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Weight loss encouragement

Weight loss encouragement

Weight loss encouragement in group weight loss programs is not only motivating but effective

Weight loss encouragement: If you’re struggling pay attention to your food diary

For any effective and result oriented weight loss encouragement, documenting every finer details is very important. According to the experts’ at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD it is important noting that those keeping records of what they eat and drink regularly are more successful at losing weight and sustaining it off for a long period of time. The mistake we often make is to over time ignore the documentation thinking that we are now home and dry with the information about what we eat. The consequence of this can be very demoralizing in the sense that, it will become too easy for portions to gradually increase, more treats to creep back in and old bad habits such as skipping breakfast to return. And before you know it the scales stop moving in the right direction and we end up feeling depressed and lose our motivation to lose weight. Therefore, if this description fit you and you’ve not been keeping a diary of what you eat, then it is never too late to get back into the habit of writing down everything you eat and drink and watch those pounds start dropping while your diet motivation climbs.

Weight loss encouragement: Cutting on your calories intake a little

It might not sound like a great way to get you motivated, but if the scales have been static for several weeks then cutting your calorie intake slightly may be all it takes to get them moving again. There’s a good reason why you should reduce the number of calories you have as the pounds fall off. Ideally when you lose weight, you need less energy to move around, and so need fewer calories to continue losing weight at the same rate. The good news is, WLR does all the hard work for you, so as the pounds drop and your daily calorie allowance is adjusted to suit your new lower weight.

Finally, how to get motivated and encouraged to lose weight healthily may not be easy if you haven’t acknowledged that weight gain is a problem and a big one for that matter in your life. If you are not even sure of your condition, then keeping quit is the solution. You need to schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury to help you know your true position. This information will help you prevent all the chronic effects associated with weight gain. Call her today and be safe from all these weight gain problems.

Weight loss encouragement: If you’re struggling pay attention to your food diary



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Weight loss consistency enablement

Weight loss consistency

Weight loss consistency enablement for a quick prevention of any health problems attached to being obese

Weight loss consistency enablement: Staying on healthy weight by helping your child in setting goals

The home set up is the best place for good child bringing. When you are blessed with children, you owe them the duty of care by ensuring that they are healthy throughout their growth and development. Having said that, many parents have failed in the area of healthy up-bringing of children. With the prevalence of obesity, many families have neglected their children in matters pertaining to weight loss. As a parent weight loss consistency enablement in the family is very important if our children are to escape from the complications associated with being overweight. You can help them in many ways including helping them set weight loss goals and mindfulness of good diet as follows:

  • Set short-term goals for changes in your child’s diet and exercise on a weekly basis. Update your goals each weekly and write them down. Like you could set time limits for watching TV and jogging around.
  • Ensure that the set goals are realistic.  For example, exercising an hour every day is unrealistic for a child who is de-conditioned, and not used to even minimal physical activity.
  • Appreciate them when they meet their weekly goals.
  • Have your child keep a record of their food intake and exercise. This will allow them to be more self-aware of their behavior. Give them positive feedback where necessary on their performance.
  • Praise your child for healthy food choices and physical activity. Criticism and punishment just don’t work.
  • Make sure your child understands that they can make a difference in their weight and that you will support them all the way.
  • Help your child recognize hunger and fullness signals. Stop eating when you’re full and turn down helpings when you are no longer hungry.
  • Help your child figure out what kinds of emotions and situations trigger overeating for them.
  • Make your child’s behavior changes a positive, fun experience by planning healthy foods, fun activities, and rewards for positive behavior.

Weight loss consistency enablement: Watch their media diet  

  • Think about all the media your child uses: television, computer, video games, and hand-held computer games. These are all activities that replace physical activity in your child’s daily routine. Placing time limits on them will free up time for a more active lifestyle. Watching TV can use less energy than simply sitting and resting! Also, we tend to snack on high calorie foods during these inactive times.
  • Teach your child to be media savvy. The media bombards us with images of thin people having fun while eating and drinking high calorie foods. Kids don’t necessarily have the cognitive abilities to process this paradox.
  • Limit inactive things like TV, video games and computer time.  Watching TV can use less energy than simply sitting and resting!  Also, we tend to snack on high calorie foods during these inactive times.

Finally, you realize that the above weight loss consistency enablement are home based. It means that if as parents, we chose to be there for our children and watch them grow in good health, we can collectively kick out all the health complications attached to obesity. We encourage you to put this in practice and consult regularly with doctor Akoury on areas that needs professional expertise.

Weight loss consistency enablement: Staying on healthy weight by helping your child in setting goals


weight loss

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss

Good meal policy

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss a better solution to good health

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Changing family feeding strategies in our life time

As families we need to change our strategies about our kitchen affairs. A lot of wrongs are done in the kitchen which impact negatively to our general health. From the expert’s desk at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD when we have a good meal policy and all the kitchen activities planned well, we will certainly eat the right kinds of foods. The result of feeding on good food items is good health. Now how best can we sustain the most precious human asset? By nursing it with the right ingredients. Obesity and overweight are increasingly becoming a threat to humanity. Therefore, our focus is establishing “a good meal policy for healthy weight loss in our life time”. What we are saying is that when you chose to feed well, it should not be done in seasons but always for the rest of your life. The same practice should be passed to the next generation. In other words, our children must be brought on board so that they can carry the good feeding habits into their families when there time comes.

If you want to be smart in this discipline, you must develop a good meal policy of your own. We’re all aware that the body needs to be fed on daily. This must be done objectively if we want to eliminate the effects of weight gain. Consulting with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center from time to time is very important. Remember that doctor Akoury is one of the best and experienced weight loss experts and has impacted positively in the lives of many people globally. Therefore, if you have any concern relating to weight gain then this is the right professional to reach out for help. As we progress with the discussion you can schedule for an appointment with her and she will professionally help you get back on truck to the healthy life free from all elements of weight related complications.

