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Keto diet merits

Keto diet merits: The nutrition that burns fat

Keto diet danger
Ketogenic diet merits
Keto diet merits are real and when followed well delivers better results

Among the ketogenic diet merits and benefits includes in the areas of weight loss, blood sugar control among many other conditions. For the purpose of this article, we shall be talking to the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD to shed more light on these two areas.

Keto diet merits: Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet essentially uses the body fat as an energy source thereby helping in weight loss as a benefit. Because of the workings of keto, the insulin (the fat storing hormone) levels drop significantly which turns your body into a fat burning machine. Research has established that the ketogenic diet has better results in relation to low-fat and high-carb diets not just in the short term but also in the long term. Adding the component of MCT Oil into your diet is essential as it increases ketone production and fat loss by drinking keto proof coffee as breakfast.

Keto diet merits: Control Blood Sugar

Depending on the types of food one consumes, keto is able to reduce blood sugar naturally. Research has also established that ketogenic diet is more effective in the prevention and management of diabetes than low-calorie diets. Because of this, if you’re pre-diabetic or have Type II diabetes, doctor Akoury strongly recommends that you should give a ketogenic diet a try. From our experience, this has worked for many of our clients before, and it will certainly work well for you. And for more information about this, you can schedule an appointment with us today on (843) 2131480 or contact Dr. Dalal Akoury on Facebook, LinkedIn among other online platforms.

Keto diet merits: High Blood Sugar Symptoms

There’s no doubt that most processed foods like candy, cookies, cakes including starchy plant foods like beans, rice, and potatoes are real-time triggers of blood sugar levels. With just a single meal with this stuff, the blood sugar levels can shoot abnormally high beyond the capabilities of insulin to contain. This will then open a floodgate of side effects like concentration difficulties, fatigue, passing urine frequently, blurred vision, and headaches. It, therefore, means that those consuming more of high content carbohydrates daily has the greater risk of type 2 diabetes. It is further important to appreciate that, the medical diagnosis for having chronically high blood sugar levels that are caused by diet and lifestyle is different from type 1 diabetes which is a condition where the body produces little to no insulin.

Finally, statistics indicate that globally up to 422 million people have diabetes, and their high blood sugar levels are destroying their bodies. Blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, and nerves are damaged the most by high blood sugar levels, which leads to:

  • Reduced blood flow
  • Worsening vision or blindness
  • Nerve damage in the feet that can lead to foot ulcers, infection, and amputation
  • Kidney failure
  • A 2-3-fold increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Keto diet merits: The nutrition that burns fat

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Individual hormones description in male and female

Individual hormones description in male and female: The three common hormones

Individual hormones

Did you know that individual hormones like estrogen for example is normally production in specific areas like in the ovaries, the follicle around the ovum? If there is any problem, you can always seek for help.

There are several individual hormones in the body performing different functions in the body. we have since understood that hormones are body’s messengers responsible for the effective coordination of all vital repair, recovery and regeneration in the body and without them we cease to live a productive life, meaning that in their absence we simply degenerate. With that knowledge we want to zero in to discussing the individual hormones and particularly the three common ones which may include: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone as follows:

Individual hormones description in male and female: Estrogen

looking at the life of our female gender, the production of estrogen normally takes place in specific areas like in the ovaries, the follicle around the ovum, the adrenal glands, and the fat cells. And even as this production place, it is important to note that as age catches with us the effectiveness of ovaries in the production of estrogen deteriorates and stop producing estrogen on a regular basis, turning the main source for the production of estrogen the adrenal glands located above the kidneys. Any unused testosterone is also transformed into needed estrogen, and even estrogen stored in fat cells is called to action as the ovarian production of estrogen diminishes. Estrogen and progesterone are designed to balance each other, to keep each other in check. Therefore and because of that it is nearly impossible to separate their actions, but for the sake of simplicity; Estrogen makes everything grow, it causes cells to proliferate while progesterone checks this growth, holding cell growth to a limit. The following are some of the positive effects of its action are that it:

  • Causes the uterus lining grow to in readiness for pregnancy.
  • Facilitate the grown of breast tissues in preparation for making milk
  • Prevents bone destruction by bone-destroying cells (osteoclasts)
  • Protects from hypertension by relaxing the lining of blood vessels
  • Stimulates the production of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme which breaks down fat. The result is low cholesterol levels and good balance between good (HDL) cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol
  • Lowers insulin levels
  • Stimulates body fat accumulation to help the fetus grow
  • Induces relaxation of blood vessels in the circulation in general and heart in particular
  • Causes the ovum to mature inside the ovary to prepare for ovulation
  • Creates the follicle where the egg matures
  • Promotes the growth of the fetus
  • Keeps the vagina, the vulva and the cervix well developed and moisturized
  • Promotes growth of underarm and pubic hair, and pigmentation of the nipples

