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Sexual disorders and substance abuse

Sexual disorders

Sexual disorders and substance abuse. The are conditions which must not be allowed to cross each others path

Sexual disorders and substance abuse: Orgasm disorder

Both men and women often find themselves having trouble reaching orgasm when under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Women are especially sensitive to the effect that drugs can have on their ability to orgasm and men can have premature or delayed ejaculation as a result of being high or drunk. Most orgasm disorders, or anorgasmia, are the result of undiagnosed or untreated psychological issues that a person is suffering. Chronic fatigue and insomnia can also affect a persons’ ability to achieve a normal level of orgasm. Opiate addiction is known to cause anorgasmia further complicating the sexual disorders problems.

Anorgasmia can cause significant personal and relationship problems. Frustration arising from an inability to orgasm despite stimulation and arousal can cause irreversible relationship breakdowns, especially in the case of men. For women the disorder is more common and can lead to unhappiness, depression and feelings of inadequacy. With the known consequences of these sexual disorders, it is sensible that you seek for timely solution with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. This is a health institution with a difference and was established by doctor Dalal Akoury to meet and restore hope for those who are losing it due to problems like sexual dysfunctions. It may not matter how long you’ve been having this problem, what is important is that you reach out for help by calling doctor Akoury today.

Sexual disorders and substance abuse: Alcohol induced sexual dysfunction

Even though it is believed that moderate drinking may increase the likelihood of sexual contact, I want to disassociate this discussion with that theory. Alcohol is very addictive and to control ones consumption abilities is not realistic. Abuse of alcohol will cause partial impotence in men which can be very embarrassing to both sex partners. As for women this can cause problems with attainment of orgasm and problems of maintaining arousal and sexual desires. That notwithstanding, alcohol has a way of triggering conflicts and revisiting certain past problems especially when one is suffering from depression and anxiety. Remember that, chronic alcohol abuse can affect the sexual impulses in a person, which can cause impotence besides numerous sexual problems which in many cases may be irreversible or treatable.

Sexual disorders and substance abuse: Treatment for sexual dysfunction

Finally, this is very critical for you and any other person you may know who is suffering from sexual dysfunctions of any kind. Your starting point will be calling doctor Akoury today for help remember sexual dysfunction can easily be treated through a number of different methods doctor Akoury will advise upon making personal evaluation and assessment to your condition, I recommend that before you think of libido boosting medications like Viagra, seek for professional opinion from doctor Akoury and follow on the medication as advised professionally. The good news about doctor Akoury is that besides being a sexual dysfunction expert she is also an addiction expert who has been in practice for over two decades thereby making her the best option for all your conditions. Remember that abusing drugs and alcohol causes many problems including sexual issues and the only solution is to stop using drugs before the issues become permanent, something you will be able to do conveniently under the care of doctor Dalal Akoury.

Sexual disorders and substance abuse: Orgasm disorder









pornographic addiction

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment

Key hint

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment is to keep distance with pornography

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment

You have just noticed that you have sex addiction problem and you are looking forth to getting the best treatment. This is the best thing you can do to address this problem head on. Therefore the next hurdle you need to pass in that of proper identification of where to get the best and effective treatment for yourself or for your loved ones who may be suffering from sexual addiction. Quality should be your priority and the following are some of the key hint you may want to interrogate before settling on any given facility for treatment:

Focused on sexual addiction treatment versus focused on general compulsivity – it is important to note that addicted individuals to sexual behaviors normally suffer from compulsive disorders or compulsive behaviors above and goes beyond sex. For this reason, it’s important to go for treatment program that will address both the sex addiction treatment and therapeutic focus on stopping compulsive behaviors rather than simply on providing treatment for the sexual addiction alone.

Staff experience with sexual addictions and compulsive behaviors – not every personnel is competent and equal to the task. You must therefore carry out proper due diligence to ensure that professionalism is prioritized in that facility.

Therapeutic approach – Is the program a twelve-step program or non-twelve-step? Is the program faith based or non-denominational? What are your preferences or the preferences of your loved one when it comes to faith based treatment or the lack thereof?

Couples therapy – If you are in a relationship, you’ll want to choose a sex addiction treatment program that provides a couples centered approach which allows you and your spouse a chance to work in therapy together on a more personal level without others being involved. This will be in addition to your own individual therapy and the group therapy that is provided.

Level of support provided for both yourself and your spouse as well as for other family members. Sex addiction can cause problems for your children, loved ones, significant others and your-self too so it’s important to seek help that will provide support on all levels for everyone involved.

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment: Types of treatment

There are various types of sexual addiction treatment programs available to assist you and your loved ones in overcoming this very powerful disorder. Treatment will typically focus on the primary issues of getting the addict away from potentially harmful situations involving their compulsive sexual behaviors and providing treatment for the emotions that surround the disorder.

People who are addicted to sex will often feel ashamed, guilty and depressed as a result of their addiction and the hurt that they put their friends and family members through as a result of their addiction. These feelings can make the process of overcoming sexual addiction difficult because for the addict, the only thing that initially seems to help is to resort back to their compulsive sexual behaviors. With time in treatment and through therapy these feelings can be overcome and those suffering from sex addiction can effectively manage their symptoms.

