Low Testosterone Causes Major Health Issues For Men

Low Testosterone Causes Major Health Issues For Men

Before we start discussing the effect low testosterone on men we must have a clear idea of what testosterone is and what role does it play in our body. Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for growing male hairs such as facial hairs and is the major drive behind libido. During puberty testosterone helps to build muscles in men, change their voice, helps the prostate gland to grow and mature. Testosterone also plays vital role in fat distribution and can effect change in mood and energy. This hormone is produced in the testes and controlled in the brain by hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

low testosterone treatment

Low Testosterone

What is the general level of Testosterone?

Just like blood sugar or cholesterol, testosterone also has a measurable range covering different age groups of men. This is done as after a man reaches mid thirties his testosterone level starts decreasing by almost 1% every year. So what is normal for a man of 35 you cannot expect that level in a man of 80. Testosterone is measured in ng/dl (monograms/deciliters) and it is always better to refer to age while for determining normal level. However it is accepted that a man should have minimum 300ng/dl testosterone level.

What is low Testosterone and what are the symptoms?

low testosterone

Low Testosterone

If the level of Testosterone falls below 300ng/dl then it may be said to be a case of low testosterone or andropause that is decline in testosterone production. If it decreases more than this level men may have several symptoms like

  • Loss of libido: Testosterone is the main drive behind a man’s libido. With increase in age a man experiences loss of libido due to low testosterone level.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Testosterone stimulates a man and having low testosterone level causes difficulty in erection.
  • Fatigue and poor energy level: Low testosterone is also linked with low energy. Men with low testosterone level complains of extreme fatigue and decrease in energy even if they have sound sleep.
  • Depression: Studies indicate that men with low testosterone are four times more prone to depression.
  • Increase in body fat: People with low T-level generally accumulate fat in the waist.
  • Low sense of well being: when testosterone level goes down it can have a negative effect on a man’s emotional and physical health.
  • Hair loss: People with low T level are likely to have baldness and loss of male hairs.
  • Other health issues – Testosterone level is also linked with other health issues like type2 diabetes and thyroid issues besides high cholesterol, High BP and increase in PSA level. If you have these problems then you must go for a T-level check.

Causes and treatment options of low testosterone problem

Normally men will have less testosterone as they age but when this level falls below 300ng/dl it calls for treatment. Low T is a medical condition known as hypogonadism. Besides aging this can also happen due to genetic conditions like the brain failing to give signal to produce testosterone or the body is unable to produce testosterone.

Most of the men with low testosterone level are able to regain their energy and vigor after having low testosterone treatment.  The modality of the treatment is based on replacement of the hormone if you have a really low level testosterone. As this is a very critical therapy it has to be diagnosed correctly by your doctor and should you require to take this therapy, it should always be done under the guidance of an experienced physician.

The widely approved Testosterone treatment options include the following replacement therapies.

  • Gels and solutions: These are available in clear packets of testosterone gel or solution. These are applied daily on the body and the testosterone present in the gel or solution gets absorbed in body through skin pores and gives rise to testosterone level. There are gels which are applied inside the nose.
  • Skin Patches: This is a transdermal therapy. You have to wear it on your arm when the hormone is absorbed through the skin. This therapy is applied once a day.
  • Injections: These are directly injected into the muscles every 1 to 2 weeks in the region of the upper buttock.
  • Mouth patch: It comes in the form of a tablet that sticks to the upper gum. These are applied twice a day for continuous absorption of the hormone through the oral tissues.
  • Implants: These are implanted as pellets under the skin on the hip and your body slowly absorbs the hormone into the blood stream.

Each of these therapies, though produce adequate level of the hormone, has got its own advantages and disadvantages. Injections boost the hormone level very quickly which may cause other imbalances like increase in blood cell counts, change in cholesterol level, change in lipid profile and increase in PSA levels besides shooting the BP and blood sugar up . Body patches may also cause skin irritation. Oral hormone tablets are also available, though these are generally avoided due probable liver damage. As the other therapies goes into the blood stream by passing the lever these are widely accepted. All this reasons strongly recommend that these therapies should be taken under the guidance of an experienced physician.

How and where to take the therapy for low Testosterone?

As these therapies should be taken under guidance of experience physician, you should consult good doctors for undergoing this treatment. Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resources Center is the best choice for her long experience in this profession. The AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center in Carolina came into shape due to her lifelong pursuit to find the truth behind health and wellness. In this center  she provides dedicated treatment for anti-aging, lifestyle medicine, customizes nutrition and fitness programs for both men and women for  weight gain, loss of libido and declining energy levels and fatigue caused due to menopause and andropause i.e. low level of testosterone.

She uses state-of-the-art-techniques for the therapy and also performs comprehensive analysis of each patient’s hormonal needs and then formulates personalized programs for hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition. She puts great emphasis on prevention and search for the cause of the problem rather than its outcome for having permanent benefits.

Patients undergoing treatment at the center have great healing experience as her therapy modalities always carry a flavor of personal touch and care and for this reason her center is the best chosen by the patients who need hormone replacement therapy.

Low Testosterone Could Cause Major Health Issues For Men