The negative effects of the growth induced by estrogen unopposed (acting alone), without the balancing effects of progesterone are:

  • Increased risk of gallbladder disease
  • Increased incidence of blood clot formation
  • Increased accumulation of body fat, this is why livestock growers use this hormone
  • Increased water and salt retention
  • Interference with normal insulin release and blood sugar control
  • Increased risk of overgrowth of endometrium (lining of the uterus)
  • Increased risk of overgrowth of breast tissue, and could be a reason for breast cancer
  • Increased risk of depression
  • Increased risk of headaches
  • Increased risk of gallbladder disease
  • Increased incidence of blood clot formation

Individual hormones description in male and female: Progesterone

Progesterone is the parent or precursor of estrogen in the ovaries and the parent to cortisol and aldosterone in the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands manufacture progesterone from its precursor cholesterol. Progesterone is the precursor of testosterone, all androgens, and other adrenal hormones, making it extremely important for reasons far beyond its role as sex hormone, without it we could not cope with stress and our body fluid and kidney control would cease to function. Progesterone functions:

  • Protect the endometrium
  • Insure the optimal function of uterus
  • Prevent water retention
  • Help use fat for energy at the cellular level
  • Serve as a natural anti-depressant
  • Create a calming effect on the body
  • Help eliminate sleep disorders
  • Help keep insulin release in check and maintain even blood sugar levels
  • Prevent unmediated overgrowth of the endometrium/cancer
  • Prevent unmediated breast tissue overgrowth/cancer
  • Maintain sex drive
  • Maintain normal blood clotting parameters
  • Protect against fibrocystic breasts

Progesterone’s negatives are few and easily balanced by estrogen:

  • A sedating effect, if used in excess
  • Increased spotting and changes in bleeding patterns
  • Bloating if used in excess
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Acne, if used in excess
  • Hyperpigmentation of facial skin when exposed to sunlight


The most important role of testosterone is to provide male characteristics. Although this may appear straight forward, testosterone functions are of significance to women as well. The following are some of the areas where testosterone helps in:

  • Promoting muscle strength and exercise endurance
  • Improving libido
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving sense of well-being
  • Increases body hair production
  • Produce enlargement of the clitoris
  • Improve sexual desire and fantasy
  • Improve bone density

Besides the benefits, it also have some demerits or negative effects of testosterone which cones due to overproduction or intake through either testosterone supplementation in pharmaceutical formulations or unsupervised androgen consumption. The side-effects are similar to those of estrogen dominance, since testosterone transforms into estrogen when it is overabundant. The side-effects include:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Increased facial hair
  • More aggressive behavior
  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • Too much clitoral enlargement

Finally in the past this was not regarded as anything good, nonetheless things are changing and now we are beginning to appreciate the importance of testosterone in men and women while the balance of estrogen and progesterone is highly dependent on a cycle. And as we come to the end of this discussion, we want to help you take the summery of the whole journey we took form the beginning as we started the discussion. And now if you or any of your loved one is struggling with this are you are wondering on what to do. You can therefore schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for further direction.




Misuse of alcohol

Sugar addiction exposed partnership with obesity

Stopping sugar consumption

Sugar addiction exposed

Sugar addiction is becoming one of the major causes of health complications and the sooner sugar addiction exposed for treatment the better.

I am yet to meet that person who says that sugar is bitter and tasteless. Are like me? I am persuaded that you are and probably you are into sugar in all the meals you take. Your favorite drink is probably soda, beer and energy drinks. And when you feel like eating something quick you probably go for the processed food readily available in all our stores. You are no different from everyone in fact you are practicing what you were brought up seeing you’re your seniors do and you don’t bear any blame and believe you me, I am not going to blame you either. However I want you to stay with us on this link to discover for your-self the new revelations about your sweet sweetener in all meals. I am addressing the topic before us sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic. Many have associated being obese with consumption of a lot of fats but wait a minute, that may have some truth in it but have you ever looked at the other side of the discussion? Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and also the founder of the same are sharing with us what may have escaped our minds.

Various studies have sugar exposed addiction  thereby likens it to other controlled substances like cocaine and heroin which are seen as deadly, addictive and toxic. These are facts we cannot pretend don’t exist because they do. Therefore doctor Akoury advices that as a matter of agency, we need to start weaning ourselves off this practice. We must begin to use sugar not as a main stream diet but as a treat if we want to make any meaningful change in our health. A time has come when we must choose to go for health and drop the lucrative commercials the food industry is making us to believe. This industry is succeeding in making sugar as a staple diet and it is regrettable that we are dancing to their tune by buying their product at the expense of our health. This is what we want to correct across the globe by posting health contents to enlighten our communities into making the right decisions.

