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How Profitable Is It To Create Natural Addiction Clinics?

There are lots to benefit from when an addict decides to get treatment from a natural addiction clinic. To begin with, most of these natural addiction clinics are also holistic meaning they not only focus on treating the symptoms of addiction but focuses on whole person healing that entails correcting all the defects that might have been caused by the prolonged use of the drugs of abuse. This is just another great reason that make addicts go for natural addiction clinics as opposed to pharmaceutical prescriptions that may only address the issues of addiction related symptoms and cravings but will not focus on achieving whole person healing by healing the parts of brains and the entire nervous system that have since stopped coordinating well for optimum health of the addict. The profitability of natural addiction clinics is peaking in some parts of the world while in others it has already climaxed due to the embrace with which the addicts have welcomed the exceptional ability of nature’s healing powers. Today many addiction patients will prefer to get attended to in a holistic rehabilitation center that advocates for natural addiction treatment. This has led to the mushrooming of different natural addiction centers, some of which have stayed till now offering beneficial addiction treatments to addicts while some that sprang up with the sole aim of reaping big profits have disappeared. What does this tell us? Okay, creating a natural addiction clinic can be very profitable but you as a doctor needs to be more concerned with the wellbeing of your patients than your drive to enrich yourself. AWAREmed Health and Wellness and Resource is an example of an establishment that advocates of natural healing as they are holistic, this facility has remained till now because it was created with a mission to avail the best alternative treatments to patients battling some of the most common diseases that patients find a nightmare to treat such as cancer and addiction. This establishment is a living testimony of how profitable an establishment that advocates for natural healing can be profitable when founded on the stones of care and love for patients as well as laced with unending quest to avail better and safer treatment options to patients battling addiction.

addiction Clinics

Natural addiction Clinics can benefit all addicts

Another reason that has made natural addiction clinics more popular is the fact that these clinics are well equipped and are always founded by integrative doctors who are experienced in addiction treatment and hence know the extent to which specific drugs or substances affect the person and which option of treatments can best yield the much needed result.  the natural addiction clinics employs some of the traditional addiction treatments that are known to be effective and goes a long way in achieving whole person healing as opposed to treatment of just symptoms and calming down some of the common side effects of drug withdrawals like depression and anxiety. There’s no requirement for attending these clinics except that participants must deeply desire sobriety. However, most participants have been through a traditional rehab program and not had the success they desired. Natural addiction clinic programs are considered alternative types of treatment because they don’t follow the traditional model, which focuses on psychotherapy, 12-step programs and other support groups but focuses on all the benefits that can be drawn from the nature’s natural healing powers to help heal an addict with minimal or no side effects at all.

addiction ClinicsThe natural addiction clinics incorporate the use of herbs and specific diets to help restore the balance in the brain chemistry and quell cravings. The natural addiction clinics are not only for those who are addicted to drugs and substances alone but also for those with behavioral addictions like gambling, sex addiction and even pornography.  Natural addiction clinics may offer such services as nutritional counseling, psychiatric support, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, herbal therapies and adventure-based therapies that cater to all manner of addictions, both behavioral and substance related. These centers also have staffs who are vastly experienced in handling addiction cases. They can also customize treatment to suit every patient’s condition belief and preferences all in a bid to restore the mind the body and the spirit. The fact that the natural addiction clinics are home for all addicts further opens great avenues for qualified doctors who opt to create natural addiction clinics.

Another factor that makes natural addiction clinics preferable is the environment in which most of them are located, natural addiction clinics are not mostly established in busy town centers but on the mountains, or by a lake or the ocean. The setting is usually peaceful and idyllic in order to promote healing. Most holistic addiction doctors believe that locating these clinics in such places helps the patients to connect with nature which further helps them to recover even faster.

Offers variety of treatment options

The extent to which a person is affected by drug use will warrant the type of treatment that he gets, it is also good to note that different people will react to a given treatment differently and this is why a specific treatment that worked for a given addict may fail to work for another addict. This is why most natural addiction clinics avail different treatment options that addicts can benefit from. Some of the traditional approaches to healing like meditation are god for an addict but if for some reason you are not comfortable you are often given the freedom to skip the session. It is your determination for sobriety that shouldn’t run out.

