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Alcoholism awareness for wellness

Alcoholism awareness for wellness

Alcoholism awareness for wellness is very important if people are to be freed from this scourge

Alcoholism awareness for wellness: Barriers of denial

Alcoholism problem is becoming a global concern with every household shouldering the burden of the scourge of alcohol addiction. Many people don’t understand why and how alcohol is affecting everyone in this generation. And because this has been declared the most abused substance globally, we have a duty to give our contributions in finding solutions. But before we get there, we must first be sure of what we are talking about. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury one of the most respected addiction experts globally is going to take us through the discussion about creating alcoholism awareness for wellness with a sole objective of raising a sober society. She begins by registering that alcoholism and alcohol abuse if not prevented can be very devastating all aspect of an individual’s life.

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the same way, the deadly effects of alcohol addiction start with a single desire. It has been established that alcohol usage over a long period of time causes serious health complications, affecting virtually every organ in your body, including your brain. That is not meant to scare you but it is the true position of misuse of alcohol. Besides that, it must also be appreciated that the problem of drinking can also damage your emotional stability, finances, career, and your ability to build and sustain satisfying relationships. And as if that is not enough the problem does not end there because alcoholism and alcohol abuse can also have an impact on your family, friends and the people you work with hence the need for dealing with it expeditiously.

Alcoholism awareness for wellness: Effects of alcoholism to loved ones

We all have a role to play in caring for our loved ones. This care is often under serious threat when any member of the family is struggling with any form of addiction. There are so many types of addiction and substances that can be abused but for the purpose of this article, we are going to restrict our conversation to alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Several scientific studies have established that despite the potentially lethal damage that heavy drinking does to the body including cancer, heart problems, and liver disease, we also have serious repercussions that come in our social life thanks to the persistence of alcohol abuse. This point reminds me of a debate we once had in one of the forums where there was a concern as to whether alcohol consumption has any social consequences that can be seen as devastating. From that debate, it was very evident that alcoholism can also have very devastating social consequences too.

Like for instance, when alcohol abusers are under the influence of their substances, they often do certain things that can be very painful and heartbreaking to their family members and those painful moments if not corrected in good time can result in serious social problems like divorce, domestic violence and struggle with unemployment, and living in poverty.  You can, therefore, salvage the situation by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today for a one on one discussion about this worthy learning process.

Alcoholism awareness for wellness: Barriers of denial



AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center

Massage therapy concept

Massage therapy concept

Massage therapy concept cleanses the body naturally

Massage therapy concept: What is massage therapy?

It may be taken for granted by many but massage therapy concept is reach and beneficial in many ways. This act of massage increases body awareness, promotes relaxation, and decreases muscle fatigue and strain, which complements the therapeutic process. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, agrees that as part of an integrative treatment approach, the concept of massage therapy may be recommended by medical providers when it is deemed to be clinically suitable. Nonetheless, before you can allow anyone to exercise this on you, it is important to take note that massage therapists is a licensed professionals who only strive to maintain the highest standards of continued education and professionalism. That can only tell you that when opting for massage, you must know how qualified the therapist is and that is why doctor Akoury established this medical center to provide real professionalism in this discipline among many other medical discipline.

Therefore, when you visit this facility, doctor Akoury and her team of experienced and qualified specialist in various medical discipline will attend to you professionally and have all your addiction concerns addressed timely. In the meantime it is worth noting that massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and disorders. Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage therapists typically use their hands and fingers for massage but may also use their forearms, elbows and even feet. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure techniques. And that brings us to the many different types of massage which may include the following:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Sports massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Warm stone massage and

All these and many more will be awaiting for you from the moment your call of appointment goes through. So if you need professional help with whatever addiction related condition, speak to us on telephone number 843 213 1480 now.

Massage therapy concept: Physiological and psychological changes

Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. Touching is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and is used for conveying compassion and support. Healers throughout history have developed a wide range of therapeutic techniques using touch. Massage therapy therefore does more than just relaxing your body and mind, physiological and psychological changes occur, even more so when massage is utilized as therapy and not simply as a luxury. Massage therapy can be a powerful tool in the recovery process.

Massage therapy concept: Advantages of massage therapy

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Pain management
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Decreased anxiety and depression

Finally, various research has continued to show enormous healing and therapeutic benefits of touch. Massage therapy is becoming a more integral part of healing and recovery treatment programs. Many studies have actually established that massage therapy helps relieve depression and anxiety. It has also lowered levels of Cortisol by up to 50 percent, and increased levels of neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.

Massage therapy concept: What is massage therapy?




low calorie weight loss

Top 5 Delicious and Low-Calorie Weight Loss Recipes

Low calorie and delicious weight loss recipes

When you are planning on a diet that will help you lose weight, you don’t need a recipe that is balmy and expensive at the same time. Lucky for you, it is all here. Check out the top 5 delicious and low-calorie weight loss recipes you’ll ever come across.

