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Excess sugar consumption

Existing eating disorder treatment

Existing eating disorder

Existing eating disorder treatment can be changed using good nutrition and change of lifestyle

Existing eating disorder treatment: Addressing over eating problem

Food is very basic and everybody needs it to survive. Without food, we will not have energy to move and be productive. However, when food is not used properly, it can cause us our health. Somebody ones asked me, if food can cause health complications, should we look for an alternative? For sure when something is causing you problems, one of the solutions you may take is to a void that which is causing the problem. That brings us to the next concern, are we able to put food aside? Certainly no. we all need food for the supply of the energy to be active. Nonetheless, with so many eating disorders, we must find productive ways of addressing them. That does not mean you avoid food. According to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource, Center, doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of the establishment if you have some existing eating disorder, we have a solution for you. At this facility we are providing a comprehensive treatment for all individuals who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating, and related conditions.

Our treatment integrates evidenced-based practices with integrative therapies that together heal the body, mind, and spirit in a naturally, tranquil setting with round-the-clock medical and clinical care. Ours is to provide an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and cultural sensitivity. Therefore our treatment team who are all qualified in their respective fields of professions like an attending physician, primary therapist, family therapist, continuing care coordinator, psychologists, therapeutic activity & fitness specialists, licensed integrative therapy practitioners, and naturopathic physicians will without hesitation address all the physiological as well as the psychological effects of your eating disorders.

Existing eating disorder treatment: Treatment benefits

Among the many benefits of treatment at this facility notes doctor Akoury, is the significant number of nurses and doctors including a naturopathic physician who are working on full-time to address all you eating disorders problems.

Beside that every patients coming to this facility will benefit from our wide range of medical and clinical services that address the eating disorder and simultaneously treat co-occurring conditions such as depression, trauma, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, or addiction. However, unlike many residential programs, AWAREmed does not require a primary or co-occurring diagnosis of addiction in order to be admitted for eating disorder treatment.

Existing eating disorder treatment: The wholesomeness treatment approach

Finally, our treatment model is based on the understanding that we all exist as mind, body, and spirit. And because all our treatment programs are designed to treat the whole person, patients are able to learn to understand underlying causes of emotional and behavioral disorders and recognize how to avoid any subsequent addictions and dependencies during the recovery process. This then prepares them (patients) for the challenge of staying healthy once treatment ends. We go beyond the expectation of the client to deliver quality even when the patient was in denial. So give us a call today and schedule for an appointment with us so that we can take you through the treatment process.

Existing eating disorder treatment: Addressing over eating problem


Obesity an addiction

Fighting food addiction to loss weight

Fighting food addiction

Fighting food addiction to loose weight does not mean that you stop eating healthy food stuff

Fighting food addiction to loose weight: Normal and binge eating

Food is a basic need which we can’t do without. There is no doubt about that says doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center. What many keep wondering is, if food is that important, why does it become addictive? And how is it contributing to weight gain and obesity? How can we correct all these if indeed food has some role? We want to explore on this topic “fighting food addiction to loose weight during vacations.” Without adequate food, you will become hungry physically and emotionally uncomfortable. If you don’t get something to eat cravings sets in, the longer the craving the more likely to resort to seeing eating as the most important thing to do. Nonetheless, food is necessary for survival, and unlike other addictive behaviors, it is normal to eat continually every day, and still look forward to eating for pleasure. Several characteristics separate normal or occasional binge eating from food addiction as is explained by the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under.

  • Food addiction is maladaptive, so although people overeat to feel better, it often ends up making them feel worse and gives those more to feel back about. Food addiction can threaten health, causing obesity, malnutrition, and other problems.
  • The overeating that people with food addiction do is persistent, so a person addicted to food eats too much food and most of the time it’s the wrong kinds of food taken repeatedly. Everybody overeat from time to time, but people with food addiction often overeat daily, and they eat not because they are hungry, but as their main way of coping with stress.

Fighting food addiction to loose weight: The controversy of food addiction

The concept of food addiction is a controversial one. Experts differ in opinion. Some think that overeating can be a type of addiction. yet others also think that true addictions are limited to psychoactive substances which produce symptoms such as physical and withdrawal. Although this has been demonstrated in research with sugar and fat which are the most common overweight and obesity causing food constituents, other studies show that food produces opiates in the body and many think that this does not necessarily constitute to an addiction.