Finally, even if creation of natural addiction clinics were to yield supernormal profits, it is good to stay within the focus which is to avail better healing options for all addicts. Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource center has championed the use of integrative medicine in healing addicts for years; find her at Myrtle beach, South Carolina.

How Profitable Is It To Create Natural Addiction Clinics?


The Need For Addiction Healing Centers

Addiction Healing Centers-Restoration of the Mind, Body and Spirit to Treat Addiction

Addiction isn’t a new term that needs to be defined, however it is great to appreciate the fact addiction is a really broad subject. Though many people only relate addiction to drugs of pleasure, addiction to behaviors like sex, food and gambling are a part of us. Regrettably, most of the addicts we have today are addicted to harmful substances that therefore dictate that they be offered a whole person treatment. As known addiction to a drug isn’t only a problem in the sense of financial and behavioral aspects but rather on the damage that these substances do to our bodies. The most affected system in the body is the nervous system which is very crucial in coordination of messages that are sent from various parts of the system to initiate specific action that our daily lives revolve around. The brain and the rest of the nervous system especially the neurotransmitters are highly damaged after a long term use of certain drugs of pleasure. Due to this it is necessary that any attempt to treat addiction and restore the normal functions of the body should include therapies that aim at restoring the normal functioning of the neurotransmitters and the rest of the nervous system that might have been damaged by long term use of these drugs of abuse.

addiction healing centers

The severity of addiction will however determine the type of treatment that an addict is accorded, there are situations where a patient may suffer from a combination of drugs and behavioral addiction. There are also other co-occurring conditions that may work together to make the life of an individual addict miserable. Think of sex addiction, gambling addiction and alcohol addiction all in one brain! Can you imagine the magnitude of damage that such a person will suffer in the whole of his nervous system? Correcting such defects in the entire system of an addict will require multi-facet approach to ensure that the addict is completely healed and his health is restored. Treating the symptoms of addiction as most doctors do or other used to do may only serve as a momentary relief but will not help the patient to quit the use of drugs.

It is because of the gap that existed in the past, when all treatment options available for addicts only focused on treating the symptoms of addiction like depression that has been for a long time been addressed by giving ant-depressants. The antidepressants will work for a short time but the problem that lies deep in the malfunctioning neurotransmitter like dopamine and serotonin will remain unresolved.  To address these issues, several addiction healing centers have since been established to give the patients what they need most; whole-person healing. whole person healing is achieved through the practice of integrative medicine that may include both orthodox and traditional herbal medicine as well as dietary approaches to help not only quell the severity of the symptoms suffered by these addicts but also to help correct the damage that addiction to substance and other behaviors does to the brain and the entire nervous system. when the functions of the nervous system is restored, it can now be easy to help an addict to escape the bars of addiction as the body will be naturally fit to quell the craving for the substance of abuse.

Most addiction healing centers deal with addiction of forms as serious, chronic and potentially life-threatening disease that requires a full range of comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment services to completely manage and overcome once and for all but this requires full commitment and cooperation of the patient.

Restoration of the mind, body and spirit to treat addiction

Addiction Healing CentersThrough advances in the medical industry, there are several addiction healing centers that are now offering holistic approach to treatment of addiction victims. These approaches are geared towards Restoration of the mind, body and spirit because it is by this that addicts can achieve healing once and for all. The harmony of the human being is critical in healing of addiction this is because addiction interferes with the chemical composition of the brain which is the engine that drives the entire body. This leads to organs, cells and tissues being maimed hence can’t perform effectively. To achieve wellness of the mind, body and spirit, most addiction healing centers utilize several strategies such as proper nutrition, body cleansing or detoxification, exercise, yoga, tai chi, herbal medication, orthodox meditation, hobby exploration such as like dancing, hiking and even singing. All these are explored to achieve a balance in the body.

The advantage of seeking help from addiction healing centers is that they offer varied addiction healing approaches that may include; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), 12-step philosophy, somatic therapies, nutritional counseling, psychiatric support, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, herbal therapies and adventure-based therapies that cater to all manner of addictions, both behavioral and substance related. These centers also have staffs who are vastly experienced in handling addiction cases. They can also customize treatment to suit every patient’s condition belief and preferences all in a bid to restore the mind the body and the spirit.

