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Eating leafy greens for health

Eating leafy greens

Eating leafy greens adequately for health will go a long way in protecting you from many chronic health complications

Eating leafy greens for health: Consciousness in food choice

Have you heard people encouraging one another about the need of eating leafy greens? Do you know or have any idea why this is important? Do you have any idea how amazing these green vegetables can transform your health? If you don’t, you’re just in time because I do, and that is what I want to share it with you. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD we want to help you stay healthy at very minimal cost.

Through my life in it, functional medicine practice is important to note that food is the most significant tool we have in keeping ourselves healthy. When we willfully choose foods that are rich in essential nutrients and minerals, we are giving ourselves the best chance at keeping our bodies healthy and strong. That is why when we give our patients healthy dietary recommendations and they stick to it, the result is impressive as they come back to tell register how much more energy they have, how their aches and pains have diminished, how their mood has improved, and how much better they feel overall. And as an added bonus, they often lose unwanted weight that’s been following them around for years. What a feedback. I believe that you too can benefit from this if only you can schedule an appointment with us today.

Eating leafy greens adequately for health: Benefits of leafy green vegetables

We cannot talk about eating healthy without bringing up leafy greens. They’re rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and can help ward off a wide range of health issues. Besides, greens can be essential in weight loss and help in slowing down the aging process. They can also help in processing chlorophyll which assists in the production of red blood cells and boosts energy levels. Dear friend, don’t you think that’s a lot more reasons for you to consider increasing your intake of these leafy greens?  I think so? And in fact, various research findings have indicated a significant connection between these powerhouse vegetables and so many different health conditions. For sure this would take several articles to detail them all. And though some of these studies are small, there’s relatively little risk in eating too many greens. And so we ask, why not include some at every meal?

And just for further clarity, in 2010 a study published in the British Medical Journal found that eating one and a half extra servings of green leafy vegetables could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 14%. Another showed a significant decrease in cognitive decline over five years in older adults who ate larger amounts of green leafy vegetables. Finally, remember that leafy greens can inhibit the growth of some types of cancer, reduce the risk of glaucoma by 20% or more, and play a big role in gut health due to an unusual sugar molecule they contain. We appreciate that ordinarily, it may seem un uphill task getting so many leafy greens into your daily menu, nonetheless, it can be simplified. Eating adequate leafy greens is all you need to get the full benefits. You can try this and the result will surprise you positively.

Eating leafy greens adequately for health: Consciousness in food choice



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Carbohydrates effects on body weight

Carbohydrates effects

Carbohydrates effects on body weight and healthy lifestyle comes easy with the adoption of healthy foods

Carbohydrates effects on body weight: Weight gain and weight loss

Carbohydrates are essential for a healthy body and well-balanced diet. They provide the only fuel source for many vital organs, including the brain, central nervous system, and kidneys. The digestive system breaks down carbohydrates into glucose and the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin to help the glucose move from the blood into the cells. When all this takes place, the carbohydrates effects is felt on the body weight management as well.

Why do carbohydrates make you gain weight?

The popular phrase that “you are what you eat” may not be true when it comes to weight gain and fat storage. Dietary fat is not necessarily stored as body fat, while carbohydrates are easily stored as body fat. Carbohydrates are found in many of the foods typically consumed in most of our families’ diet. High-carb breakfast foods include breakfast cereals, toast, jam, milk, yogurt, granola bars and fruits, and other meals may also include large amounts of carbohydrates, such as bread, pizza crust, rice, potatoes, and pasta. Looking at the ingredient content of this food stuff you will notice that they are the real source of weight gain and possibly obesity.

Carbohydrates effects on body weight: Increased Hunger

Speaking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is also the founder of this facility says that, one of the reasons why carbohydrates lead to weight gain is the fact that their consumption leaves people feeling hungry, begging the question “how does it take place?” professionally, the consumption of carbohydrates results in the release of insulin into the body system and insulin has the tendency of removing the nutrients from the bloodstream to create room for the arrival of more nutrients, this practice will always leave people feeling not quite satiated – even hungry. When the body feels hungry and unsatisfied, the habit or desire for food will be created because of the hunger being felt. This way one is likely to continue eating time and again and as a result gain more weight in the process more so when the food in question are that unhealthy stuff. That is why consulting with experts like doctor Akoury come in handy for you to bring up to speed your weight to manageable levels.