  1. Low-calorie breakfast

Your breakfast should be the heaviest compared to what you take for lunch and supper. But this doesn’t mean that it should contain more calories. There are more than enough healthy recipes that are also delicious. Among them is Poached Eggs having Mushrooms and Tomatoes. What you need to do is, pour some vinegar on the eggs so that it becomes white. You can then fry the tomatoes and mushrooms separately and remember to season using salt and pepper. To make it tastier, you can sprinkle a tablespoon of chopped chives.

  1. Treats free of guilt

Sweets are often discouraged for a person trying to stay in shape. If you are one of those who can’t keep away the craving, you don’t need to torture yourself because there is something for you: a low-calorie Choco Fudge Brownie. To make it, you need to mix salt, cocoa and flour whisked in the batter. Heat the butter and chocolate using a microwave for approximately one minute. You can then stir and then leave it to cool. Lastly add one tablespoon of vanilla, a cup of sugar plus a low-fat milk and whisk. Bake the batter in a pan for approximately 20 minutes.

  1. Low-calorie entries

One of the healthiest low-calorie recipes is a grilled chicken pineapple salad. It combines all the vital nutrients that are also low in calories. To make this, you need chicken breast without skin, pineapple bits, bell peppers and spinach leaves. You can then add orange juice to bring out the sweetness of spice. Also, you can add onions.

low calorie weight loss

  1. Light Dinner

If you are a veggie fanatic, you’ll want this recipe for supper. The tofu and coconut mixed in a curry sauce. It is a healthy recipe having very simple ingredients. What you need is curry powder, mushrooms, coconut milk, cubed tofu and lastly something to season. Mix the curry powder, soy sauce and lastly, a coconut milk, brown sugar, and ginger in a pot. Boil and then stir in a mixture of tomatoes, onions, tofu and mushrooms. Let it cook for approximately six minutes and your delicious dinner will be ready.

  1. Healthy lunch recipe

Your cravings get high during lunch time. You don’t need to risk your diet. There are more than enough delicious and healthy recipes you can use for weight loss. The most favourite for women who mind their health is rice salad and taco. First, cook your beef and garlic until it turns brown. You can them mix in long grain rice, season and lastly top using cheese. Eat with tacos.

Dieting is important when you are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, you might not enjoy what the health experts and most nutritionists are suggesting. Involve the recipes mentioned here and see how easy it is to lose weight without letting go of your favourite tastes.


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Useful Tips To Improve Your Sex Life With Your Partner

Communicating Your Sexual Needs to Your Partner Can

Help Him Satisfy You

sex lifeRelationships suffer because of lack of or insufficient communication. Sex is not a one party activity but it involves the actions of to people who mutually consented to be part of it. Without this consent it is something else- rape. This sounds gross? It is a misconception that every time a man wants sex then the woman must need it too. At times this might not be the case as numerous changes in the human body that may be caused by factors such as past experiences or even disease that may make a person’s urge for sex be unpredictable. Even the very nature of sex endorses the need for communication. You do not only need to communicate about sex when asking for it but even in the midst of the acts it is very necessary to send signals that shows your husband that you are part of the activity just removing clothes and laying on your back is not enough to make that experience enjoyable. Needless to mention a major issue that many women and men are complaining of is the fact that one party may be left unsatisfied by the time the whole action has come to end. Women are mostly the victims. It is better to understand that men and women have different biological reactions towards sex. Normally a man may get sexually exited, reach plateau, ejaculation and recovery phase when the woman is just beginning to be aroused. In this scenario a woman needs to ask for a well timed foreplay before penetration so that by the time they will be done she will have achieved orgasm. It is not about haphazard talking, communication with your husband on matters of the bedroom should be approached with respect and carried out in manner that will not leave your man belittled or despised. The conversation also needs to be carried out at the right time and place to have positive impacts. Here are some tips that may help to communicate your sexual needs to your husband.

sex lifeWomen have the tendency that every man knows what a woman needs sexually. This is a great mistake. Every person has his own sexual fantasies that she needs explore for sexual satisfaction this therefore means that you need to tell your husband how you would like to be treated during sex so that you are satisfied. As you grow your sexual needs changes too and it is therefore right to let your man know of your new desires so that he may be able to satisfy you. Due to variations in hormone levels you may want him to spend more time turning you on than he used to in the past when you were more active. Discussing this will help him satisfy you sexually.

  • Don’t begin complaining in the midst of the act

Complaining during the act will not solve anything. Even after he has just finished and you feel like you still need it some more do not complain. That will only make matters as it will kill his self esteem which will affect his subsequent performances. It is also not good to discuss such issues in the bedroom. It is not the right place to air your needs to your husband. The best place and time to do this is during romantic outings when all your attention is in each other and the atmosphere is not tense. It will allow you to speak with ease in a less provocative manner which shows respect and appreciation. In your discussion do not site a particular event in which he failed to satisfy you, he may become defensive raising competition in the conversation which is not healthy.

If you have something to talk about, do not make it an impromptu conversation but let him know in advance and create time for the conversation. If possible let him suggest the best time for the conversation so that it doesn’t clash with his schedules. Most men are programmed and they do things as they plan and may not accept anything to interfere with their plan. So let him fix this conversion in his schedule at a time comfortable for both of you. When you have created time have what you want to talk about ready before the ‘meeting’ this will help you to make these issues more precise and articulate.