Finally, Behavioral addiction and drug addiction destroys wellness, therefore restoring health of mind, body, and spirit is essential in recovery. Dr. Dalal Akoury has done extensive work in addiction treatment and recovery. You may contact her to fix an appointment. Better still, you may visit us at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and experience the best practices in holistic addiction healing and recovery.

Addiction Healing Centers-Restoration of the Mind, Body and Spirit to Treat Addiction



Anxiety in Women

Low Testosterone and Anxiety in Women

AnxietyIn the body of a woman, there are hormones that are charged with very crucial functions. The most dominant hormones in the body of a woman are the estrogen and the progesterone hormones. These hormones control many aspects of a woman’s life especially the estrogen hormone which is available in the bodies of women in high levels than any other hormone. These hormones are even responsible for the way a woman looks; their skin glow and even how they age. However there is another hormone that also plays vital roles in the body of a woman yet not so dominant in their bodies. This hormone; testosterone is popular for all its much needed sexual functions that are always associated with men. In fact it is more dominant in men, where it is produced in higher levels in the testes but it is also available in women though in low quantities yet it has just as vital roles in the body of women as in the bodies of men.

Many people still think that testosterone has only one function which is to ensure a good sexual performance but the reality is that testosterone has far more functions that together make your life what it ought to be. So, to the many people who think that deficiency in testosterone hormone can only affect your sexual life, it’s time to think again. The reality is that this hormone has very many roles beyond ensuring a healthy sex life. The testosterone hormone is also crucial in production of red blood cells. This hormone also helps in distribution of fats in the body parts, increasing muscle mass, improving bone mineral density and even regulation of moods in a person. A major symptom of those suffering flooring testosterone levels is low moods.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol just like all the known sex hormones and is a steroid belonging to the androgen group. DHEA is the immediate precursor to testosterone. Testosterone is mostly identified with males and this might not be so inappropriate (though it is) since it is in males where it is produced as a dominating hormone. This hormone is also produced in females. In the body of females this vital hormone is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands. The ovaries function to help produce testosterone even after menopause. This therefore means that women who have their ovaries removed are at significant risk for decreased testosterone levels and the subsequent symptoms associated with it.

Functions of testosterone in females

In women the testosterone hormone has very many functions. Just like in men, it is important for bone strength and development of lean muscle mass and strength in women too. Testosterone also contributes to overall sense of well-being and energy level. It is best known for its crucial role is a woman’s sex drive or libido. Without this hormone, women suffer low sex drive. More specifically, testosterone in women is responsible for the sensitivity of a woman’s nipples and clitoris associated with sexual pleasure. Testosterone not only enhances the sexual mood of a woman, but the experience as well. Just like in men it is also responsible for good moods in women.

However, just like other hormones as a woman is approaching menopause the production of testosterone in the ovaries will decline by at least 50%. Hysterectomy with or without removal of the ovaries will cause a more significant decline in testosterone levels. Also, high levels of stress can divert the precursors for testosterone hormone production in women over to cortisol production and create a further reduction. High stress levels can also contribute to symptoms earlier in the perimenopause when a woman is in her late thirties or early forties. This means less energy, brittle hair, less bone and muscle strength, and a diminished sexual drive. A hysterectomy and some prescription drugs can also result in lower levels of testosterone for women.

Testosterone and anxiety in women

Anxiety is one of the common health disorders. In the past it has never been easy dealing with this problem. However, scientists now know that a person’s genetics and current physical health can play a very significant role in both the development of anxiety and how it manifests. For instance, it’s known that low levels of serotonin, which is a common neurotransmitter, may lead to anxiety and depression, which is why drugs that improve the flow of serotonin are prescribed for anxiety.

AnxietyHormones have also been found to play a significant role in anxiety development. Those that feel as though their anxieties appeared over time despite effective coping strategies and a high overall quality of life may be suffering from hormonal anxiety, caused by any number of problems with hormone balance.

Anxiety is essentially a mental stress and since there are hormones that are associated with moods and stress, a fall in their level will give rise to anxiety. However cortisol which is a stress hormone may also cause anxiety when it is released in excessively higher levels. Testosterone which is known to many as a sex hormone has a purpose to quell anxiety. Studies have shown that women mostly suffer anxiety when the production of testosterone is suppressed. There have been studies on mice that have since confirmed that a drop in the levels of testosterone may cause anxiety in women.