Carbohydrate Addiction

The consumption of carbohydrates can actually cause an addiction for many people, because of the serotonin release they induce. Serotonin is a brain chemical that improves the mood and induces a relaxing effect by decreasing stress and anxiety as well as reducing pain. People with low serotonin levels may, therefore, reach for more and more carbohydrates in an attempt to feel better, which can eventually lead to weight gain.

Fat Storage

After eating carbohydrates, the pancreas responds by producing insulin, which is mainly responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by letting the carbohydrates broken down into sugar; enter the cells of the liver and muscles to be used for energy. High levels of circulating insulin, which is associated with the consumption of carbohydrates, help with the storage of carbohydrates and excess calories not required for immediate use as fat. In other words, carbohydrates promote the release of insulin, which in turn promotes fat storage.

Carbohydrates effects on body weight: Weight gain and weight loss


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Food addiction knowledge and consequences

Food addiction knowledge

Food addiction knowledge and consequences. Like for instance leptin will help control the amount of food you eat for effective healthy weight management

Food addiction knowledge and consequences: Can food be addictive like other substances?

Generally the body of any human being needs sufficient fuel to remain operational. It is no secret that all the fuel for energies we need come from the food we eat meaning that food is very essential for human survival. So if food is that essential, then what is this madness called food addiction? Can food be addictive? Such concerns explains why we need to be well equipped with food addiction knowledge and possible consequences all the time. Ever since scientific evidence associated food with other addictive substances, the debate of food addiction has been on going and we are not lest out and so we ask “what do you know about food addiction?” and are you addicted to any kind of food?

I believe these concerns you too and that is why we are choosing this platform to inform you by way of equipping you with the something about food addiction. doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center says that, currently there are so many studies that have suggested that food and drug addiction have some common similarities more in relation to the way both reacts in the disruption of the brain which is involved in the pleasure and self-control. It will interest you to know that with the many discoveries; today the idea that an individual can be addicted to food has been receiving a lot of support from the scientific findings to the extent that experiments in animals and humans now shows that, for some people, the same reward and pleasure centers of the brain that are triggered by addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin are also activated by food, especially highly palatable foods which may include foods rich in sugar, fat and salt.

Food addiction knowledge and consequences: Dopamine triggers

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, in the same way addictive drugs reacts, highly palatable foods can also trigger the feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine. Therefore the moment people experience pleasures associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain’s reward pathway from eating certain foods, they quickly feel the need to eat again. The reward signals from highly palatable foods may override other signals of fullness and satisfaction. As a result, people keep eating, even when they’re not hungry and that is one of the reasons as to why food addiction is real today. Besides that individuals who demonstrate signs of food addiction may also develop tolerance to food. That way they will be eating excessively more units of food only to find that they are not really getting the satisfaction from the food they eat despite the quantity and the frequency.

Food addiction knowledge and consequences: Obesity and weight related complications

With the advent of scientific findings, it is believed that food addiction may play an important role in obesity and weight related complications. Nonetheless people of normal-weight are not immune to this either they are also likely to struggle with food addiction as well. This may not be reflected in their weigh because many at times their bodies will be genetically programmed to better handle the extra calories they may take in. besides their body responding in their favor, they may also increase their physical activity to compensate for overeating. Doctor Akoury is very categorical that once addicted to food, such people will continue with their habits despite negative consequences like weight gain and dented relationships. And just like people who are addicted to other substances or gambling, food addicts will also have difficulties in stopping their behavior, even if there is evidence of willingness to cut back. That is why you need to seek for timely solutions with AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center today.

Food addiction knowledge and consequences: Can food be addictive like other substances?



Making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity

Making healthy lifestyle choices

Making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity and keeps you safe from diseases

Making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity: How can overweight and obesity be avoided?

Making healthy lifestyle choices is very instrumental in keeping weight related complications at bay. This is the genesis of all solution formulas when it comes to obesity and weight management. If you were to take time and evaluate the why people become obese, you are most likely going to find out that the kind of lifestyle people live has a lot to do with their weight gain predicaments. It is therefore very important that making healthy lifestyle choices becomes inborn, personalized and initiated from childhood. We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about this to shed more light on the best approach parents should take.

