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Obesity an addiction

Infancy obesity treatment solution

Infancy obesity treatment

Infancy obesity treatment solution is possible despite the challenges that may be experienced

Infancy obesity treatment solution: Prevention skills

When we talk of childhood or infancy obesity or overweight, the serious medical issue pointers becomes glaring. If children begin having health issues at this age, the future will be bleak. That is why infancy obesity treatment solution must be prioritized. And speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness center, it is evident that this team of experts are in the business of finding solutions for obese and overweight children for prosperity. This is a worthy cause that every individual must embrace.

In view of this great need, doctor Akoury made a decision and created this medical facility objectively to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will interest you to note that, doctor practices focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. When under her care, you and your children will get the best in weight loss treatment thereby delivering a permanent kick out of the obesity pandemic. Therefore, even as we progress into this discussion you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury to get started now. In the meantime, let us progress into the discussion by answering certain questions that are a concern to many people whose children are struggling with overweight and obesity.

Infancy obesity treatment solution: How much weight to loose

Losing weight is a process and never a destination. It must never rush. The process should be systematic for some reasonable time. Doctor Akoury says that even though some parents when their children are diagnosed with certain diseases that are related to being overweight, they would want a quick solution thinking that this will be offering lasting solutions. This is not always the case but quite in the contrary, a rapid weight loss or stringent dieting is not recommended for children who are still growing unless this has been specifically advised by a specialist. For most children, the primary objective should be to keep the weight at the same level as opposed to weight loss.

Progressively in their growth and development children should not gain any weight or their weight gain should be slower than their height gain. Occasionally, when teenagers have slowed down on their growth, a weight loss of around 0.5 kg per week may be appropriate. This sharp contrast in weight loss in adult in relation to children necessitates that parents should work very closely with their pediatrician or child’s healthcare professional to advise appropriately on what is best for them based on an assessment.

Infancy obesity treatment solution: Prevention skills



Autoimmune diseases no more

Parental good health influence

Parental good health

Parental good health influence begins with you and the young ones will follow

Parental good health influence: Good eating behaviors

When the right this is done from the beginning in the full view of children, it will stick in their memory than when it is done in their teenage. The weight gain problems we are struggling with today could be a thing of the past if we take a positive step of making a difference today. Our children learn through observation. And if they see us doing wrong things, that is what they will do. It’s only through parental good health influence that meaningful change can be done. According to the experts’ at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD parents must be in the front lane towards influencing positive eating behaviors in their children.

It is only through the positive influence that we can meaningfully address the vicious circle of weight gain that is passed on from one generation to another. You and I have a duty to make that little contribution in stopping this by teaching our children positive eating behaviors during childhood. When successfully done, this will set them growing up in the total practice of healthy eating habits for life. Remember that increasing a positive relationship with food as well as a balanced approach to eating can lead to better health outcomes in the long run not just for you but for the many generations to come.

Parental good health influence: Signs of childhood obesity

It is very disturbing that these days the statistics of obese children is increasing every day across the globe. Doctor Dalal Akoury is today a testimony of what influencing positive eating behaviors in our children can do. Why must we allow our children to be part of that statistics? What joy is there in your children being classified as overweight or obese? This doesn’t just happen but it is the direct result of a number of behaviors including the following:

  • Rigorous consumption of foods that are rich in added fat, sugar and salt, especially fried potatoes, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, ice cream, cordials, meat pies, and margarine.
  • Dislike or low consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • Consumption of junk foods being purchased away from the home (e.g. take away).
  • Evening meals being eaten in front of the television.
  • Too much of screen time (iPads, TV, computers).
  • A decrease in the amount of incidental activity such as walking to and from school.
  • A drop in outdoor playtime.

Finally, if you are wondering what to do about this, we are here to help you go through the difficulties. Don’t suffer alone speak to us and we will be of great help to you and your family.

Parental good health influence: Good eating behaviors




Obesity an addiction

Gradual childhood weight loss

Gradual childhood weight loss

Gradual childhood weight loss to prevent any weight related health complication in good time

Gradual childhood weight loss: Keeping and staying on a healthy weight

Obesity is not happening like an accident it develops gradually over a period of time and interestingly once settled it cannot be solved overnight. The solution will also take the same gradual process. If you or your child is struggling with obesity or overweight, you must be ready to take one step at a time. The gradual childhood weight loss process will not be easy but at the same time it is not impossible. Your first step would be to acknowledge that there is a problem. With the right people around you the process may even be much friendly and enjoyable.

Nonetheless, when talking about solutions, it is important that we look towards preventions. Our children must not be allowed to go through this problem of weight gain and its associates. It therefore, means that we must prioritize helping our children lose weight by being there for them in all dimensions. I have talked about prevention and for sure this is the best remedy. It is always much easier and economical to prevent weight gain by maintaining a healthy weight than it is to losing it (weight). Doctor Dalal Akoury a weight loss professional of over two decades and the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is sharing with us some of the available options for our consumption.

Gradual childhood weight loss: Make it a whole family effort

  • Obesity is not just your child’s problem.  It is a problem that the whole family must be involved in solving. Your child lives within your family environment.
  • Chances are, someone else in your family has also struggled with weight or experienced obesity. They may be able to offer valuable help and support in developing realistic goals for your child.
  • As a family try to think of problems that you have solved successfully. This will help you stay positive, and look for other areas that are opportunities for change.
  • Mealtimes should be family times. Create a relaxed atmosphere around mealtime. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Eat together as a family, and don’t watch TV during meals. Families that do not eat together tend to consume more fried foods and soda and less fruits and veggies than families that share meals.