  • Visit the past

A visit into the better past can rekindle the candle of your sex life. Remind of what he used to do in the past that made you happy. This can be done with a sense of nostalgia. These past experiences will be able to help both of you open up for sex chat. You can ask ‘do you remember how long we used to caress? I miss those memories when you used undress me all by yourself I felt wanted and loved.’ This is a sure way of reminding him to revisit his sexual arsenal and do a great fixture to the present.

Generally communication plays a great role in matters of sex and you need to be open about your desires so that you can be satisfied. If need be you may consider visiting an expert who can help you spice your bedroom.

Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an experienced doctor that has helped many cancer patients in their fight against the disease. She has also helped many people regain their sex appetite and add more fun their sexual life. She founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center which is home to many people seeking health breakthrough. Call on her now and learn more on how to enhance your sexual health.

Communicating Your Sexual Needs to Your Partner Can Help Him Satisfy You


Holidays Weight Loss is Possible this Year!

Holidays Weight Loss

Dr. Dalal Akoury

Healthy Happy Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle

Beach, South Carolina

Eating healthy over the holidays will help you enjoy them and not feel guilty because you’ve overindulged in those high fat, high sugar deserts. Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina advises to skip those high calorie foods and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, no-fat dairy, and whole grains. To keep weight off, you have to use more calories than you take in. If you are eating all those holiday deserts, than you are increasing your calorie intake.

Buy healthy foods. Don’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry or you will want to buy everything you see. Go to the store after you have eaten so you can take your time and have more self control when you are making your purchases. Avoid those processed and pre-packaged foods. They are loaded in preservatives so they will last. Do not buy junk foods. Potato chips, French fries and sugary sodas just add calories and will surely add on weight. Also those high sugar foods; the pastries, donuts, pies will quickly add weight. Cut back on all those high calorie foods and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. The more fruits and vegetables you eat that less you will eat of those high sugar foods, because you will feel full and more satisfied. This will be an effective way to manage your body weight as you sample some of those deserts.

 Healthy Happy Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle  Beach, South Carolina

Healthy Happy Holidays

Eating refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and pasta and simple carbohydrates and high sugar foods will cause a dramatic increase in blood sugar for energy. Not only does this make your body overwork get excess insulin into your blood to bring your sugar levels down, the excess sugar from these foods will be stored as fat. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables have healthy carbohydrates that do not cause a dramatic increase in blood sugar and distributes an even amount of energy that lasts longer. Also, eat more lean protein foods and you will feel full and satisfied and this will help reduce eating the simple carbohydrates says Dr. Dalal Akoury regarding Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

It’s the holidays, so relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends. You will have many opportunities to eat as you visit with them, so pace yourself. As your sitting in front of the TV or at the kitchen table, eat small portions. Remind yourself to get up and walk around. Take a brief walk or walk for 30 minutes if you can. Get away from the food for a while. Being around food continuously will cause you to over eat.

Eat a healthy high-protein breakfast to control your eating motivation. In Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina it will reduce your brain’s hunger signals so you won’t want to eat more. Taking in more calories at the beginning of the day, will allow more time to burn off those calories throughout the rest of the day. This can help keep your weight off. Reduce eating those late night meals and snacks.
It takes about 20 minutes to your body to feel full naturally when you eat, so take your time. If you eat your food fast, you will eat more and this could cause you to overeat. So, slow down, taste your food and appreciate each bite. Eating slowly will cut back on your food intake and you don’t have to finish everything on your plate. Store the leftovers and save them for later.

 Healthy Happy Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle  Beach, South Carolina

Healthy Happy Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Anytime is a good time to manage your weight. You do not have to wait until after the holidays to continue losing weight or start losing weight. You will be more apt to overindulge because you not watching what you eat. You can lose weight simply by eating more fruits and vegetables. They are filled with water and fiber and will make you fill full and satisfied so you don’t overeat and decreases your hunger. High calorie-dense food, such as cheese, ice creams, cakes and pies, just make you feel full temporarily and then you will want to eat again soon.

You can lose weight either by reducing your energy intake by eating fewer calories or increase energy output through exercise. So don’t take in excess calories if you don’t have the time or ability to exercise to account for those excess calories. Losing weight is difficult, so therefore obesity is rising because of our diet. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight so you won’t have to lose the weight later. Eat breakfast, eat a low-calorie diet, be consistent, don’t overindulge, weight yourself daily and don’t forget to exercise. The longer you keep off weight, the longer it will stay off!

Take regular walks or do other forms of exercise that you enjoy. Keep yourself busy to help will keep your mind off of food. Exercising doesn’t have to be hard, just keep moving. You will burn calories as you do and won’t be putting them on. More exercising will also help you sleep better. So relax and enjoy exercising and of course take time to meditate. Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina asks you will relax your mind as well.

Healthy Happy Holidays Weight Loss Myrtle

Beach, South Carolina

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