However, the growing epidemic of obesity over the past decades has raised the public health concern. This has necessitated the authorities globally to channel more resources towards fighting the vice. In a bid to supplement what the authorities are doing, experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are deeply involved in correcting the situation by making helping people make a difference in their lives. To effectively do this, doctor Akoury is developed tailored programs which are essential in fighting food addiction as a key factor in weight management before, during and even after the holidays. Therefore, if you are planning for a time out during the holiday and you’re wondering how well you will manage your weight under those tempting circumstances, scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury would be the starting point.

Fighting food addiction to loose weight: Normal and binge eating


Healthy foods

Preventing food addiction among children

Preventing food addiction

Preventing food addiction among children must surely begins with you

Preventing food addiction among children: Some of the common parental concerns

In the process of feeding kids we must all appreciate that quit often selective way of eating will be a common occurrence in toddlers. This selectiveness is not just with the children but take a keen look at the kind of lifestyle we live today. For sure we can all attest that the world has become an exciting place and ironically food may be less important when there are many other things to do. In that breath preventing food addiction among children is very important and the following are some of the reasons why children’s eating patterns may change:

Slower growth – ordinarily children’s growth often slows down in their second year. This means at this point of time they will often have smaller appetites and consequently need less food. That also means that the quantity of food eaten from day to day can change dramatically. It is however important to note that even though sometimes parents get worried of these changes, they actually normal and doesn’t mean that your child is being difficult or is unwell.

Eating and snacking – children rarely follow our triangular traditional meal pattern of breakfast lunch and dinner instead they tend to feed on smaller and regular snacks. This satisfies their small tummy sizes and provides them with adequate energy to keep moving all day. The amount eaten at mealtimes, and more so in the evening meal may be smaller than parents would like. However, children can balance the amount of food eaten with exactly how much they need if they are given the opportunity to enjoy good foods and are not forced to overeat or finish all the food on the plate. This means that healthy snacks are important to help provide the energy and nutrition your child needs during the day.

Fussy eating – showing independence is part of normal children development and this often includes refusing to eat foods that you offer. Remember that by rejecting any given food does not necessarily mean the child doesn’t like it therefore next time if you offer it on another day they are likely to enjoy it. Other common children eating behavior may include:

  • Meal-time irritabilities and food refusal
  • Delay in self-feeding
  • Preference for pureed foods or difficulty with chewing
  • Overeating
  • Reduced intake of food or reliance on drinks.

Preventing food addiction among children: Mealtime suggestions for parents

As a parent you need to be on top of everything and the following are some suggestions you could adopt:

  • Be a positive role model by eating a healthy, balanced and varied diet together as a family.
  • Serve the same foods as the family eats.
  • Remember that children need smaller meals and regular snacks.
  • Don’t worry too much, a child’s appetite and food intake can vary daily.
  • Offer small serves and give more if needed.
  • Let them tell you they’re full and don’t force a child to finish all food on their plate.

Finally it is always said that teach a child the way to go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. This is often taken for granted but if we want to bring up healthy children who will be lean and free from food addiction, we must chose to lay good foundation from the beginning. Therefore if you are not so sure on how to go about it, then you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for more professional advice.

Preventing food addiction among children: Some of the common parental concerns




Healthy foods

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management

Adopting healthy foods

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management includes good nutrition

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management: The foods you need

This is a worthy question for all of us especially with the effects of addiction in most of our societies today. What we feed on counts a lot into how our health is and even the health of those around us. Like for instance when we don’t manage effectively what we eat, we are actually increasing our risks of being obese and you can imagine the health consequences of being obese or over weight. And so we ask how healthy is your food or should I say how bad is your diet? Experts are very clear in their findings that adopting healthy foods are in themselves a good source of good health and lean weight. And for a better understanding of this fact, we spoke to experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury who in her working experience of more than two decades now have been very resourceful in helping people across the globe find their place in the society by delivering natural healing to this problem of addiction.

