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Autoimmune diseases no more

How to get started with treadmill

When it comes to losing weight, the treadmill does a perfect job. Whether you are at a gym or home, you can achieve likable results by running while focussing on the heart rate as well as your fat-burning zone. What you need to do is, implement a particular workout routine. This will not only help you lose some few pounds but also maintain achieve and maintain a desirable physique. Here are some few beginner workout drills.

Hill workouts

Treadmills’ hill workouts are for pro runners or walkers that are done for different reasons. Others use it to enhance the morale when they feel bored of the treadmill. Most pro athletes use it to train for an upcoming competition. Most treadmills are already programmed with hill workout, and the only thing you are required to do is to press a button to activate it. If you are looking for a particular result, there are some hill workout programs you can choose from.

Go on and do it

While using a treadmill, you can proceed to a higher level by changing the incline or speed. Any regular workout fanatic should be able to try each of these protocols by following the written instructions. However, you can always set a speed you are more comfortable with and increase it when you feel it is easy.



How to start

When setting a goal, you don’t have to be unrealistic. For example, if you had a long break, you can’t lie to yourself by setting a 2-hour daily workout routine. To achieve higher results, it is advisable that you begin slowly. You can start by walking at a pace you are comfortable with. You can try 20 minutes twice every week. If it you can do It without much sweat, try doing it for one hour two or three times a week.


It is always advisable to take some break, especially after a hard workout. As much as it might seem useful to mix up several types of workouts, it is always important to give your body some rest. Exercising each and every day, might not help. In fact, it might be a reverse of what you are looking for. Take some day off, but remember, giving your body too much rest might encourage laziness. By resting, you won’t be fully taking breaks. You can do some light exercise, but make sure you have exercised at least four times a week.

The final word

Treadmills are intended to help reduce the stress in losing weight. Unlike outdoor jogging, it will move your legs. The only thing you’ll be doing is, going with the flow. But don’t get too excited. Start slowly and then grow your pace as you go.


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over the counter weight loss pills

Using Over the Counter Non-Prescription Diet Pills to Lose Weight

Lose weight using over the counter non-prescription diet pills.

Losing weight depends on your lifestyle. You need to stick to foods with low calories, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and most importantly, exercise.

Luckily for those who like shortcuts, there are more than enough effective weight loss supplements that include the likes of OTC diet pills, herbal medicines, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs plus many other dietary supplements. Unfortunately, little research has been done to prove how effective and safe they are to use.

According to some study in 2014, up to 21 prescription drugs uses to cure obesity were reviewed.  The research findings showed that if a person makes proper amendments to his or her lifestyle and uses these drugs there is a high chance that he or she will lose a good amount of pounds in within 12 months of use.

The weight he or she loses is enough to reduce the health risks such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more.

However, it is important to remember that the results of such research might be a bit higher than what you might achieve when personally doing it. But all these depends on what you do. Also, keep in mind that the side effects related to these weight loss pill may somehow affect the overall result of the treatment.

The point is, these weight loss pills will work, but you can’t expect too much from them. It has also been proven that the overall results may vary from one individual to the next. So, you can’t expect it to work for you the same way it worked for someone else.

Over the counter weight loss pills fall into two categories that include dietary supplements and non-prescription drugs. These two categories differ on how their production is regulated as well as how they are being marketed. For example, Orlistat, Alli which is a non-prescription drug must release FDA together with human trials that prove they are effective and safe for use at a dose that is not prescribed.

over the counter weight loss pills

The manufacturer of such a product must ensure that the claimed benefits exist, and it is safe for use. However, Federal and Drug Administration won’t rely on what they are saying to approve its marketing and use. This is because research findings of the product may also vary from one study to the next.

Once the FDA can prove that using the drug is not safe, they can either choose to ban its use or request the manufacturer to remove it from the market. They also have the power to act against the manufacturer if, in any case, they realise that the drug has no records to support what they are claiming. They do this to protect the users.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in ensuring that the weight loss pill you are using is safe for use and effective. The fact that research findings may differ makes it hard to find a genuine information about the product that you are about to use.  It is, therefore, vital that you gather as much information as you can before making a decision to buy and use a particular weight loss drug.



