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Drug Abuse in London on the rise

Substance Abuse Trend in London Current Treatment Available

LondonDrug abuse is common in London with the major drugs that are commonly abused being cocaine, ketamine, heroine, alcohol, cannabis and designer drugs. The drugs that were commonly abused in the past decades were cannabis and cocaine but in 2012 there was rise in the use of other drugs probably because of the pressure that authorities put on the users of cocaine and cannabis as they are illegal in London just the same way they are in most countries of the world. Ketamine was purportedly being produced in India from where it was smuggled into the United Kingdom and most of the users of this drug were the Londoners. Other drugs were also reported to be in use and most designer drugs that were in use were not even known. This onslaught of readily available drugs had become a major worry to employers. In 2007, the City of London Corporation published a report titled Tackling alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Its research found that 22 per cent of London businesses reported absenteeism as a direct result of drug abuse. This is an illustration that if not looked into keenly and appropriate solution given then the economy of London will be adversely affected by drug abuse as the workforce are slowly but surely losing their lives to drug abuse.

In 2012 LondonlovesBusiness.com published The City’s toxic new drug trends, an expose of drug abuse in the City. The feature highlights the prevalent use of drugs such as GHB among City boys. In 2007 the City of London report cited ecstasy, cannabis, alcohol, cocaine and heroin as substances to watch out for, but neglected new drugs that were increasingly being used like GHB and even ketamine.

There were a whole host of other substances that were not listed in the 2007 report. These included 2CI, 2CB, 2CE, GBL, GBH, mephedrone, ketamine, methamphetamine, speed, crack and opium, all of which were increasingly being used in London. With these designer drugs creating hybrid-like mix and match highs (2CI, 2CB and 2CE are said to replicate acid-type trips but without the same intensity, or for the same period of time), those with demanding jobs can achieve shorter highs with shorter comedowns.

Cocaine capital of Europe

The use of drugs of abuse has been at an all-time rise in London with designer drugs contributing a good percentage of the drugs that are consumed in London. Unfortunately, as I stated above most reports about drug use in this city has emphasized the use of major drugs of abuse like cocaine and cannabis while ignoring the use of other equally dangerous drugs like ketamine and other designer drugs. There are today very many drugs of abuse in London but still according to the recent report on drug just in the United Kingdom, it has been found that cocaine is still the most abused drug in the London, in fact London is now referred to us the ‘cocaine capital of Europe’. Yeah you heard it right-London is the cocaine capital of Europe and has the highest use of the drug than any other city on the continent, new research published today is proof to this statement.

This report was from The European Drug Report 2014 that reached this conclusion having analyzed the sewage systems of 42 cities for traces of the drug and found the English capital had the highest cocaine use of any city tested, with consumption of the drug appearing to peak on a Tuesday. The samples, which were taken and tested during a week in 2013 to provide a forensic snapshot of drug use, found London was one of the cities with the highest use of ecstasy. Contained in the report was the information that the sewages water in London contained 711 mg of benzoylecgonine, the main chemical in cocaine, per 1,000 people, compared to 393 mg in Amsterdam and 233 mg in Milan.

LondonGenerally, cocaine and ecstasy were the more popular drugs in western and some southern cities, while crystal meth remained the most popular in Eastern Europe. However, overall use of the drug is continuing to decline in countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom after a peak in 2008. Eleven out of the 12 countries also reported falls in cocaine use in surveys undertaken between 2011 and 2013.

The international report also warned against the increasing use of so-called ‘legal highs’, which are sold over the internet and often try to mimic the effects of drugs such as cocaine or LSD. The agency identified more than 80 new chemical drugs last year, making a total of almost 250 detected over the past four years.

Available treatment options for drug addicts in London

Here in London like any other part of the world addicts can mostly get help by visiting rehab centers. There are very many rehabs in the London and you may have to do a little research on which rehab can suit the case. In rehabs there are different ways through which an addict will be helped. One of the ways of fighting addiction is through drug and alcohol detoxification.