Be a positive role model: Remember children are the best photocopiers. They are very observant and will do exactly what you do and very little on what you say. They may be getting the best teaching in their schools but if what they observe at home is different then, that is what they will do. In other words if your whole family eats healthy foods and gets active then your child will do the same with ease. This explains why gradual childhood weight loss must begin from home. After all the holy book say train a child the way he/she should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. If you want to know more, you can schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury now and she will help you understand professionally.

Gradual childhood weight loss: Keeping and staying on a healthy weight



Obesity health risk factors

Obesity health risk

Obesity health risk factors is a global problem that needs serious treatment solution

Obesity health risk factors: Underlining causes of weight gain

When it comes to the causes and obesity health risk factors, certainty is important. Being obese is a serious health problem that you can’t afford to gamble with. In your quest of finding answers, the expert’s opinion will be very important. In this case we will relay on the experiences accruing from the home of weight loss solution with real professionals in this discipline. I am talking about a facility known as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury’s care. This is where all your weight related concerns ends. At this facility, doctor Akoury and her team of highly trained and experienced professionals for well over two decades will not only help you restore your life back, but will also handle each of your cases with dignity, respect and utmost professionalism. As we get into the discussion of understanding causes and risk factors of obesity and overweight, it’s essential that if this article is addressing your situation, waste no time and schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury today to begin your recovery process.

Obesity health risk factors: Direct elements associated with obesity

There are very many elements which are directly associated with the causes of obesity and their subsequent risk factors. However even though there are genetic and hormonal influences on body weight, primarily obesity occurs when you acquire more calories than you burn or dispose through exercise and normal daily activities. The body then stores these excess calories as fat. It must therefore be remembered that obesity usually results from a combination of causes and contributing factors which may include:

Inactivity – engaging in physical activities is one of the most effective ways of putting the calories to proper use (burning of calories). This would mean that with a sedentary lifestyle, you will definitely take in more calories every day than you use through exercise and normal daily activities.

Unhealthy diet and eating habits – Having a diet that’s high in calories, lacking in fruits and vegetables, full of fast food, missing breakfast, and laden with high-calorie beverages and oversized portions all contribute to weight gain. I will advise that in understanding causes and risk factors of obesity this point must be taken seriously.

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, a woman’s weight necessarily increases. Some women find this weight difficult to lose after the baby is born. This weight gain may contribute to the development of obesity in women.

Lack of sleep – Sleep deprivation can cause changes in hormones that increase your appetite. You may also crave foods high in calories and carbohydrates, which can contribute to weight gain making this point key in understanding causes and risk factors of obesity.

Certain medications – medications like certain antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications, antipsychotic medications, corticosteroids and beta blockers can lead to weight gain if their intake is not adequately compensated by proper diet or activity. These medications can be very dangerous to your health and the sooner you make a decision of seeking for help that will address all obesity health risk factors the better for you and your family.

Obesity health risk factors: Underlining causes of weight gain


Obesity an addiction

Childhood obesity roots and detection

Childhood obesity roots

Childhood obesity roots and detection is essential is keeping the good health they all deserve

Childhood obesity roots and detection: Being obese and overweight

The health complication of being overweight in children are no different from adults. It therefore means that childhood obesity roots and detections are equally the same. Therefore, it is important for anyone (including children), to note that their weight is dependent on how much energy they take in (the calories in food and drink) and how much energy the body uses (burns) up:

  • If the amount of calories that you eat equals the amount of energy that your body uses up, then your weight remains stable.
  • If you eat fewer calories than you burn up, you lose weight. Your body has to tap into its fat stores to get the extra energy it needs.
  • If you eat more calories than you burn up, you put on weight. The excess energy is converted into fat and stored in your body.

The reasons why energy taken in may not balance energy used up and may lead to weight gain in children, include the following:

The portions a child eat or drink – Overweight in children is mainly because they eat and drink more than their body needs. Having too sugary foods or drinks or fatty is a common problem.

Lack of physical activities – It is important to note that a child may be eating the right type and quantity of food but, if they are not physically active, they may put on weight. Luck or inadequate exercise also contribute weight gain in children.

Childhood obesity roots and detection: Geneticshttp://www.I-AM-I.com/wp-admin

Various studies has established that children born of one or both parents who are obese stand higher risk of becoming obese themselves. This may be due to learning bad eating habits from parents. Nonetheless, some people inherit this in their genes that makes them prone to overeating. It is however not fully understood how this genetic factor works. It has something to do with the control of appetite. When you eat, certain hormones and brain chemicals send messages to parts of your brain to say that you have had enough and to stop eating. In some people, this control of appetite and the feeling of fullness (satiety) may be faulty, or not as good as it is in others.

Lack of enough sleep – Not getting enough sleep has been suggested as another possible risk factor for obesity in children. There seems to be a trend of children going to bed later but, also, too little physical exercise can lead to poor sleep. The two hormones known as leptin and ghrelin may be important here.

  • Leptin is released by fat cells to tell your brain that fat stores are sufficient.
  • Ghrelin is released by your stomach as a signal of hunger.

In someone who does not have enough sleep, leptin levels are low and ghrelin levels are high. These changes in hormone levels may encourage a child to eat more.

Finally, having known the causes of this unhealthy condition, together we can kick obesity out of our families. Our children must not grow into obese adults. Doctor Akoury and her team of experts are there for you and your family to help you bring up healthy children free from obesity. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment with her today.

Childhood obesity roots and detection: Being obese and overweight