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment: Common sex addiction treatment

Like we had mentioned above, sex addiction treatment in most cases takes the same approach as treatment of alcoholism and other substance abuse. Therefore the following are some of the commonly known treatment approaches available:

  • 12 step programs
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Medication

Finally for an individual to be effectively treated and becomes free of the potential harmful sexual situations, it must be procedural and in the early stages of treatment just before the therapy and counseling is done, it is important that the patient get to learn how to refrain from compulsive sexual behaviors. This may necessitate that the patient take some time in an inpatient treatment setting. The essence of this is to allow for around-the-clock monitoring and prevents the chance of harmful sexual activity taking place in the early phases of treatment. In conclusion therefore, if you or anyone you know is struggling with se addiction, you can schedule for an appointment with the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for and immediate treatment to be done.

Key hint when seeking sex addiction treatment



What is hypersexual disorder and its symptoms?

Signs that you have hypersexual disorder

Hypersexual DisorderThe National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity has defined hypersexual disorder alternatively and casually called sexual addiction as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others. Hypersexual disorder is a psychological disorder, and these individuals who suffer this, should not be looked down upon. There is a dire need of understanding how things for them, only the perverse acts should be hated but not the individuals. As the severity of disorder increases so is their frustration.  About 71 percent of child molesters are sex addicts. For many, their problems are so severe that imprisonment is the only way to ensure society’s safety against them.

There are a number of symptoms hypersexual individual suffer, most of them have to do with a recurrent and insatiable desire to get involved in sexual activities, fantasies, urges and many more. The extent to which an addict shows signs and symptoms is greatly affected by individual’s personality, environment, culture, religious beliefs and the severity of disorder. Most of the times a person remains disconnected to the outer world and remain submerged in planning sexual acts and look at majority of individuals around him/her in a sexual way. Their minds get plagued by the foolish rewards system they have developed over a period of time that gives them a false sense of euphoria and enchantment once they engage in a sexual activity. Secondly they get easily driven by their desire of more and more such encounters as they start considering this euphoria as a basic human need without which their survival isn’t possible.

When a person suffers hypersexual disorder, their majority of time is spent in planning activities and fantasies and perfect sexual scenarios that might never occur. They start looking at everyone with the same eye. This could result in them committing sexual crimes. Not all of the sex addicts get engaged in sexual crimes as they can manage their desired by possessing multiple partners, prostitutes, phone sex an online dating services. But when the disorder takes a toll with high levels of frustration building in an individual, it becomes difficult for the addict to contain these wicked thoughts to themselves.

An addict mostly have very low self-esteem, self-loathing and self-shamming are two very basic symptoms of hypersexual disorder. They consider themselves as un-lovable entities and often have this issue of objectifying their potential sexual partners that creates an atmosphere of distress and disdain. They often become mysterious and lack common sense of boundaries. They can’t differentiate between normal and healthy sexual needs and perverse wicked needs for excessive sex.

These individuals engage in these activities in result of many factors and happenings around them, mostly their sexual fantasies are a perfect way of running away from stressful event of their lives. What they are unable to understand is that their ventures are not going to solve their problem, rather they will intensify them. The quick gain of false euphoria makes it impossible for them to avoid these encounters again and again. They repetitively try to refrain from these activities and stay unsuccessful in controlling their desires. With time and severity of disease, they completely start disregarding the emotional harm cause by these urges to themselves and others as well. They will anything that satisfied them for a while without considering the consequences

The person experiences clinically noteworthy personal distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning associated with the frequency and intensity of these sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior. These people becomes isolated as they are so absorbed in their own thoughts that they severely feel a lack of connection with the outer world, a sense of no understanding prevails in almost all of sex addicts. Even though they will loathe themselves for their acts but usually they will not accept it to another person, majority of these do not reach out for help, they get so addicted and dependent that it becomes really difficult to even think about the idea of surviving without their own world of perversion.

The people suffering hypersexual disorder also get engaged in other forms of addiction as substance abuse and alcohol; this does not help them in any way rather than making them more miserable. It’s important to note that none of the above mentioned symptoms are due to the direct physiological effects of drugs or medication or manic episodes. They find drugs as a suitable alternative to their sexual euphoria and to find escape from a distressful life they have built for themselves yet again this worsens the situation rather than making it better.

They excessively get involved in masturbation, pornography, sexual Behavior with Consenting or non-consenting individuals, cybersex, telephone Sex and strip Clubs. It is considered normal for people engaging in these activities once in a while but excess of everything is bad and that’s the only underlying reason for sex addiction. These individuals would go to any lengths or escalating frequency of sexual activity to achieve the desired effect, such as more frequent visits to prostitutes or more sex partners.

It is a cry for help if you or any of your loved ones possess these above mentioned symptoms of hypersexual disorder, it’s understandable and painful to see your loved ones suffer but these individuals do no seek help, it’s a good way to get them to a conference where they can learn a lot about sexual and other kinds of addiction and their available treatment options without feeling any kind of shame. Our aim to organize Integrated Addiction Conference is to help people understand multiple aspects of addiction through extensive lectures and researches done by the scientist from all over the world. If you are looking forward to understand addiction in more detail or you have something valuable to share with the community, now is the chance to get registered with us on the link below and get innumerous benefits along with this conference. The link to registration is http://www.awaremednetwork.com/integrativeaddictionconference/.