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Beat Addiction With Love And Hope

Beat Addiction. The road leading to addiction is straight and smooth. Addiction is both rewarding and repetitive, literally making the ride fun. But there are consequences, most of the time dreadful. This reminds us the way back to recovery. Unlike the road down to addiction, the one back to sobriety is rough and bumpy. Sometimes it is so rocky we get stuck, other times it’s so muddy and slippery we get back down to addiction and wait for another season. After a few more attempts, we lose hope and let nature take its course. Recovery then seems impossible, however it is within reach. And we can give it one more shot. Only this time differently. How about beat addiction with love and hope?

Beat Addiction with Love for Others

It has been said over and over, and this will serve a reminder, this time because we have to beat addiction, the path to recovery requires great deal of support by others. These include members of the family, friends, neighbors, class mates, and medical care givers. Well you must be wondering about that small concern, the fear to share deep and personal information with others.

It is important to note not everyone is willing to help as some of these same people led you into addiction in the first place and are willing to stifle your efforts for as long as it takes, especially when there is the risk of losing certain mutual benefits. In order to beat addiction one needs to trust someone, or some people. On the other hand others have to be lost. This is where we get to discriminate. See, it is simple. Identify one or two people you are willing to share with, and remain accountable to them. On the other hand drop those buddies who do not support your bold steps along the long dusty and rusty road back to sobriety.


Beat Addiction with Love for Self

The prime way to beat addiction is making the decision. The secret lies in making the first step. However there is magic in doing the same with love. Other than love for those wonderful people helping you recover, there is love for self. C’mon who doesn’t need a healthy life? Who wants stay in bed while others go about their businesses? The answer to the questions is obvious, NO.

It is also obvious we do love ourselves. But we hardly think about it, about us. Just like you would buy yourself a gift on a special day, you must take the challenge to reward yourself a healthy life. If addiction is the obstacle to your achieving true happiness, why not make the step, at least make an effort. C’mon I do not mean the short lived pleasure brought by the addiction substance itself. There is a challenge though. Maintaining love is a difficult thing in itself. And many have failed a number of times at it. It is demonstrated by commitment and persistence to forever show care, to cherish and like a rose flower always keep fresh. This is the challenge we must take. It should be much easier to prove love for ourselves.

Beat Addiction with Love for God

The last form of love is a rare one. Not very many of us are recognize it. Unfortunately not even the very experienced of specialists. It is however as important as any other kind of love listed to beat addiction. This is love for a higher power, God the creator. Love for God is marked by constant communication with Him. As earlier stated, the road to recovery is difficult; it is characterized by failures and pitfalls. Sometimes hope is all we need. In as much as we make various initiatives and stay true to them, we also need spiritual intervention. Those who have been successful to beat addiction, the few of them however have actually often confessed the great power of the knee in rebuilding from addiction. Further when a person loves God, he/she recognizes the body is His temple and would strive to keep it clean, healthy and holy hence abstain from many forms of behavioral and substance addiction.


Winning Addiction at a Glance

However in order to beat addiction, we need more than love and hope. Actually we must have employed several other initiatives. The following are some of those I summary:

  1. Exercise Regularly: Work outs release endorphins. It gets rid of stress. And helps in building emotional stability.
  2. Meditate Regularly: Yoga is a great way of dealing with one’s inner emotions. It is another yet excellent way to handle stress.
  3. Enjoy Nature: Stepping out to a beautiful view and a warm mildly scotching sun is a great way to come to terms with your present.
  4. Listen to Music: Simply music is a healer. It blows away your mind. It takes one off present hassles and soothes your emotions.
  5. Keep Records: Of course you need to make an extra step. Mean you cannot do the same thing every day and expect a different result.
  6. Start a project: Keep yourself busy at something positive. Spend all your free times at it that at the end of each day you have very little energy to tolerate an addiction.
  7. Be the expert: Help someone beat addiction. While giving a list of convincing reasons to fight an addiction, you might benefit as you reflect on them.

For more information to beat addiction click on www.awaremednetwork.com. You may as well call up Dr Dalal Akoury (MD) of Integrative Addiction Institute and International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians. Also click on: http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com for more information about this year’s August Integrative addiction medicine conference. The site also contains info about how to sign up for the same as well as speakers at the integrative conference.