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Making the right decision over weight gain

Now to the meal policy for healthy weight loss in our life time, I am going to share with you some of my personal experience and lessons learnt from this facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care). A good meal policy would necessitate that you work on a weekly plan. And as for me I usually make food choices just one time during the week.  Sunday is my day of running the errands of the kitchen going to the grocery shopping. This is actually the starting point and also the single most important activity in any given week when it comes to staying on track with a healthy eating plan. Therefore after getting the professional input from the experts (doctor Akoury) you can now make good meal policy that will cause positive life experience in your life and that of your family.

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Changing family feeding strategies in our life time


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Family treatment approach to obesity

Family treatment approach

Family treatment approach to obesity that delivers solution timely

Family treatment approach to obesity: Collective involvement in weight loss

It is amazing that very simple things which could easily be handled without much constrain are giving the society great headache. Take for example the global problem of weight gain and the health complications attached to it. For sure this is one problem that could easily be addresses if family treatment approach to obesity is accepted willingly and with the adaptation of healthy lifestyle. As simple as it may sound, this has not been very easy to everyone. I appreciate that we all come from different families and this is the best place where weight management can start from. The best way to losing weight is through family approach. The full involvement of the family and bit of incorporating of weight lose professionals will surely put to rest the pandemic of overweight. According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD and a veteran weight loss expert, the best way to losing weight is through family approach. If you are struggling with your weight, all is not lost for you. AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Akoury will help you and your loved ones get your lives back. Up on scheduling for that appointment, doctor Akoury will professionally evaluate your condition and administer the right treatment procedure.

Family treatment approach to obesity: Why the family approach?

The reason why the best way to losing weight is through family approach is because, it is wide and diversified. Like for instance, if you were to bring up your child in the most effective way to living a healthy lifestyle would be to set the pace by leading from the front. You must be the best example for your children. Remember that children usually don’t do the grocery shopping or food preparation. They don’t organize outside activities or drive themselves to the recreational center or park. In other words they are not able to change these activities on their own. To help your children, eat better and be more physically active, you need to on top of everything. This should incorporate the entire family including the extended families.

Various studies have demonstrated that children have the most success losing or stabilizing weight when a family approach is taken. However, the direct opposite of this may also be true. When the family is not involved and they show unwillingness to make adjustment on the kinds of food they eat and the amount of time they spend in being active. Experts have also established that this can do the child more harm than good. It may cause them to loose self-esteem. Obese children in such families may have the feeling that it is their fault, and may never have the courage to make effort in losing weight.

Finally, and along the same lines, caregivers outside the immediate family such as a grandparents, uncle or babysitter may inadvertently sabotage efforts and become a barrier to progress. They may use food to create a bond with the child, they may use food as a reward or a pacifier, or they may have a weight problem themselves that they are not willing to address. Literally, anybody who is involved with anything related to food and caring for the child needs to be on board and involved in this process of health behavior change.

Family treatment approach to obesity: Collective involvement in weight loss


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Easy weight loss steps for health

Easy weight loss steps

Easy weight loss steps for health that delivers health perfection

Easy weight loss steps for health: The best action you can take is to lose

Weight management can sometimes looks complicated. Many have failed and given up because of lack of knowledge. This must not be allowed to take place. Losing weight is all about gaining health. We must be creative to ensure that we achieve our weight loss objective. To achieve this, doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center shares with us some of the simple and easy weight loss steps that will ensure that we lose objectively.

Easy weight loss steps for health: Physical activities

Sticking to a demanding weekly workout regimen can be difficult, both in terms of time and finding constant motivation. One skipped workout can seem to derail the whole process. Instead, pick physical activities that you enjoy or which are manageable: Dance class, bike riding, mowing the lawn, using the stairs at work instead of the elevator, etc. The good feeling you get from physical activity, including the increased serotonin level, will be the best argument for ramping up your workout schedule.

Eat Foods You Like – When most of us think of diets, we think of cutting out foods that are bad for us. But one of the best tricks for sticking to a diet is to add as many foods as you take away. Pick healthy foods that you like (carrots, grapes, blueberries, snow peas, nuts, etc.) and make sure to include them (within moderation, of course) in your daily meals and snacks. And remember, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, diet sodas all make for good substitutions when you are trying to control your calorie intake without starving yourself.

Stay Hydrated ­- Drinking a glass of water before and after meals will help you feel less hungry and satiated more quickly, helping to prevent you from overeating. Staying hydrated through the day will also help you work out for longer periods of time.

Small Portions – Many of us are habituated to clearing our plates at meals, no matter how large or small the portions. When cooking at home, put less food on the plate; when you’re finished, you’ll likely feel as full as if you’d eaten twice as much. When eating out, order appetizers instead of entrees, or split the entrees that you do order with another person. You’ll keep your calorie count down and save money at the same time.

Eat Less, More Often -Instead of skipping breakfast with a coffee and then eating a big lunch and dinner, spread multiple meals and snacks throughout the day. If you establish a pattern of eating a small meal or snack every few hours throughout the day your metabolism will pick up, and start to burn calories quicker and more efficiently.

Finally, be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Setting up unrealistic goals for short-term weight loss results, may cause discouragement. Instead, remember that sustainable weight loss is a long and steady process. For instance, don’t weigh yourself three times a day, but once a week to monitor your progress. And for any other concern you may have schedule your solution appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Easy weight loss steps for health: The best action you can take is to lose