Finally, We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts by availing some of the most integrative approaches to healing an addict. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. Call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

Substance Abuse Trend in London Current Treatment Available



Recovering Addiction; Natural Medicine

 Natural Medicine for the Recovering Addiction

There are problems that we suffer from today that can be easily solved if we leaned on Mother Nature. We however have been blinded and tied to the orthodox treatment standards that do not offer lasting solutions to our diseases. Most if not all of the orthodox medical interventions focus on treating the symptoms of a disease and not on healing the person wholly. Addiction is one problem that many people have suffered from and still many people are stuck to even today. The biggest problem with Recovering Addiction  is that to help the addicts to stop using the drugs other substances are used to help satisfy their cravings these substances may make them dependent, they will not be able to feel normally without using the substances hence giving rise to severe withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to creep out of them.  The addicts therefore need to explore some of the most effective healing approaches that can only be availed by nature. The natural medicine has been used in fighting addiction for a long time. In most Asian countries the natural addiction treatments are used by many are greatly preferred.

People turn to substance of abuse for a momentary salvage from their physical and emotional problems but after along use of such drugs their physical and mental health becomes greatly debilitated. The nervous system becomes affected and the entire body becomes unable to perform most of its functions effectively. To effectively treat an addict a more integrative approach should be used to ensure that not only the symptoms are treated but the entire system that is affected by the use of the drug is rectified and the person can enjoy life without fear of addiction to the substance troubling him in the future.

Recovering Addiction

Recovering Addiction

Natural medicine is focused on the patient, Recovering Addiction

Most of the healers who use natural medicine in curing recovering addicts are integrative in their approach to healing the patient. This focus on healing the patient aims at detoxifying the body and all the affected systems by the long-term drug use, replenishing all the needed nutrients that the use of the drugs had depleted in the body and boosting the immunity of the addict to be able to resist the urge to indulge in drug use. The treatment is therefore focused on whole person healing. The drugs o not only affect the physical being of a person but affects the entire trinity; the body the spirit and the mind. With such a treatment everything about the addict changes including his behavior.

After along use of drugs the body loses some of the most valuable nutrients, therefore it is crucial to have these nutrients replenished during the recovery process. Some of these crucial minerals and vitamins that are depleted after long use of drugs include; calcium, magnesium and even zinc.

Detoxification is a crucial process in addiction recovery, the liver and the digestive system should be cleansed and the nervous system strengthened and restored treating any type of debility in the nervous system. Some of the crucial minerals and vitamins that are available naturally and in bio-friendly forms that can be supplemented to benefit an addict include;

Zinczinc is a mineral that plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. As said earlier the use of alcohol and drugs of abuse causes a zinc deficiency. Low zinc levels can cause liver deterioration and diminished functioning of the reproductive organs, immune system, and skin. A recovering addict should supplement zinc using Zinc picolinate which is considered bio-friendly.  Eating foods that are rich in zinc like pumpkin seeds can also help an addict.

Calcium– Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for strengthening the nervous system. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other drugs often cause the body to eliminate calcium. Caffeine, for example, has been shown to double the urinary excretion of calcium. Several studies have demonstrated low serum calcium levels in alcoholics. Low levels of calcium and magnesium levels are often the root of irritability, muscular spasm, and pain experienced by alcoholics and drug addicts. A recovering addict should consider 1000 mg of elemental calcium per day in divided doses, preferably at the beginning of meals. Nutritionists however advocate for green sources of calcium.

Herbs that can be used to promote healing in recovering addiction

Thunbergia laurifolia– This herb is commonly used in Thailand for detoxification. This herb is potent enough to cleanse the body of harmful; effects of the long-term use of drugs and alcohol. It also works well in reducing fevers. In a recovering addiction it may help in clearing all the debris of alcohol and drugs.

Dandelion– This herb is widely used in Europe as an excellent liver detoxifier and mild diuretic. It increases the flow of bile and encourages both the transformation and transportation of nutrients. It has been used historically to treat liver disorders, arthritis and gout. In the Recovering addiction it will ease the transportation of nutrients in the body and restore energy in the cells.

Recovering Addiction

Recovering Addiction

Ginkgo – this herb has many medicinal properties. It is known to increase energy by enhancing cellular glucose uptake. It is also a scavenger of free radicals. Its other benefits include; it encourages peripheral circulation and improves short term memory. It is good for a recovering addict as it’s improves cognitive functions.