Understanding Behavioral Disorders

What’s behavioral Disorder

Behavioral DisorderMany people have tried to define behavioral disorder differently. One thing has though come out to be common is that behavioral disorder refers to behaviors that a person may depict, that are not consistent with socially accepted behaviors in the society. These behaviors are in most cases acquired in the childhood age. This is the reason parents are normally told to take their kids for medical assessments and treatment regularly. In some cases, these behaviors are also common in adults. In adults, in most cases these disorders originate from childhood whereby the victim was not treated of them at childhood. The effect of these disorders is negative effect on person’s ability to hold a good relationship with other people.

Types of Behavioral disorders

Behavioral disorders can be categorized as discussed below:-

  1. Emotional behavioral disorder

This kind of disorder is known to affect the person’s ability to be happy, to control their emotion and pay attention in school.


Some of the symptoms of an emotional behavioral disorder may include:-

  • Even under normal circumstances, the person becomes emotional and under takes inappropriate actions.
  • The interpersonal relationship of the victim is faced with difficulties and the person doesn’t relate well with the persons around.
  • The person generally feels unhappy and may be faced with depression.
  • In case the person is a learner, he/she may have difficulties in learning which may be caused by another health factor.
  1. Opposition defiant disorder

This is a common disorder especially in children which is characterized by hostility, irritability and uncooperative attitude. Children with opposition defiant disorder may become spiteful and arrogant to their seniors.

  1. Anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a normal thing in human life, and every human being must feel anxiety at a given point in life. But just as the saying goes, “too much of everything is poisonous,” when the anxiety becomes too much it may reach a point where it interferes with our normal lives. This definitely becomes a negative effect. Anxiety may pose a serious mental problem in the form of; post-traumatic disorder, panic disorder obsessive compulsive disorder or even generalized anxiety disorder.

  1. Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

This is another behavioral disorder, which is attributed with fear and irrational thoughts that triggers obsession, which in turn may cause compulsion. This is a disorder that needs immediate response to rescue the victim since it can cause harm to one’s live by lowering quality of their life. Please call or visit us at AWAREmed for assistance.

What causes these behavioral disorders?

The causes of behavioral disorders are numerous. Some scientists have argued that, the abnormal behavior normally attributed to these disorders can be traced back to either biological, family or school related factors.

Some of these biological causes can be: – physical illness, malnutrition, damage in brain and some hereditary factors.

On the other hand, there are some factors that are related to the individual’s home life which may play part in his/her behavioral disorders. These may include: – emotional upsets in the family e.g. Divorce of one’s mother, intimidation from parents, one’s poor attitude towards something and unhealthy discipline styles on the child.

Behavioral disorder

Symptoms of behavioral disorders

Behavioral disorders can depict themselves in two main ways: – as either Emotional symptoms or physical symptoms. In this case, we will look at them generally but you will be able to identify which lies in which category.

  • The person gets annoyed easily and he/she becomes nervous
  • The person has difficulty in dealing with frustrations. The person cannot withstand frustrating situations without giving up or getting annoyed.
  • The person looks gloomy or angry. This will in most cases lead to the person isolating him/herself from the other people.
  • The person will generally feel guilty and likes to relieve oneself by putting blame on other people.
  • A behavioral victim is a person who likes arguing and outburst in nature.
  • A behavioral disorder victim may sometimes suffer from substance abuse problem which may show some physical symptoms like burnt fingerprints, shaking of hands and bloodshot eyes.

How is behavioral disorder treated?

Researches have been done in the recent past, to identify what the actual cause of the disorders is. Unfortunately, none of them has identified the cause of it. This makes the treatment of the disorder difficult but fortunately we can effectively manage its symptoms. One of the methods which have proven to work for the management of this disorder is the therapeutic treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment

This is the therapy previously known as the talk therapy. These therapies are normally administered for a long time by a specialist or professional. They seek to help the patient overcome the effects of negative feeling through creation of heightened awareness of internal states and more thorough understanding of the relevant issues. It focuses on training the patients on strategies of coping with the destructive impulses and actions. It also teaches strategies of coping with social and emotional gear that comes with being so allied.

What’s behavioral Disorder