Successful mental health away from smoking ice

Successful mental health away from smoking ice: Why are they the drug of Choice for many?

Successful mental health

Getting a successful mental health away from smoking ice is realistically possible when treatment is done timely and professionally.

Stimulant is the common denominator that brings all these together. Therefore when we make reference to the successful mental health away from smoking ice, we are certainly looking at the content and how they affect our mental health individually and collectively as a society. We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury the MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center help us understand the Successful mental health away from smoking ice and according to her team of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, Methamphetamines or as it is commonly known by its street name of ice, are a highly addictive stimulant that is easy and economically pocket friendly to produce and that explains why it is growing in popularity across globe at an alarming rate. Doctor Akoury is registering that currently the use of ice is wreaking havoc across the globe and particularly in the west and developed countries. It is disturbing that the indigenous populations of many states with rehabilitation centers are reporting up to half of their client who are walking through their doors are actually visiting primarily to seek treatment for their addiction to these highly potent and addictive substances.

As if that is not enough, the available statistics indicate that addiction and use of ice or meth and cigarette has steadily grown by ten-fold between the late 90s and early 2000s, and it has grown in use tenfold between in the last decade to date. From a professional point of view, doctor Akoury is saying that Ice use and being addicted to it alongside other substances is very dangerous not just to the user but to the community as well. The danger is that Ice addicts are likely to act out violently, have paranoid misunderstandings, experience brain damage, memory loss and even heart attacks. Besides that it is important to note that when this substance is used intravenously Hepatitis B, HIV, and other deadly diseases will definitely become a massive risk for the direct victim.

Successful mental health away from smoking ice: The intensity of suffering

The intensity of suffering is so heavy from the west in relation to other states across the globe. If you want to know why this disparity then the answer is simple, it is because ice is a cheap drug to produce and it is essentially accessible to the people. Practically it is made from every day household items, batches of ice are quick to cook up and do not need to travel far to be used and a profit being turned from the sales of the locally cooked meth. This is of particular importance when looking at the geographical landscape of many of these states with rugged land and territory. It therefore means that many of the Indigenous population from these states live in rural setups where there is potentially luck of quick highway trips into the urban population where rehabilitation, education, and medical treatment are nearby enough to seek proper treatment or help. Because of such challenges it is always very important that serious awareness is created so that people are able to make the right and timely decisions towards achieving a successful mental health away from smoking ice which will help them in solving the problem before it escalates to unmanageable levels.

The best way to get any population out of poverty and staying healthy is through education and offering or creation employment opportunities. It is always said that the idle mind is the devils workshop. We must therefore ensure that people are properly engaged not just because Ice puts a lot of financial and social strain on addicts but because when engaged there are high chances that little attention will be given to the illicit behaviors. The other serious problem is that of stigma and social discrimination. The use of ice is very strong in most states thereby making it hard for addicts to turn for help or find work to keep them out of drug use. Doctor Akoury is sounding a warning that substances like ice if used for longer period of time, can cause irreversible mental problems including but not limited to paranoia, anxiety, depression, or brain damage. It is possible that issues like these may hinder a person’s ability to work regularly. However and with better access to rehabilitation treatment centers and social programs catered specifically designed and tailored to the direct victims, some ray of hope is guaranteed to the users. This is actually one of the pillars that lead to the formation of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury. Therefore if you or any one you know is struggling with this problem, then you can be of help to them by scheduling for an appointment with the experts from this facility and all your needs will be addressed professionally.

Successful mental health away from smoking ice: Cigarette addiction and health complications attached

There is no doubt that most people today are aware of the physical health risks of using tobacco, with the tobacco and nicotine there is nothing known as moderation, any unit consumed has it level of consequences and research has established that smoking also impacts negatively in people’s mental health. Meaning that any time an individual smokes, nicotine will affects the brain by improving attentiveness and triggering the flood of dopamine, which is a chemical that relaxes and temporarily relieves anxiety. Doctor Akoury says that just like any substance abuse that activates dopamine, smoking will facilitates the brain to turn off the natural switch for this and the long term supply of dopamine decreases over time.

Finally even as we conclude this discussion about the link between smoking ice and mental health, experts say that many individuals who are struggling with mental health issues will most likely report that they got into smoking to help them in the management of their symptoms. Currently the number of adult smokers diagnosed with depression is significantly higher as much as 2 to 1, compared to the rate for those not suffering from depression. The idea that people who smokes to ease the signs and symptoms of stress, depression or other mental health issues is misleading and it is known as self-medicating. Doctor Akoury encourages that anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction must not chose to self-medicate. This is very dangerous and un-procedural to be done by anybody. The most appropriate step is to seek for professional help from the experts in the line discipline. Any temporary relief you may experience will soon turn into serious complications you may not be competent enough to handle. So speak to us at the home of addiction solutions at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and we will help you get well the best way.

Successful mental health away from smoking ice: Why are they the drug of Choice for many?