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How To Quickly, Gently And Safely Decontaminate The Bowel And The GI

How To Quickly, Gently And Safely Decontaminate The Bowel And The GI Before Effectively And Safely Initiate Addiction

Gastro-intestinal decontamination involves techniques to evacuate the stomach such as syrup of ipecac-induced emesis and gastric lavage. Charcoal, whole bowel irrigation and cathartics can also be used. All these techniques have various indications, contradictions and effects. Emesis is done by administering a syrup of ipecac, which is originally derived from plants.it has a direct impact on the stomach and stimulates the chemotactic trigger zone. Manual stimulation which is done by placing a finger at the throat and use of other emetics such as saline and hydrogen peroxide have been found to be harmful and not that effective. A dose of ipecac produces emesis within an average time of twenty minutes to vomit.

Gastric lavage uses a large bore tube and to properly perform this, the airway should be protected if the gag reflex is absent.it is done by placing the patient on his left lateral decubitus position with his head down and using suction to clear the secretions. Confirm the position of the tube and lavage with the desired quantities of fluid until it is clear.

The Bowel And The GI

On the other hand, activated charcoal is a black powder that is prepared by burning of carbonaceous products. Toxins are absorbed to the charcoal that is activated. The amount of charcoal used is directly proportional to the drugs to be absorbed. Although other toxins such as alcohols and strong acids are not well absorbed into the charcoal, this method is effective.

Cleansing the bowel has several benefits which will help flush out pollutants from the body that make one feel weak and in poor health. Decontaminating the colon involves re-organizing one’s feeding plan.it is always advisable to consult a doctor before beginning any kind of treatment plan. The purifying process involves a lot of fruit intake such as mangoes and melons.it is worth noting that melons should be taken on their own to avoid gas build up.

Dandelion can also stimulate colon contraction thereby enabling stools to move along. On the other hand, licorice tea helps in loosening of the bowels in cases of constipation and is ideal when taken before going to sleep.one can also cleanse the colon by taking oral supplements through the mouth or via the rectum. The idea is to expel toxins from the colon.

Colon irrigation is also common these days.it is done using a machine where a low pressure pump floods water through a tube inserted into one’s rectum. When the water settles in the colon, the therapist massages one’s abdomen enabling him or her to release the water as a normal bowel movement. Water removes wastes and the fluids.  Mules who smuggle illicit drugs usually conceal them in different body parts such the rectum and vagina or even in the gastrointestinal tract. The drugs are usually packed in different materials such as condoms or plastic bags. Such drugs can be manually removed except when they have been ingested. Once in the gastro-intestinal tract, removal can be challenging, and perforations of the drug container can be fatal.

The use of sodium polystyrene sulfonate (SPS) has also been used in the treatment of lithium overdoses to prevent further absorption and potentially increase lithium elimination. The use of SPS for the treatment of hyperkalemia has been clinically widespread.

Use of Cathartics involves accelerating defecation as opposed to a laxative, which eases defecation, usually by softening feces. However, it is possible for a substance to be both a laxative and a cathartic.

Examples of Cathartics are sorbitol, magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate. High-dose cathartics may be a good means of ridding the gastrointestinal tract of toxins even though they carry a risk of electrolyte imbalances and dehydration.

The Bowel And The GI

Emesis is mostly effective when pills cannot pass through the lavage tube.it is extremely useful in substances that cannot be absorbed by charcoal. However, it should not be used in late pregnancy, where sharp objects are involved, on someone who is in comatose or as a form of punishment. Emesis can also cause diarrhea, lethargy and abortion can be induced by ipecac.

Lavage on the other hand is preferred in patients with no gag reflexes. Should not be used if the airway cannot be protected and when the drug is not accessible in the stomach. During the procedure, there can be decreased oxygen or even gastric perforation.

Charcoal is ideal where there is a loss of reflexes in the protective airway and when endoscopy visualization is required.

Activated charcoal is superior to ipecac-induced emesis for removal of common drugs that are adsorbed to activated charcoal although it remains unclear whether ipecac is superior to gastric lavage for decontamination. However, other important considerations must be taken into account. Ipecac induced emesis can lead to the delay in the administration of activated charcoal or oral antidotes.it is also not appropriate for use in patients with unstable mental conditions. Lavage is not used in decontamination of small children.
Some pills that do not readily dissolve may not fit through the ports of a lavage tube.

Whole bowel irrigation could have complications such as Vomiting and frequently bloating occurs.at times, rectal irritation also happens.

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How To Quickly, Gently And Safely Decontaminate The Bowel And The GI Before Effectively And Safely Initiate Addiction

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