Without missing my words, the bitter truth about sugar is that it is addictive just like any other substance and has life threatening consequences that is why it is important that sugar addiction exposed programs should be encouraged so that every body is aware of the bitterness in sugar. In her over two decades of transforming people’s live across the globe, doctor Akoury is registering that the effects of sugar in the nervous system, metabolism and numerous diseases is largely contributed by the consumption of Coca-Cola and Pepsi mainly by the young generation and that explains why we have a society of heavy people today. How then do we remedy the situation, writing these health content is just one avenue experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are administering and a long side that we have annual Integrative Addiction Conference Workshops that adopt partnership and dialog among integrative medical experts in nurturing, empowering, motivating, cozy atmosphere. This year we are having our second conference schedule in June and the conference venue is in Austin Texas 6505 Interstate Highway-35 North Austin, TX 78752. For further enquiries you can get us on telephone number
512-454-3737 Fax: 512-419-0102. Remember that the full-day workshops will offer information personalized for your interest and are designed to ease you towards transformational growth. Therefore get in touch and be part of the solution.

Sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic: Insulin blamed on obesity

The greatest concern we have with sugar addiction being exposed is primarily narrowed down to the consumption of foodstuffs that are known to increasing the levels of insulin says doctor Akoury. This is because too much insulin in the body is very catastrophic. As a matter of fact about 75% of all the weight related problems are traced to insulin. This is the hormone which allows energy to be stored in the fat cells and sugar energy is the most disturbing of all categories. However even as we blame insulin, there are three other categories including: Tran’s fats, alcohol and dietary amino acids. To understand this better, we must appreciate that cheap sugar is endangering lives. The most painful thing about it is that this cheap sugar has been introduced into your diet, our kids have access to it and we consume them in all sorts of foods processed foods we use daily in our lifetime. When high-fat foods were blamed for making us overweight, manufacturers tumbled over each other to produce low-fat products. But to make them palatable, they added sugar, causing much greater problems. In their effort to stay in business they keep trying to cover the truth with other ingredients while the physical truth is that their products are still rich in sugar.

Sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic: Cutting on calories

Somebody once said to the total surprise of many that the sweetness of sugar cannot be compared with the pain of diabetes. People did not understand him and we are trying to make you understand his point by discussing this topic “sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic” in very simple terms that you can understand. Available statistics indicates that the dietary effects on the body may be very difficult to collect. This is so because people are not honest when disclosing the kinds of food they feed on. And trying the randomized option of collecting data for analysis, this in essence is impossible because everyone normally reverts back to their normal eating habits just after a few months. Therefore if you want to be safe you may want to work on cutting on calories not just by choosing food of low calories but also engaging in other physical activities like exercise.

Finally having known that sugar consumption is not going to be eradicated any time soon, we all have a duty to perform in keeping healthy. Experts say that when sugar addiction exposed program campaign are being advocated for the whole idea is to keep healthy. nonetheless being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that we totally eradicate sugar from the diet; it is all about moderate consumption and that is to say getting it down to levels that are not toxic. This we believe you can do however because this is a sweet product and addictive for that matter, if in any case you’re struggling with sugar and you need help, you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more personal discussion on how best you can reduce your level of sugar consumption for a healthy life thereafter.




Resisting insulin awash in a pool of sugar

Resisting insulin awash in a pool of sugar: Too much insulin

Resisting insulin

Sugar is a serious drug that is very addictive. Insulin resistance should be a daily practice meaning that we defeat sugar addiction by resisting insulin naturally.

From our previous article we listed too much insulin, cortisol and adrenaline, imbalances of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone and insufficient thyroid hormones as being epidemic, we now want to look at each in details for a better understanding of the best action to take should you find yourself in situations like this. To start us off into this discussion, we spoke with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, a facility that is rich in expertise and very resourceful in terms of addiction health related complications to help us put to perspective what happen when there is too much insulin in the body and how best insulin resistance can be practiced in a day to day way of life. Doctor Dalal Akoury who is the founder of this facility is going to share with us some of the practical examples to help us understand better the magnitude of the problem. This is one piece of information you don’t want to miss and therefore we invite you to stay with us and invite a friend so that together we can make a difference in our societies and defeat all complications that comes with insulin resistance or as we have baptized it resisting insulin.