Finally, Here at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we are committed to availing help to addicts by availing some of the most integrative approaches to healing an addict. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. In case you are struggling with addiction just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

 Natural Medicine for the Recovering Addiction



Proper use Opioids to Curb Addiction and Dependence


Better Use of Opioids to Curb Addiction and Dependence

opioidsThe opioid drugs have brought relief to many people that were suffering severe pain enough to even disable them. The use of these drugs however should be done with extreme caution as this is like a double aged knife. We talk of collateral damage here with this I mean that these drugs should be used in a manner that they are safe enough not to cause myriad problem such as addiction and dependence on these records.  Today there are millions of Americans who depend on these opioid drugs to overcome what might otherwise be agonizing, crippling pain. However, each year, the numbers of people who have become addicted to these drugs rise. The very same drugs that help them to overcome the pain are poising a great danger in their lives needless to mention the use of these drugs has led to death of many Americans. The main cause of these deaths is overdose. Prescription opioid overdoses caused more than 16,000 deaths in the United States in the year 2010 alone. This is for times the number of deaths that were recorded in 1999 to have been caused by prescription opioid overdose. In the past it was not  easy for both private and public health facilities to act on these unpleasant statistics but slowly they seem to lay strategies to curb the use of these opioid drugs and so far these strategies have shown positive results as very many lives have been saved not only in America but also in other continents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cited Florida as one of the cities where the deaths have dropped owing to these strategies that have been employed by the health sector. The deaths dropped from 3201 as was in 2010 to 2666 in 2012. The report clarifies that most of these deaths were reduced due to reduction in prescription of these drugs to pain patients. There were fewer prescriptions to these opioid drugs as a result of in the policy that regulated the flow of these drugs. These policy changes led to a close of 250 of the state’s pill mills that were considered high volume pain medication dispensaries.

The United States remains far and away the world’s largest user of prescription opioids, with 259 million prescriptions written in 2012, according to the CDC — twice as many, per capita, as the next-largest consumer, Canada. A separate CDC report issued the same day as the Florida update showed that prescription rates vary widely among states. Now, when we take America out of the picture and we begin to find reasons why there are problems with the opioid medications we learn that one of the causes of these problems is;

Irresponsible prescription

Every patient entrusts his with the doctor, however in some situations this dependence may be abused either intentionally or unintentionally. Some doctors are opiophobiac and hence reluctant to give right doses to the patients while in some scenarios a patient may be handled by a doctor who is not experienced in pain treatment hence may either overdose or under dose the patient. Cases of overdose are a major cause of deaths from use of these pain drugs.

Another source of complication is, the patient may be afraid of these drugs as they are often portrayed negatively by the media. The fear of addiction and dependence may make a patient not to use the drugs as prescribed.

Due to the problems that were faced by both doctors and patients in dealing with the opioid medications, the universal precautions were developed to offer a structured rational approach to pain patients and serve “as a guide to start a discussion within the pain management and addictions communities. They are not promoted as complete precautionary measures but as a guide to opioid medications.

The difference between physical dependence, addiction and PSEUDO-ADDICTION

These three have different meanings. However they have always been confused causing fear among patients using these drugs. Physical dependence is the case that arises when a person has been using these drugs for some time. The body physically becomes dependent on these drugs so much that when you stop using them you will show signs of withdrawal. This is normal and happens with other medications not only with opiates.

Addiction on the other hand is a case when a person losses control of the drugs. He no longer can maintain the doses as prescribed but begins to take much more than the prescribed doses. In most cases those addicted to a drug will not accept that they are but will go through all hustles to satisfy their craving for the drug.

 What is pseudo-addiction?

opioidsWhen a pain patient on opioids begins behaving in a manner that most addicts do but in real sense he is not addicted, this is called pseudo-addiction. The patient will demand for more drugs because the doses he got have not settled the pain. They will even use more than the prescribed doses in a bid to cool the pain and are often early to request for more drugs since they overused the ones they were given to cool the pain . The difference between pseudo-addiction and addiction is the reason behind the need for more drugs; an addict needs more drugs to satisfy his craving while in pseudo-addiction a patient needs more drugs because of the pain.

You need more information to stay away from dependence on alcohol and drugs as these have crippled societies and that is why here at AWAREmed we are dedicated to finding the best solutions to addiction and dependence on substances. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is always in the mood of helping any patient to be addiction free. Do not hesitate to call on her for help in managing any sort of chronic pain or any type of addiction as well as other diseases.

Better Use of Opioids to Curb Addiction and Dependence