may stimulate your urge to smoke. Also avoid alcohol, as it may also increase your urge to smoke and can be harmful to your baby.
  • Refrain from all habits connected with smoking. If you smoked while driving or when feeling stressed, try other activities to replace smoking.
  • Keep mints or gum preferably sugarless on hand for those times when you get the urge to smoke.
  • Stay active to keep your mind off smoking and help relieve tension: take a walk, exercise, read a book, or try a new a hobby.
  • Look for support from others. Join a support group or smoking cessation program.
  • Avoid smoking joints like bars or clubs, and smoking sections of restaurants.

Finally, like I said before, quitting smoking is not a walk in the park, it will take great commitment and discipline to achieve this objective. If you have made a decision to quit, involving the experts to help you defeat this problem becomes necessary. Experts’ at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD will be of great help to you. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment with her now for the commencement of your recovery process.

Secondhand smoke effects on pregnancy: Nicotine addiction