Low Testosterone and Anxiety in Women


Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Cure

Erectile Dysfunction, Causes and Cure

Erectile dysfunction is one problem that has seen even the most masculine men wet pillows with tears behind closed doors. This is a problem that will continue to haunt men if they fail to seek immediate help. Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence refers to a situation when a man can no longer get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Having an erection trouble once in a while is not necessarily a cause for alarm but if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it will not only cause stress and depression but will also cause relationship problems as well as affect your self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction sounds like failure or weakness to many men. It gives them a feel of inferiority and may go a long way in affecting their way of expressing themselves. Erectile dysfunction affects men even beyond the boundaries of the bedroom as it lowers their self-esteem leaving them with an inferiority disease. In most cases erectile dysfunction is caused by deficiency in the testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone is majorly produced in the testes and is the hormone that is entirely responsible for sexual drive in a man. Without this hormone any man will not be able to have the urge to have sexual intercourse and even if he was to have sex just out of responsibility he will not be able to achieve an erection that can last long enough to optimally perform the sexual intercourse act. The levels of this hormone however vary with age. As one is aging the levels of this hormone will go down and this is just normal however incase the levels of this hormone are flooring at an early age it can be solved by going for testosterone therapy which may help to restore the normal testosterone levels in a man.

Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

To achieve an effective erection that can last long enough to satisfy a woman or long enough for procreation several factors come to play. Male arousal is a very complex process. Here are some of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

Stress- this is one of the psychological factors that has been found to cause erectile dysfunction. Sex begins in the brain and so when the brain is worked up clogged by stress then it may become very difficult achieving an erection. Other psychological factors that may cause erectile dysfunction include anxiety and depression.

Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a major cause of hypogonadism. Testosterone is the necessity for a man to be sexually active. When levels of testosterone decline the urge to have sex declines and so is the ability of an erection to last long enough to perform satisfactory sex. Low testosterone levels also causes dump moods which may not have very good effects on a man’s ability to erect. However there are natural ways that can be employed to help restore testosterone levels and resolve the whole problem of erectile dysfunction. One of the ways through which an erectile dysfunction caused by low testosterone levels be solved is going for testosterone replacement therapy.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction include;

  • Certain prescription medications
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse
  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Wounds in the penis

Erectile Dysfunction Testing

There are very many causes of erectile dysfunction and therefore it is important for tests to be done to reveal the cause of the disease before giving any therapy. There are also very many tests that can be done to show the cause and the state of your erectile dysfunction. Some of the tests that can be done include;

Urinalysis-Analysis of urine can provide lots of information, including information on protein, sugar and testosterone levels. Abnormal measurements of these substances can indicate diabetes, kidney disease or a testosterone deficiency, all which can cause ED.

Penile biothesiometry– This test involves the use of electromagnetic vibration to determine sensitivity and nerve function. A decreased sensitivity to these vibrations may indicate nerve damage.

Vasoactive injection– During this test, an erection is produced by injecting special solutions that cause the blood vessels to dilate allowing blood to enter the penis.

Dynamic infusion cavernosometry– This test is used for men with ED who have a venous leak. During this test, fluid is pumped into the penis at a predetermined rate. By measuring the rate at which fluid must be pumped to attain a rigid erection, doctors can determine the severity of the venous leak.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment  

Just like there are several causes of erectile dysfunction so are the treatments available. However the biggest challenge in treating erectile dysfunction is that most men are ashamed to discuss this issue with their doctors. When that is done the doctor may avail you the best treatment for your situation.

Here are some of treatments;

Penile Implants- penis implants offer a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction. There are more types than you may think. Your doctor will help you choose the best for you.

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery– though not so popular a surgery can help fight erectile dysfunction as it improves the blood flow to the penis hence improving erections.

Nutritional Supplements– there are some nutrients that must be available in the body at good levels so as to make erection last. These minerals may include zinc and calcium. These minerals can be supplemented to help save the situation.

BHRTBio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help men regain their youthfulness and sex drive of their 30’s through BHRT. Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy restores hormones to physiological levels to support brain, nerves, heart, vessels, skin, bones, and other body’s systems functions for all have hormone receptors.

Find help

Erectile dysfunction can damage your confidence and your relationship. If you are troubled by ED Low testosterone may be the cause, and BHRT may be the cure. To get started with testosterone replacement therapy, please call (843) 213-1480 or contact Dr. Dalal Akoury.


Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Cure



Pain Management with Injections

Injections for Pain Management

Injections for Pain ManagementPain management is crucial especially in treatment of such diseases that are characterized by chronic pain such as cancer and arthritis. Pain management is also important part of treatment especially in situations where the patient is to go through intense like during chemotherapy for cancer patients or after going through surgery.  Nobody will like to have intense pain maim him for even the least amount of time. People like to be happy and avoid anything that may bring them pain. However in some instances there has to be pain for a much serious health problem to be solved. To manage pain certain drugs are used that helps you to endure the pain, unfortunately most of these are addictive and so as you are using them to manage pain you are at risk of addiction. Opiates are the mostly used drugs in pain management and they work well in ensuring that your pain is moderated if not done away with completely. The nature of these drugs however requires that they be administered by a professional since they are very rewarding and before long the patient may become addicted to them or even dependent on them. There is however one disadvantage of using opiates in pain management; Due to their rewarding nature they can be easily abused and a treatment that once began on the right foot may end up being another nightmare in a person’s life hence there is need for actions to be taken to help patients not to be addicted to this pain drugs.

The medical researchers however did not stop at opiates but went step further to come up with other treatment methods that can be employed to help in treating pain  patients and these involves the use of injections .  In most cases whenever a person has pain in any part of the body, he may be encouraged to try physical therapy or to go for a cortisone injection which normally helps but if all these failed then you need a different approach to tackling the pain. Proliferative therapies like the prolotherapy, Prolozone and the platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) are a good way to deal with pain but are little known.


Prolozone is a form of proliferative therapy. Proliferative therapy generally involves the injection of natural substances into the affected area. When done properly, these injections stimulate the release of growth factors and formation of new collagen in the affected area. The prefix “prolo” refers to this stage of new tissue growth or “proliferation.” As the body forms new collagen, the treated ligaments and tendons become thicker and stronger and more capable of doing their work. Proper alignment, stability, and function are restored, and typically the pain subsides.

Prolozone therapy uses ozone which is a form of oxygen but with three oxygen atoms. The ozone has a very powerful regenerative ability that helps in treating the damaged connective tissues. When the ozone is injected, it improves the oxygen circulation and delivery to the damaged cells. Prolozone therapy also helps not only by strengthening the tendons and the ligaments but also by rebuilding cartilage in the treated joints. Prolozone therapy was by pioneered Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

Patients enjoy Prolozone therapy as compared to other proliferative therapies like prolotherapy since with Prolozone the number of individual injections is less based on the area treated as compared to the number of injections in prolotherapy. The solution is dispersed over a larger area compared to prolotherapy, due to the injection of ozone gas. This has made Prolozone more preferred by people who do not want many injections

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

This is a safe non-surgical procedure that helps those with injuries in the tendons or suffering from osteoporosis. This treatment utilizes platelets from the patient’s own blood to rebuild a damaged tendon or cartilage. It has been successful in not only relieving the pain, but also in jumpstarting the healing process.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

During this therapy the patients’ blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge for 15 minutes to separate out the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the damaged portion of the tendon or cartilage with the guidance of an ultrasound machine. This treatment is one of the best non-surgical procedures that can be used against pain plus it takes short time for the patient to heal completely. Averagely patients take three months to be able to return to the activities they were performing before the injury that resulted in the pain.

IV therapy for chronic pain

IV nutritional therapies might have been used in chronic pain management for quite a time and have showed impressive results.  Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) treats patients with chronic pain on a daily basis and has found that some people who suffer from extensive inflammation or degeneration from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or other auto-immune problems may just be lacking some of the vital minerals and vitamins in the body and therefore an IV vitamin and mineral therapy might just work well for them.

IV therapy involves administering the minerals, vitamins that the body lacks through and IV drip. The same might be used to administer some medicine that may help to heal the injured tissues and facilitate formation of new tissues.


With the injections for pan management you will not only experience liberating relief for weeks with but also are helpful in finding the long-term pain solution. Injections are so simple and low risk they should be in the pain-management discussion for everyone. To discuss how therapeutic injections can free you of pain and improve your long-term outlook, please call (843) 213-1480 or contact Dr. Akoury Dalal

Injections for Pain Management