A few years ago a client I will call Larry (not his real name) came to my office and his story was very interesting and I am persuaded to share with you because I believe it will help you understand the problem from the practical angle. Larry was in his early 40s an executive officer in a reputable organization. He came to me for a cardiac stress test. In his mind he knew that he was dying of heart disease and convincing him otherwise was not very easy. He explained to me how he was feeling and using his own words he said that every afternoon, he would experience sudden onset of sweating, a racing heart, anxiety and shortness of breath. With these signs Larry was convinced that he was dying of heart condition. Besides these he was also stocking some weight around the abdomen.

After listening to him narrate his story, I responded to him in a way that he felt was irrelevant by telling him that “he is not taking his breakfast meals” I also told him that “each time he is eating he feels tired and because of that he often skip meals during the day and that his reason of doing so is to remain alert and focus to his work. My provoking statements did not end there and I continued to tell him that each time he experiences such feelings he often go to the vending machine for a glass of soda to get a quick sugar fix, and that in just a few minutes he feels better and that has become his routine and way of life. In disbelief Larry looked at me shocked, wondering how a total stranger could tell his exactly how he lived his life without him disclosing.

I don’t know if this is communicating to you anything, but I explained to Larry that he was fighting with his genes and was insulin resistant or simply he was resisting insulin leading to wide swings in blood sugar that were responsible for his symptoms. Larry could not regulate his blood sugar because he was pumping out too much insulin and that is how his symptoms became easy to identify. Feeding on too much sugary food stuff like flour, and white rice, your insulin levels spike. This then causes your cells to become resistant to its effects and the consequence of that is that you will pump out more insulin, become more resistant to the ultimate effects and the vicious cycle of insulin resistance continues.

Resisting insulin awash in a pool of sugar: Energy and mood swings

From the story of Larry you realize that to a greater extent, we are the real cause of our insulin problems. While Larry suspicion may have not been accurate, but one point is very clear that insulin resistance has high potential of causing energy and mood swings. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, this can come with serious health complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, cancer, brain aging, dementia, and the list is endless. Another point of concern is that Larry is not alone in this problem of blood sugar control. Available statistics indicate that between 80 and 100 million people in America alone are suffering from insulin resistance. It therefore means that as this practice continues (resisting insulin) each person needs to reevaluate him/herself to be sure and avoid surprises. You can use this formula to test if you are a potential candidate. It has been established that majority of people with insulin resistance have extra fat around the middle. Therefore check your waist-to-hip ratio and the measurement around your belly button. What you get divide by the measurement around your hips. If the solution is greater than 0.8, the chances are that you have insulin resistance. Remember that this is practical irrespective of how you look like. Like for instance, you may be tall, thin, short, fat, or any combination of these and still have insulin resistance. It therefore means that the only way to know for sure is to take an insulin response test, which measures blood sugar and insulin while you are fasting and 1 and 2 hours after you consume a 75-gram sugar drink.

Resisting insulin awash in a pool of sugar: The harmful effect of sugar on our health

Having appreciated how insulin can cause energy and moods swing, let us now interrogate further the other harmful effects of sugar in our health as we come to the end of this section of discussion. The body normally produces insulin in response to food in our stomachs and in particular sugar. When we eat too much sugar we produce insulin in excess and this can result into a variety of health problems as already mentioned above. New findings are establishing that we were not accurate initially when we bought the thought that insulin’s only helps the flow of sugar into cells for purposes of metabolizing and transforming the stored energy of the sun (in plant foods) with the oxygen we breathe into the energy we use every day to run our bodies. New findings reveal many other functions of insulin that affects the body. Ideally when there is too much insulin, the results can be catastrophic and the following are some of the new findings:

  • Now we recognize insulin as a major switching station, or control hormone, for many processes. It is a major storage hormone fat storage, that is.
  • Insulin acts on your brain to increase appetite, specifically an appetite for sugar. Try as you might, as long as your insulin levels are high you will fight a losing battle for weight loss.
  • It increases LDL cholesterol, lowers HDL cholesterol, raises triglycerides, and increases your blood pressure. Insulin resistance causes 50% of all reported cases of high blood pressure.
  • It makes your blood sticky and more likely to clot, leading to heart attacks and strokes.
  • It stimulates the growth of cancer cells.
  • It increases inflammation and oxidative stress and ages your brain.
  • It even increases homocysteine because sugar consumption decreases vitamin B6 and folic acid.
  • Insulin also causes sex hormone problems and can lead to infertility, hair growth where you don’t want to grow it, hair loss where you don’t want to lose it, acne, low testosterone in men, and more. It also leads to mood disturbances.