In her several decades of working experience in this discipline, doctor Akoury registers that following a healthy lifestyle is very essential and can help in very many ways in the prevention of becoming overweight and obesity. She reiterates that for this to be successful, keen consideration needs to be taken so that lifestyle habits begin in childhood stages of life. If you are religious you must have read from the holy book that “teach children the way they should go and when they grow up they will not depart from the teaching.” This should be the foundation of prevention of weight related complications and obesity. With that the burden now lies with parents and families who should encourage their children to make healthy choices. And because you (parent) is the first role model for your children, you must lead by showing good example. If you are not going to be discipline in following a healthy diet and being physically active.

Making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity: Prioritize following a healthy lifestyle a family goal

Why is this (making healthy lifestyle choices) important? It should interest you to note that being obese comes with serious and sometimes life threatening conditions. These can be very expensive to manage alongside obesity. You will therefore be saving greatly by simply making healthy lifestyle choices. Like for instance the following are some of the actions you could take to live a more healthy life that your children can copy as a way of preventing weight gain and obesity:

  • Always stick to a healthy eating plan. This will help you in sticking to only feeding on healthy food. This way you will be able to keep your calorie needs and your family’s calorie needs as well.
  • Focus on the size of food in your plate. In most cases the portion of food served in fast food and other restaurants is large enough to feed two people. Children’s portion sizes should be smaller than those for adults. This way you will be managing the energy getting in and even those going out.
  • Be active. Make personal and family time active. Find activities that everyone will enjoy. For example, go for a brisk walk, bike or rollerblade, or train together for a walk or run.
  • Reduce screen time because they limit time for physical activity.

Finally practicing some of these may appear simple but still people fail to commit to them. That is why constantly it is necessary that you keep consulting with experts for direction from time to time. Doctor Akoury and her team of experts are always available to listen to any time any day.

Making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity: How can overweight and obesity be avoided?


Eating disorders

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases

Healthy eating tips

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases begins by reducing the amount of sugar you take

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases: Natural food stuff

If there is anything that will always come around however much we ignore it, it must be nature. Even with the great development we are witnessing today natural things still stand out. Sweet things like honey comes from natural things and so is our health. Anyone looking for good health must go back to the natural. We are therefore going to share with you some of the healthy eating tips that will surely deliver the best of health you so desire. Anything processed is always against good health and needs to be avoided or taken in moderation as we will be discussing briefly going forward with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury MD. President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This health facility is one of a kind where all addiction and matters relating weight management, nutrition and beauty are addressed. The following are some of the healthy eating tips you may want to consider:

  • Set successful goals
  • Moderation is key
  • Reduce sugar
  • Eat more of fruits and vegetables
  • Feed more on fiber

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases: Set successful goals

To make any meaningful progress, you need to set realistic goals by planning a healthy diet. There are food you will introduce or reduce but in either case, it must be done progressively. Like for instance, you may start by adding a salad to your diet once a day and gradually until the body gets used to the change.

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases: Moderation is key

Eating in moderation is where an individual eats only what the body needs. The secret is that as you eat you should feel satisfied at the end of the meal and not stuffed. It is also important that as you eat in moderation it must be well balanced. That is to say all the food nutrients like protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals needs to be balanced to sustain a healthy body.

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases: Reduce sugar

Sugar is one single modern food that cause more problems to the body than good. Too much sugar causes among other problems energy spike, weight problems, diabetes, depression and the list continues. Things like candy and desserts are rich in sugar and must be avoided and not forgetting foods like bread, cereals, canned soups and vegetables, pasta sauce, margarine, instant mashed potatoes, frozen dinners, low-fat meals, fast food, and ketchup. Your body gets all it needs from sugar naturally occurring in food so all this added sugar just means a lot of empty calories.

Eat more of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and nutrient dense, that is to say, they are enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Doctor Akoury advises that your focus should be on eating the recommended daily minimum of five servings of fruit and vegetables. This way you will naturally fill you up and also help you cut back on unhealthy foods.

Feed more on fiber

Eating foods high in dietary fiber can help you stay regular, lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and help you lose weight. Depending on your age and gender, nutrition experts recommend you eat at least 21 to 38 grams of fiber per day for optimal health. Many of us aren’t eating half that amount which is not very healthy.

Healthy eating tips that saves life from diseases: Natural food stuff