If you want to be a good manager of your weight, you must take keen interest of the food you are taking on a daily basis. We are aware that food is a substance needed daily for the constant supply of energy but even in that good state, if food used wrongly, it will be the very first to cause you serious health problem. Irrespective of the various kinds of food stuff we use daily, we can use this opportunity to redeem ourselves from the scourge of food addiction by choosing only to feed on healthy food. That is to say, if we work on our diet, we can be sure to reduce our weight with very minimal pain. We will certainly get back to that but in the meantime, let us focus our attention on the foods to avoid for effective weight management.

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management: All snacks with carbs

Anytime you consume crackers, dry cereals, bread your body responds by converting the carbs into simple sugars then deposit them into your blood stream. The body then releases extra insulin which supports sugar absorption as fast as possible. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD), a weight loss expert from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center says that the sugar absorption leads to low sugar level in the body, which makes you crave for more sugary foods and more carbs. Some sugary foods have no nutritional value to satisfy that instant energy you need. As you consume more carbs, you also consume more healthy fats as well as more protein which is difficult to digest.

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management: Frozen meals and low fat foods

Food manufacturers use a lot of sodium to preserve food. Sodium naturally retains water for a longer time. So when you eat these foods, you eat sodium into your body which will cause you a lot of bloats and that will not work well with your efforts of weight loss. Besides that researchers have supported the idea of people eating low fat food. The problems however is, as a result of the removed flavor the manufacturers add sugar to the food. This added sugar is not good for weight loss campaign which is why you need professional help from doctor Akoury.

Adopting healthy foods for good weight management: The foods you need

Obesity and weight lose

Obesity realities and food addiction riddle

Obesity realities

Obesity realities and food addiction riddle. Eliminating toxic elements marks the beginning of leaner weight

Obesity realities and food addiction riddle: When food becomes a problem as oppose to source of energy

How true is it that people can be addicted to food? If the body needs food for the supply of energy then does it really make sense to insinuate that food can be very addictive? And does that explain the impact of obesity realities? This is what we want to interrogate in this case study of understanding connections between obesity and food addiction. As things stand now, millions around the world are struggling with addiction related problems, surprisingly food addiction is among one of the most common forms of addiction that doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to help us rediscover as we progress into the discussion.

It will interest you to note that several studies have established that nearly 80% of gastric bypass pre-surgical patients suffer from food addiction. These studies, along with those of other investigators, also found that the behavioral biochemical causes and effects of underlying food addiction are nearly identical to those of other self-destructive addictions.

Obesity realities and food addiction riddle: Turning to food to cope with feelings of low self-worth

One of the behavioral characteristic of people who are suffering from self-destructive addictions is the feeling of not being good enough. The feelings of low self-worth in turn may cause a poor self-image, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, a need to over achieve and an intense and chronic fear of failure. These are not experiences that are not conducive for life and must not be given space to grow. Measures must be taken to prevent them nonetheless if they are already with us, then immediate treatment solution must be taken professionally. That is to say if you are struggling with any kind of addiction, you must never deny yourself for being in such situation instead you need to seek for help by calling doctor Dalal Akoury to schedule for an appointment so that your problem can be dealt with professionally in good time.

It is regrettable that some of the problems we have with addiction are society based. As a society, we have set certain unattainable standards which are very unreasonable and unrealistic. So whenever one is not able to meet such they feel belittled and this is seen as of great impact to the addicts who are not only suffering from the negative feelings about themselves but are also struggling with the element of stress and failure to develop the stress coping skills or strategies.  The dangers comes in the sense that instead of confronting life stressors directly or finding healthier ways to manage emotions such as through exercise, journaling, relaxation, spiritual care, therapy etc., the “addict” often seeks to avoid unpleasant feelings by eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs, gambling and various other ways of escaping from reality.

Finally from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, negative feelings toward self, remorse, guilt and inappropriate stress coping behavior is likely to cause neurochemical changes within the brain which can adversely influence mood and cause a physical dependency for the addictive substance. These neurochemical defects occur in the limbic system of the brain, the area of the brain responsible for controlling moods and basic functions such as eating.

Obesity realities and food addiction riddle: When food becomes a problem as oppose to source of energy