Finally it is important to note that insulin resistance is not a genetic defect, an error in our evolution, or a mistake by God. It is just as a result of the simple fact that we have strayed from eating in harmony with our genes. In other words, we do not fit into our genes and you can consult with doctor Akoury for more insight on any concern you may be having.

Resisting insulin awash in a pool of sugar: Too much insulin




Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance increases cancer risk

Insulin ResistanceInsulin is a crucial hormone in the body. Hormones are the body’s messengers that are made by the Endocrine glands. The hormones flow through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues where they help in accomplishing some bodily processes. The hormones are very important in the entire body of humans as they affect most bodily functions. The hormones will give us good health when there functions are at optimum. In case they do not function well a person may get some diseases and the major cause of hormonal dysfunction is hormonal imbalance. In case the balance between crucial hormones is not achieved disease like cancer will be knocking on the doors of your immunity. The changes in hormone dominance may occur naturally. This is because as we are growing production of some hormones is halted leading to some hormones being dominant. This can be addressed by help of an integrative cancer doctors as dominance of certain hormones increases your risk to cancer. However these fluctuations in levels of hormones may be induced by environmental factors such as the pathogens in the environments and the heavy metals that may remain in the vegetables we eat as a result of harmful herbicides used. Hormones play a great role in cancer etiology and therefore levels of some hormones like insulin should be monitored to avoid levels that may increase cancer risk.

Insulin Hormone Resistance

The blood sugar level is controlled by insulin hormone. It is responsible for transporting food that is converted into simple sugar (glucose) and transports it to the cells where it is broken down through oxidation to release energy. At times our bodies may have more sugar than what the insulin hormone can transport. This will lead to insulin resistance and eventually will cause obesity and diabetes. The connection between insulin resistance and cancer is that, when there is plethora of carbohydrates that cannot be broken down, they are store as fats. Excess body fats increase the levels of estrogen hormones, estrogen dominance leads to higher risk of breast cancer.

Insulin resistance is a situation is a condition when the body organs become resistant to insulin’s ability to transport the glucose into the cells. This condition is common after taking a meal that is high in carbohydrates. When there is insulin resistance and the glucose is not transported into the cells, the pancreas will react by producing more insulin hormones which leads to high hormonal levels in the blood. The pancreas may compensate for insulin resistance for some time but this won’t last long, therefore when the pancreas becomes overwhelmed and stops producing more hormones the insulin level in the blood will drop therefore leading to high sugar levels in the blood this increases cancer risk. Researchers have opined that insulin hormone resistance may be caused by obesity.

Insulin hormone inhibits growth and it increases when we eat more processed foods, carbohydrates and sweets. When this hormone is in high levels it increases the Insulin growth factor (IGF) which triggers the growth of cancer cells. There is a research that was done by Vanderbilt University in 2004, the findings of this research proved that increased growth factor and insulin resistance increased the risk of breast cancer in women. Women who have high levels of insulin resistance and increased growth factor are highly at risk of getting breast cancer. Another doctor, Dr. Pamela Goodwin while working at Mt. Sinai Hospital observed that most of the women who had breast cancer had high Insulin growth factor.

Insulin can also increase the sensitivity of cells towards other growth factors. Cancer is a disease that is rather complex and multifactorial but all types of cancer is characterized by uncontrolled growth and cell division. They are also resistant to programmed death also known as mitosis. Growth factors have been shown to be critical to cancer development and growth.  Researchers have shown that people who have higher levels of insulin growth factors are at increased risk of cancers such as the colon, breast and prostate cancer than those who have lower levels of Insulin growth factors.

Insulin resistance affects the ability of the insulin to transport the glucose into the cells but it does not affect the growth promoting abilities of the insulin hormone. The glucose transporting ability is the only thing affected. This therefore means that in a case of insulin resistance the high levels of circulating insulin hormones may increase risk to cancer in a person. The pancreases ability to supply high levels of hormones during insulin resistance may help in avoiding diabetes but are worst to cancer as higher levels of circulating hormones increases cancer risk.

Insulin ResistanceDifferent organs breast differently to high insulin levels in circulation .some organs become more vulnerable to the adverse effects of insulin hormone while others are not as vulnerable. The most vulnerable organ is the colon. Researchers have shown that colon has risk factors similar to diabetes. Factors that increase colon cancer risk include obesity, extra fat along the waistline, and lack of exercise, refined foods and diets that are high in saturated fats.

Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an experienced integrative cancer doctor that has helped many cancer patients in their fight against the disease. She has worked hard not only in treating the disease but also in availing informational support to cancer patients at Awaremed which has become a place called home for many cancer patients. Call on her now and get help on cancer.

Insulin resistance increases cancer risk

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